Welcome to my page. I’m entirely new to wordpress so please forgive the messy theme and other stuffs.. anyhowww.. I’ve been writing on the site called asianfanfics.com for a while, and i think maybe it’s time for me to start my own blog..

i’m currently in the process of translating my writings into my own mother language–that is Indonesia–yet at the same time, i want to share the original version of my works..

so please enjoy, read, like (and comments are really appreciated). please avoid any kind of bad intention of plagiarizing my works, please respect my intellectual property rights^^

happy reading~~

One Last Shot


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part 2

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Coming (not so) soon:


Piles of Regrets

Main Cast: Cho Kyuhyun, Han Sera & Ok Taecyeon


Stupid Anxiety (Sequel of Piles of Regrets)

Main Cast: Cho Kyuhyun & Han Sera


Final Call

Main Cast: Cho Kyuhyun & Kang Seulri