K-Drama recommendation

For starters, maybe some of the dramas I mention here are not the most popular ones (although some are the one everyone else keep mentioning). I’m the kind of person that watch drama for its plot, its actors and finally its visual—so I don’t give a damn about high rated drama if it annoys me. Here I’m going to share some of K-dramas that keep me coming back for more, re-watch the whole series, and kept me waited each week for a new episode. And I’ll write down randomly and will continue adding this list later on as I find more interesting dramas to watch.

So here goes the list:

  1. Queen Inhyun’s man

This drama entertained me in many ways. I personally always love the plot of “limited time to love someone” and this drama captured its purpose beautifully. The chemistry between two main cast are awesome—and yes, they were dating in real life back then when the drama was filmed. This drama made me smile and cry at the same time, some of the scenes did leave me breathless and I remembered I cried real hard in some sad scenes. I always recommend this drama to anyone that ask for my recommendation and I still re-watch it from time to time until now.


  1. Innocent Man

Song Joongki wasn’t all hyped when this drama was released—so  my opinion on this drama doesn’t base on him being the main cast here. Hahaha. Anyhow, I enjoyed the bad boy persona he showcased in this drama and I’m a big fan of Moon Chae Won also, so the pairing of them is simply perfect. This is another plot I enjoyed—revenge driven love story—so to anyone that likes seeing the progress of somebody slowly regretting their initial plan of revenge, this might be the perfect drama to watch.


  1. Rooftop Prince

Another drama where the writers stretch the time in between the Jeoseon days with the present days. As usual it all started with a strong female lead that slowly weaken because of the affection she feels towards the male lead, but the development was interesting and quite light for anyone that doesn’t like to think too much while enjoying their drama—like me.


  1. You Who Came from the Stars

One of the drama that I watched because everyone was talking about it. Honestly, I stopped watching it in the first episode because I got bored and I thought the plot was mediocre. My friend forced me to watch the next episode and I finally able to understand the main idea of ‘why Kim Soohyun dressed up as a Joeseon man and as a normal man nowadays.’ Anyway, I came to enjoy the drama more after I see the vulnerability of the main leads and just like the first list I mentioned, I always enjoy the “limited time to love someone” plot.


to be continued..