(Eng.) Stupid Anxiety – 8 [Hope]_end

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Married Life, Fluff, A slice of Life

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun


The changes in her body repeatedly shown weeks by weeks. Kyuhyun obviously noticed how his wife now set on constant good mood whenever she got up in the morning. Sera would give him a morning kiss then run straight to the big mirror by the corner of their room, stand sideways to check on her baby bumps that gets bigger and bigger each day. As for Kyuhyun, he notices something else gotten bigger and rounder just as her tummy and he sometimes would have to turn his gaze away from those things if he doesn’t want to get aroused by her.

Her appetite went crazy in after the fourth month, he remembers her as someone that don’t eat much yet taking her dessert very well. These days Han Sera could go to an Italian restaurant and ordered two portions of different pasta then finished them in one sitting—which seems hilarious in his eyes since the only thing that got bigger are only her belly and her breasts while the rest of her body stays thin.

Sera is doing her morning routine, checking her reflection in the mirror, lifting her pajamas up so she can see her bump then smiles proudly to her own reflection. Kyuhyun always suggested her to begin taking pictures of their baby’s growth for a keep-sake but Sera only frown whenever he reminded her about that. She’d always say they should do that from the first time they know she’s pregnant, not when the bump just started showing.

“Nothing looks sexier than seeing your morning show, Sera-ya.” He chuckles, commenting her from their bed as he watches her admiring herself in the mirror.

“I look fat, don’t I?” Her eyebrow curls, worried that somehow the changes in her body would affect his desire over her.

“Of course you look fat.” He removes the blanket then takes his steps towards her, give a kiss on her shoulder and up to her heck, “You’re pregnant, Sera. I’ll be worried if you don’t get fat.”

He turns her body to face his to give himself a chance to rub her belly and while doing so, he nonchalantly lift his gaze up towards her chest. A playful smirk just draws on his face to the sight of those fuller and rounder assets she has.

“They’ll get bigger than this too, you know.” She pinches his nose, taking his gaze back to her eyes. “At least you’re enjoying something from my weight gain.”

“You look hot.” He slowly moves his hands from her belly upward to caresses her breasts, “Soon enough I will have to share these with our baby, so I will take my time to cherish them while I can.”

“They will look ugly as hell when I begin to lactating our baby, have you read the book I gave you about breast feeding?” She moves her hands away from his face to support her hips, giving Kyuhyun a better access to touch her.

Kyuhyun nods, “Those pictures are scary, but it’s natural.”

“So you won’t be disgusted by then?”

He laughs in instant, “Han Sera! You really judge me badly this time. You think I’m in love with your nipples? No, I’m in love with you. It’s the steps you have to—well, we have to—sacrifice for our baby and I don’t mind. As long as he grows up healthy because he gets all the nutrition needed from you.”

“SHE.” Sera punctuate her words. “I know our baby is a girl.”

“We won’t know until tomorrow, chagi. Don’t be too sure.” He pulls her to give her a big hug while he still can comfortable do it, before her belly got even bigger. “It’s a boy.”

“Why do you want a boy anyway? Isn’t it better to have two girls in the house?” She lifts her face up while pressing her chin on his shoulder.

“Because I can’t wait to teach him how to play soccer—“

“Which you don’t play.” She cuts his words with her cynical tone.

“I can’t wait to show him how to fix things around the house, so later on when you need help you can just ask him.” he kisses her forehead, “And I’ll feel at ease whenever I leave you home alone, because I know another little man is looking after you.”

“Aish, sound to me you just looking for a little assistant and an excuse for me not being mad when you go on overnight trip.” She sinks her face in the curve of his neck, breathing the scent of him that she loves.

He chuckles softly then hugs her even tighter, but both of them part their hugs at once when a firm thud came from her belly.

Sera widens her eyes to look at him while he’s doing the same, both try to confirm what they just felt to each other.

“Is that?” He speaks first.

Sera nods repeatedly and begin touching her belly again, trying to feel the thud that’s fading away. “It’s the first time she does it.” She confirms.

He cups his own mouth to hide his shrieks then get down on his knees in instant to level his face to her belly. Lifting his hand to touch her soft skin then feels the firm thud one more time.

“Oh my God, he’s kicking, right Han Sera?” He lifts his face to look at her only to see Sera’s tears escaping her eyes.

“Kyu, this is amazing.” She quickly wipes her own tears, somehow feeling nostalgic to the sensation she feels right now. “Oh God, I thought I’d never be able to feel any kicking in my tummy ever again.”

He smiles, he understand what she means. This must be the stage she felt back then before she lost her baby, the kick from the inside just reminded her how miraculous it is to have a living thing that’s growing and moving inside her womb and she’s overwhelmed by the sensation.

“Aegi-ya,” He whisper to her belly, “Do us a favor and kick oemma for some more. She likes it when you greet her that way and appa likes it too.”

Sera takes his hand and pulls him to stand up, she just wants to hug her husband right now. Because a thank you will never be enough said to express how much she’s being thankful of his presence, the words ‘I love you’ won’t cover what she feels for him. She’s overjoyed with the new life he gives her and she just can’t express her gratitude enough to the man that already fought so much for her.

She wraps her arms around his waist, her lips are tracing his skin and she kisses him repeatedly once she reaches his lips. Slowly moving her hand behind his nape to deepen their kiss, delivering all the great emotion she feels inside her, pressing herself to him while she can still glue their bodies so close like this.

“Sera, this might lead to sex, you know?” He smiles in her lips, teasing her.

“Why? Does my appearance turns you off now?” She pulls herself away from her, looking slightly offended by his rejection.

“Is it safe?” He places his hand on her tummy and gently caresses it, “Our baby, will he be okay if I poke his head repeatedly with my thing?”

She lost her cool and laughs immediately, she can’t believe no matter how smart Kyuhyun is, he’s just so innocent—near idiotic—sometimes.

“Don’t laugh, missy! I really am worried.”

She shakes her head then kisses him again, more demanding this time. “Do it while you still can be on top of me. As she grows bigger, I’m going to constantly be on top.” She whispers seductively. “And did you know? Pregnant girls got their hormonal hike that makes them horny all the time, so I might get multiple orgasms this morning, don’t let me down.”

With that command, Kyuhyun lowers his kiss to her neck and gives Sera what she asked.


The trip to the doctor finally tells them that she’s carrying a baby girl, he just nods along when their ObGyn told them that and the smile on his face gets bigger once he sees how excited she is with the news. To Kyuhyun, it doesn’t really matter whether he gets a boy or a girl, as long as Sera and their baby are healthy.

“I hope she looks like you, Sera-ya. I can’t really imagine a girl looking like me.” He takes her hand on the way to the parking lot.

“Aw, don’t be like that. I bet she’ll look really pretty. I wish she gets your gene though.” She lets him opens the door for her then adjust her sit comfortably.

Kyuhyun gets into the car from the driver side, buckle himself then turns on the engine. “What happen to your gene? Look at you, big round eyes, cute tiny nose, high cheekbones, sharp jawline any girls would want your gene Sera-ya.”

She scoffs then look away to see the passing scenery from their moving car, “Heart failure risk also. I don’t want that gene to be transferred to her.”

He bites his lips, not knowing what to say to his wife to keep her worry away.

“But, I’m so glad that we’re having a baby together no matter what,” She clears the air around them by changing the gloomy topic, “I mean years ago if you come towards me and say ‘Han Sera, one day you’ll fall head over heels towards me, and we’ll have a baby together’ I’d probably gonna laugh on your face.

“Was I that ugly?” He peeks at her from the corner of his eyes, the offended tone in his voice in unavoidable.

She laughs, “No, you’re never ugly in my eyes Kyu. But I have to admit you weren’t really my type back then.”

“It’s just the way I dressed isn’t it?” He snorts, “Baggy clothes, not so fancy outfit, thick glasses. I came to show myself to you years later in a well tailor suit without my glasses on and your jaw just dropped in instant.”

She laughs, “So you noticed how surprise I was when you first show up for my divorce back then?”

“Honestly?” He lifts one eyebrow, “I took two hours that morning to prepare myself. I remembered that I kept on checking my reflection in the mirror to get the best impression. Admit it, I looked good that day, didn’t I?”

She nods, “Very good looking indeed. But I hated the way you stared at me back then, you’re trying so hard to deliver the message that you loathe me—while you didn’t have to work that hard, I knew you hated me when you didn’t show up to my wedding.”

“And if you were me, would you come to the wedding?” He glances to his wife, curious with her answer.

“Well, back then I didn’t know that you planned to propose, so I thought you were really rude not to come.” She takes a deep breath and leans into him to rests her head on his shoulder, “But after I knew about that, I could totally understand. I would hate me too if I were you.”

“But I didn’t.” He smiles, “I was so mad at you and I planted this thought that I hate you, while the truth is you’re the only one that ever filled my heart that way.”


“You know it’s true.”

She giggles then nods, “Yeah, you’re right, I know. When I saw how hard your effort to crushed me during my divorce final hearing, I know that you still have feelings for me. Your tongue is always capable of saying mean things, but your eyes never lies Kyu. I guess that’s why I left immediately after the hearing, I knew back then if I stayed long enough, I would try to hold on to you for comfort from my long lost best friend and it’ll make everything awkward.”

“Who says I would let you nag to me? I wanted to see you fall that day Sera-ya, I was that mean.”

She shakes her head, “I don’t believe you.” She runs her hand on his chest then places her palms on top of his heart, “I believe your sincere heart, like I said, your eyes didn’t help you to lie to me.”

He stays silent to ponder on her words, looking back now she might be right about it. Kyuhyun spent so much of his time to look into her account back then, tracked her down and everything with the thought to make her fall even deeper to the pit of her crumbled life. But he knew deep inside he did all that just to see her again, just to get some news about the woman that he loves and to silently adores her from afar like he used to.

“Are you thinking about my words?” She lifts her face to look at his serious face that’s focusing on the road in front of them.

He nods, “You’re not entirely right, I hated you back then.”

“Then my dying changed your mind?” She tries to confirm.

Kyuhyun nods, “Honestly I thought you wouldn’t make it and I knew it was my only chance to really love you with all my heart.”

She scoffs and kisses him on his cheek, “Then for the first time, I feel like me dying was a blessing. Otherwise I won’t ever notice the great man that’s always standing beside me. A man that’s now about to be a father of this little girl inside me.”

“So, what will we name our baby?” He lifts his right hand from the wheel and touches her belly, “I prepared a name for a boy, I need more time to think of the new one.”

“Take your time then, I’m already so happy she’ll carry on a ‘Cho’ in front of her name.” Sera giggles happily, “And by the way, let’s stop by in the little Italian restaurant near our house. I want lasagna.”

“I don’t remember you’re being a pasta addict.” He shakes his head but obeys her.

“We made her in Italy, anyway. That’s the only explanation I can give you.” She grins widely.


The bigger her pregnancy gets, Sera and Kyuhyun visit the doctor even more often. She’s a special case and that makes her has to be on high watch—by her ObGyn and also by her cardiologist. She follows every procedure needed to be done, drinks her vitamins with responsibility and she takes a lot of bed rest when her pregnancy reaches the last weeks.

One thing Kyuhyun can be thankful about this condition is the fact they can avoid the baby delivery drama that usually could happen anytime in the last week of pregnancy. Because of her heart condition, Sera can’t risk to pushes her baby out by herself, so the doctors schedule a C-section for her sometime around the first week of July. Kyuhyun took a week leave from his office, putting a full responsibility upon his assistance’s shoulder while he’s taking his own responsibility over his family.

In the day of her operation, Sera gets full support from all her new family members. Kyuhyun’s parents shows up first, then the Kim family that’s now already become her extended family making her ward so crowded that the doctors needs to send anyone who’s not the father to get out of her room.

Kyuhyun takes his seat beside her bed, enjoying the sight of Sera lying on the gurney, closing her eyes with her belly that’s now gotten really big on top of her. He places his hand on her belly then talks silently to his upcoming baby.

“I will see you soon enough, so please don’t give oemma a hard time, ne?” He leans closer then kiss her tummy.

“She’s not giving me a hard time Kyu, you are.” Sera replies still with her eyes close. “I feel fine until I saw your intense face.”

“You’re about to get a surgery Sera-ya, of course I’m worried.”

She takes his hand that’s on top of her belly to places it on her face, she opens her eyes to look closely to her worries husband.

“Ya, how many times have I gone under the knife?” She uses her fingers to comb his hair, “This will be like that and it’ll be over soon enough. I won’t even be sedated all the way through so you don’t have to wait couple of hours until I regain consciousness.”

“How could you be so calm?” He’s annoyed with her flat expression.

“One of us has to stay calm.” She chuckles, “I don’t want to give birth in a stressful environment. I want our girl to be like me, carefree and happy all the time.”

“And I’ll do all the worrying for the rest of her life.” He adds bitterly.

“If she looks exactly like me, you’ll have a hard time fighting all the boys that’ll come later.” She giggles, imagining what kind of protective father he’ll be.

Kyuhyun scoffs, “Now you make me wish she looks more like me.”

“I’ll be fine, Kyu. When you see me again, our baby will be outside of my womb and you can greet her yourself, ne? So let’s erase that curls on your brow.” She runs her fingers on his forehead.

Their talk interrupted by the knocking on the door, her intern doctors come to pick her up to push her to the operating room, giving her only a little time to say goodbye to Kyuhyun.

“Do great in there, Sera-ya. I’ll be outside.” He leans in closer and kisses her deeply on her lips. He lifts his face and now talk to the baby inside her with his hand caressing her tummy, “I’ll see you soon, remember not to give oemma a hard time okay? I love you both.”

“See you later Kyu.” She gives him a big smile.

All the members of the two families are waiting on the chair provided in front of the operating room, each stays silent while mouthing their prayer for Sera’s well-being. Only half an hour later, their silent interrupted by a loud cry heard from the inside of the operating room, a doctor follow minutes later calling Kyuhyun to get inside with her.

Kyuhyun quickly put on the green scrubs he has to wear to get inside and quicken his steps to see the two girls that are now waiting for him. The first girl he notices is of course Sera, she looks a bit worn out and pale but the smile on her face just shines brightly, reaching her eyes that’s now blinking happily. He takes his gaze down and see a little figure on her cradle, still busy crying with her little hands moving freely to the air around her.

He takes his place next to her bed, leaning to gives his wife kisses all over her face delivering his relieve feeling over her being okay, his love over her, and his gratitude for what she just gave him. then he takes a closer look to the little angel she’s holding in her arms and his tears just falls freely from his eyes.

“Kyu, she sure gets you strong lungs, just hear at her crying like that.” Sera speaks softly.

“Hey, little girl.” He lifts his forefinger to caresses his daughter’s face, “What did I tell you about not giving oemma a hard time?” He snorts his runny nose. “She gets your eyes, Sera-ya. she’s so tiny and fragile.”

Sera chuckles, amazed by his comment about his own daughter, “She gets your mouth though, so cute don’t you think? Of course she’s tiny and fragile Kyu, she’s just few minutes old now.”

He wipes his tears and give Sera another kiss on her head, “Thank you Sera-ya, oh my God, I’m a father now.”

“Do you want to hold her?” She offers.

“Later, please my body is still shaking, I’m afraid I’ll hurt her.”

“You won’t, you’ll protect her.” Sera lifts her arms that’s cradling their baby, ready to handle their daughter to Kyuhyun, “Give me your arms, you must hold your baby.”

Kyuhyun obeys her and lowers himself, gently—and still scared—takes their baby away from her arms to support her on his. He never held a new born, fresh from the oven baby before and he must say he’s amazed by his own instinct when his daughter stops crying as he cradles her in his arms.

“Oh my God.” He keeps mumbling, “She’s so beautiful Sera-ya.”

“I know, right?” Sera rubs his back to give him her support.

“Welcome to the world Cho Hyura, I will forever protect you from any harm and obstacles you might encountered in life, I will forever put you and your mother on my top priority list, I’ll dedicate my life to both of you and later when you grow up to be a goddess like your mother—which I know you will—I’ll will scare those jerks away and make sure only a man that truly deserves you to be by your side.” He stares into his daughter in awe and his tears just keep on falling, looking through the eyes of the little version of themselves.

“So her name is Hyura?” Sera takes his attention back to her. “It’s beautiful, I like that.”

Kyuhyun smiles then lower himself to kiss his wife again, “I’m so proud of you, Sera-ya. you’re the strongest woman I’ve ever know in my life and you continue to surprise me like this. I hope she carries that value from you.”


His days after a new girl came into her life have changed completely. He used to miss home so badly every now and then but Cho Kyuhyun was never the person the counts down to every minute he needs to spend in his office just to wait to go home. He works harder than usual obviously, he gets more person to provide these days and he knows raising a baby is never cheap or easy, however he now works efficiently, taking cases into his hand and when it comes to any overseas investigation or a night-out client meeting, Kyuhyun will ask his detective and his assistant to do that. His business has grown better and bigger and he can learn to enjoy his time with his little family that’s waiting at home.

His phone beeps once about fifteen minutes before his working time ends, he knows it must be his wife sending picture of her and Hyura, reminding him that they’re waiting for him at home. Kyuhyun takes his phone and open the picture, immediately feels worried of what he saw.

Kyuhyun presses his speed dial and Sera picks his call in instant.

“What is our baby doing in the car? Where are you going? Is it safe Sera-ya?”

He can hear her laughing silently from the other end of the line. “Your parents thought It’ll be a good idea if we have dinner together. I haven’t got out of the house for about four months, Kyu. I miss eating out, please.”

“But still—“

“She’s safe with me, can’t you see her serene sleeping face?” She lowers her voice upon the realizing of her baby being asleep, “We’re in the parking lot, ready to pick you up anytime you’re done.” She adds.

Kyuhyun rolls his eyes but his smile is forming on his face, he takes his briefcase with him, signaling his assistant that he’ll be leaving now and takes his big steps towards the elevator. “I’ll be there  in a tick, I love you both.”




12 thoughts on “(Eng.) Stupid Anxiety – 8 [Hope]_end

  1. lee_ne says:

    At least …..
    Happy ending
    With their newborn baby girl

    Such a beautiful story eonni
    Thank you

    Hope u will like them

    Have a cute little baby


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  2. missdonglee says:

    Kya…. happy Ending.
    Perjuangan mereka terbayar dg hadirnya baby Hyura.
    Keluarga kecil & bahagian akhirnya hadir juga dlm perjalanan hidup mereka.

    Terimakasih kak,udh bikin cerita yg manis.
    Do’a ya sama kaya komen yg pertama.

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  3. imgyu says:

    perjuangan panjang sampai lahirnya Cho Hyura. Kyuhyun yang awalnya gamau punya keturunan sekarang jadi sayang banget sama anaknya huiihuii keluarga kecil kyuhyun bener-bener saling melengkapi satu sama lain. I luv the ending ❤

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  4. Seo HaYeon says:

    I also do love you so much uri author SSIHOBITT 😄😄😄 so relief … finally..everything is okay and thousands haappiness surrounds both KYuhyun and Sera also their baby-Hyura… Finally it’s over.. kkeut…. such a very long journey since the first time read piles of regret… and I enjoyed it… gamsahamnida… 😄😄😄😄

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  5. viniefazrie says:

    Aku baru selesai baca novel Final Call yg sukses bikin emosiiiii. Dan sekarang sedikit terhibur sama happy anding cerita yg satu ini. Yeay thank you!
    Aku bakalan nunggu novel dan cerita-cerita lainnya..

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  6. ninanina says:

    after all the tears, pain, and sweats they had terbalas juga happy ending yg sangat happy 😭😍 i loveee it so much ♥ thankyou for beautudhl story with beautiful couple nya author-nim. masihh nunggu yg lain yg lagi sedih2nya /read: water. hehhehee

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  7. kaililaa says:

    Haaah happy ending, finally!!
    Aku bener-bener berharap kemaren ga bakal ada masalah lg sama kehamilan Sera, and boom syukurlah bener ga adaaa. Hahahaha i rock you , kak. Semangat buat cerita-cerita lainnya yaaa, hwaiting^^

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