(Eng.) Stupid Anxiety – 4 [Cruelty]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Married Life, Fluff, A slice of Life

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Their post honeymoon moment are one of the best time in their life. Weeks after the trip he finally managed to find a male assistant to do his dirty works for him and it resulted in more time he can spend with Sera. They both act like teenagers in love one more time when they spent their times together, they watch movies again, they go on a midnight date to the Namsan tower, they walk hand in hand in crowded places and one night they even entered the state of denial when they tried to mingle with the youth crowd in a club in Hongdae—bad idea and they came out only after one drink.

During the day Sera will try to spend her times doing positive things that will take her mind out of her husband and by six o’clock she’d always wait patiently for him to walk through their door and greets him with the biggest smile on her face. Kyuhyun secretly has been enjoying the free times he has and he can’t be happier to be able to put back the smile on her face. She’s now more upbeat and look less lonely than she was a few weeks ago.

He can’t believe how much he missed her when he spent his time working in his office. Most of the times he can’t begin to wonder why people are coming to him to get help to end their marriage, why would some people want to ruin something they decided to do so—in better or worse, though the thick and thin, in sickness and health—how could they toss those vows down the drain when they said those beautiful promised to each other. He can’t imagine his life without Sera and the longer they’re married the stronger his love for her grew and the more he laughs in his own daily job that’s contradictive to his own love life.

He knows how she actually misses the little gesture he did for her back when she was sick, that time he’s almost always available for her and he’d always take home something sweet to cheer her up—and he’s thinking to redo it all over again for the sake of her happiness. Tonight his dessert of choice is the classic lemon meringue pie from her favorite bakery near his office, Kyuhyun proudly lifts the bag in front of her when she greets him in front of their door.

“I miss you.” She spreads her arms and wait for him to hug her.

Kyuhyun pecks her on the forehead and hugs her, “Got you lemon pie.” He shakes the dessert bag in front of her.

Her eyes glisten happily, “Thank you, I made rotisserie chicken. It’s my first try so I hope it cooked all the way through.”

“We can always fry it in case it fails.” He takes off his shoes and change into the room sandals, “How was your day?”

“Meh, so-so. How was yours?”

“Hard time at the court, my client is still struggling with her demands.” He sits and takes the glass of water she prepared for him.

“Sorry to hear that.” Sera begins to cut the chicken in the middle of the table. “Potatoes?”

He nods, “I heard you’ll go with my mom tomorrow? Didn’t you have enough of her annoying friends already?”

Sera chuckles, “Tomorrow I’ll just go together with her for our monthly grocery shopping, not meeting her friends—no way I’ll do that again, she even forbids me to go to her gathering.”

He cuts into the meal she prepared for him and puts it in his mouth. “Woah Han Sera, this is really good!”

“Really? Not too salty for you?” She takes a bite into her own meal, “I think it’s way too salty.”

He shrugs, “Taste good for me.”

He quickly finishes his first portion and goes for another one in no time at all while Sera is struggling to finish her own meal. She drinks so much water to help her gulp down the salty chicken and actually wonders if Kyuhyun just pretending to like her food—but he takes a big second portion so she thinks it must be okay for his taste.

Kyuhyun helps her to put out the dirty dishes before he opens the dessert he bought for her. Sera waits for him to finish cutting the pie before he places it on her plate then she doesn’t bother to wait for her husband to start eating the pie.

The look of the pie and its taste in her mouth are surprisingly contradictory. It looks like the soft and flowy meringue pie with the perfect touch of tardiness judging from its pale yellow color, but when Sera puts it in her mouth, she quickly cringes her face.

“What? You don’t like it?” He’s surprise by her reaction.

“It’s very sweet. Did you get it in the usual place?”

He nods, “It’s supposed to be sweet, Sera-ya.” He takes a bite of the pie on her plate and taste it himself, “It’s okay, nothing changed from the usual.”

“Huh, really?” She curls her brow, “Well, I kinda wish it’ll go to tardiness side instead of the sweetness, it’s lemon after all, not sugar pie.” She mumbles to herself but continues to spoon her dessert into her mouth.


Kyuhyun mother’s picks her up the next morning after Sera finished cleaning up their breakfast dishes. A day out with her daughter-in-law is always the day she looks forwards to, this is her way to connect with her and the way she can actually digs up about Kyuhyun’s life since he’s never been the kind of son that speaks up his mind so much. His mother appreciates what Sera has done to her son and she even bowed to Sera once when she knew Sera agreed to married Kyuhyun. She knows how stubborn and annoying her son really is and she didn’t have much hope for her son to find someone that wants to spend the rest of her life with him—and also because Kyuhyun declared a long time ago that he doesn’t want to get married ever.

Another thing she likes about Sera is the fact she’s like the daughter she never had. The way Sera treats her and how she’s always delighted to accompany her around makes her feel less lonely with the life as the housewife in the Cho household. The old Mr. Cho is just the same as her son, being too busy taking care of their business even when he reached the age of retirement and often forgets to attend important stuff in their mile stone. Having Sera next to her is a major comfort, since it helps to reduce her loneliness and her needs to have a real friend to talk to.

“So you’re saying his behavior changed after the trip?” Mrs. Cho asks excitedly after Sera says how much her marriage life improved for the better.

Both ladies now spend their lunch time in and Italian restaurant next to the supermarket they went to earlier.

Sera nods excitedly. “It’s almost like when I was sick oemoni, he gets home on time and always brings something along with him.”

“Ey, I envy you.” She pats Sera’s hand. “I’m really happy to hear that.”

“He didn’t say anything to you?”

“As if! if it weren’t for you, I’ll never know what’s going on in his life.” She takes her iced tea and sip it gracefully with the straw provided, “And what about that problem? Has he changed his mind?” She indicates the taboo talk to Sera.

Sera bites her lips and shakes her head, “Not a chance oemoni. I think I should adopt a dog instead, at least I have something to play with during the day.”

“We can hang out every day.” Mrs. Cho offers her, “If you feel lonely you can always call me and I’ll pick you up to hang out together like this.”

“That’s very sweet of you, thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.” Sera smiles, “I promised him not to bring the matter up to the surface anymore and I think slowly I begin to be able to live with it.”

Their foods arrive at their table and the talk is forgotten for a while once both ladies busy messing their pasta and give it a taste.

“Mm, it’s as good as its recommendation.” Mrs. Cho widens her eyes, impressed with the food she chose.

Sera takes a bite into her lasagna and she quickly puts her fork down then gulps her water instead.

“Are you okay, Sera-ya?”

“Ne, it tastes weird for me.” She takes another gulp to get rid of the taste.

“It’s so unlike you to order a colored pasta, you usually go with the creamy sauce.”

“I just thought the tomatoes will taste good, but nope! Wrong choice.” She slides her plate away from her.

Mrs. Cho takes a bite into her lasagna and she can’t taste anything wrong with it, in fact she’s thinking of ordering that menu in her next visit.

“It tastes just fine for me, but if you don’t like it, why don’t you order something else?” She lifts her arm and calls for the waiter to come to their table.

“Is there a problem costumer-nim?” The waitress kindly asks them.

“No, actually it’s fine.” Sera waives her hand in front of the waitress, “Can I order the fruit salad instead?”

Minutes later her new order come and Sera finished her bowl of fruit salad just fine. She ditched her main course and go straight to order the famous tiramisu in the restaurant and once again get disappointed by the extra sweetness she tastes in the cake.

Mrs. Cho notice something strange from her daughter-in-law’s behavior but she shrugs the thoughts, judging from how up-tight her son is with his planned life, she’s certain there’s no way something is happening inside of Sera. She’s just having a change of appetite and reacting weirdly over the food they have.




The next week Mrs. Cho got a call from Sera, she’s wondering if her mother-in-law is willing to stroll along together with her in the shopping center to get rid of her loneliness—Mrs. Cho arrives less than an hour to pick up Sera and goes straight to Dongdaemun for their girl’s day out.

Since Sera picks quilting as her new hobby other than cooking, she’s been collecting a lot of fabrics in every pattern she could find and her favorite place to shop is located in Dongdaemun. They enter the building and the smell of processed cottons greets them. Sera goes straight to the fourth floor where she knows her favorite shop is located and Mrs. Cho just follow her from behind while trying to adjust herself to walk comfortably in the small alley in between the shops. Many of the sellers place their products on the walkway and it makes them harder to walk through the rolls of fabrics.

Sera is taking many deep breaths to get rid of the headache she feels, crowded and small space is a perfect condition to make somebody feels stuffy and they got there by lunch time so the sellers begins to order up different kinds of food from the delivery so they don’t have to leave their shops. Sera was busy picking some new fabric for her collection when one of the delivery guy pass by with the strongest smell of fermented kimchi soup. The steam from the hot boiling soup arises and attack her sense of smell and immediately make her feel like something has stir her stomach and makes her nauseous. Sera places her hand to cover her mouth as she feels the urge to puke and she quickly pinches her own nose to get rid of the annoying smell of the kimchi soup.

“Sera-ya, are you okay?” Mrs. Cho comes to pat her back, intrigued by the sight of her daughter-in-law being affected by a kimchi soup.

Sera nods but covering her mouth still, she begins to break a sweat on her forehead and temples as she begins to feel powerless. “I’ll pay this up first.” She turns to the ajjushi and takes her piles of garment.

“Let me bring that for you,” Mrs. Cho takes the plastic bag from her hand, “You look like you’re about to faint anytime soon.”

“I need fresh air.” She agrees.

Mrc. Cho holds her hand as she opens up the crowded walkway to get themselves out of the market. She’s trying to find the closest exit but they need to take stairs to get to the nearest one. She remembers how her son reminded her a millionth time for not making Sera work-out too much so she chose the longer route to take her down by the escalator.

Sera’s face has lost its color once they’re out on the street again. Mrs. Cho asks her to sit on the public benches provided on the pavement while she’s going into the mini market to get a chilled water for them.

“Thank you oemoni.” Sera takes the bottle from Mrs. Cho and gulps down half of its content.

“Will you be okay? Is there something wrong? I never seen you this pale Sera-ya. Let’s go to a doctor, you scare me.” She takes out a handkerchief from her purse and taps Sera’s sweaty forehead carefully.

Sera shakes her head, “I’m fine oemoni, it was too stuffy inside and the lack of oxygen affected me this much. I’m fine, we don’t have to visit a doctor—I hate hospital.”

“I’ll tell Kyuhyun..”

“Please don’t.” She places her hand on top of Mrs. Cho’s. “Don’t tell him about this, he’ll freak out and he’ll begin to tell me to get my health check up again and I’m tired of being treated like a sick person.”

“If you feel like this one more time, promise me that I’ll be the first person you call, ne?” She pats Sera’s shoulder, “I’ll keep this a secret from him only if you promised me that.”

Sera smiles and nods, appreciating her mother-in-law’s cooperation.

“Shall we get something to eat now?”

“I feel like eating stir fried vegetables, oemoni.” She suggested an idea.

“Okay, let’s find a Chinese restaurant then.” She helps Sera to get up.


Sera and Mrs. Cho are both sitting in silence as they hear the result of Sera’s newest medical checkup. Earlier this morning after she sent off Kyuhyun to work, Sera suddenly feels like she’s about to lose her balance and she’s struggling to get herself to sit on the couch before she calls her mother-in-law. She promised her if there’s anything wrong with her body, Mrs. Cho will be the first person she calls—it eliminates the drama Kyuhyun will create and she feels more comfortable sharing with Mrs. Cho when it comes to her sickness.

Mrs. Cho insisted Sera to go to the doctor immediately and get her blood tested and some ultrasound for her inner organ before she proceed with any other riskier procedure. They both were afraid that what Sera experiencing is another deadly illness for her, because the last time she was sick the symptoms were almost the same—shortness of breath, dizziness, sudden loss of strength, and nausea. Sera begs Mrs. Cho not to tell Kyuhyun that they’re on their way to the hospital and keep it secret between them until everything confirmed.

Couple hours later her result came out and it turns her world upside down.

“Han Sera-ssi, what you’re experiencing is normal in the early stage.” The doctor takes a seat and show his patient the result in his monitor.

Sera and Mrs. Cho lean in closer to take a careful look into her chart.

“I know you had a problem with your heart in the past and your medical record shows that you’re a transplant recipient, and that make you a high risk.” The doctor continues, “So I will assign you to the ObGyn instead because I’m a general doctor and I can’t give you much advice about your pregnancy.”

Mrs. Cho gasps and cover her mouth immediately once she heard the doctor while Sera is still looking into the monitor. She takes some time to process the information she just received.

“You said I’m what, doctor?” She turns her head slowly to the doctor in front of her.

“You’re pregnant Sera-sii, it’s been 8 weeks actually.” He points to the ultrasound picture of her womb. “Congratulation.” He adds a sincere smile.

Mrs. Cho can’t contain her happiness as she’s about to jump on her seat while Sera’s face is still ecstatic.

“But doctor, I took the contraceptive pill.” She tries to reason with the doctor.

“Yes, in the medical record it’s clear that you prescribe for the pill also.” He agrees, “But as we always tell to every woman that chose pills as their way to postpone their pregnancy, it needs to be taken every day regularly without absence. Do you think you maybe skip your schedule?”

Sera places her hands on her face as she remembers how she forgotten her medicine pouch when they went to Venice. She skipped the whole week consuming her pills and she’s certain that’s what led into this very conversation with the doctor.

She’s confused with her own feeling; she wants to be like any expecting mother that feels the joy in the prospect of having a child but at the same time she knows she just get herself into a big trouble. Kyuhyun doesn’t want a child and he clearly said that—along with his reason that somehow makes sense to her.

“Doctor, I’m sorry if I ask this.” She feels a lump starts forming in her throat, “What if I want to get rid of it?” She bites her lips as her body begins to tremble and tears start to fall. She can’t believe the moment she received the best news any married women could receive is the same moment she thinks of getting rid of the gift.

Mrs. Cho places her hand on top of Sera’s that’s sitting on her lap, trying to give some strength to her daughter-in-law. She just let her guard down by being overjoyed with the wonderful news that she forgotten how much her son refuse to have a child.

“Are you thinking about abortion, Sera-ssi?” The doctor curls his eyebrows. “Maybe you should talk this through with your husband first.”

“That why I asked, I know he doesn’t want a child.” She nods quickly as another tear fall down from her eyes, “What are the step I have to take?”

“It’s not my place to give you advice about this, I really need to assign you to an ObGyn for a professional advice..”

“I’ll go to the ObGyn you assign me to, but I’m sure you know the procedure in general, right Uisa-nim?” Sera presses her tone as she demands answer from the doctor.

The doctor takes a deep breath and begins to explain the standard procedure of an abortion he learned in general practice.

“It’s still early in your pregnancy so you can take a pill to abort the fetus, you’ll need to take some rest afterwards because it will cause internal bleeding as the wall of your womb begins to exuviate and you’ll feel uncomfortable during the time it happens—but a pain killer will be prescribed with abortive patient.”

Sera still tries to maintain her straight face and listen carefully to what the doctor say.

“But I can’t prescribe you that kind of medicine and that’s why you need to visit the ObGyn and it’ll take some time until you’re allowed to proceed with the actual abortion—and that’ll make your fetus grow older and makes it less possible to be taken care of only by pills, therefore you’ll need to go through the vacuum procedure.”

Sera reminded of the pain she experiences when she lost her baby years ago, it was one of the most exaggerating pain she ever felt—it was even more painful than all her open heart surgeries—because she’s not just struggling physically but she needs to endure the lost mentally as well.

“Sera-ssi, I don’t have any say in this, but as a doctor I’ll suggest you to think about this through before continuing with the abortion. You still have some time to think about it..”

“How long do I have?” Her trembling voice sounds very weak between her cries.

“The law allows abortion only until 15 weeks of pregnancy, because further than that the embryo starts to form into a fetus and it makes the procedure more risky to the mother.”

“So I still have seven weeks to think about this.” She whispers to herself.

“The ObGyn, when is their soonest available schedule?” Mrs. Cho steps in to cover for Sera’s that’s now still shaking on her seat. “Can we make an appointment?”

“Yes, I’ll send my recommendation and she’ll be available two days from now, shall I book Sera-ssi into her practice?”

“Yes please,” Mrs. Cho decides for Sera, “Thank you for your time doctor, we’ll think carefully about the decision.” She gets up and help Sera to stand up then offers her hand for Sera to hold as her support while she’s taking her out from the doctor’s practice room.

Her cry breaks as they get into the car, Sera feels like she wants to rip her heart out just for the sake of not feeling the pain consuming her at the moment. This can’t be, life can’t be this cruel to her. it’s one thing to agree not to have a kid with Kyuhyun but it’s a whole different thing when she knows that a baby is growing inside her and she’ll be forced to have an abortion. It’ll be like killing her own child and she can’t even imagine herself is capable of doing that.

She has lost a baby once before in her life, and the pain the loss brought still lingers even until now. The guilt, the what if thoughts, the regret of not trying her best the first time around. But now she’s about to kill her own baby because her husband doesn’t want her to get pregnant and risk her health.

“Sera-ya. Please calm down, you can’t be like this.” Mrs. Cho also begins to shed her tears seeing Sera in pain the way she is.

“Oemonii..” She leans into her mother-in-law and tries to hug her, “What should I do oemoni? I can’t do that, I can’t be that cruel.”

“Maybe you can talk to him.” She pats her in the back.

Sera shakes her head continuously, “No way oemoni, he won’t change his mind, I know he won’t.” She cries even harder, “Aaarghh! Why does it has to be this complicated? I can’t do this oemoni, I can’t!”

Mrs. Cho tries to collect herself together and be the stronger person for Sera. She’s also sad about the sight of Sera’s future, she’s a mother herself and she understands the attachment a mother have for their child long before the baby was born and it’s cruel to Sera because she’s not allowed to get that kind of attachment.

They both are crying in the car for almost an hour until both of them can breathe normally again. Han Sera looks like a mess and Kyuhyun’s mother is not much better from her.

“I still can’t get my mind around it Sera-ya, how?”

“I forgot to drink my pills for a week.” She replies slowly.

Mrs. Cho nods with the clear explanation.

“Maybe if you give him the right reason..”

“I asked once, what if we accidentally conceived, he said he’ll be the mean guy.” Sera wipe another tear that falls from her eyes, “We both knows what that means oemoni, if I don’t do it myself then he’ll do it for me.”

She takes her hand to tidy Sera’s messy hair, “You have to talk with him first before taking any decision.”

Sera feels another pain in her heart, she knows how the argument gonna go and she know his final answer long before the talk begins.

“Oemoni, you heard the doctor, I still have some time to think about it.” Sera talks in between her sobs, “Please promise me that you’ll keep this a secret from him, ne? I won’t take a long time, I just need to calm myself down and if he knows about this pretty soon, I’m sure I’ll lose my sanity oemoni.”

Mrs. Cho nods, “I don’t have the right to tell him, Sera-ya. Of course I’ll let you handle this matter yourself.” She hugs Sera again, “But please promise me, if you feel any hardship or anything just call me okay? You need support and I’ll gladly give my support to you.”

“Thank you.” Sera sink her face on her mother-in-law’s shoulder and cries for some more.


Something is wrong with Han Sera and Kyuhyun notices how his wife has been acting strange in the past few weeks. Her face spreads her smile but the emotion never reaches her eyes, she acts like she’s overjoyed with him being around but it’s clear how she avoids him as much as she can and Kyuhyun awares how Sera often look to the distance with a blank stare on her face. He starts to do a self-introspection, wondering if he’s done anything wrong with her yet he can’t remember anything, their relationship is in the stable state and he can’t find his mistakes over her lately.

Lately, Sera also often excuse herself to get some air after they finished their dinner and whenever Kyuhyun offers to come with her, she’ll find a reason to keep him stay at home—to fix something for her, to throw the garbage, to help her cleans up the dishes and more reasons to come. He’s doesn’t want to be the person that puts doubt on her but her odd behavior has raised a lot of question in his head, could it be Han Sera hiding something from him?

Kyuhyun can’t believe himself when he’s decided to follow her silently when Sera said she’d spend her day out with his mother, she’s been using that excuse too often now and he can’t remember both of them has become best friend or anything. His instinct that he uses a lot in his job has led him to have a doubt into what Sera’s been doing and he wants to see what’s really going on with her. If she’s really hanging out with his mother then it’s great and maybe next time Kyuhyun should come with her so they can spend their time together, if she’s doing something else then Kyuhyun has to prepare himself for whatever result he might find.

He parks his car not too far from their house when he recognizes his mother’s car stop on their drive way and she’s actually picking Sera up to go somewhere. After he gets the first confirmation, he figures he should take it easy and just go back to work instead of following the two women. Yet again, his instinct tells him to keep his eyes on them and follow them still. This morning Sera said she’s going to go to Gangnam with his mother, but when they’re not taking the turn they should take to go to the said place, Kyuhyun knows immediately something is wrong.

His heart sinks when he recognizes the old route he took whenever he visited her in the hospital and he begins to have the fear in his heart when his mother’s car actually turns into the hospital parking lot. He was just about to give a turn signal when his phone rings and his assistant name shows up on the screen. Kyuhyun cursed to his phone and picks up.

“What? I’m a bit busy.”

“Sajang-nim, you have to come to the office it’s emergency.” The voice in the other end sounds panic.

“What happened?”

“Remember Mr. Oh that lost his demand to his wife? He’s here messing up our office and he bring an attorney with him to sue us.”


“Please come to the office, ne? I’m trying hard to prevent him from breaking stuffs.”

Kyuhyun takes a deep breath as he tries to calm himself, both of the situation in front of him are emergencies and he has to choose one of them. He figures at least Sera is safe with his mother so he decided to go to his office instead. He can ask Sera about her visit to the hospital later on and he should take care of his previous client first at the moment.




By the night time, he’s too exhausted as his energy drained from dealing with his psychotic client whose case he lost. The client demanded him for compensation for what he had to give away to his ex-wife and Kyuhyun spent the rest of his day fighting with the paper work trying hard to prove that his firm is innocent from the contract they signed together.

His mood didn’t get any better once he sees Sera showing the fake smile on her face. Sera’s doing her usual way to greet him when he comes home by spreading her arms widely and prepares everything that he needs immediately. She then always zoned out during their talk and she doesn’t ask how his day went anymore.

Sera playfully places his dinner on the table and when Kyuhyun asked about her day with his mother, Sera lied to him and said they went to Gangnam to shop and have lunch together. Problem with clients, having his office messed up by the psycho and now his wife is lying to him, the amount of pressure and annoyance he got today is enough to make him blow some steam towards her.

“Cut it out, Sera-ya.” He slams his glass to the table.

She lifts her face and oddly doesn’t look too surprise with his rage—almost like she expects him to act like this.

“I know you’re keeping something from me and I want you to tell me the truth.”

She bites her lips as her body begins to tremble in fear, she knows this day will come eventually and she’s been spending weeks to prepare for her execution.

“Please start talking or I’ll push you to the limit.” He shoots her with his eagle eyes.

“What do you mean..”

“Don’t. even. Try. To. Fool. Me.”

“I don’t, I..”

“What were you doing with my mom today?”



Sera doesn’t need to defend herself, she’s sure Kyuhyun will soon get suspicious with her odd behavior lately and she just have to wait until he treats her like one of his client.

“I’ll ask once again, what did you do with my mom?”

Sera takes her hands off the table so Kyuhyun wouldn’t see how much she’s shaking right now. “I…”

“What are you doing in the hospital?” He shoot her with the inevitable proof.

“Visiting your mother’s friend…” She tells him a lie she prepared.

Kyuhyun gets up from his seat and pulls the chair next to her to sit closer to Sera. “Do you really think you can fool me? You can’t even look at me in the eyes Han Sera!”

She’s no longer only trembling on her hands, her whole body is now shaking from the horror she’ll soon have to face.

“Are you sick somewhere?” Kyuhyun demands the answer. “STOP THIS ALREADY HAN SERA AND TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON!”

Tears falls freely from her eyes, she wants to tell him what’s going on, she’s dying to but she knows it’ll over soon once he knows and she wants to take a little bit more time with the baby she’s carrying at the moment.

“I’m sorry Kyu.” She whispers between her sobs, “I don’t know where to begin  to tell you.”

“Han Sera, if you get sick, I’m the first person that has to know! not my mother! I’m responsible for you and the sooner I know about it, the sooner we can find a solution.”


“Stop with the excuses and tell me already, please Sera-ya. You’re killing me.”

Sera takes a deep breath and prepares herself, “I’m not sick, Kyu. I swear I’m not.”

“Then what are you doing in there? Is my mom sick?” He begins to lowers his voice to listen carefully to what she’s about to say, worrying about the next possible prospect of the two women being in the hospital.

Sera shakes her head, “She’s perfectly healthy.”

“So? Why did you both hung out in the hospital? it’s not even the time for your medical checkup yet.”

“Because I did something really wrong.”

Kyuhyun scratches his head to express his frustration. “Sera, don’t play with your words, just tell me already.”

“I’m pregnant Kyu.” Her cries break as soon as she finishes talking.

Kyuhyun stuns in his face as he feels like somebody just throw him a bucket full of ice. This can’t happen, in fact it shouldn’t happen because he knows how they’ve constantly visiting the family planning clinic every month to get a set of contraceptive pills for her. It’s been doing its job perfectly for the past two years, why now? Why suddenly it stops working.

“How?” That’s the only word manages to escape his mouth. He’s to shock himself that he doesn’t try to console his wife that’s now crying hard in front of him.

Sera takes some time to control her breathing before she explains herself. “I forgot my pills when we went to Venice.”

Kyuhyun slams the table next to him to release his anger over her stupid recklessness. None of it would’ve happen if she stops being so ignorant.

His reaction is exactly what she expected him to do, yet it still hurts to see that he actually frustrated with it.

“I’m sorry Kyu.”

“How long have you known?”

Sera looks down and bite her lips.

“HAN SERA! HOW LONG HAVE YOU KEEP THIS AWAY FROM ME?!” He places his hand on her shoulders and shakes her.

“A month.”

“Have you done anything with it?”

She shakes her head and sniffs her nose while trying to controls her breathing. “Please Kyu, can we keep our–”


His answer is short and clear and it stabs her like knives.

Kyuhyun takes his hands away from her and gets up from his seat, walking back and forth in their kitchen while covering his face with his hands. How could this happened to them? He doesn’t want to be that asshole that drags his wife to an abortion clinic but it seems like he’s about to be that person. Moreover, he’s overwhelmed with the feeling he has inside, there’s a little bit of him that’s delighted about the news—it’s almost like he doesn’t mind to be the father of their baby—but then he remembers what she went through after her first pregnancy with Taecyeon years ago. If he doesn’t be the mean person, there’s a huge chance for him to lose not only their baby, but lose Sera as well. That thought alone is enough for him to play the role of the bad guy.

Kyuhyun takes his seat back in front of her and pulls her closer to him, trying to console his wife that’s now crying franticly. He hurt her—big time—and he’s about to give more pain to her.

“Sera-ya, when’s your next doctor appointment?” He tries to sound calm even though he himself is now starts to sob.

“Two days from now.” She answers with a placid tone.

“I’ll be that jerk and we’ll take care of it.” He hugs her tighter, “I’m sorry Sera-ya, I can’t let you carry on with this.”

She doesn’t try to defend herself nor she tries to reason with him, Han Sera just leans helplessly into the shoulder of the man that she trusted her whole life into but has broken her heart into million pieces.

“No Kyu,” She sobs, “I am sorry.”



8 thoughts on “(Eng.) Stupid Anxiety – 4 [Cruelty]

  1. Missdonglee says:

    Aku ga ngerti bhs inggris,tapi nekat bgttt baca.soalnya greget sendiri,smpe di mana kemampuan bhs inggris ku.
    Untungnya di sini nyediain english ver,jd skalian belajar.

    Enaknya hubungan Menantu & mertua seakrab itu,soalnya aku sering denger hubungan menantu & mertua suka slek.
    Kyuhyun ga bisa luluh kah?,itu anak mu lho Kyu.emang sih wktu masa2 sakitnya sera,Kyu yg ngurus,jd dia yg tau,yg ngrasain.
    Kasian sera jg yg pengen punya anak.

    Penasaran next nya,gmna solusi Kyu-Sera soal kehamilan ini.


  2. Seo HaYeon says:

    Sera pregnant……. 😣 so it is her reckleckness… omonaa….. how Kyu will manage this…..😂 i don’t know why I have big smile on my face when Kyu pushed Sera to tell the truth 😂😂 it’s awesome!!!!😆

    Liked by 1 person

  3. vk799 says:

    i hope Kyuhyun and Sera can through this problem well. It was not totally Sera’s fault if she’s pregnant. Please don’t make this ff will has a sad ending. 😉
    I love this ff so much :-*

    Liked by 1 person

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