(Eng.) Stupid Anxiety – 1 [Anxiety]


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Married Life, Fluff, A slice of Life

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

He’s waiting patiently for a promised spectacular dish his wife has been talking since they woke up this morning. The lady of the house has turn her hobby from extreme sports to cooking and he has to say that he’s impressed with how quick her skills level up. During their college time, his wife was ‘okay’ with her cooking skill, at least if he really missed a kimchi soup or a simple japchae the woman of his dream can make that perfectly for him.

These days however, Han Sera writes down every single meal into her schedule calendar as her way to lure her husband to eat at home, even during lunch. Since he opened his own private practice, Kyuhyun now has more time for themselves because he’s not tied up to the cooperate schedule any longer.

“Here you goooo..” Sera brings out a medium sized oval plate to the table and put in in between them. “Today’s breakfast is goat cheese and spinach quesadilla.” She announces her creation proudly to her husband.

Kyuhyun scoffs and rolls his eyes. He hates eating vegetables and Han Sera has make it her mission to sneak any kind of veggies into their diet. He can’t say no to her cooking obviously since he doesn’t want to hurt her pride as a woman, so he gladly takes his portion and give it a try.

“It’ll be perfect to combine with red wine Sera-ya.” He chews his food halfheartedly but secretly grateful that Sera didn’t put too much spinach in his portion.

“Ya! It’s not even nine yet.” She gives him a glass of water instead. “You need to look out for your health Kyu, it’s the most precious thing in life. I think we learned that from my experience the hard way.”

She places her left hand under her chin as she let her mind wander to the past. Even though She’s now living a wonderful life with her best friend that turns into her husband, she can’t forget the horrible experience she had three years ago while she’s waiting for a heart transplant to keep her alive.

He smiles and swallows down his quesadilla, “I know, thanks for looking after me.” He stretches his hand to hold hers across the table.

“By the way, I’ll make roast beef with vegetable gratin for lunch. I just subscribe to this awesome channel and it gives mouthwatering recipes everyday..”

“Ah, I forget to tell you,” He remembers about something, “I can’t have lunch at home, I’m meeting a client.”

She pouts her mouth, if it’s up to her, she really wishes Kyuhyun will just work at home and not at his own office. His job sometimes requires him to go outside of the city—even outside of the country—to collect supporting evidence for his clients and sometimes that makes her restless for a reason she hasn’t understand yet.

“Dinner then?” She widens her eyes, trying to negotiate.

“Don’t wait up, I don’t know when I’ll finish.” He takes another bite of his breakfast. “I have to follow my client to her farm in Jeongson, she needs to find a real evidence of her accuse that her husband is doing a money laundry using her family’s land field there.”

“She?” Sera lifts one of her eyebrow.

Kyuhyun nods.

“So you’ll meet her there?”

“I’m picking her up actually, I made my appointment at nine o’clock,” he takes a look on his wrist watch. “Which means I need to go now.”

“You’re not going to finish your breakfast?” She shoots him with a sharp look, annoyed by the idea of her husband will take a long ride together with another woman.

Kyuhyun stuffs the rest of his meal into his mouth, chew it quickly then gulps down his whole glass of water she prepared. “I just finish my breakfast.” He grins at her then get up.

Her eyes follow his move and when his face get really close to hers, she lifts her chin so Kyuhyun can peck her on the lips.

“Who’s your client’s name?” She asks while acting to be cool.

“Lee Ahra. Why?”

She shakes her head slightly, “Noting, just curious.”

“You’re not gonna stalk her, do you?” Kyuhyun messes with her hair and gives her another kiss on the forehead.

“Please.” She rolls her eyes, “I don’t have time for that.”

She gets up from her seat, helps Kyuhyun with his briefcase and walk him to the front of their house to send her husband off. As he drives by, Sera gets in with a new plan for today—finding Lee Ahra bio in Kyuhyun’s files.

She knows that it’s illegal for her to do that, but it’s not like she’s going to do anyone any harm by doing it. She knows how Kyuhyun is bonded by his oath to guard his client’s confidentialities and he rarely talks about his cases, unless it’s too bizarre to keep to himself.

After she cleaned up all the utensils she used to cook the breakfast, Sera get herself into Kyuhyun’s study room and begins searching his case file that he keeps neatly in a labeled container. His tidiness has make it very easy for her to find the file she’s looking for. She takes out the file from the rest of the stack and place it on his desk then she makes herself comfortable seating on his working chair before she begins to open up the file.

Sera can’t stop shaking her legs when she’s anxious and this is exactly what she’s doing right now while studying Lee Ahra profile.

Lee Ahra is a successful chef that own a little French restaurant in Itaewon, she basically great at cooking a lot of things but chose to make French cooking her forte since she got her title from Le Cordon Bleu. The woman is only in her early thirty and the reason she filed a divorce is simply because her husband cannot cater to her sexual needs. What makes Sera more anxious is the fact that Lee Ahra is very pretty. Every client has to submit a frontal profile photo of them for documentation purpose, and Sera can tell that Lee Ahra face is fitting into Kyuhyun’s type.

Sera closes the file in front of her and chose to put it back to his stack, she figures her anxiety is nonsense and she should just trust her husband. She knows how much he loves her anyway and looking back to their history, Sera’s certain Kyuhyun won’t betray her or do anything to harm her. With that thought in mind, she gets back to the living room to watch some more cooking videos.




Han Sera has kept her silence about the annoyance she feels towards Kyuhyun’s client for about a week. She’s giving Kyuhyun his space and honestly she’s about to burst out in anger because Kyuhyun has make another lunch appointment with his client outside of the office. Not that she’s possessive or anything, she’s just insecure, and to trick this situation, Sera figures it’ll be best if she comes along with him during lunch so she can meet with his client to erase her suspicion. She nags him by saying she wants to try to eat in his client’s restaurant that he talks about lately and Kyuhyun agreed as long as Sera doesn’t meddle in his client’s business.

Both of them are now walking towards Lee Ahra restaurant, Kyuhyun has arranged the meeting there so Sera can enjoy the food and doesn’t feel bored once they’re done eating—Kyuhyun will continue the meeting and Sera can take a walk around Itaewon to window shop.

He tells the waiter that they’re here for the owner and they’re given a seat at the back of the restaurant. Sera personally likes the decoration of the café, it makes her feel like she’s really in Paris with the little knick knacks spreads on the wall. The French song back sound only make the experience more authentic and after she takes a quick glance to the dessert fridge in front of the restaurant, she has to admit the dessert choices succeeded to impress her.

Sera was scanning through the menu in front of her when the owner of the restaurant comes and greets them.

“Ah, Kyuhyun-ssi, have you been waiting long enough?”

Sera’s jaw drops when she studies the woman in front of her. She knows from her profile picture in Kyuhyun’s file that she’s good looking. With her big almond eyes, sharp nose and high cheek bones, Lee Ahra won’t get any hardship to divert people attention to look at her. But what makes Sera more anxious is the way she looks from head to toe.

Lee Arha is a bombshell! The woman blessed with a tall and lean figure to completes the beautiful face of hers. She dresses provocatively by wearing a red bodycon dress that has a slit on the side of her thigh that cuts up midway of the thigh length. Sera can’t even begin to describe how perfectly round her breasts that look like they’re about to jump out of the tight dress she’s wearing. Sera looks down to her own chest and cringes because she knows her breasts are at least two size smaller than the woman in front of her.

If those aren’t enough to rise her insecurity, Kyuhyun is now shaking Lee Ahra’s hand and allows the woman to slightly kiss his check on both side—western formality, she assumed.

“Ahra-ssi, this is my wife, Han Sera.” Kyuhyun graces his hand towards Sera that’s now looking very idiotic since she tries to analyze so much in a short amount of time. “She’ll be having lunch with us, if you don’t mind. She curious to try the food on this restaurant of yours and I figure it wouldn’t hurt to take her with me. But after meal, she’ll stroll around by herself so we can get down to our business.”

Lee Ahra smiles formally to Sera and offers her hand also. “Nice to meet you, Han Sera-ssi. You are one lucky woman to have such amazing husband as he is.” Lee Ahra playfully taps Kyuhyun’s shoulder, “Unlike mine—which I’m about to divorce now.” She laughs to her own joke.

“Ne, I’m very lucky indeed.” Sera takes her hand and shake it halfheartedly.

“Please have a seat.” Lee Ahra gesture both of the to sit down. “I’ve prepared lunch a’la provence specially for the both of you. Oh and I don’t forget your favorite wine Kyuhyun-ssi, Senechaux 2006—the best year I believe.” She gives sign to her waitress to deliver the special meal she prepared for her guest.

Sera holds her desire to rolls her eyes when she hears Lee Ahra trying to impress Kyuhyun with wine.

Apparently, Lee Ahra’s idea is a good one because now his eyes are glistening in awe once the waitress pours in his favorite wine into the wine glass, “I don’t usually drink while I work, but I can make an exception for this.” He twirls his glass, smells the sweet aroma of the red wine then takes a sip of his favorite drink. “Beautiful, as always.” He adds after he gulps down the wine.

Sera feels like she’s now a pathetic girl that sits in between two people that tries to impress each other, she feels like a chaperone to Kyuhyun’s blind date with an amazing woman. She sits quietly and tries hard to enjoy her meal even though her mood is already ruined.

From her quick observation, Sera figures that Lee Ahra and Kyuhyun are close enough to each other since they don’t use each other’s tittle while addressing one another, but use their given names instead. She also notices how Lee Ahra really pays attention to what kind of food he likes and what irritates her more is the way Lee Ahra tries to touch Kyuhyun on his hand whenever she gets a chance. It’s like she just learned flirting 101 and tries to practice it to Sera’s husband.

“Kyu, I’ll take a walk around since I’m finished eating, I hope that’s okay.” Sera takes her napkin to dabs it on her mouth before she excuses herself from them. She can’t watch the ridiculous sight in front of her any longer and she can’t wait to get out of there simply to cringe her face in disgust. How could that woman try to flirt to her husband in front of her? Lee Ahra obviously needs to learn more on how to flirt and she definitely shouldn’t make Kyuhyun her practice target.

Sera tries to get her mind off her annoyance and divert her attention to the shops along Itaewon. It’s not her favorite place for a window shopping experience but it’s still much better than sitting in the restaurant. Kyuhyun also needs his confidentiality, so Sera can’t be there to listen to their conversation anyway.

She was just walking along when she spots something that tweaks her interest, she comes closer to the store and a smile draws on her face, she just gets an idea to make Kyuhyun forget about his new client.




Kyuhyun just came home from work a little late the next day. He’s dealing with his other client today—a man that just figured out about an affair his wife has. He hated it when he had to call Sera earlier to tell her that he had to skip dinner again. He knows how hard she puts her effort into making their married life a better one than she had before and he knows that cooking daily is one of her way to keep the romance alive between them.

He opens the door to their bedroom and tiptoes because he doesn’t want to wake her up, but the dimmed lighting in the room tells him at once that Han Sera has another plan for him.

He can feel his face blushing when he sees the wonderful woman that’s now lounging on their bed.

“You’re home.” Sera pulls her smile to the side then she gets up from the bed as she takes off her sleeping coat.

Kyuhun feels the pounding on his chest gets faster when she’s approaching him. Beneath the coat, Han Sera is wearing a black lacy lingerie that barely covers her skin. He can see every curve in her body and his favorite part is of course the two dark shadows hidden beneath the chest area on her little dress. The length of her outfit covers only to the length of her bottom and it make her legs looks longer and sexier in his eyes.

“You must be tired, let me help you undress.” She come closer and places her hands on the opening of his blazer. She tiptoes a little to kiss the skin on his neck as she pulls down his attire.

Kyuhyun bites his lips to hide his excitement.

Sera likes to see the expression in his eyes once she pulls his tie away from him and begins unbuttoning his shirt.

“Kyu, do I have to all the work?” She whispers seductively on his ear before she playfully bites into the soft skin on his ear.

He smirks before he pushes her away from him. “Let me see clearly.” He runs his finger from her hair, he slips her hair beneath her ear and continues down to her shoulder when he come closer to her to give a little kiss on the skin on top of her scapula.

His hand moves to rubs her back as he eliminates the distance between them then slowly push her behind to the wall. He stares at her passionately before he lands a soft kiss on her forehead to slowly make way for his lips treasure Sera’s full lips.

Their kiss was sweet at first but gets hotter as Sera begins to bites his bottom lips while she places her hands on his back and makes little twirl on it with her nail. Kyuhyun slowly gracing the skin on her thigh up to her hips and he doesn’t forget squeezes her bottom seductively to tell her that he wants her badly. Sera moans in between their kiss and she’s now trying to finish unbuttoning his shirt so she can get it out of the way.

Kyuhyun knows what she’s trying to do and he helps her to take off his own shirt before he lifts her up to carries her down to their bed. Sera wraps her legs around his waist and she can feel how exited her husband gets from the lump she feels bellow his waist and she doesn’t plan to stop to make the night memorable for him.

As Kyuhyun puts her down on the bed, he can begin to enjoy the magnificent view beneath him. Han Sera is always beautiful in his eyes, but the way she looks at him right now, the shine in her eyes, the anticipating smile, and her blushing cheeks from the excitement she feels, the way she bites her lips when Kyuhyun begins to touch her in her sensitive area, her moaning that makes him crazy, Kyuhyun can’t imagine himself to fall in love to another woman but her.

It doesn’t take long for Sera’s new lingerie to be ripped apart and thrown to the floor as they let themselves lost in each other’s touch. Sera enjoys his loving and tender touch on her skin, she loves how Kyuhyun always make their love making so special and she likes the adoring expression he has on his face even though she’s has lost her confidence hundreds of times from the scars on her body. She likes that Kyuhyun never make that an issue for him and she likes how he always runs his tongue on top of her scar as a way to tell her that he loves her no matter how she looks like.

They can’t stop themselves from moaning as their bodies become as one, he’s supporting his body with his elbow so he doesn’t hurt her with his weight. Sera’s wraps her hands on his back to pull him closer as he gets deeper into her. Their lips are locking and their breathing get harder as both of them are now holding on to the tingling bubbly sensation they feel in under their skin. Sera scratches her nails down to his back when Kyuhyun hits her spot and quicken his pace to reach their climax and he kisses her deeper once he feels her tightens up as he finally let go inside his wife.




Sera turns to the left side of the bed to gets herself closer to Kyuhyun only to find her man is not there. She sits up to yawn and stretches her tired body before she grabs her sleeping coat and try to call for Kyuhyun’s name. She tries to knock on the bathroom but it’s empty, she searches for him to the rest of their house but she can’t find her husband anywhere.

She drags herself back to the room to find her phone so she can call him and she notice a little yellow post-it next to the night stand: “Emergency arise, going to Jeongseon with Lee Ahra.”

The post-it crumples in her hand as Sera takes a deep breath to calm herself down. She’s not sure which fact that makes her angrier: Kyuhyun left after the amazing night they had, Kyuhyun left her a message on a post-it note, or Kyuhyun left her to go outside of the city with the bombshell. He could at least wake her up earlier to inform her about his reason for leaving Sera so early in the morning and why would he invest that much time with Lee Ahra anyway?!

She slams herself to the bed then throws the crumpled notes to his side of the bed “Aish! You sure know how to annoys me Kyu.” She curses to the air in front of her.

Her gaze stops when she sees a silver ring on his night stand—it’s their wedding ring—Sera’s heart clenches a little bit once she notices that Kyuhyun forgets to put on his wedding ring today. He never forgets to put it on no matter what and now it’s left behind on his nightstand.

As insecurity begins to attacks her, Sera picks up her phone and pressed number one on her speed dial then waits for several rings before her man picks up.

“Yeoboseyo?” Kyuhyun greets her, “You’re awake?”

“Post-it note? Really?!” She still speaks in her normal yet cynical tone.

Kyuhyun chuckles, “Sera-ya, I’m driving so you’re in loud speaker. Let’s not fight in front of Lee Arha, ne?”

She takes a deep breath and squeezes the pillow beside her to channel her anger. “Oh, you’re with her?” Sera fakes her cheerful voice, “Anyeong Ahra-ssi.”

“Anyeong Sera-ssi.” The bombshell sounds happy, “I’m borrowing your husband for today, I hope you don’t mind about that. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he eats well.”

“Neee..” She’s trying not to yell to the woman. “Kyu, I’ll be cooking for dinner, ne? Make sure to get home before then.”

Kyuhyun hesitates a little but Lee Ahra jumps into their conversation, “Ah, Sera-ssi. I think the business between us will take longer so I might need to borrow your husband for the night.”


“Ne, Sera-ya. Her husband is moving their assets and we might have to spy on it a little bit. It might take all day and I’m not sure if I can make it to dinner, maybe I have to spend the night in Jeongseon. But I’ll keep you posted, I promise.”

Sera feels as if her chest is burning from an emotion she’s not too sure of. He eyes feels hot as she begins to imagine Kyuhyun and Ahra spending their time together away from the city and they even planned to spend the night together—hopefully not with each other.

“Sure, do whatever you want.” She ends her call with a shaky voice.

She curls herself beneath the blanket while trying to calm herself down, she’s certain that whatever she feels right now is just a simple jealousy she has towards Ahra. There’s no way Cho Kyuhyun will betray her, especially after all that he went through to be with her. Sera knows how much he loves her and how devoted Kyuhyun is to her.

But her man is now hanging out with a very beautiful lady and it’s making her anxious.


By lunch time Sera checks her phone for God only knows how many times, she’s hoping Kyuhyun will give her hourly updates, but he doesn’t. He hasn’t got a time to reply to her messages and it make her more restless than she already is.

She can’t take it anymore when she hasn’t got any news from him by dinner time and he just made things worse by turning off his phone, so Sera can’t contact him any longer. Han Sera finally make a judgement call to hail a taxi to take her to bus station. She had enough and waiting at home only makes her more agitated.

Four hours’ bus ride later, Han Sera arrived at the bus station in Jeongseon, she was the last passenger on the bus and she’s secretly grateful that she arrives here safe and sound. She curses herself for not being more prepared, it’s now autumn therefore the temperature sure falls down during the night and she came here only wearing a shirt, a skits and sport shoes. She didn’t think of her plan thoroughly and now she’s actually confused on where to begin to find her husband.

She takes a look on the clock in her phone, it’s past midnight and Kyuhyun hasn’t call her or reply to her messages. She feels like she’s about to cry because she doesn’t know where to begin her search and it’s too late to ask anyone’s help for now. If she had think her action before she boarded the bus, Sera probably will cancel her plan and just wait for Kyuhyun to come home the next day. But can she do that? can she really sit patiently in their home while her minds are wandering around to what he might do with Lee Ahra? She trusts Kyuhyun with all her heart, but she can’t trust Lee Ahra and she knows the woman is attracted to her husband in some way—she also happens to look amazing.

Sera enters a small twenty-four hours’ kiosk that sells warm drinks, snacks and dried fish to get herself warm and she buys herself a cup of coffee in order to keep her awake for the night. She sits on the narrow table on by the window while trying her luck to call Kyuhyun over and over again. She can’t believe Kyuhyun dared to turn off his phone and not give her any news at all—and he promised to keep her posted!

“Excuse me sir, is there any taxi around here that’s willing to take me around?” Sera kindly ask the old man behind the cash machine.

He takes a look on the wall clock then smiles while shaking his head, “It’s too late agashi, you’re in a small town. But I can help you to get around once my shift finish.”

“When will that be?”

“Five in the morning.”

Sera starts to bite her nails, five in the morning is four hours away and she has no idea what to do to waste that much time.

“Where do you want to go? I can call my son and take you to your hotel.”

Sera looks at him with a blank stare, she doesn’t know where she wants to go, she just wants to meet her husband but she has no idea where to begin her search.

“I don’t know, I’m actually lost.” She admits. “I don’t even know what I’m doing here.”

“Agashi, are you okay? You look troubled. Here, instead of drinking that coffee you’d rather enjoy this ginseng tea my wife made for me.” He offers her a cup of warm tea which Sera takes out of decency.

“Thank you.” She sips the tea he offered. “I got in the last bus from Seoul tonight in the hope of finding my husband here. But once I’m here I don’t even know where to begin to search for him.”

The old man chuckles lightly, “Domestic fight?”

She shakes her head, “Work. But not the kind I’m comfortable with.”

“Ahh.. I see.” He sips his own tea, “If I were your husband that’s blessed with a beautiful wife like you are, I won’t turn my sight away from my wife, no matter how far apart I am from my wife. The bond of married couple are stronger than just the simple anxiety jealousy brings up.”

Sera pouts her mouth, “But the lady he’s with at the moment is beyond me.” She mumbles to herself, “But harabeoji, how did you know I’m jealous?”

The old man takes something from under his cash machine and give it to Sera. “Take a look into that mirror, agashi. Your face is grim, your lips pulls down into a frown, your gaze are distant and your pupils can’t stop moving. It’s a sign of someone’s being restless and I wonder what else would cause a pretty lady like you are being restless at this time of the night while searching for her husband.”

Sera looks into her reflection and the old man is right, she really looks like somebody who’s very insecure about herself.

“Just wait here agashi, we can watch the midnight TV programs and by the time my shift end, I’ll help you find your husband, ne?”

Sera nods slowly, his idea sounds much better than her idea to start walking along the road that leads nowhere.




Kyuhyun finally done with his spying job and they got all the evidence they need to refuse Ahra’s husband demand about splitting the land she has in Jeongseon. By three in the morning, they collect all their evidence and he follows Lee Ahra suggestion to spend the night in the rustic hotel nearby to rest their bodies instead of driving four hours straight to Seoul. Kyuhyun’s too tired to do anything by the time he reaches his bed but he knows he still have to inform Sera about his day. His battery went out during his spying time and it frustrates him that he can’t call her. He’s certain that his wife is now waiting anxiously at home and he knows this particular work of his will lead into a big fight later on. He plugs his phone to a charger and wait a little while before the phone lit up, but by the time his phone’s ready to use, Kyuhyun nodded off.

When he opens his eyes, the sun already shines very bright and he instantly curses himself for nodding off before calling Sera. He grabs his phone from the night stand then covers his face with his palm once he sees so many notifications from his wife. She left around twelve voice mail, fifty-three messages, and a lot of missed calls. He doesn’t need to check his voice mail since he knows it’ll contains her angry messages so he chose to call her straight away.

The phone only ring once before Sera answers instantly.

“Ne Kyu?” Her voice is raspy.

“Sera-ya, I’m sorry my phone is off the whole day and I just got a chance to charge it at night.”

“Ng.” She answers simply.

“I worried you didn’t I?”


Kyuhyun holds his breath and prepares for real scolding from Sera later at home. He knows he messed up and Sera now giving him a silent treatment before she actually explodes in anger.

“Kyu, meet me outside.” Her voice still shaky but she manages to delivers her message.


“I’m outside of your hotel, meet me outside.”

Kyuhyun close the phone at once, he then grabs an indoor slipper and gets out of his room to quickly go to the front area of the rustic hotel. His heart sinks once he sees Sera’s is sitting near the front wall of the parking lot, staring closely to her feet with a distant gaze in her eyes. He quickens his steps and kneels next to her.

“Sera-ya,” he runs his hand to her back, “What are you doing here? Are you okay?” He cups her face and tilt his face to take a look into her eyes.

Sera lifts her face and stares at him. he’s not sure how to feel when she looks at him like that. Han Sera looks tired and desperate and Kyuhyun is trying to find a reason why she’s being like this—and why she’s here.

“Sera-ya, you look pale, are you sick?” He places his palm on her forehead and he can actually feel her temperature is a bit feverish. “Ya, when did you get here? How did you find me here?”

Sera takes his hand that’s on her forehead and she leans closer to her husband before she rests her head on his shoulder.

“Kyu, I don’t like it.” her tear falls down as Kyuhyun takes her into his embrace.

“What don’t you like, Sera-ya?” He’s so confuse right now but still tries to controls the situation.

“I don’t like you working with her.” She hides her face in the curve of his neck, feeling embarrassed of herself for letting jealousy affected her.

He suddenly understands the situation. He changes his kneeling position to sit on the little step on the ground with her, wrapping his right arm around her shoulder and his left hand caressing her beautiful face.

“Is that why you’re here?”

Sera doesn’t answer but sniff her runny nose instead.

Kyuhyun pulls the arm of his shirt and wipe her nose with its edge. “I’m not betraying you, Sera-ya. How could I? I spent years to get to this special place in your heart, we went through a lot together, I’m not gonna toss that away for some bombshell..”

“So you agree she’s a bombshell?”

“That’s what you chose to hear from my sentence?”

Sera lifts her head from his shoulder. “Ya Cho Kyuhyun! Can you imagine how I feel after I took a bus ride for four hours to arrive in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, then took mercy from a kind shop clerk to take me around town to find you, only to find your car parked outside a rustic hotel? Heaven only knows what might happen..”

“So you don’t trust me?”

“I DON’T TRUST HER!” She begins to yell but the she lowers her voice again, “You’re an amazing man and I know she’s attracted to you.”

“But I’m yours, Sera-ya.”

“You’re not even wearing our wedding ring right now.” She blames him for more simple stuff.

What seems to be an intense fight now turns into something to laugh off for him.

“Not funny Kyu!” Sera widens her eyes as her attempt to stare him down.

“Sera-ya, you attack me the other night and we made love twice before we fell asleep. I’m exhausted!”

She rolls her eyes, not impressed with his excuse.

“Wait, is that why you put on that sexy lingerie? Because you’re afraid I might have attracted to her?” He can’t help not to grin widely to this thought—if that’s the case, he should make Sera feels jealous more often.

She doesn’t answer but Kyuhyun knows from her blushing cheek that he’s right.

“Later that night after we’re finished, I suddenly got a call about an important lead for my case, I barely put on my clothes properly, leave alone my accessories.” He lifts his left hand to show her his wrist, “See, I even forgot to put on my wrist watch.”

She’s still frowning to his explanation, “You could’ve wake me up.”

“You’re sleeping peacefully and I can’t wake you up, I don’t want to disturb your sleep, chagi-ya.” He pulls her body towards him again so she can lean on his shoulder.

“You could’ve called.”

“Now that’s my fault, I know. I’m sorry.” He lowers his head to kiss the top of her head. “Won’t happen again.”

“Bullshit.” She punches him on his chest lightly.

They’re hugging each other to enjoy the comfort that’s always creates whenever they’re together. Years ago Han Sera wouldn’t have thought she could be this addicted to Kyuhyun, she can’t believe she’s fallen for him—hard. Her overreacted action now justifies how important he is in her life and she plans to keep it that way, she will fight any other women that tries to steal him away from her if she must.

“Kyu, you smell. When’s the last time you took a shower?” She mumbles from his shoulder.

“Two days ago.” He sinks his nose on her hair. “You smell too, did you spent the night in a fish shop?”

She nods “The little shop next to the bus station, an old man entertained me all night and he took me around town to find you.”

Kyuhyun chuckles, “You’re that desperate, aren’t you?”

Sera lifts her head from his shoulder to take a good look into her man.

“Ng.” she then cups her hand on his handsome face, “I’m desperately in love with you and I allowed myself to be driven by this stupid intuition.” She smirks to the thoughts of the drama she caused earlier that night, “I can’t believe I let an old man keep me company before he drove me around at the back of his motorcycle—all that just to find you.”

He smiles then pushes himself to land a quick kiss on her lips.

“You love me.” He grins happily, “that’s still gets me every time.”







8 thoughts on “(Eng.) Stupid Anxiety – 1 [Anxiety]

  1. syalala says:

    oh wah wah the conflict got me annoyed sooooooo much even its the first part!! lmaoooo its predictable once he told he has a woman client but yeah everythings interesting since its your story hihi nextttt

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seo HaYeon says:

    This story is opened by fresh situation and I like how U describe all events there. I even can’t stop smiling_Well_ this is really entertain!! That’s right! Sera fallin’ with Kyu SO BAD! But that ‘anxiety’….. is wajar bin maklum y… hahahaha 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ayesha says:

    first it seems a bit confused its a sequel but which FF 😅 in the middle I collect memories oh my God its so sweet ah….Hope they always cherish each other..
    Sorry for my language 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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