(Eng.) Final Call – 21 [When He Stepped Too Far]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon



He’s still sitting patiently next to her hours after she’s taken out from the O.R. they put her in the I.C.U for the next day to motorized any little improvement. Kyuhyun’s eyes change focus from her face to the monitor that shows the impulses in her brain next to her. He knows what kind of condition she’s in and he knows the procedure that’ll happen very soon—and he swears he’s not ready for it.

A nurse enters the I.C.U, asking Kyuhyun to follow her towards the waiting area. She said there are some stuffs he needed to know and taken care of and he just followed her after he gives a soft kiss on Seulri’s cheek.

Three people already waited for him once he’s out of the I.C.U. The first one is the old doctor that was in charge of the E.R that night, the second one is also a hospital worker with a file in his hand and he doesn’t really know who’s the other person is—but that person glared at him as if he stole something from him.

“Cho Kyuhyun-ssi, please let me introduce you to Mr. Park. He’s the head of finance in the hospital.” The old doctor starts talking.

Kyuhyun offers his hand and introduced himself.

“And this is Mr..?”

“Ok. Ok Taecyeon.” Taecyeon replied sharply, “no need to introduce us doctor.”

In his normal day, Kyuhyun might get annoyed by Taecyeon’s rudeness, but today is a tiring and emotional day for him and he has no strength left to argue.

“If the two of you would be so kind to follow me.” Mr. Park leads Taecyeon and Kyuhyun towards his office.

The two men take a seat in front of the financial advisor’s table.

“Well, let’s cut to the main problem.” Mr. Park starts, “First of all, I’m sorry for what happened to Kang Seulri.”

The two men in front of him nodded half-heartedly.

“Both of you are the only people that come to this hospital beside the one that crashed her—but he’s in the police station right now—what I need to know is, is any of you two her guardian?”

Kyuhyun shakes his head and Taecyeon does the same.

“What’s the problem? Let me take a wild guess, you’re a financial advisor, so it must have something to do with her medical bill?” Taecyeon cut him in.

Mr. Park smiles politely, “Yes, it seems to be like that. As you see, she’s not covered in any insurance and..”

“I’ll pay for everything. Just give me the bill and I will pay for all the expenses needed—I am her insurance. In return, do whatever you can, use whatever medical technology you know to help her.” Taecyeon replies.

Kyuhyun takes a quick glance to the man beside him, more questions arise in his mind. Seems like he met this guy before but he can’t really remember where.

“Thank you for your cooperation, but there’s also another problem.” Mr. Park continues. “The thing is Kang Seulri-ssi now in the state we call ‘brain-dead’, that makes it hard for us the hospital and also the relatives, what I mean is..”

“You need the bed.” Kyuhyun cut him sharply this time.

Now Taecyeon is the one that pays attention to him.

“I know how it works, Mr. Park. We wait the requisite number of hours and now after the hours passed you can officially declare her dead.” He gulped to get rid of the imaginary lump in his throat, “Normally, you’d talk to the relative about organ donation, but I was in the O.R with her and I can tell you, there’s not much left of her to donate.”

Taecyeon’s jaw dropped in shock. Cho Kyuhyun said what? Seulri’s dead?

“The I.C.U needs a bed and there must be some papers you want her family to sign to decide what to do with her—now that she’s dead but she’s not really dead.” Kyuhyun continues. “And it leaves her family with two options, to put her up in the long-term-care facility and cross our fingers then hope for fairy tales, magic and happy ending? Or do we pull the plug? Is that what you want to say Mr. Park?”

Mr. Park clearly caught off guard with the two rude men in front of him. One is an arrogant man that waive his credit card in front of his face and the other one is a witty snuck-up doctor.

“Seulri, how is she?” Taecyeon finally asks.

Mr. Park clears his throat and gather the papers in front of him. “She’s in a coma, but judging from her condition what doctor Cho said earlier was right, a brain-dead patient is less likely to survive without all the machines that we attached on her.”

“So you suggested one of us to sign the form to pull the plug on her?” Taecyeon raised his voice. “Are you crazy?! Is this even a hospital? You’re supposed to save life here!”

“We tried our best, but the thing is, we’re a small hospital and if Kang Seulri stays..”

Taecyeon got up from his seat and bangs the table, he took the form Mr. Park prepared, crumbles it into a ball then tosses it to the corner of the room. “I’m paying for her. Didn’t I make myself clear? This is not any kind of insurance coverage that you can only get several percent off of it.”

“Taecyeon-ssi, let’s talk outside.” Kyuhyun gets up, he doesn’t even bother to create more scene in that room. He’s exhausted and he planned to safe his remaining power to stay beside her instead of getting into an argument with a financial advisor.

“Aren’t you going to fight for her?!” Taecyeon now glares at him.

“Let’s talk outside. This man can’t do anything to her if neither of us sign anything.” He replies calmly then get himself out of the stuffed room.

Kyuhyun has no idea where he wants to go but he needs some fresh air, he was stuck for four hours in the O.R that filled with the smell of blood and sterile solutions and he’s sick of it. Taecyeon follows him from behind, considering whether he should starts arguing with the man he knows Seulri adores so much.

“Please tell me you won’t sign the paper.” Taecyeon speaks up once they’re outside in the hospital park.

Kyuhyun takes a deep breath, “Sooner or later one of us maybe have to do that.”


“I don’t know who you are, but seemed like she’s someone important to you so I’m going to tell you this. Kang Seulri’s life is supported by machines at the moment. She’s not just in a coma, a person in coma will still show some reactions in the brain but she’s brain-dead.” Kyuhyun lifts his hand to cover his face, saying it out loud has make her condition more real to him now.

“And you’re saying she doesn’t have a chance of survival?” Taecyeon’s voice lowers, he feels his eyes gets hotter just with the thought of Seulri being helpless.

Kyuhyun shakes his head, “Like I said, we cross our finger and pray for a miracle.”

Taecyeon quickly grab Kyuhyun by his collar and within seconds he throws a punch on his face, causing Kyuhyun to fall on the ground without any resistance from his side.

“THAT’S FOR WHAT YOU JUST SAID!” Taecyeon’s eyes fills with tears now but he only blinks to get rid of it.

He grabs Kyuhyun’s collar again and throw another fist on the other side of his face.

“THAT’S FOR THAT STUPID PROPOSAL YOU DARED TO PULL OUT IN FRONT OF HER!!” His breathing got faster as his emotion got intense.

With his face that’s wet by his own tears, Ok Taecyeon lift Kyuhyun one more time by his collar and throw another punch.


Kyuhyun keeps his place on the ground, secretly wish Taecyeon would punch him for some more. Maybe he’d feel less guilty if he’s bruised badly, maybe this is the wakeup call he needed all these time.

Taecyeon then falls on his knee beside Kyuhyun, they both has erase their pride away as both of them now crying for the same reason.

“Please let her fight longer.” Taecyeon whispered. “I will pay for all the expense, but please let her fight this. I want to believe in miracle, I know she’s strong. I’ll take care of her, I’ll take her far away once she recovered, you’ll get your wish to never see her again. But please don’t pull the plug on her.”

“Do you think I want to?” Kyuhyun replies in hoarse voice, “I want that fairy tale and magic too, I promised her to start over. But, to let her live on life support is also cruel to her.”

“Give her more time, Kyuhyun-ssi. Please.” He’s begging now. “If you can’t trust miracle, then trust her. She’s the feistiest warrior when it comes to a battle like this. I know her, you said you promised her to start over? Then I know she’s currently fighting her best to get that future with you.”

Kyuhyun lifts his face to carefully look into Taecyeon, who’s this man to Seulri? Why he’s dedicating his heart so much to her and how come he knew about Seulri and Kyuhyun.

“All these time, that’s the only thing she ever wanted.” Taecyeon put his head up to the sky to prevent more tears from falling, “She only sees you, Kyuhyun-ssi. Don’t let her down, not now.”




Kyuhyun’s morning started badly when his mother rang his front door. If it’s just a casual visit, then Kyuhyun can just ignore her and get himself ready for work. But that morning his mother came with some files in her hand and a little box on top of the pile. He knew what’s in it just by one look.

“Oemma, are you still going to push my marriage with Jinae?” He pointed to little box.

She smiles widely, “She’s here already and we can start arranging the wedding. I’m so excited, my only son will be the most handsome groom out there.”

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and leave the door open for his mother to enter. “I’m still undecided with that, besides now I’m the one that’s taking the scholarship.”

“That’s why it’s perfect! You get married first then you can go. She can stay with me, I promise I’ll treat her as nice as I treat Ahra.”

Kyuhyun ignored his mother and he chose to continue his morning routine to prepare himself for a morning shift. After he’s done taking a shower, his mother already laid out the outfit for him.

“Here, just wear this. You’ll have a date with Jinae this evening right?”

Kyuhyun nodded half-heartedly.

“This suit accentuates your shoulders and you look good in dark blue, put it on.” She shoved the suit into him.

“Oemma, I’m not a kid anymore.”

“Ey, this might be the last time I can dress you up like this, after you’re married, it’s going to be your wife’s job. Let me embrace my moment.” She pouts her mouth.

Kyuhyun scoffed to his mother’s childish attitude buy obeyed her like a good son he should.

“Well, help yourself out oemma, I really have to leave for work now.”

“Time to safe life!” She pecked her son and let him leave.

His mother smiled over her satisfaction of being sneaky, if Cho Kyuhyun continued to be undecided about his marriage with Jinae then she would be the one that stepped in between them.




Every date he had with Oh Jinae were usually suggested by his mother or Jinae herself. Obviously he never looked forward to any of those, he was raised well to be able to appreciate a person talking in front of him, he also found Jinae was an interesting person when it comes to medical talk because the girl was really one smart of a doctor, so whenever they had to go out on a date their conversation won’t go too far from work-talk.

That night Kyuhyun hadn’t really prepare a place for them and he was only picking any place that offered decent parking spot and serve international food, he at least knew what she liked to eat and he could pretend this far just to please the woman he’s been lying to and cheated on for almost a year.

Once they arrived in the restaurant, he did his job as expected from any gentleman, round his car to open the door for Jinae—something he never done to Seulri simply because they both mocked this silly gesture. He then gave his arms for her to cling into before he led her into the restaurant.

Nothing special about this place, but Oh Jinae kept on smiling happily beside him. A waitress greeted them and showed them to their seat then gave out the menu for them to pick.

As usual, he would pick the wine first then let her chose the food that she’d like. After they ordered what they like, Jinae began to talk, she could talk about herself, about her patient, about some new cases she found while she was doing her research in the U.S, the girl could go on and on about whatever came to her mind and Kyuhyun just sat there to listen.

This was beneficial to him somehow, he didn’t have to come up with any topic, which was something he always find difficult to do. He never had any difficulties to talk to his close friends, to Ahra, or to Seulri. His conversation with those who are close to him flow easily, but when it comes to Jinae, he had to think hard whenever the silence filled the air. Tonight he was just lucky because she had a lot of stories to tell so he could enjoy his steak comfortably while listening to her.

After dessert, Jinae excuse herself to the washroom. He knew when a lady of her class said that, it meant that she needed to powder her nose and reapply her lipstick, something he thought was unnecessary—she’s pretty as she is and Kyuhyun didn’t bother to care anyway.

When she returned from the restroom, Kyuhyun did the classic gentleman move again, got up from his seat while waiting for her to sit down. But Oh Jinae didn’t take her seat, she approached Kyuhyun and suddenly wrapped her arms around him. Kyuhyun was taken aback with her move but he knew shoving her away from him would be a bad thing to do so he just stood there like an idiot while she pressed her body against him.

“Jinae-ya, it’s a public place.” He whispered awkwardly.

She pulled herself away from him with a big smile on her face, “Why I can’t even hug my fiancé?”

He forced a smile on his face.

“I just got a message from oemoni earlier.” She said with a cheerful tone, “She said you prepared something special for me tonight?”

“Ne?” He curled his brow in confusion, he didn’t even want to be there that night, leave alone preparing a surprise for her.

Jinae giggled, still looked happy. “She also said that you’d probably look like this, so she told me to reach into you suit pocket to find my present.”

Kyuhyun tried to work his head around her words that didn’t make any sense to him. But Oh Jinae already move her hand away from his waist towards the front part of his suit, with one fluid motion she reach into the pocket and she gasped in surprise once she touch the thing inside.

“Oppa, are you..?”

Kyuhyun looked down to her hand that’s out of his pocket and he instantly cursed to his mother inside his head, she just knew how to ruin his life perfectly.

“Oh my God oppa!” Jinae clasped her mouth with her hand.

“We have a proposal over here!” A waitress shout, it’s a tradition in that place to make a birthday or a proposal more festive than it should.

In instance all attention in the room diverted into Kyuhyun and Jinae, all the workers in the restaurant gathered up near to their table and some of them took out their phone to video tape the moment to give to the costumer later.

He came to a realization of what’s happening, Kyuhyun swallowed another curse he had at the tip of his tounge, he had two choices and he didn’t like any of it. He could say that he had no idea why the ring ended up in his suit, act cold and leave Jinae heart broken and embarrassed, or he could play along and take his cursed fate of marriage with the woman he never loved.

Kyuhyun took his gaze up from her hand towards the rest of the crowd in that place, most of them had big smile on their faces with eyes glistened in expectation, waited for what kind of proposal he’d do for her. He was ready to go with the first option in his head when he noticed a familiar figure among the crowd.

Kang Seulri stood not too far from them, she positioned herself several foot away behind Jinae, making it a perfect location to be seen by Kyuhyun but hidden from Jinae sight. Kyuhyun looked at her, still with confusion in his eyes, why would she be here and why he’s forced to propose to someone out of the sudden? He didn’t plan any of this, not even in his wildest dream.

But suddenly he just got the cruelest idea popped in his head.

If Seulri could break his heart by betraying him, he could do the same. That moment was the time when his heart that filled with resentment towards the love of her life tried to break free and avenged its pain. He stared shaprly into Seulri’s eyes, took his moment to torture her with the expectation of possibilities he might do.

The moment he broke off their eye contact was the moment Kyuhyun’s decision changed for the worst.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, prepared himself to give the award-winning act of happiness. When he opened his eyes, Kyuhyun put on his pretend nervous smile and he hesitantly took the ring from Jinae’s hand.

He knew this would be a double ended sword for him, he had to take big responsibility for what he’s about to do and he had to deal with it for the rest of his life. But his ego and his vengeance towards Seulri overcame his common sense, so without trying to made it even longer, he began his role.

“Jinae-ya. For a long time, I thought I could never feel the kind of happiness you give me, I thought loving someone would be really hard and I thought I would be this person that’d spend the rest of his life all alone, sinking myself in my job and research.” He began his speech that he just made up in his head.

Jinae brought her hand into her mouth to hide her exiting whimpers.

“You came into my life, I admit we had a little bit of problem along the way but we made it through. And here we are, my parents already came to your parents and we both know what kind of future we both deserve. I thought it wasn’t romantic to let my parents did all the talking, so allow me to do my own personal proposal to you.” He paused to licked his dried lips, “Oh Jinae, will you marry me?”

Jinae almost jumped on her place, tears welled up on the corners of her yes.

“Yes oppa! yes, I want to be your wife!” She jumped in her place happily, “Oh my God, I thought you’d never propose to me personally like this.”

Kyuhyun closed his eyes, seemed like he now only left with the bad choice.

“Then allow me to slip this ring on your finger.” He lifted her left hand and slowly slip the ring into her ring finger. Once the ring was in its place, the crowd around them began to cheer and claps for the couple in joy.

“Kiss her! kiss her! kiss her!” The crowds of waitresses started to chant.

Kyuhyun took his gaze from the ring in her hand to her eyes. Jinae looked genuinely happy with the accidental proposal that he never planned and no matter how much he hated the idea of marrying her, he couldn’t be the jerk that left her embarrassed out of a misunderstanding.

He hesitantly lowered himself to give a soft peck on her forehead and he didn’t forget to added a big smile afterwards. Jinae took a step even closer to him to wrapped her arms around his neck and Kyuhyun became more determined to really showed Seulri that he had decided to move on from her to embrace the woman he had in his arms. Though he never loved Jinae, he could at least be a good man for her.

Kyuhyun used his one hand to hold Jinae by her waist and use the other one to caressed her hair as he hugged her back. The crowds were cheering for them and his fake smile still displayed clearly on his face. Then when he felt the moment was right, he lifted his eyes to glare into Kang Seulri that still stood on her place.

And that was the moment Kyuhyun knew he had stepped too far and wished he could undo what he’s done.

Seulri felt like somebody just stabbed daggers into her hearts, repeatedly, from every direction. Her jaw dropped and her breathing got shorter with every single moment that happened right in front of her eyes. Kang Seulri trembled on her place as she felt the pain she never felt before in her heart, her eyes felt so hot and her vision had become blurry. She knew she did wrong, but did she really deserve this from him? Seulri forgot how to breathe, she was just standing on her place, frozen and after a very long time, tears finally fell down from her beautiful face.

It was so clear for him to see the she’s shaken. Her hands form fists next to her body, her mouth opened up a bit and her trembling lips were trying to mumble something, something that she herself didn’t know what to begin with. She was gasping for air and she looked like she’s about to faint.

The next thing she knew was somebody grabbed her wrist and dragged her away from her place, Seulri didn’t know where she’d be taken and she just followed the steps that led into the back parking lot.

“Seul, breathe!” Taecyeon pushed her to the wall to help her stood up.

Her mouth was open as she gasped for more air, she never felt suffocated like this in her whole life. Nobody was strangling her but she felt like it’s impossible to breathe. Her vision had clouded from the tears she hadn’t shed in a long time and she started whimpering.

“Seulri-ya, please don’t scare me. Breathe.” Taecyeon grabbed her by her shoulders to shook her.

Seulri’s whole body was trembling, she lifted her face to look at him but her sight was shadowed by the tears that kept on flowing. She lifted her hand to hold onto his strong arms that was holding her tried to channeled her pain by gripping them stronger.

“I—“ She tried to speak. “Argh!”

Taecyeon grimaced a bit when Seulri sink her nail in his skin. Her pupils moved quickly from one direction to others as she tried to stop her eyes from crying, she bit her lips every now and then whenever she felt like she’s about to shriek, her whole body shaken vigorously and if it weren’t for Taecyeon’s arms that’s holding her on her sides, Seulri sure she would fall.

“Wh—why?” She stuttered and gripped Taecyeon’s hand tighter every time she felt the clenches in her heart returned.

“I don’t know Seul, I don’t—“

“It.. hu..rts.” She took one hand away from Taecyeon to punched herself on her chest. “Here.”

Seulri lost it, she no longer tried to suppress her crying as she began to cried out loud. She gritted her teeth then continued to pounded herself repeatedly as she let out everything that had been burdening her. Once again, Seulri lost her balance and ready to fall to the ground, she no longer able to handle the pressure that kept on pursuing her.

Taecyeon quickly pulled Seulri closer to him, wrapped his arm around her to hugged her tightly in his arms. This way he minimized her movement so she’d stop hurting herself and this way he could also give her the kind of strength that she needed.

She leaned helplessly in his arms as she let Taecyeon handled her meltdown, she kept on crying still, kept trying to mutter some words that’s bothering her head but she was too suffocated to talk. Seulri then lifted both of her hands to hold onto his shoulders, squeezed them really hard to express a little bit of pain she felt in the inside.

“I.. can’t” She gasped for air, “This.. too much.” She cried for more.

Losing her mother was the beginning of everything, she accepted her fate as it is, left school and get the horrible job she never been proud of, she was willing to do it all for her father, she took his condition when everything went worse and she said goodbye to her hopes and dreams—she dealt with it all and she could stay strong somehow.

But Kyuhyun was different, he’s the little piece of hope she still have left in her life. He’s her home and she always thought the no matter how angry they gotten to each other, their love would somehow bring them back together.

That night, she saw the other side of him that she never seen before. Cho Kyuhyun wasn’t only angry at her, he didn’t just hate her for what she turned out to be, but he also made sure Seulri knew that he’s willing to do anything to stay away from her.

He was willing to propose to a woman he never loved just to prove his point.

And that’s the moment Seulri felt lost.

Seulri continued to cried and whimpered in Taecyeon’s embrace, she gradually regained her normal breathing pace, sobbed softly in between. “Taec, take me away from here.” She whispered in between her cries, “Please, I can’t go back inside and see them.”

Taaecyeon patted her back to calm her down, something useless that he could do at the time. “Sure, where do you want to go?”

Seulri shut her eyes close and few more tears fell down, “Home.”

“Tell me where home is, I’ll take you there.”

She whimpered again, “I.. don’t know. I lost both of them.”

Taecyeon closed his eyes, he knew exactly what she meant by that. Kang Seulri had given up, she had lost everything and she had lost her will to fight.

“Let’s get you out of here first then.” He finally made a decision to bring her away from the person that had affected her emotion this much.

Seulri nodded and parted herself away from him. She let Taecyeon took her hand as he guided her to his car and she kept on looking down to the ground the whole steps, she no longer feel like she could lift her face up high. Not after all the mishaps, embarrassment and insults she got. To her, she’s the biggest loser in the universe that deserved this kind of horrible punishment for all the wrong turns she took to survive.

What she didn’t know, Cho Kyuhyun rushed himself to get into her place moments after he noticed the tears on her face. He thought the kind of revenge he just did would bring satisfaction to his heart, he thought seeing her flustered face would make the monster inside him happy, but what he felt that night was far from those victories he imagined.

Kyuhyun was hurt like he never hurt before, to see the woman he loved crumbled slowly right before his eyes, to see Kang Seulri lost her battle to herself, to witness her helplessness that she bottled up all these time, to see her cried because of him for the first time.

He promised her to be by her side, to make her happy and he was always told her that she could always call him ‘home’ whenever she feels lost.

Yet that night, Seulri admitted in between her weak sobs that she hast lost her home—she had lost him. and he never expect her simple words could really have shattered his already broken heart.





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  1. BaisahChoi says:

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    I hate him in this part, he gave her pain more more and more

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    penyesalan emang datangnya di akhir, mau di undo juga percuma bagian past nya kyuhyun emang ngeselin tapi bagian present nya bikin gak tega.

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    Sakitnya itu berasa kyk leher kecekik trs hati ini ikutan sakit 😥

    All the pain are tragically described “beautifully”
    Just another perfect part of yours.

    Cm msh mikirin, apa yg bikin SeulTaec bs ada di resto yg sama. Lg curhat kah?

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    • ssihobitt says:

      She works there and it’s Taec’s branch of restaurant… 😊 I think i explained that on the part when she begged Kyu not to send her aside (selfish bargain) 😁


  7. saanasution20 says:

    My heart is broken. It was shattered that even no one could fix it. Author.. you are just crazy and idk what to say to express it. Love youuuu so much. Tears fallin’. This was a very beautiful story i’ve ever read. I would never lied about this. Never. It would be a perfect movie someday. Aminn!!

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  8. saanasution20 says:

    My heart is broken. It was shattered that even no one could fix it. Author.. you are just crazy and idk what to say to express it. Love youuuu so much. Tears fallin’. This is a very beautiful story i’ve ever read. I would never lied about this. Never. It would be a perfect movie someday. Aminn!!

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    Huaaa….. I just can leave a comment, pdahal sudh dibaca sjk tdmlm 😦 well_I-net trouble always makes me angry! How it could be?! It same with my feeling ‘I thought I’m really mad with Kyu”! Then I also angry with the very first comment here! *sigh* I’m so excited because usually it just 3 or 4 comments left in Eng.ver. But here… wow… It seems like readers read this b’cz they can’t bare theirselves to know the story! haha…U ARE so JJANG!! Thousand love for you, Uri Fav. AUTHOR! KEEP SPIRIT! 😀

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