(Eng.) Final Call – 13 [Everything I Have]


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon



Ok Taecyeon is not a religious person, he never believed in the mightier power above human intelligence and he’s the kind of person that always believe whatever good or bad things happened in his life is the cause from his own deed. However, tonight he took his time to kneel in the little chapel in the hospital. he doesn’t know what else he could do or where he should ask for help. He believes the doctors are doing their best to save her life in there, but he feels like he needs another support and for the first time he’s seeking for that higher power he used to laugh at.

He gathers his hands and kneels, following the steps he usually sees whenever people are praying. He doesn’t know where to start or if he should give his praise before he begins but his mouth just can’t stop whispering his prayers.

“I’m sorry I’ve never been the person that believes in you.” He begins, “But I have my reasons, for instance I always questioned your cruelty over my friend’s life. She’s a sweet innocent girl and you made her fight an endless cruel battle, you put her in that kind of broken family and you tore them apart. If that’s not enough show for you, you also left her with minimum choices to go on, that led her into the mess she’s in now.”

He clears his throat, not being too sure if he’s praying or protesting against the Mighty.

“What has she done wrong? She has the most beautiful heart and her understanding in love is so pure despite what she had to do to keep on living. She only wished for that person and why can’t you just be a good director that gathers them together, huh? You’re the Mighty after all, why can’t you just give the innocent girl some mercy and let her live the life she deserves, away from judgements with the only one she ever loved.”

He sniffs his nose that begins to get runny from his tears. Why he’s always feeling like this when it comes to Kang Seulri? What kind of sincerity he has in his heart for the girl that had filled his frozen heart?

“Look, I’m a bad person and I’m not kneeling here for my sake.” He gritted his teeth together, “I’m begging you here to give her a chance. If you really have a mightier power, then please help those doctors in there to fix her. If you’re able to cause her harm then you’re the one that’s able to take her pain away, so please safe her. I won’t even ask you for her heart, I just need to see that smile on her face as she keeps on breathing beside the one that she loves. So please, hear this prayer of mine. Please help her.”

He wipes his tears with his hand and steps out of the chapel.

Seemed like his prayer is answered right away, as he sees a doctor and a nurse run quickly into the O.R. He was informed earlier that Kang Seulri needs medical procedure on her brain and the hospital is calling a neurosurgeon from another hospital to help. He knows that the one running in the hall is the doctor she needs and with that, he takes his seat on the benches available, closes his eyes and continues his silent prayers for her.




Taecyeon opened the door only seconds after she rang the bell, as usual he ordered an intimate night with her in his penthouse. Seulri gave him her staged smile when she entered before she took off her coat, revealing her tight dress underneath that surely made his imagination wander.

“Good evening V,” He gave a peck on her cheek, “you look stunning as always.”

She smiled and he noticed something different from her smile. The dead looking eyes she usually had were no longer there and for the first time he witnessed the warm emotion on her face.

“Something good happened to you?” He grinned, took her hand with him and led her into the living room. “I prepared your favorite Shiraz.”

“Another casual drinks.” She replied, “So were not going to have sex tonight?”

He laughed and planted a kiss on top of her head, “How long it’s been since we last did it?”

She lifter her shoulders, “A long time. I don’t understand, you don’t have to pay that much money just to have a casual date with me.”

“Well, you’re not open for normal dating, you refused to tell me your real name still and this is the only way I can get some personal time with you.”

Seulri scoffed, “You should get yourself a girlfriend, Taec.”

“No, I should get a wife and the one I’m proposing still refuse me.” He let her took her seat on the comfortable couch, grabbed the wine glass he prepared for her and offered it to Seulri.

She rolled her eyes but grinned, “You should get married to somebody who has honor, not a stripper like me. Besides, my heart belongs to someone else.”

“I don’t care about that, I’m happy whenever I’m with you and that’s enough reason for me.” He took his own glass and sip the red liquid.

“I have a good news and a bad news at the same time.” Seulri opened the conversation.

“I know. Hyukjae told me already that’s why I demanded this date with you.” He took her hand and linked their fingers. “I’m so glad you finally decided to quit this job, V.”

Seulri gave him her simple smile and nodded.

“So, may I know the reason for that? I thought you still have three million to owe them.”

She bit her lips nervously and her face blushed at once, “I found him.”

“You did?” He widened his eyes.

“Well it’s not like we’re getting back together or anything, he has a girlfriend and he has a great job and his whole bright future ahead of him—I’d be this speck of dust compare to what he achieved. But he’s around me, it makes me happy, and it’s enough for me.”

“That explains the smile on your face.” He nodded, “You’re glowing.”

“I’m in love.” She corrected him.

He forced his smile. “I’ll try to be happy for you.”

Seulri brought the wine glass closer to her and took some gulp of it, “Thank you, Taec. For everything.” She lifted her hand to pat his shoulder, “You saved me a lot from my own self-shaming by renting me exclusively. Saved me from having to spread my legs open to another guy but yourself, at least I feel less dirty that way.”

“That’s the only thing I could do for you, V.” He brushed her cheek with his thumb, “Besides, I don’t want another man have a taste of your body the way I do, so I’m just a selfish jerk that happened to pay a lot to have an exclusive date.”

She chuckled. “Whatever that is, I’m still thankful to you. You spent so much money just for this kind of talk and you barely touched me anymore—as a stripper/your personal whore I should feel offended, but as a girl, I never felt so honored with the way you treat me.”

He flicked her forehead in instant, “I don’t like that! Don’t call yourself a whore, we both know you’re not like that.”

“That’s not how the world sees it.” She bit her lips and looked down, “If he knew what I’ve done to survive, do you think he’d still want to hang out with me?”

“Are you asking because you want my answer or just because?”

“I need your perspective on it.” she lifted her eyes to look into his, “You’re a man too, I bet you know how men heart work better than me.”

Taecyeon cleared his throat and leaned back, tried to find some words that could answer her questions without sounding like he’s lecturing her.

“Men are just as complicated as women, you know?” He began.


“Once a man falls in love, he would love you a million ways and when he starts loving you, there’s no going back. You’ll be the first thing that crossed his mind in the morning, throughout the day and the last thing he remembers before he goes to sleep. A man in love is not simple, because he will be unpredictable. He will be persistent and stubborn. If what it takes to win your heart is to carry you from one end of the world to the other, then he will do it. He will show you how to appreciate the beauty of the world in a thousand ways and he will tell you how much he appreciates your beauty in million ways.”

Seulri took a careful attention to his words, it didn’t happen every day to see Ok Taecyeon being this mellow. And something about his words really made her wonder if that’s really what’s happening in the man’s world.

“V, if I were him of course I would be furious if I know. But he will know eventually and I bet he’d rather know it from your mouth rather than from someone else’s.” He ran his finger to trace down her arm, “However, if he loves you the same way you love him, he would put this behind. It’ll haunt him for a little while, the fact that the love of his live was mistreated by the unfair world but he’ll come around.”

She bit her lips and felt her heart shrunk just by thinking her next words, “What if he’d never come around? What if he’d forever hate me for the person I’ve become?”

“Then he doesn’t love you enough to look pass your imperfection.” He answered simply.

She nodded then exhaled loudly, “That’s what I’m afraid of. I don’t know how could I dared to imagine that I might have a chance with him. I mean I don’t want him to be with me, because obviously he doesn’t deserve me, I’m way into deep in this dirty world that he didn’t even know existed.”

Taecyeon listened to her, allowed Seulri to tell him her concern.

“I just want to be around him, you know? seeing him from distance, watching over him and maybe every now and then enjoy the smile on his face even though it’s not meant for me. His existence alone is enough for me, but I’m so afraid he’ll vanish from me for good if he knows about all these.” She frowned, “I’m so selfish aren’t I?

He shook his head and smirked playfully, “Wow, you just describe what I feel for you, V.”

“I’m sorry. It must have hurt you the way this thing hurt me.” She placed her glass on the coffee table and leaned comfortably on his couch. “But as for you, you can get any girl you want Taec. What do you see in me anyway? I’m much younger than you are, I’m a broken piece of porcelain, my life is a mess, and I’m in love with someone else.”

“But my heart chose you.” He chuckled, tried his effort to look cool over his heartbreak, “my heart doesn’t have eyes to see that imperfections you have, it doesn’t have ears to listened to that hurtful words you said to me, and it doesn’t have brain to do logical thinking. It only feels, and it beats faster whenever you’re near me.”

Seulri was touched by his words, if there’s somebody who made her miserable life seemed a bit better, that person would be Ok Taecyeon. She remembered how he helped her with her meltdown years ago, he listened to all of her pathetic tale about her life and he helped her to deal with the loan shark that chased her around.

Six years ago, Ok Taecyeon made a deal with Hyukjae. Seulri could strip for any of his costumer but none of them could touch her or have an intimate dating session with her. Taecyeon was the only one entitled to do that and he bind this agreement with a contract, Hyukjae got a lot of money from this deal and Seulri got her first safety net.

Ever since that time, Taecyeon would request her to come and stay with him for the night but he never went further than just cuddling with her. He would tell her that he just need her presence beside him and that he didn’t want her to cry frantically ever again to the thought of having sex with him. He offered her to pay for her remaining debt yet Seulri refused strongly, she didn’t want to be morally indebted to that man. So Taecyeon would called her and tipped her big after she spent the night in his place to talk about anything that came into their mind, and he considered it as his way to help her without taking too much advantage or made her fell indebted.

Because he loved her, something about her desperation and helplessness had touched the remaining heart he still had left.

“Thank you, Taec. For all these time.” She tried to smile a sincere smile to him. “You made it easier for me to go on.”

Taecyeon pulled her body closer and let her leaned on his shoulder, “Hey, I’ll be here still if it didn’t work out for you.”

“It won’t work out for me, since I won’t push my luck that far.” She scoffed, “Just like I said, as long as he allows me to orbit around him, it’ll be enough.”

“Are you sure about that?” He asked sharply.

“Why not?” She lifted her head from his shoulder, minimizing the distance of their faces only inches away.

“Because you’re not a saint.” He looked away from her, avoiding his urge to land a kiss on her juicy lips. “First you’d only wish to be around him, then you’d want to be something more and before you know it, you begin planning your future with him.”

She kept her silent and pondered on his words, in some ways he was right. She used to feel fine just by meeting Kyuhyun, but then she wanted him to be around her, and lately she just wanted to be able to spend her waking hours with him—and she’d be lying if she says she’s fine with his girlfriend.

“I can’t be greedy though.” She concludes her thoughts.

“You can, you’re allowed to be. You’re only human, V.” He caressed her hair.

“No, I’m not allowed to be. Because I don’t deserve him.” She swallowed the pain and sank her face deeper in his chest, looked for imaginary comfort she wasn’t sure she’d get.

He let her lingered while she listened to the racing heartbeat he has inside. This would be the last time he could be with her this way, it’s her last day at her work and no matter how much he loved having her around he knew he’d be happier if she quit the job she cursed.

“By the way, since this is our last night, I think I should go all out to you.” Taecyeon sat upright, made Seulri slide to the side.

“Please don’t propose to me again, I don’t have a heart to continuously reject you.” She pleaded.

He laughed and pinched her cheek, “I told you, I’ll propose to you again after I know your real name. It sounded ridiculous to go down on my knees and said ‘V, will you marry me?’ don’t you think?”

She nodded with full agreement.

“I want to play you something.” He got up from the couch and approached his playroom to sat on the piano.

Seulri got up and follow him then took her seat next to him as he patted the space beside him.

“You know I’m not a romantic person, right? So just consider this as my last effort to impress you.”

She laughed, “You’re scaring me now Taec. Please don’t play any weepy song.”

“Too late, I already practice.”

He placed his fingers on top of the black and white keys then began playing the intro.


“I feel like I never measured up to who you see,

Sometimes I think I can’t give you all the love you need,

You keep changing every day, amazing me in every way.


If I could be the perfect man in your eyes,

I would give all I’m worth to be a part of your life.

I could promise the world but it’s out of my hands,

I can only give you everything I have.


I never dreamed I could ever feel the way I do,

I hope and pray I will always be enough for you,

I can only do my best, I have to trust you with the rest.


If I could be the perfect man in your eyes,

I would give all I’m worth to be a part of your life.

I could promise the world but it’s out of my hands,

I can only give you everything I have.


I promise I’ll hold you through the changes and fears,

when life seems unclear

And when I can’t be right there with you,

I know there’s angels by your side.”

Everything I Have – Clay Aiken


Seulri placed her hand on top of her chest, took in each and every words he sang to her. Maybe the man beside her loved her more than anyone had ever loved her, maybe he’s the answer to her every problem, all she needed to do was say ‘yes’ and she knew he’d take all of her pain away. But that’s not how she wanted to live her life. It’s not fair for Taecyeon nor to herself.

“It’s bigger than a proposal, Taec.” She finally found her voice.

He stopped playing and slid his seat a little bit, to looked into her face. “V, can you do me a favor?” He whispered softly.

“Sure. What can I do for you?”

“Can you tell me your name?” He plead, “Let it be my parting gift from you.”

She lifted her hands to cupped his face, “You’re persistent aren’t you?”

“Let me propose to you using your name next time.” He chuckled playfully.

She grinned, “It’s Seulri, Kang Seulri.”

He bit his lips and slowly a wide smile formed on his face, “It’s beautiful and it suits you. Well Kang Seulri, please allow me to be selfish one last time before we say goodbye.”

“How is it?”

He leaned closer to her, brushed her cheek with his fingers as he gently pressed his lips on hers. “This is a farewell kiss for you.” He whispered on her lips, “I love you, Kang Seulri.”








6 thoughts on “(Eng.) Final Call – 13 [Everything I Have]

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Hwoooooo…. how it could be???! Taec… you’re the one who made my heart out of the box *WhatIsaid* wkkk 😛 So romantic… the way Taec treat and love Seulri is something hard to imagine anyone can do_ right?? He loves Seulri purely… Ok Taecyeon… if you’re alone in this story, let me be the one who will be there for you , Okay..? 😉 #InImaginationOfCourse 😛 Authornim please send an Angel for Taec, ne.. 😉 It’s little bit hard for me to read this because I keep my eyes on tv for watching Grammy hehe 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bluecat says:

    Seulry is definitely a beautiful soul as she surrounding w/ pure love from those respective men.

    This part is as beautiful as part Kyu-Ri part. Another oustanding part of yours
    Another galau session for reader (read: me) to support KyuRi or TaecRi
    (though its like true love which always return to the same couple anyway)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Deer_Autumn says:

    Wah tepat dugaanku, Taecyeon punya rasa sama Seulri. Part ini full menceritakan dari sisi Taecyeon. Aku berharap Taecyeon mendapat yg lebih baik dari Seulri,karena aku yakin Seulri masih sayang banget sama Kyuhyun. but, i like how taecyeon express his feeling to Seulri, i think its kinda sweet. But, i ship Kyuhyun-Seulri since this story beginning (maaf ini story english veraion tapi komennya pakai bahasa indonesia wkwkwk)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. kaililaa says:

    Dari siang tadi liat kakak post ini, niatnya mau baca versi Indonesianya ajaa. Heee namanya juga manusia kak, aku geregetan, dan aku bacaaaaa. Kakaaaakkk, ceritamu bener-bener bikin aku addict. Candu banget, fix aku ngefans sama kamu, kak. Liat deh, cara nyeritain Taec, what a great!! Dan aku nunggu cerita-cerita selanjutnyaa, semangat kak ^^

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