(Eng.) Final Call – 10 [Silent Shout for Help]


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon


A strong smell of pure alcohol that strikes her senses finally got Seulri eyes to open up again. She runs her eyeball to the surrounding, learning slowly that she’s been moved into an even brighter room. She looks to her right and finds the sight of her comfort at once. Cho Kyuhyun doesn’t look at her, but he’s curling his brows in worry as he looks into the direction of her abdomen. She moves her gaze downward but all she could see is the green curtain, blocking her sight from whatever happening underneath.

Kyuhyun takes his gaze away from her exposed inner organs and he almost shrieks in excitement once he noticed her beautiful eyes are now open up again.

“Seulri-ya, can you see me clearly?” He leans closer to her to cups her face.

She blinks, trying to tell him that she’s alright.

“I’m sorry.” He says the words quickly, “I’m so sorry.” He moves his hand to grab into hers.

She moves her head to the side as her effort to shake her head, hoping Kyuhyun would understand that she’s not mad at him.

“I take it back, Seulri-ya. Whatever I said to you tonight, I’m taking it back. Please hold on, allow me to apologize properly and we can try to fix this together, ne?” He pleads.

She can’t say anything but the tears in her eyes are welling up and begins falling from the corner of her eyes. Seulri tightens the grip on his hand and softly tries to lift her arm, Kyuhyun understand what she’s about to do so he helps her to raise her hand to place it on his face.

She runs her thumb under his weepy eyes, erasing the tears she just forces him to shed because of her condition while at the same time she tries to look into him. It’s what she wanted to hear from Kyuhyun, she just wanted him to forgive her and stop hating her.

But she’s dying now and she doesn’t need those doctors to dictate her state to her for confirmation. She can’t move most of her limbs, she can’t speak and she can hardly breathe. She also understands that the green curtain in between her and her abdomen only means that they’re digging into something down there and that can’t be good, don’t even ask her to begin to describe the pain in her eye sockets and her head. She’s dying and she know it very well.

And she becomes greedy now.

Suddenly his forgiveness isn’t enough anymore, for Cho Kyuhyun to take back his mean words he said to her is not enough anymore. Seulri wants him to do more than that.

She wants him to leave behind every reason he has for not being able to be with her. She wants Kyuhyun to tell her that he loves her. She wants him to promise her that he’ll take her pain away and that he’ll safe her. She needs him to promise her to be beside her for the rest of their life and most importantly she needs him to accept her amends to fix what she already broken.

She has lost everything and along with that she slowly lost her reason to live, in her desperate moment, Seulri really wishes that Kyuhyun can see through her and promise her all those beautiful thing for their future.

“They’re now operating on your abdomen to take the blood clot in between the space of your liver and right kidney. They locally sedated you so you shouldn’t feel any pain but don’t worry, they’re doing a great job.” He misunderstood her tears as a sign of her fear instead of her hope.

Another tears falls from his eyes, he hates doing this to her.

Kyuhyun has seen this look on her before, the look she gave him the time when he met her again after she was missing for six years from his life. The way Seulri packed her whole emotion into one sharp gaze as her way to delivers all weariness in her heart, the silent plead she shouts out from her eyes. He can guess what that intense stare she gives him means, but he’s always be the man of his words and he doesn’t want to lie just to break her heart even more later on.

“It’ll be over soon enough, they will move you into a more comfortable room.” He chose to calm her down, “Don’t worry Seulri-ya, I’ll stay next to you and we’ll fix this together. You’ll recover from this, I know you will.”

Her mouth trembles as the result of her trying to mumble something to him. Why? Why she has to lost her ability to speak right now? When she has so much to tell him.

Kyuhyun never gave her a chance to explain thoroughly, he just took his conclusion and shut her out from his life. She wants him to understand every single step she took that led her into the darkness she’s living now, not just the whole story as if her reason was as shallow as he thought. She wants Kyuhyun to not just to forgive her, but also to accept her for what she has become. She never expects him to look at her with the same adoration he used to have, nor asked him to smile and say that he’s proud of her, she just needs him to take her into his arms and hold her really close, comfort her and tell her that he understands—and that he forgives her.




To have costumers lining up for her was not something new for Seulri. Five years into the business had made her took the attention just as a routine she had to do in her every working hour. She brought many fortune for the business and obviously Hyukjae gave her a lot of gratitude and special treatment, her most favorite treatment was her day off that added from two days to three days straight.

She almost always had regular costumer waited for her, most of the men were young businessman that tried to show off to each other that they could spent more money on her than the others. She took the opportunity as a way to gain more tip and she didn’t feel at all guilty about it.

Her need to close up the debt of her family had made her went too far before, when she let one particular client came and touched her further than anyone ever allowed to. That day had changed her all the way through.

While she cried her heart out in his penthouse, the innocent girl in her also died. She no longer tried to blame anyone for her misfortune and just focus her life on getting her father into a better state, put a roof on top of their heads and paid off all the debts without the help of anyone that she afraid might cause her to be indebted her whole life.

This night, Kang Seulri showed up and Hyukjae already grinned at her while he pointed her waiting list clients.

“Three days off I’m giving you resulted in this line up every time they know it’s your working night.” He wrapped his hand around her and patted her back, “Did you have fun?”

She smiled, Seulri has forgotten how to smile properly yet she knew what looked pretty on her face so she just created that curve on her face whenever she had to be decent to anyone.

“I just moved to a new place.” She replied, “My father needed me to move out.”

“Who’ll take care of him then?”

“I’m paying a social worker now.” She shrugged, “He liked her better anyway, his memories of me just gotten worse these days but he recognizes the girl as me, so I guess that’s better.”

Hyukjae grabbed her by both of her shoulder, tilted his head to peek into her real expression she hid under her hair. “Are you okay? It happened again didn’t it?”

She lifted her face and look into her caring boss, still tried to maintain her forced smile. “Whatever best for him I guess. I would hate me too if I were him.”

Hyukjae sighed, he’s known her long enough to finally know her reasons behind it all. It’s been years since he figured out that he accidentally recruited an underage, that time Seulri begged on her knees not to be fired and that also the first time Hyukjae really interrogate her into her motive of doing this nasty job and his heart was torn once Seulri told him everything.

“I told you, you should quit this job and find something better.” He mumbled.

“Omo, how are you going to get your profit, then boss?” She tried to chuckled but they both know she tried too hard.

“Stop lying to yourself, V. You should’ve just accept Taec’s proposal and bathe yourself in the pile of money he’d provide you.”

“I don’t love him.”

“Who cares about love? At least you don’t have to be tortured here.” Hyukjae stepped back from her and leaned on the railing behind him.

“One more year. I can pay it all up in one more year boss.” She nodded, “When the time comes I’ll say goodbye to this nasty job and I’ll just work part time in any convenience store to earn enough to eat and pay my father’s social worker.”

He scoffed, “Dream higher, please. You’re now almost 23, people your age would already tried to find a job in a company.”

She pointed her finger to her face, “I’m a high school dropout and would be an ex stripper/whore. I challenge you to find me a job that gives me some sense of dignity.”

He laughed, “I’ll try my best. I take your challenge Seulri-ssi.”

She looked closely into her boss, tried to find some traces of joke in his words but she couldn’t find any. “Well, we’ll see about that. I have to shake my body in front of them for now.” She ran her gaze towards the stage. “I’ll get dressed.”




Her night began just like any other night she usually had, a client that ordered her first got the first lap dances from Seulri. These men would offer her anything she wanted as long as she could give them the satisfaction they needed. Sh’ed always prefer a VIP rather than regular costumer, because those regular costumers sometimes could get too rude and the idea of putting all horny men in the same room, admiring the same girl teasing them one by one sometimes just make the situation a bit intense.

Seulri was busy giving a young college student a lap dance when her hand was pulled roughly by a drunk looking ajjushi.

“Venus! It’s time for my lap dance, how could you still juggling that ass of yours on his dick!” The man spoke in front of her face and Seulri could absolutely smell the reek of alcohol.

“Yes, sir. I’ll be with you in a minute.” She replied, tried to ignore the harsh words that he just threw her.

“I want you now!” He pulled her harder.

Seulri took her gaze to the corner of the bar, looked for the securities that usually stand-by to deal with this kind of costumer. The boys weren’t there so Seulri had to handle the situation by herself.

“His time hasn’t over yet, sir.” She tried to reason with him.

“I’ll pay you more! Look at this!” He lifted some sheet of the 1000 won money and threw it to her face. “I’ll give you more if you come to my lap.”

“Ajjushi! Can’t you see that she’s busy with me?! Just wait for your turn patiently.” The student shouted to the man and smacked her ass. “Come on bitch, dance more for me.”

Seulri took a deep breath, tried to ignore the word that could hurt any girl and continue to do her job.

The ajjushi didn’t take the student’s words really well, he roughly grabbed Seulri by her arm to pulled her then thrown her to the floor in order to be able to deal with the cocky student. She wasn’t prepared when it happened so her fragile body just crashed helplessly to the table behind them, hit her head and shoulder violently.

This fight began to grab other’s attention and also the security that just finished their round check to the VIP rooms. The big security came to approach them and he held the drunk man by his shoulders, avoided any ruder fight. The student tried to scared the drunk man by crashing his beer bottle into the table and pointed the broken glasses onto his face and another security came to the rescue to part their ridiculous fight. One guyhelped Seulri to get up and when she tried to get her balance right, her right foot accidentally stepped onto the broken beer pieces on the floor. She grimaced in pain all at once for having several sharp glasses pierced her skin in several places.

Hyukjae saw one of his girl was being threatened so he quickly approached into her direction to pulled her out of the dangerous crowd and commanded his security guard to kick the two men out and to black list them from his club. Seulri was forced to step on her wounded foot while Hyukjae led her into the back room at the bar, she tried to tell him that she couldn’t walk but the music in that place was too loud for any decent conversation. Only when they reached the back room, Seulri finally shrieked in pain.

Hyukjae turned to her and startled with her pale and sweaty face, “Are you okay? are you in shock?”

Seulri bit her lips and lifted her bloody right foot. “I stepped on the broken glasses.”

“Aish.” He immediately put his hand on her back and under the fold of her knees to carry her. “Why aren’t you wearing shoes?”

“My client had a foot fetish, he liked my barefoot.” She answered in pain.

“I’ll drive you to a hospital, we don’t know how deep those glasses are in your skin so we can’t only do first aid care.” He broke open the back door, put her down next to his car while he opened the door for her.

Seulri sat quietly in the car while Hyukjae ran inside to grab something else. Minutes later he gave Seulri her bag and her proper clothes. “Go change while I drive, it’s already weird to explain the shattered glasses, we don’t have to explain why you’re wearing minimum clothing.”

She nodded and obeyed her boss and changed next to him while he was driving. It wasn’t something weird for her anymore to show her underwear in front of any men, some men already saw her naked so she didn’t have any shame left for changing her clothes in front of her boss.

They got into the hospital in no time, Hyukjae helped her to move from the car into the wheelchair and sent her to the emergency room. He immediately took care of her paperwork while Seulri had to wait for a doctor to check on her.

“Seul, I got a call from the police office about those jerk.” Hyukjae surprised her while she was busy running her gaze around the emergency room.

“Aish, I’m sorry I created troble for you.” She squinted her eyes.

“I don’t know how long it’ll take me, here go grab yourself a cab once you’re done and don’t forget to call me once you’re done. Who knows I could pick you up. I really need to go now, don’t worry all your expense is under my name.” He quickly explained.

She nodded, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.”

Hyukjae pointed his finger near her face, “Don’t even think about it. A limply stripper is not sexy, take your time.”


“I’ll be going now.”

She watched his back faded in between the curtains in the emergency room and a girl’s voice took her attention.

“Kang Seulri-ssi?”

She looked up and saw a beautiful young doctor greeted her with a warm smile on her face.


“Let me help to take care of your wound.” She grabbed the handle of her wheelchair and dragged Seulri into one of the curtained chamber in the emergency room.

A nurse came to help the female doctor and they both prepared some tools to bean working on her wound.

“What happened here?” The female doctor asked.

“I stepped on broken glass.” She grinned.

The doctor and the nurse took another look and the nurse whispered to the doctor beside him, “Uisa-nim you should page your boyfriend, I think she needs stiches.”

The doctor looked at Seulri, “I will try this method first, if it doesn’t work I might have to call a surgeon to slice the flesh in order to get the little fragments before he stitched it up for you.”

Seulri nodded but her felt so sick to the image of somebody slice her already wounded feet, “You can do whatever you need to do, don’t tell me the detail please, I don’t need to visualize it.”

The doctor chuckled, “Arraseo. I think you’d better close your eyes now then.”

Seulri obeyed her and only within seconds she felt like her right foot was burning in pain, all the sudden the only part of her body that she could felt was her right foot only because it’s experiencing an extreme pain.

“Okay, we need a surgeon. I’ll page my colleague.” The female doctor gave Seulri a little towel to wipe her sweat she got from the pain.

Seulri watched the female doctor left her little area and she looked into the nurse, “It’ll get even worse isn’t it, the pain?”

“Don’t worry, usually when it’s this bad they’ll numb the area.” The nurse explained. “And her boyfriend is a very well-trained surgeon so no need to worry, your pretty feet would look good after it healed.”

She smiled to show appreciation to the nurse effort to calm her down.

“So, stepped on broken glasses and in need for an emergency skin surgery, how could any of it happened?”

Seulri’s heat skipped a beat to the sound of a familiar voice from behind her curtain. She knew the voice very well, it was the voice that always uttered beautiful words into her ears, the voice that always calmed her nerves whenever she felt tense, the voice she always missed in the past six years.

“I haven’t asked her about that, oppa. Just ask her yourself.” The female doctor’s voice followed.

“What’s her name?”

“Kang Seulri.” She answered the same time the surgeon slid open the curtain that hid Seulri inside.

It was one of the moment when the world stopped for both of them. Kyuhyun stared at her in disbelieve while Seulri was trembling both from the pain and from the shock of seeing the man that she missed. She ran her eyes all over him, feeding her hunger to the sight of Cho Kyuhyun that she chose to forget due to her own misfortune.

The thin and tall boyfriend she had had turned into a man with broad shoulders, his posture perfected with his wide chest and his confident added more charm into his look. His face wasn’t as thin as she remembered but her looked more handsome now with his slightly chubby cheek and his manly jawline.

Kyuhyun in the other hand felt like somebody just took his breath away. The beautiful and innocent girl he remembered now looked even thinner and something about her eyes told him that she’s changed. He used to adore her with her plain make-up and he hated the sight of Seulri that covered in thick make-up that made her look cheap in his eyes.

But those eyes he used to adore were no longer shine the way they used to, the moment their eyes met was the time Cho Kyuhyun noticed her silent cry for help.


3 thoughts on “(Eng.) Final Call – 10 [Silent Shout for Help]

  1. bluecat says:

    The lovely Cho who can easily identify the silent cry from his girl…. So sweet! Speechless here.

    This just another cant hardly wait beautiful story. The story which takes my breath far away compare to other stories u’ve written.

    This one has more melancholy power, perhaps because the female character been through harder life… And the near death experience which involved put the dramatic effect even more.

    Thank u for such beautiful & inspiring story, i’ll wait for the next part.

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  2. Seo HaYeon says:

    That’s why I love your story though it’s full of sadness and leaves pain in heart. I’m just too adore your plot, kakak…. So speechless and gladly express my tears almost in all of this story hahaha…. I don’t expect before that the silent cry happened when they’re both meet.. haa….. Can’t wait for the next part!! 😀

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