(Eng.) Final Call – 8 [Another Broken Promises]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon


He parks his car and runs as fast as he can into the emergency room, announcing the person he has to see to the nurse station only to be told that Kang Seulri is currently in the O.R, getting major surgery because of massive blood clotting.

Teacyeon gets himself to the O.R, tries his best to calm down while his heart is racing like mad. How could this have happened? Kang Seulri might not be the best driver out there but she’s not reckless either, if she’s taken to the O.R for a next emergency procedure, it only means the impact was awful and she could be dying inside.

He’s walking back and forth in front of the frosted glass door, putting his hand together in front of his face, silently whispers his prayers for her well-being. He knew how much she endures lately, she just had a total melt down last week and he was there to witness it all.

For all the seven years he’s known her, he only remembered Seulri cried twice, the first one was when he paid her to have sex with him and the other one was last week. She was never the person that opened up about her problems to him, but Taecyeon learned to read her through her cold expression. It doesn’t take a genius to know that’s she’s dead and broken in the inside but he also knew she’s just a pure and sweet girl that was faced with continuous struggles.

“Excuse me,” a bulky man interrupts his thoughts. “Do you happen to know the girl that’s now in the inside?”

Taecyeon looks at him, he looks like somebody in mid fifty that looked too tired from doing a hard work. The old man squints his face and he has this apologetic look in his eyes.

“Ng, I know her. Do you know her?”

The man suddenly just drops on his knees while he lifts and gathers his hands together to make a pleading gesture in front of him.

“I’m sorry.” He starts to cry, “I nodded off while I drive in the curve, I didn’t see her car on the opposite road and I just crashed into her. I’m so sorry.”

He gets mix feeling in his heart, he wants to be mad to the man but at the same time he understands the guilt that must have been bothering him at the moment. After all it was an accident and Taecyeon knows the man didn’t do it on purpose, the fact that he follows Seulri and waited for her in front of the O.R is already amazing for him.

“Please forgive me, she’s so young and she doesn’t deserve any of this. I would trade my life for her if I could, sir. I’m so sorry.”

“Ajjushi, please get up.” Taecyeon grabs him by his upper arms and pulls him to stand up, “Instead of crying and begging for forgiveness, why don’t you tell me what happened.”

The old man wipes his tears then closes his eyes, trying hard to recall the accident that he can’t really remember also.

“It happened so fast,” He stutters, “I took a big curve and I didn’t see her car coming so my truck crashed the car from the side. I remember her car flipped a few times and that she was hanging upside down when the turns finally over.”

Teacyeon feels like somebody just crushed his heart, he can’t imagine Seulri’s fragile body experienced that kind of impact. She must have been in shock and she must have been scared—and she was all alone when it happened.

“I took her out of her car and somebody on her phone kept on telling me to kept her awake so I did that.”

“Somebody on her phone?”

The old man nods, “He said he’s a surgeon and he helped me to give her some first aid procedure while we were waiting for the paramedic to arrive.”

He nods to the conclusion formed in his head, so that guy knew that Seulri is involved in an accident. Silently Taecyeon wishes that that guy still has some heart left in him and makes enough effort to come to support her this time. Taecyeon knows that that guy is the only important thing to Seulri and the only one she’d wished to be beside her in a time like this—and for the rest of her life.

“How was she when you took her out?” He asked the question he doesn’t really want to know the answer of.

“She was crying but she couldn’t speak, she spilled so much blood from her mouth and she struggled to breathe.” The man clasped his mouth with his hand, begins to cry again. “I really wish she’ll survive this. she’s so young and looks really fragile, I hope the doctors can help her. I’m so sorry sir.”

“Don’t apologize to me, I’m nobody to her.” He replies bitterly. “Let’s just wish she has enough reason to keep on living.”



Six months of intense work in the Gentlemen’s Club obviously had made Seulri numb to the term of being shy. Her lap dances alone granted her enough money to pay her father’s hospital bill that had piled up for months and with that, Seulri could afford better treatment and better medicine to conquer her father’s pain. Seulri always excused herself at night whenever her father already fell asleep, she would tell him that she’d go to her part time job in a mini market nearby while the truth was far from it.

Lee Hyukjae’s prediction about Seulri being the girl with on high demand was right, in one night she could go from one man’s lap to another for more than ten times, changed her outfit repeatedly to catered to what the men wanted. She could be an angel, she could act innocent if asked, she learned quickly to be wild if needed and she’d even willing on wearing some latex tight clothing for some of the VIP clients. The dignity she once held up high has gone into the trash and Seulri didn’t care anymore.

She had two reasons to kept on breathing: her father and Cho Kyuhyun. Apparently her father needed her more at the time so she had to make a huge sacrifice of leaving Kyuhyun and all the sweet memories she had of him far behind. Not because she stopped loving him, but because whenever she remembered him, she’d become weak and she’d begin crying again.

Another motivation she had was her mother’s debt that’s still piled up, she continuously paid the loan shark every week but what she gained and what her mother owed them was too far behind, even with the rate she got at the time, Seulri would have to work her ass off for the next twenty years just to meet with the basic number, without the interest.

Apparently her boss got just the perfect way out for her.

A strip club is different from a red light district and no matter how much those men could enjoy the sight of the girls, they must keep their things inside their pants at all times—even for the VIPs. But a pimp is still a pimp and Hyukjae’s ear has gotten so hot hearing many requests from his clients to have a more intimate one-on-one time with his girls. He was the kind of person that stick to the rule, he didn’t want to risk his business license by going astray from the main description but then at the same time he knew it’s good business for him and for the girls.

He would consult the girls first however, approached them one-by-one, asked them whether they’re willing to take it further or not and some girls are okay with it while some other strictly stayed to their job desk. One day he approached Seulri, the newbie that just worked for about six months in his club yet already brought him many fortune. Since she showed up, Taecyeon has been coming almost every week just to enjoy the sight of her and he also one of those people that asked Hyukjae about the intimate date.

“V, I need to talk to you.” He stopped her steps when she was about to get into the bar.

“What is it, boss?” She bowed a little. “I hope I don’t create any problem.”

He chuckled, “No, I just need to checked on you. I always check all my girls, how are you? How’s working here?”

Her expression stayed flat as she answered, “It’s good. I get what I need and although I can’t say I’m loving this profession, I have to say it brings food to my table.”

“You worked really hard, I appreciate that.” He tapped on her shoulder, “I never seen a newbie that learn so fast as you do, I mean one day you’re this shy girl and look at you now in that outfit, ready to tackle any man that wants you.”

She forced a smile on her face, not willing to took his words as a compliment.

“Do you need more money?” He cut straight to the matter. Lee Hyukjae cared about his girls but he also didn’t like to waste his time.

Seulri scoffed and looked away, “Human being always need more money, boss. Let me guess, somebody asked for an intimate date with me?” She shot him.

Hyukjae nodded, “You knew?”

“I can guess. Some sunbae told me it’ll happen eventually.” Seulri confirmed. She took her head down really low to avoid the stare from her boss then softly whispered, “How much?”


“How much could I get from it?” She trembled. Dancing erotically was one thing, but letting a man enjoying the rest of her body for certain amount of money was really degrading for any standard.

Hyukjae took a deep breath, taken aback by her reaction. He thought Seulri would be the kind that stick to the job desk and said ‘no’, guess she needed more money that he thought she did.

“He’s willing to pay me half a million.” Hyukjae answered honestly.

Seulri’s eyes widen to the amount he said but her smart brain took over immediately, “And how many percent do I get from that?”

“50-50.” Hyukjae explained, “And as usual, you can keep the tip to yourself.”

“How could he offer that much, boss? I’m not a virgin.” She uttered her concern.

Hyukjae chuckled and ran his hand to her head to mess with her hair, “You really are innocent, V. I feel really bad doing this but at the same time we need each other for the business. I think he likes you so much, you know him of course you gave him a lot of lap dances already.”

“Taec?” She knew exactly whom he meant.

Hyukjae nodded, “You know he tipped big money also, right? So what do you say?”




Seulri took a taxi ride to the place her boss told her to and she kept on slapping herself to get a hold of reality. If she thought there were no way back from her job, then this would pull her even deeper. But a quarter million won and some tip to go along with it certainly could make her debt vanish faster and she was too resigned with her own fate to even care about it.

With her shaky legs, she took her steps into the twentieth floor and rang a bell of a penthouse. It didn’t take long for the owner to answer the door for her. Taecyeon smiled seductively and took her hand with him to let Seulri entered his apartment.

“Is this place hard to find?” He tried to break the ice.

Seulri shook her head and her eyes traveled from one corner to another to observed the space he lived in. His penthouse was all covered in white and only his furniture that showed monochromatic colors as the point of interest. The living room, the kitchen and his playroom seemed to be located in one open space and the only place with doors were his bed room and restroom.

“Do you want me to give you a tour?” He approached from the living room with a glass of wine in his hand. “Here you go, it’s Italian I hope you don’t mind.”

She had no idea what the differences were so she just nodded along, then she noticed a little thing moved from the kitchen towards them, a little dog with grey patches on its face.

“That’s Edie, my male dog. It’s quite lonely living alone so I figured adopting him was a great idea.”

She squatted and offered her hand to give a scratch behind the dog’s ear, “He’s cute, I thought you’re the kind that keeps big hunting dogs.”

“There are a lot of me that you don’t know about.” He replied.

Seulri stood up and turned her face to him, “So Taec, what do you want me to do?” She cut to the chase.

Taecyeon raised his eyebrows, surprised by her being so straightforward.

“Tell me your fantasy and I’ll try my best to fulfill it for you.” She looked down to her feet, didn’t believe that the words just came out of her mouth.

Taecyeon took the wine glass in her hand and put it on the side table in his living room, then he placed his hands on both of her shoulders, “V, take it easy. I don’t have any wild fantasy honestly, I just want to.. you know..”

“Fuck me?”

“Wow, didn’t think you could say that but, yeah, I guess that’s the correct term.”

She nodded then took a deep breath, she didn’t know where she got the courage to be so bitchy the way she was, what she could think about was only the quarter million that’s waited for her by the end of the day.

“Do I need to change my outfit?” She looked into his eyes with much undeniable fear in her eyes.

Taecyeon smiled, “No, but you need to relax.” He took a step closer to her then lower his face to whisper in her ear, “I won’t hurt you or be rough about it, I promise.”

She bit her lips nervously, there was no going out of this situation for her so she might as well just face the consequences of her action.

“You know, every time you bite your lips that way, makes me really want to lay a kiss on top of it.” He ran his finger on her chin then rub her moist lips with his thumb.

“Why don’t you?” She challenged him, “You paid for this session, I’m yours until dawn.”

“Are you scared?”

She unmoved but her eyes screamed out her fear.

“I’ll take it slow.” Taecyeon brought himself closer to her to begin pressing his lips onto hers, a soft peck at first then slowly he licked the soft skin before he sucked her bottom lips to open up his access to explore her tongue. Seulri did what she expected to do, open up her mouth and tilted her head back to made it much easier for him to taste her.

His hand quickly moved from her face towards her back, slipped one beneath her top to graze the skin on her back while used the other one to reached into her bottom, gave her a squeeze to begin stimulating her.

Seulri was too shock with his sudden move that she needed some time to catch her breath, resulted in her making some deep sigh that Taecyeon wrongly translated as a sign of her getting excited. He pulled his face away from hers and stared at her with a stare that was hard to comprehend.

“V, do you mind to dance for me?” He asked nicely.

Seulri caught her breath and nodded along to his request, she pulled his hand to round his sofa and let him sat on it. He took a remote control from the coffee table then turned on the music to helped Seulri set the mood and also to helped her to be less tensed. Seulri then began her routine, just like a well-trained dancer she just moved her body the way she knew Taecyeon liked it, she teased him by lifted her outfit up to her breast before she put it back down and she climbed on top of his lap to give a continuous brush of her breast against his face.

Taecyeon grazed her thigh up to her hips then he helped her to undress her top, he sank his face in between her breasts while his hands busy unbuttoning her pants, with one move, he flipped her body from the top of him to the side to made her laid flat one the couch they were at.

He pulled down her pants then he took off his own shirt and his shorts, leaving him with his boxer that barely hide his natural reaction towards his excitement. “Can you put it in your mouth?” He pointed to his already hard private part with his eyes.

Seulri looked at it then braced herself, she sat upright to lower the boxer from his hips and saw his private area for the first time. Startled by what she saw, Seulri just closed her eyes and count to three silently before she took it into her mouth, fighting her gag reflect from the sudden poke into her throat. He knew she’s not used with any of these so he figured it’s time for her to relax.

Taecyeon stopped her from the awkward activity then he kneeled in front of Seulri, pulled her to the edge of the sofa and made her trapped him in between her legs. His hand unhooked her bra then he pulled down her underwear to threw it away from her. He spread her legs widely before he began kissing her inner thigh. Seulri was surprised with this move, she thought she was the one that had to pleased him and not the other way around.

He made his move down along her private part while his hands were stimulating her breasts, Seulri who didn’t think would like any of this began to lost control over herself, she hated herself so much for agreeing to do this and she cursed herself even more when she reached her climax from his stimulation.

“You’re so beautiful, V.” Taecyeon lifted his face from below, “I like this blush on your face.” He ran his finger on her right cheek and gave her a soft kiss on the left one.

He slipped his arm beneath the fold of her knee and behind her back, cradled her into his bedroom where he wished to finish it all. He laid her down then he went to the drawer next to his bed, taking out a condom.

“I drink pills so I won’t get pregnant.” Seulri suddenly spoke up. “You could go raw in me.”

He turned his head to look at her and smirked, “I’m not worry about making you pregnant. I’m infertile.” He surprised himself for being able to tell her his deepest pain, “I worried about STDs.”

Her jaw dropped a bit upon realizing the vague pain in his eyes, so she just nodded and let him do whatever he wanted.

Taecyeon climbed on top of her after he carefully put on the condom on, he knew how scared she was at the moment but he tried to kissed her repeatedly and stimulate her in some of the sensitive part of her skin to made her relax. Only when Seulri completely ready, Taecyeon finally entered her.

He knew she’s beautiful, desirable and sexy but he never thought he could be this addicted to her body from the first time he touched her. She’s tight and the look on her face while he was pounding her repeatedly really made his heart raced like crazy. He figured the woman under him was torn in between the pleasure she felt inside her and the wrong morale she was doing for certain amount of money. She tried her best to cover her overwhelmed feeling but he could see through her somehow.

Seulri closed her eyes tightly while Taecyeon was moving inside her, she couldn’t look, she was in pain physically and psychologically but she shouldn’t let him know about this, if she made him disappointed with her service, she might not get her extra tip and she tried her best to maintain a straight face.

He took his time inside her, enjoyed every little sensation offered by the tightness of her inner muscle, and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he released all of his fluid while his part still sank deep inside. Resulted them to caught their breath like crazy. He stroked the hair on her face then kissed her forehead.

“V, it’s over, you can open your eyes now.” He whispered then parted himself away from her.

Seulri opened her eyes, looked at him with the most desperate look anyone could have and with her soar voice she asked if she could use his restroom.

She broke open the door at once, she had forgotten where she was and that she should have some manner while she was a guest in someone else’s house. Seulri got herself under the shower and immediately poured herself with the cold water, waking her every senses while she was crying frantically in silent.

“Oppa, mianhae. I broke our promise again.” She whispered in between her tears, “I’m so sorry oppa.”






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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Wow!! How could you made this story, uri author?? it was such as the most perfect pain in the world hoho… I don’t know what to say more… it’s totally Amazing!! 😀 Taec going mad with her.. and slowly, he will be the one understand her pain and be her bestfriend??? I have big interest with their relationship story 🙂

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