(Eng.) Final Call – 7 [Disgrace]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon


Ok Taecyeon was enjoying a good F1 race on his big television, taking his time to rest his tired body after the continuous oversea meeting he had to attend in the past week. He feels like going to his favorite club but at some point he’s just too tired to get his ass up simply to drag himself into the basement of his apartment to get his car.

A call from an unknown number interrupts his gaze from the screen, just by one peek into the unknown number, he decided to ignore the call and rises his TV volume instead. The caller is persistent enough to try calling him for the next three times and finally he decided to pick it up.

“Who is it?” He asks sharply without trying to be nice at all, hating to be interrupted.

“Good evening, Is this Ok Taecyeon? The owner of an electric blue Mini Cooper with 12-ha-9757 number?” The voice sounds formal.

He changes his seating position and presses the phone closer to his ear, the caller definitely grabs his attention at once. “Yes, that’s correct, is something wrong?”

“I’m from the insurance company, reporting from the police station about your car.”

“The car is under my name, but currently used by my friend.” He responds, “Is everything okay? Is she in trouble because of the ownership? I lend it to her so it’s okay, she’s not stealing it or anything.” He explains for some more, worrying that his friend is stuck with the authorities because of this small detail.

“Do you happen to know the person that’s driving your car tonight?”

“Ne, Kang Seulri. What happen to her? Is she breaking any rule?” His seating position has gone from lounging to straight up.

“I’m afraid she involved in an accident, sir. Her car crashed and flipped over near Incheon and she’s now being taking care of in Incheon’s student hospital.”


“If you don’t mind, you can come to the Incheon police station to take care of the insurance paper..”

“Insurance paper my ass! I don’t care about that! What happened to her? Is she okay?” He gets up from his seat and prepares himself to get out of his apartment.

“A truck driver ran into her, the crash flipped the car upside down and broke the front window and there’re some other things that are broken that we need to..”

“Ajjushi, are you even human?” Taecyeon snaps at him. “My friend is having an accident and here you are talking about the toll it caused to my car!”

“It’s the basic protocol..”

“Tell me where she is right now, do whatever you want with the car and just send the bill into the account your company hold on to.” He takes his car key and takes big steps towards the elevator.

“I’m sorry,” The caller says, “She’s now in Incheon student hospital, probably in the emergency room. That’s all I know. The police said..”

Taecyeon doesn’t let the caller finish his words, he quickly gets into his other car to start it up then goes full throttle towards Incheon.

His mind keeps on wondering wild on his way to the hospital, Kang Seulri, oh he doesn’t know where to begin to describe her.

Their first meeting might be wrong in any aspect, their friendship was the weird one and certainly he can say his relationship with her is much more intimate than just being friendly. But Seulri was the girl that could make his heart beats faster whenever he sees the smile on her face, he could feel the pain she keeps inside her whenever she stares at him with her dead-looking eyes and she’s the only one that made him went down on his knees three times just to save her from her messy life.

And Seulri was also the only one that kept on telling him ‘no’.




The night he met her the first time was just another night he spent strolling around while being the jerk he always was. He’s always seen as the person who played around all the time and tried to have fun in any occasion. Most of his business meetings were done on the golf course or gym instead of in the office, his working space were filled with any kind of childish game arcades and nobody ever dared to asked him when he’d get his self together and grow up. Because he’s a great business man, he’s a great negotiator and also an excellent speaker that had made his grandfather’s company grew even bigger than it already was.

His parents probably were on the edge of their desperation when they realize that their son would never grow up, but they’re also the kind that raised him with much freedom for Taecyeon. His mother always said that he could play as hard as he worked, as long as he’s doing great in his life then he could goof around to balance his hard work, a life value he carried on until this day.

In a humid summer night about seven years ago, Ok Taecyeon just got the biggest business deal his company needed to expand their wings to the neighboring country. It’s something his father has fought for quite a while yet in the end, Taecyeon’s negotiating skill was the one that stroke the goal for them. He figured it was time to give himself a little present and celebration so he took some of his friends to go to a club where they usually hang out to.

The Gentlemen’s Club. Unlike its name, it was not a place crowded with well-tailored-suit-wearing-gentlemen with manners and dignity, it was in fact a club where those jerks that dared to called themselves gentlemen gathered to find some false-joy by being treated nicely by these pathetic women who were dead inside and measured their self-worth by the amount of the equally desperate guys wanting them and how much money they could squeeze out of them. But he didn’t care, he knew that he was indeed living a pathetic life and he just wanted to find solace from the desperation he held on into his heart for too long.

That night, he came inside with his friends and looked around to see the collection of girls the club could offer them. He’s all bored with his usual option already, the club sure needed to upgrade their game and recruited more new girls because the ones available was all old and boring for him to play with. With his arrogant manner, Taecyeon called the owner of the club—a friend of his—to deliver his great costumer review.

“So, do you want your usual girl?” Lee Hyukjae greeted him and gave him a firm handshake. “Give him a gin and tonic so he could loosen up a bit.” He ordered the bartender behind him.

“Honestly, you need to upgrade man.” Taecyeon turned his head to the strip pole available in the middle of the club, “These girls you have here were getting rusty.”

“Ey! Don’t say that, my club is still the best one around.” He took the glass of gin and tonic his bartender prepared him and offered the tall glass to Taecyeon. “Tell you what, I did recruit some new girls but they’re still under training. You know those desperate girls that never even shook their asses before, so stiff and awkward. Just wait a little while, I’ll introduce you to the most pretty one once she’s ready.”

Taecyeon scoffed and took big gulps of his drink, “Why not tonight? I never try a newbie before.”

“Nah, you’ll be disappointed and you’ll sue me because you’re unsatisfied with the service my club provide.” Hyukjae chuckled.

“Let me train her then.” He raised his eyebrow, “Come on, learning by doing is the best method. I’m getting sick seeing all these old girls.”

Hyukjae took his glance away from his client, weighing his options. The new girls he just recruited three weeks ago were all still shy and untrained and being a pimp for the past ten years had made him understand their reasons for being like that.

Most girls didn’t come to him to find a job because they’re passionate to do a dirty dance and having their clothes being stripped off by stagers that slips rolls of money into their sexy underwear. No, those girls came for a job as their last options to get by, just to barely survive or to provide someone important. Hyukjae knew this long before he started this cursed business of his and he tried not to be the mean pimp to the girls, if they’re not ready then he won’t put them on display just yet while during their training he’d absolutely provided them with proper food and some money to hold on to.

“Tell me who’s the prettiest you scouted lately, let me see her.” Taecyeon patted his shoulder and broke him from his thoughts.

He nodded, “Fine, but tip her generously. That’s how you raise her confident.”

“Ey! Don’t tell me those, I know my way around them.” He winked and laughed. “So what’s her name?”

“I haven’t given her stage name yet, but I think ‘Venus’ would fit her.” Hyukjae squinted his eyes, “She looks like a goddess for sure and I bet you’ll like her because she got that shy innocent expression on her face.”

“Aren’t they all had that kind of expression when they first started?” He smirked, “Well, introduce me to this Venus then.”

“I’ll ask her first.” Hyukjae got up from the bar stool, “If she’s not ready then I have to give you those girls.” He pointed to the stage.

Taecyeon laughed, “If she’s not ready then I’ll go home then waited until I can taste this Venus myself.”

“Jerk.” He laughed playfully to Taecyeon’s reaction.

“You’re not a saint either.”

Hyukjae ignored his client and went to the back room of his club, looked around for the girl he had in mind. These new girls were trained by their sunbae, an experienced expert in the field. She thought them on how to be flirty, how to be desirable and how to use all of their body parts to squeeze out as many moneys from their customers. She also taught them some basic moves on how to wiggle their breast, how to arouse those pathetic man with the slow gentle strokes on their skin and how to give a proper lap dance, simply to get those men aroused—then they have to pay more money if they want more actions from them.

“Kang Seulri, come here.” Hyukjae called her name, distracted Seulri from watching her sunbae bended her body to show off her curve.

She separated herself from the rest of the newbie and came forward to meet her new boss.

“Do you think you’re ready?” He ran his gaze up and down and had to gulp down his own saliva to the sight of the girl that was standing in front of him.

She lifted her gaze up to stare into his eyes, and she just nodded. She wasn’t ready, she won’t ever be ready to degraded herself into this level but she needed every penny for her father’s treatment and to pay her mother’s debt.

She was fine working two part-time jobs until those loan sharks gave a visit to the hospital her father was at, messed thing around and threatened him that they’d kill him if the money weren’t pay up. Seulri could only tried her best to dragged them out of the hospital ward, begged them to give her some time and not to bother her father. Her mother had more than a hundred million won in her debt list, from the gamble she lost and its interest over the years, by the rate of her part-time job, Seulri would never be able to pay up for that and she didn’t want her father to be threatened that way again.

So she begins to look for another job and landed on this one from the modeling agency she applied a month ago. It wasn’t modelling technically but she promised a good pay and the boss also told her that she could keep all the tip to herself, in her desperate moment, she just swallowed her pride and nodded to the offer Lee Hyukjae offered her.

“Seulri-ssi? If you’re not ready, you can just tell me. I’ll postpone…”

“I’m ready.” She whispered with her shaky voice, “I have to start to work anytime soon anyway boss, otherwise I won’t get the proper pay, right?”

Hyukjae nodded, “He’s my best and most generous client and also a friend of mine. I don’t want to put this burden on your shoulder but you really can’t mess this up.”

She nodded and bit her lips, felt nervous all at once.

“He knows that you’re new so he will take the lead, don’t worry.” Hyukjae placed his hand on her shoulder and Seulri automatically flinched to the sudden touch.

“Sorry, I should get used to it.” She bowed to her boss and swallowed her fear.

“It’s okay, if you’re ready then we shall go out to the bar now.” Hyukjae spread his arm toward the door that led to the club.

“Do I look okay? Do I need to redo my make-up or anything?” She asked to be sure.

Hyukjae took a good look into her, she was looking as pure as she could be, with minimum make-up only to brighten up her skin tone, unlike those other girls that usually put on excessive make up to make themselves look even cheaper. She didn’t need much touch up and Hyukjae knew he recruited the perfect person for the job, those pathetic men would go nuts seeing her.

“You look great.” He smiled, “By the way, forget you real name from now on whenever you’re out in the club. From tonight onward, I’ll introduce you as Venus.”

She felt her stomach was stirred in a bad way, so she officially became those girls with a stage name that sounded ridiculous. From that night onward, Kang Seulri had died and Venus taken over for her, a sacrifice Seulri was willing to take for the better life of her father in near future.



His jaw dropped in instant to the sight of the new girl that walked behind Hyukjae, his eyes traveled from the top of her head down to her sexy exposed shoulders and continued on to the long legs she was blessed with. Taecyeon suddenly felt all pumped-up and happy to see this girl, finally somebody who really fit into his ideal type and she was brand new, so he’d be the first person that’d be getting a lap dance from her.

“Venus, this is my client Mr. Ok.” Hyukjae introduced Seulri to him.

Seulri wrapped her arms around her body, as if she wasn’t willing for her future client to see what she had beneath her clothing then she bowed slightly, avoided to look at him in the eyes. “Good evening, sir.”

“She’s inexperience as I told you, so I won’t take any complain from you.” Hyukjae pointed his finger in front of Taecyeon’s face to give him a final warning. “Take it slow.”

Taecyeon nodded and quickly grabbed Seulri’s hand with him. “I usually don’t get my lap dance in public, I’m a VIP here so I got my own chamber.” He explained while he led her into the private chamber provided for the VIPs.

Seulri bit her lips, she didn’t know if that’d be better or worse for her. The bright side was she didn’t have to move her body awkwardly while being watched by many people in the crowded space, the worse side was that this guy could do anything he wanted to her and she didn’t know what to expect at all.

Taecyeon showed his VIP card to the security in front of the chamber and took Seulri inside. She glanced around the room and felt sick immediately. The room decorated with mostly red velvety fabric up to the roof that had a huge mirror glued on top of the ceiling—heaven only knows what it’s purpose. Taecyeon took a seat on the little couch and tried to make Seulri felt a little bit more comfortable by asking her to sit next to him.

“Don’t be so tense, I’m not going to be a mean client to you.” He talked to her in shooting tone. “Here, have a bit of a drink to loosen up.” He offered her his gin and tonic.

Seulri was too scared to say ‘no’ to anything so she just took a gulp of the drink he offered her. Her face curled from the bitterness that attacked her taste bud but she managed to swallow the clear liquid and pretended to be fine.

“Is this your first time drinking?” He chuckled, “I hope you’re not underage.” He added as a joke.

“I’m not, I’m twenty-two years old.” She replied quickly to delivered the lie she told her boss when she was recruited. If Hyukjae knew she was only seventeen, Seulri would be in a real trouble. “I’m just not really used to alcohol.” She added.

“Well, shall we begin?” Taecyeon lifted his arm to caressed her exposed shoulder. “Take your time, V. Show me what you learned whenever you’re ready.”

She didn’t know what gotten into her when she took the drink from his hand and gulped down the rest of its content. Maybe Mr. Ok was right, she needed to loosen up first before she said goodbye to her dignity.

“I’ll order another one for you.” He smiled and picked the phone available in the room to call the bartender and order two more gin and tonic for both of them.

“I’ll begin now, sir.”

“Call me Taec.” He smiled. “I don’t want to scare you in your first lap dance, so take it slowly, I’m aroused already just by looking at you, V.”

Seulri’s hand begun to tremble as she lifted herself up to stood in front of him, she didn’t know where to begin, she had no idea how to dance erotically to arouse her client, she was totally clueless about the dark life she’s about to enter.

There was no turning back once she begun and Seulri tried her best to ignore her heartache altogether, then forced herself to focus on the tip she’d get from this client of hers. Maybe she could move her father to a better ward with the money, maybe slowly she could pay up for her mother’s debt, maybe later when it all over, when her father recovered and all their bills payed off, she could continue her study again.

And maybe one day she could make herself worthy of Cho Kyuhyun, or she’d be forever trapped inside this Tartarus she called her life.








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    • ssihobitt says:

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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Oh My God! Truly I always asked myself why Taec still didn’t show up_but the great one is I was always forgot to ask U, and now! when I read the very beginning part, I screamed myself “Oh… finally Ok Taecyeon appeared!” wkwk I always want to know what their relation here wkwk.. 😀 You must be very busy in this beginning new semester, uri author. But you’re still being consistant to update this… Love U much! 😀 😉 😛 But don’t U tired if U always update at midnight? U have no insomnia, haven’t U? 😀

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    • ssihobitt says:

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