(Eng.) Final Call – 5 [The Precious Gift]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon


Kyuhyun takes his position on her right side again, wiggling her continuously to bring her back to consciousness while the rest of the doctors there preparing some drugs to sedate her. According to the head surgeon, they will cut open her abdomen area to get the blood out since the result of her ultrasound doesn’t look really good.

He honestly more concern about the wound in her head, the blunt force trauma she got obviously did something to some of her senses and he knows that in his hospital, his sunbae would’ve look through the CT scan first. But he understands he doesn’t have a say in this hospital and the head surgeon was right also about the bleeding in her abdomen. If she continues to spill more blood, sooner or later the hospital would run out of the blood and although Kyuhyun can be her donor, he understands the process usually takes longer than just a simple blood check procedure.

As what the head surgeon asked him, Kyuhyun called his sunbae already and he said he’ll be here within an hour because of the traffic, he can only hope that Seulri has enough willpower to stay alive until the she gets the treatment she needs.

He once again puncturing her skin, wishing it’ll wake her up again like it did before, but the serene look in her face has calm his mind a little bit. She was in so much pain seconds earlier and when she falls asleep, that only means the adrenalin has taken over what she could bear and it’s the way her body survive. It might seem like the best option if she doesn’t have a worrying wound in her head, but that unchecked wound is his only reason to keep stimulating her senses back into her.

“We’ll sedate her.” The old doctor takes the syringe from the intern.

“Doctor, do you think it’s wise to sedate her completely when the wound in her head hasn’t been checked yet? Can we at least numb the pain around her abdomen instead?” Kyuhyun tries his luck to reason with the head surgeon.

“We don’t have time to run CT scan for her, Kyuhyun-ssi. I’m doing the best I can.” He shakes his head.

“Yes, I understand. But I begin to get worry about that wound, because her vital is bad but her senses are worse, it’s either she hit the nerve in her backbone or the one in the left hemisphere.” He pleads to have his suggestion heard for her sake.

The head surgeon takes a quick look into Seulri and he hates to admit that he shares the same concern as the young surgeon in front of him. Another reason of his agreement is also because he’s an internist and not a neurologist, at this point he can’t risk a patient’s life because of his incompetence. He knows the neurologist from Seoul hospital is heading this way and he should do his best to keep the patient alive until then.

“Change the dosage and we’ll only numb the abdomen area.” He nods to Kyuhyun and give back the syringe to the intern. “Just do whatever you can to wake her up, Kyuhyun-ssi. I could contribute a massive pain in her abdomen by slicing through her skin without the drugs but if she jolts badly I’m afraid it’ll cost more than what it already is.”

“I’ll keep puncturing her.” Kyuhyun gives the doctor a thankful nod before he begins pinching some of her skin really hard.

He realizes what he’s doing at the moment will leave a lot of bruises later on her smooth white skin. However, if the choices are cutting her without drugs and some bruises on her skin, he’d chose the bruises anytime.

“Hey, are you dreaming Seulri-ya?” He leans closer to her ear so the rest of the O.R can’t hear his private conversation with her, “I know your dream might look much better than reality and I know dying is a better option for you right now after everything that happened in the past two days.” He can feel his tears begin to fall down with the thought alone, “But you can’t do that to me, please. Please avoid any kind of bright light and please return to me, please open your eyes Seulri-ya. Let me see through you again, ne? Let’s talk peacefully, let’s start over. I’ll do whatever you want and give you anything you ask, I promise. But you have to come back, otherwise I won’t be able to fulfill your wish.”

Seulri still closes her eyes while her constant breathing that’s being helped by the tube inserted in her throat is still showing stable count on the machine. What he doesn’t know, she’s now travelling through a time tunnel and she’s re-living one of the best moment in her life.

“I take it back Seulri-ya. I take back my last words to you tonight so please stop being angry with me.” He begins shaking from his suppressed crying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry Kang Seulri.”




She walked back and forth in his campus’s lobby for almost one hour already, Kyuhyun promised her a date this evening and he said his class would be over by five yet here she was waiting for him feeling like an outsider in a lobby full of universities student. It’s a special day for both of them and she wanted to look her best for him tonight, so she’s been preparing herself. She usually just went to see him after school in her uniform, but today she wanted to look different so she went back to her house, dressed up, took everything she needed and lied to her father by telling him that she’d spent the night in her friend’s house.

Only by six o’clock, Kyuhyun finally showed up with his apologetic look and he was trying to catch his breath since he ran as fast as he could from the auditorium to where Seulri was. “I will take any kind of scolding you’ll give me.” He placed his hands on his knees, “My crazy professor insisted us to learn the nervous system and it was a lot.”

Instead of being angry, she just smiled then patted his back while he’s still catching his breath, “It’s okay, oppa. It was awkward for me to wait here but I sort of expected you to be late anyway, I went to your dorm earlier so I didn’t wait that long here.”

“So, you’re not mad?”

She shook her head before she pulled his hand with her, “Buy me some ice cream to make it up, it’s a nice winter day and I wanted to balance my body temperature like you told me.”

Kyuhyun followed her steps then wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “Omo, my girlfriend sure has the heart of an angel.”

“Oppa, there’re a lot of people, put your hand down.” She whispered from the corner of her mouth.

“Why? They’ve been staring at you for a while and I just need to show them that this beautiful girl is mine.”

“Might as well just pee all over me to mark your territory.” She rolled her eyes.

He messed her hair a little then he realized that she only covered herself with a long coat while she’s wearing a thin white blouse underneath her pink overall skirt. He knew that she dressed up nicely for him and he also noticed that she put on a little bit of make-up as her way to look nicer for him. Seulri looked up-beat this day and the smile on her face calmed him down somehow. It’s been a while since she ran into him with teary eyes or wounded skin, which means things at her home were under control—for a while.

“Aren’t you cold?” He asked while his eyes pointed to her exposed calf. “The dress looks cute on you, but I’m afraid it doesn’t give the warmth you need.” He added to show his appreciation on her effort to dressed up for him.

Seulri just smiled coyly then pressed her body closer to him. “I can handle the cold. Do I look pretty?”

“You always are.” He nodded then tighten the grip on her shoulder to lower his face, “I really want to kiss you right now, but all these people just hold me back from doing it.” He added, whispered in her ear.

“You’re just too much, Kyuhyun-ssi!” She lowered his hands that’s on her shoulder and hold his hand instead then she played with his finger a little bit before she linked their fingers.

He took their intertwined hands into his coat pocket before he squeezed her hand firmly three times, which she replied with the same amount of firm squeezes. It’s their way to say ‘I love you’ whenever they try to be quiet in public or whenever they just enjoy the comfortable silent created around them.

He led her out of the campus area towards his favorite place for dinner, it’s not something special since he didn’t have much money as a student but it was special nonetheless because they spent their time together. The dinner was simple but the stroll they took towards his dorm was more interesting than the dinner itself. Kyuhyun bought her the ice cream she asked on their way back from the restaurant and only after she finished the entire cone, the cold begun to really stung on her skin. She tried to looked cool in front of him until she sneezed so he figured they spent enough time in the outside, he took her back to his dorm to warm her up and he planned to send her home later before nine.

“Here, wrap yourself in this.” He offered her the blanket from his bed. “I really like the fact that you dressed up for me and you look really pretty tonight, but please still dress accordingly—it’s February and it’s still cold Seulri-ya.” He chuckled.

Her face blushed in instant but she kept her silence as she took the blanket he gave her. Her heart had been racing the whole day thinking about this very moment when both of them are finally alone again in his dorm room. He excused himself to wash-up a little bit and she planned to prepare the whole thing within the limited amount of time.

While Kyuhyun washed his face in the common bathroom, she immediately took out something she prepared for him earlier this afternoon before she visited his campus. She’s been planning on doing this for a while but she had to rely on his ignorance for her plan to worked out and she was right, Kyuhyun was too busy remembering the content of his books rather than his own birthday.

She sat in the middle of the room with her feet wrapped in the blanket he gave her earlier with one little cupcake with a candle lit on top of it, waited for him to finish washing up. Her face couldn’t get any redder when he returned back from the bathroom with only a white T-shirt and his jeans complete with his slightly wet hair that he got from washing his face. He was drying his face and didn’t realize that’s his girlfriend already dimmed the light down in his room so the light from the candle shone brighter and he only noticed once she stood in front of him.

Kyuhyun drew a stupid smirk on his face with the sight of Seulri stood in front of him with a big grin on her face, her eyes twinkled brightly and her hand stretched out with the little cupcake on it.

“You forget your own birthday, didn’t you?” She scoffed.

“So this is why you’re so persistent about our date today.” He nodded, “I knew something was up, I just didn’t know what it was.”

“Make a wish, oppa.”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he silently wished for their health, for their happiness, for a better life for her and for the ability to keep her happy. He then leaned closer to blew on the single candle available on the cake.

“Thank you, now should I eat the cake? Did you make it?” He rounded his eyes.

Seulri nodded, “I was making twelve cakes yesterday but this one is the only one that’s good looking enough to be presented. My dad helped but he suggested me not to give the rest eleven to you, he said you’d take a second thought about being with me if you see the rest.”

“Your father helped?”

She nodded, “He thought your birthday was yesterday though, I lied to him.”


“Just eat it and tell me how it tastes.” She avoided his question.

He chuckled, “Well, if you tried your best to made it then I’ll give it a try.” He took the cupcake from her hand, removed the candle and peeled the paper before he sunk his teeth into the cake.

“It’s not that awful, right?” She bit her lips nervously.

“No, it tastes great. Here, try it yourself.” He offered her the cake.

Once her face got really close to the cake, he simply just spread the icing on her nose.

“Nice one, oppa. You’re twenty years old now and still act like a kid.” She wiped her nose in annoyance.

He took another bite into his cake and finished the rest with the next three bites. Left Seulri with no cake at all to try. Kyuhyun laughed a lot to the sight of her annoyed face but his laugh stopped when he noticed her expression got a little bit tense.

“Ya, I didn’t mean to tease you like that, but it’s my birthday cake. You have the remaining eleven cakes to try.” He leaned closer to pinched her cheeks.

Seulri could feel how fast her heartbeat at the time, the cake was not the only thing she prepared for him. She wanted to give him the gift he’d remember for the rest of their life and she’s too nervous just by thinking about it. She was never the first one that leaned in for a kiss, but for now she swallowed her fear then wrapped her arms around his neck, tiptoed a little to get into the part of his face she wanted the most and shyly pressed her lips against his.

Kyuhyun smiled in their kiss and he immediately wrapped his arm around her waist, he could feel that she trembled in her kiss so he had to push her a little bit to looked into her face.

“Are you okay? You seemed tense.” He ran his thumb across her lips.

Seulri bit her lips nervously and begun to lose her confident, she shook her head but the disappointment in her eyes were undeniable. “You don’t want to kiss me?”

He chuckled and leaned in to kiss her on her forehead, “Of course I want to kiss you, I was only asking why you’re so tensed, I didn’t ask why you kissed me didn’t I?”

She didn’t answer but looked down to her feet instead, “I want to give you your present.” She almost whispered her words due to her own nervousness.

Kyuhyun placed his fingers under her chin to lifted her face up so he could look into her eyes clearly. “What present?” He smiled sweetly, “You’re being here is already a present for me, I didn’t know there’ll be another gift.”

“Because you stopped me.” She could feel the heat in her own face started to consumed her.

“The kiss is the gift?” He bit his lips to hide his excitement.

She shook her head slightly, cupped his face with her hands and took her second attempt to leaned onto him, this time Kyuhyun was all prepared and he also didn’t want to let her down so he replied to her kiss gently while he placed his hand on her nape for support.

This was obviously not their first kiss, but it felt as intense for both of them. Seulri was afraid that she went too fast and at the same time Kyuhyun was afraid that he’d go overboard. However, the deeper their kiss, the closer their bodies presses against each other and the hotter they both feel in the inside.

Seulri moved her palms from his cheeks towards his neck and Kyuhyun softly moved his hand to rubbed her back, he had begun to lose control over his own desire, and the way Seulri kissed him had made him lost his mind in the end as he begun to slip his tongue into her mouth to explore hers. Seulri tilted her head even more to give him better access while she channeled her nervousness into their fiery kiss.

He completely lost control when she begun to sigh heavily in between their kiss and the way she pressed her body against his only made him more excited. Seulri made a brave move by slipped in her hand underneath his white shirt to graze the skin on his back, distinctively sent her message to him and he took her mean clearly as he also begun to pulled down the shoulders of her pink overall skirt. With one pull, her skirt fell on the floor and left her with only her white blouse. He ran his fingers to the zipper on the neck then stripped down the whole thing away from her in seconds, left her standing there with only her underwear.

He took a step back from her to really see how she looked like and his heart raced like crazy once he got a full look on his girlfriend. Kang Seulri was a goddess indeed, she got the beautiful face and also blessed with beautiful body line. Moreover, she got proper curve just in the right places, the sight of her perfect half-naked body turned his face bright red and instantly made him hard.

“You’re beautiful, Seulri-ya. I don’t’ know how many times I should tell you this but you’re really beautiful.” He stared at her with much adoration in his eyes before he closed the distance between them as he begun to trailed her jawline with his lips and slowly traced back to sucked on her bottom lip.

Seulri grabbed the rim of his shirts to lifted it up and Kyuhyun helped her to get rid of the fabric away from his body. They glued their sweaty bodies back together while his hand now gently grazing her soft skin. beginning from her neck, Kyuhyun took his time to caress her shoulder with his left hand while he slowly moved towards her back to unhook her bra in one move. His right hand moved slowly from her neck down to remove what’s left on her then he gave a little squeeze on her round breast, created a low moan from her.

They kept on kissing while both of them slowly stepped closer towards his bed, Seulri lowered her hands from his neck to caressed his front upper body down to the buckle of his belt, she took her time to lower his zipper while Kyuhyun helped her to pulled down his jeans away from him. She hesitantly rubbed his navel only to made him groaned softly. By the time they reach the bed, Seulri voluntarily sat herself in the middle of the bed before she let Kyuhyun pushed her over to laid completely on his bed while he climbed on top of her.

He took his lips away from her to took a moment to look closely into her eyes, he ran his hand through her hair and replied the sweet smile she gave him.

“Seulri-ya, are you sure about this?” He had to asked this to her for he knew that it’s going to be their first time.

She bit her lips while still half smiling then nodded without a doubt in her eyes. “Just kiss me.”

Kyuhyun leaned in one more time to kiss her again and he slowly moved his lips downward toward her long neck line. He took his time to grazed the soft skin of her neck before he sucked the skin closest to her shoulder while she clasped him closer to her body as she breathed in the scent of him.

With his nose, Kyuhyun traced every inches of her skin to filled in his senses with her sweet scent, he left trails of kisses up from her neck towards her breast, took his time to twist its peak with his right fingers while his tongue rolled on top of the other one, made her curved her back from all the excitement she felt in her. He then moved downward to remove her last piece of underwear, took off his boxer then climbed himself back on top of her.

Seulri rounded her arms around his neck to pulled his face closer while he traced down her jawline with his finger. They smiled to each other, never in their life they felt so madly in love the way they did that night. Kyuhyun brought his lips to kissed her eyes, her nose, then her lips, whispered the three words she needed to hear from him before he finally tried his first attempt to rub her private part with his.

She was all wet and he was all excited by the time he managed to completely sunk his part into hers, Seulri grimaced in pain a little bit, made him worried if her made a wrong move but she told him to just keep on going. None of them ever had an experience before so they just follow their instinct, he pumped himself on top of her while she moved to an opposite direction, giving them both extreme pleasure.

As hard as they tried to keep quiet, heavy sighs and low moans kept on escaping from their mouth and when they were both ready to finish, he lifted her arms to hold it on top of her head, the sight of her sweaty body, the blush on her face and the way she bit her lips as her attempt not to shriek had made him went wilder inside her and not long after they both reached their climax simultaneously as they let out heavy restrained moans from their mouth.

Kyuhyun lowered himself back into her to showered her with his kisses, he begun from her head, to her forehead, her nose and lips, her neck then her shoulder while Seulri lifted her hand to caressed his sweaty back to pull him even closer to her. She didn’t want to lose contact just yet, she liked the warmth she felt in her and she enjoyed the sensation of their sweaty hot skins rubbed against each other.

She ran her fingers to comb his hair then wiped the remaining sweat from his sideburns while he still pressed her from the top. Kyuhyun pulled himself away from her then positioned his body next to her, put her in the inner part of the bed, let her face the wall while he spooned her from behind. They didn’t say much to each other but the way they still touched each other and kissed every inches of each other’s skin showed how much they appreciated what just happened between them.

He lifted his body a little bit and used his elbow as support, placed his chin on her shoulder blade to kissed her shoulder. “It was wonderful, Seulri-ya. Thank you.”

She turned slightly then pucker her lips, demanded him to give her another kiss—which he quickly gave her. “Happy birthday.” She smiled sweetly.

“Now you really have to get married only to me.” He kissed her temple while his hand grazed her thigh, “You’re mine and I’m the only one that’s allowed to do that to you.”

She chuckled, “I’m all yours, oppa. My heart, my body, my soul, it all belongs to you and it’ll always be like that.”

He enfolded her closer to his body, searched for her hand then squeezed it three times as he whispered her goodnight.






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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    first time….
    It must be the worst moment for Seulri if Kyu apologized to her 😦 I’m so sad read this part till the last words. My heart squeezed by BIG hand remember that what Kyu said her_she must be his wife, or like in previous part he said no one can’t touched her_it would be not happen like Kyu want.. 😦

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