(Eng.) Final Call – 3 [Growing Up]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

Her body is jolting from the massive pain that pierces through the side of her chest. She once again awakens from her daydream to see herself is currently back under the bright light of the Emergency Room she’s in.

“36 French-tube successfully inserted.” She hears a female voice near her.

“Seulri-ya, look at me, Just look at me! Please. I know it’s very painful and I know that sleeping is a better option for you, but you have to keep opening your eyes, ne?” Kyuhyun’s voice is back in her head.

Seuri glances to her right and finds her comfort stands beside her still.

Oppa, I’m scared. What are these people doing to me? She tries to scream out but only random whimpers come out of her.

“She’s still hypotensive and tachycardic. Up to fluid boluses, she could be bleeding in her chest!” The female doctor speaks up again.

Kyuhyun takes his gaze away from Seulri to look into her physical condition. The French tube that’s inserted into the side of her chest now drowning so much blood from the place where there shouldn’t be any blood clotting. The bruises on her tummy begin to look worrisome and no one is taking care of the bleeding in her head just yet.

“Hang two units of blood on the infuser!” The old doctor is giving his command. “She’s loosing too much blood already and somebody page the neurosurgeon like right now!”

“Done that, doctor. He’s taking his leave to Jeongson for a week.” The female doctor replies.

“WHAT?! PAGE SOMEONE ELSE!” He shouts! “You! You said you’re a surgeon.” He points to Kyuhyun, “Scrub in and help us, we’re short on emergency staffs tonight! It’s only 3 days after sambok for God’s sake.”

Kyuhyun nods and quickly approaches a nurse that’s now preparing some gloves and surgical head scarf for him. His expertise is not defined yet, because he’s not yet a residence in the hospital where he’s working and he needs more hours to be completed before he could take a specialty, but he’s trained well to perform under pressure.

“Give me the trauma panel and x-ray!” The old doctor shouts again.

Kyuhyun returns to her side and quickly grabs her hand that’s still restrain to the bed frame. Seulri is crying still and he knows why. She’s scared and she must be in shock, but moreover, He knows that she still hurt from their last fight tonight.

“New guy, what’s your name?” The male doctor asks in pressing manner.

“Kyuhyun, doctor.”

“Are you specialized in anything?”

“Not yet, but most of the surgery I follow were cardiologist.” He answers quickly.

“Can you help us, we’re outnumbered here. Please page a neurologist from your hospital, her head trauma should be checked and this hospital cannot provide that for now.” He looks at Kyuhyun in the eyes, really pleading for a way out for his helpless patient that’s continuously getting worse.

“I will.” Kyuhyun nods and about to take his step away from her gurney.

Seulri tightens her grab on his hand and makes him turn around to look at her.

Oppa, don’t go. I’m scared, what if I don’t make it and you’re not beside me when it happens. She pleads with her eyes, hoping Kyuhyun can at least understands her fear at the moment.

“Seulri-ya, I have to step outside for a minute. Just one minute and I’ll be right back. I promise I won’t leave you alone.” He whispers to her. “I need to call my senior so he can come here and help you, okay?”

She blinks one more time.

“While I page him, you have to keep those beautiful eyes of yours open, ne?” He tries to hold back his own tears and look strong for her. “I won’t be long, I’ll be back for you in a tick.”

Seulri releases his hand from her grip and allows him to step aside a little while to do what he needs to do.

The last thing she sees is a bag of another red solution being hanged near her head, then she falls back into her sleep. Another piece of memories returns to her, as she let go of his hand she suddenly pulls back into the fragments of the moment of their first obstacle in their relationship.


Cho Kyuhyun was excited, after his continuous hard work and many night lessons he took to pursue his dream of becoming a surgeon, he finally received his letter of acceptance from one of the best medical university in Seoul. He’s busy packing up his clothes and some stuffs to bring to his dorm in the campus and it made his girlfriend restless.

Kang Seulri sat on his bed in the corner of his room, patiently waited while watching her boyfriend carefully picking and dividing his stuffs to bring to his new campus. To her, it’s quite odd knowing he has to move to a dorm, since they were living in Seoul also. But Kyuhyun explained to her that the campus was actually in the other side of the city and it’d take a lot of time to commute if he stayed in his parents’ house and it’d make it harder for him to catch his morning classes.

Another reason was also because he wanted to try the thrill of not living under the same roof as his parents, he wanted to try to become more independent at some point.

“Oppa, you’re only moving to a dorm, why you put all these stuff into the box?” She pouted her mouth, “I don’t like it, you’re packing up your whole room!”

He put the books in his hand into one of the box labeled ‘books’ before he took a seat next to her. Kyuhyun ran his hand to caress her hair as he tried to give another explanation to her.

“I’ll need most of the stuff here, Seulri-ya. If I have to come back and forth from here to Sungkyungkwan it’ll be too much.”

She drew a long breath, “So that means you won’t come home too often. That also means that we won’t see each other too often.”

“I’m sure you know that we can’t see each other every day, the way we do now, but hey! There’s always weekend and I will always return here for you.” He pinched her cheek, “I will. Because I know I’m going to miss you a lot.”’

“If that’s true, then you should leave some important stuff here, therefore you always have a reason to come back.” She took the pillow next to her and hugged it.

“You are my important thing that I leave here.” He tried to joke around with her but Seulri only rolled her eyes, unimpressed with his sweet words.

He looked closely into her, noticing the sadness in her eyes were genuine and he thought he understood why it’s so hard for her. Cho Kyuhyun has become her shoulder to cry on, he’s the one where she’s throwing all of her troubles into and she has became accustomed of having him around.

“Seulri-ya, I’ll show you where I live later.” He embraced her into his chest, “If troubles arise at home, you can always knock on my door. In fact, it’ll be much easier for us because there won’t be any curfew from my parents” he chuckled.

“What if you get too busy?” She sank her face deeper on his shoulder, “I heard from Hyeri, her boyfriend was in college last year and she said the freshmen’s assignment made him forgotten about her and the longer he’s in the college, the further their relationship has become.”

“That’s her relationship, not ours. We’re different from them, tell me, are you worried about us?”

She nodded, “I don’t want to lose you, oppa.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Kyuhyun pushed her away a little bit to take a good look of her face. “I will always be there for you and I’ll always be your faithful boyfriend. Hey, I have the sweetest, kindness and most beautiful girl as my girlfriend, there’s no way I’d trade that for anything.”

“Bullshit.” She scoffed.

“Seriously.” He cupped his hand on her face. “You’re my fortune and I’m not going to let you go.”

She took a deep look into his eyes, tried to find a reason—just a tiny reason—for her to doubt him, but the man in front of her was being sincere with his words.

“I love you, Seulri-ya.” He added. “I know our love is young and some adults would probably laugh when they hear a clueless high school student saying that, but I love you.”

A smile painted on her face; he said that to her few times now but it still got her every time she hears it.

“I love you too, oppa.” She took her gaze away from him and looked down to her hand, “But at the same time I’m afraid that you’ll meet someone much better than me, then you’ll fall for her, then you’ll slowly drift away from me.”

“And why would I do that?” He lifted her chin to peek into her eyes. “Seulri-ya, it’s not like we’re living in different cities, we’re not even living in different town. Instead of drowning yourself in that kind of insecurity, let’s think of this as our way to step forward in our relationship.”

“How is it stepping forward if I’m going to see you less?”

“It’s how adults cope with their lovers, right? I mean, they’re not seeing each other after school anymore, they don’t see each other every day also because of their own activities, but they can stick to the relationship they have.” He raised his eyebrows, “It’s going to be our first step towards a more mature relationship.”

“I don’t like mature relationship.” She frowned and leaned closer to his shoulder, “I like what we have. I like having you pick me up from my house every day, I like having somebody to wait for when the school ends, I like having you walking me home, I like hanging out every day with you.” she took a deep breath, “You’re always the best part of my day and now I have to wait one whole week for my best day.”

He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tighter, “I know, it’ll be hard for both of us but I’m sure we can do it. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better, Seulri-ya?”

“Don’t cheat on me.” She answered quickly, “Fix your eyes on your books only and don’t look for another girl.”

He giggled to her honest answer, “You too. Don’t look for a new guy to walk you home and make sure you get home before the sun goes down in the horizon, I can’t protect you the way I usually do now.”

She nodded slowly.

“And before I move out, let’s go on an ultimate date.” He reached into his back pocket and takes out two tickets to show her. “Let’s have fun tomorrow, ng? What do you say?”

She peeked into the tickets in his hands and forced herself to smile. To Seulri a ticket to the theme park was nothing compared to the sadness she felt in her heart. If only she could exchange those tickets with his presence next to her every day, she’d exchange for it without a second thought. But she knew how hard he tried to get into medical school, she knew that it’s his dream and she knew he’s trying his best to juggle both Seulri and his studies together.

“Fine.” She pulled her lips to the side of her face to make a big smile, “I want a full day without interruption with you.”


“And I will come with you to your new dorm, I need to see it for myself so I can come without notice anytime I want.” She threatened him. “So you don’t have a chance to hide a girl in your dorm.”

He laughed, he never thought of doing that and he knew he’s incapable to do it also. His heart is full with Seulri only and nobody would be able to replace who she was for him. She’s the first girl he fell in love with, the first person that made him feel needed, and the person that he wanted to fight his life for.




The next day had become the most cliché dates they’re ever been into. He picked her up early in the morning, took her to go to the theme park by bus to make their time together longer, he followed whatever ride she wanted to try on and they took a lot of pictures of them together. He made sure that he always held her hand anytime they walked from one attraction to another and he always made sure the smile on her face didn’t fade.

Seulri could pretend to be happy and smile her widest smile at him, while her heart wa truthfully aching. Kyuhyun had become her safety net, he had become somebody she always counted on whenever problems at home arises.

The other night, her mother had another episode of her drunken moment and she usually used Seulri or her father as her way to throw he tantrum. Seulri had repeatedly told her father to just divorce her and get a better life for themselves, but her father always refused the idea. He saw the love of his life in a different perspective from Seulri and he always found excuses to forgive his wife whenever she sobered up the next morning.

As the day went darker, Kyuhyun took her to the alley of vending machines on their way out from the theme park. He always enjoyed showing-off his surprisingly great skills with the claw machine. During their almost one year relationship, Kyuhyun had impressed her a lot, and the stack of various stuffed animals collections in her room proved how great he was with the game.

“What do you want today?” He took out some coins from his side pocket. “I can get anything you want.” He smirked proudly.

Seulri ran her gaze into the machines and a claw machine with medium sized Anpanman stuffy stole her interest at once. “That! Please I want that one.” She pointed to the machine in the corner. “Get that for me no matter how much you try, that’s a special edition, they don’t sell it in stores.”

“The big ones usually harder to get, but I’ll get that for my special girl.” He took his determined steps towards the machine and started to control the stick.

It took him only four tries to get the one that she wants. He took the stuffy from the opening at the bottom of the machine and proudly gave her his new catch. “How many I’ve gotten you so far?”

“A lot.” She took the Anpanman and hugged it tightly, “Gomawo oppa.” She smiled with her twinkling eyes, “I’ll be happier if you can get Sully also.” She pointed to the next claw machine with Monster Inc. plushy in it.

“You’re a greedy girl today, aren’t you?” She shook his head but approacheed the machine to get his girlfriend what she wanted.

Her happy face that shown when she received yet another plushy from him was always the real prize Kyuhyun seek from this activity. He knew deep inside Kang Seulri was hurting from her own problem and she’s not fooling Kyuhyun with her big smile or her upbeat talk. As for today, he even noticed how she wore a sweater in a hot summer day.

He decided it’s time for them to go home once the day gotten really dark. He didn’t want to give her mother some new reasons to attack her again. They took a metro ride to cut the traffic on the street during rush hours and for the last time during their high school days; Kyuhyun walked her to her house. Passed the same street they always used and took a shortcut by turning in their favorite park to hangout.

“Seulri-ya, you’ll be okay right?” He stopped their steps all the sudden.

With a big smile on her face she nodded one more time to convince him, “You said so yourself, we’re still in the same city and I can come to you anytime I want. I’m going to miss you a lot every time I’m passing this park though, it’s the place you confessed to me the first time.” she giggled.

“I’ll miss that too and my heart is still heavy somehow.” He placed his palm on his chest, “with your problem at home.”

She smiled bitterly and took his hand to continue walking. “Oppa, nothing will change my mom’s behavior. You can stick around me all the time and she will still be the same person, I grow up with her so I know how to handle her. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“She hit you again, didn’t she?” He asked sharply.

“No she didn’t.”

“It’s summer and it’s thirty degrees yet you’re wearing a sweater.” He pointed to her attire, “I’m not an idiot Seulri-ya.”

Kang Seuri kept her silence, she had a great day today and she planed to keep her mood above the cloud still. It’s already saddening to say goodbye to Kyuhyun, she didn’t need to be reminded of her problem at home.

“Let me see it.” He ran his hand on her arm and slowly lifted up both of her sweater’s sleeve to the length of her elbows.

It’s not his first time seeing some bruises on her skin, but it always painful for him to see the fresh ones.

“You bleed? It wasn’t there yesterday.” He grazed several strikes of wound in her right hand.

“It’s healing, don’t worry.” She shoved his hand away before she lowered her sleeve.

“It should be taken care of. Let’s go to my house, I’ll wrap it up in bandages..”

“Forget it.” She cut his words sharply. “It’s embarrassing already, I don’t need you to make me feel worse.”


“I’ll grow up soon enough.” She said, “Once I’m eighteen I will get out of that house, I will study hard so I can get a great job. Just wait and see, one day I will be so successful and I’m going to make you proud—and I will make her regret whatever she did to me and my father.”

He took her arms then pulled them quickly to trapped her in his embrace then wraped his arms around her while patting her shoulder repeatedly. “You will, I’m sure you will be an even greater person one day, Seulri-ya. But if you feel like you can’t bear it any longer, just come to me okay? Even though I don’t live that close anymore, you just come to me and I promise I’ll take care of you.”

She sank her face in the curve of his neck to takes in his scent that always brought comfort to her. “I’m sorry oppa.”

“What for?”

“Burdening you with my difficulties. You should have a nice romantic high school love story with someone that only have exam as her problems.”

He caressed her shoulder-length hair softly, “But I’m attracted to you, what can I do about it?”

She tighten her wraps around his waist and finally allows her tears to fall on his shoulder. “I can’t wait to grow up, oppa.”

He let her pour all of her restlessness on his shoulders as she cries silently. Kyuhyun allowed her to cry her heart out and he only spoke after she’s gotten calm again.

“What will you do when you grow up?” He gave some distance in their bodies to look into her face as he ran his finger under her eyes to wipe her tears.

Seulri smiled widely and her face blushed at once. “I’m not telling you, I’m too shy.”

“Ey! Tell me.” He pinched her cheek.

“Don’t laugh.” She wiped her remaining tears with the back of her palm while staring at him with her most devious look, “I will be angry if you laugh.”

“Try me.”

“I’ll grow up and I’ll be your wife.” She put down her head quickly after she finisheed her words. Seulri bit her lips to hide her embarrassment and she didn’t dare to look into his face.

He, at the same time was taken aback by her simple and innocent answer. He didn’t need to think for his next action, Kyuhyun placed his fingers underneath her chin and gently lifted her face up to look into him. He smiled to the sight of her face that’s becoming red and he couldn’t resist her charm anymore.

Kyuhyun lowered his head to slowly reaching into her as he clumsily brusheed his lips against hers. The moment their lips touched were the moment where the world around them disappeared, they couldn’t hear the summer wind that blew into them, they couln’t hear the sound of cars that passed by, the only thing they could listen to were their own crazy thumping heartbeats in their chests.

He pulled himself away from her after a while, slightly feeling shy but feeling glad at the same time. His girlfriend was still closing her eyes and her rosy cheeks told him that she’s just as nervous as he was. Seulri opened her eyes after his lips no longer pressed against hers and she automatically lowered her gaze to her foot.

“Oppa, you just— you just stole my first kiss.” She stuttered while still trying to get a hold of her crazy beating heart.

Kyuhyun smiled then glued their foreheads together, slightly forced her to look at him. “What can I say, it’s only fair since you also stole mine.” He chuckled. “You can’t give your kiss to another man, okay? You said so yourself that you’ll be my wife, so from now on you can only look at me.”

She grinned shyly, “You too, don’t waver even though there are many pretty medical students in your campus. Always remember that I’m waiting for you here, ne?”

He nodded. “You’re home to me Seulri-ya. Of course I’ll always return to you.” He whispered so close to her lips before he gave her another kiss to remember.



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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    This was one of the sweet moment for Seulri but I’ve got a big hole in my heart. What pain she felt about her mother’s attitude and her boyfriend would go far from her.. Big Sigh! her mother never has a dialogue paft here *or not yet* but I’ve already hate her! Sabar.. sabar.. 😛

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