(Eng.) Final Call – 2 [When They Were Young]


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon


Their rush to the hospital is caught up by some traffic, while she’s fighting for her life, another people are having some late summer festival that caused the very congestion on the main road. One drug after another is being injected into her and she can’t really make sense of their names. He must have known about it, if he’s here with her, he’ll begin to lecture her about those drugs and its function in her system. 

When the ambulance pulls over in front of the emergency room, some other doctors are ready to roll her gurney and some others starting to evaluate her. The paramedic that follows her earlier now shouting some medical terms and numbers that’s beyond her comprehension, the brighter light in the alley hurts her eyesight and for a second she thinks she begins seeing things again.

She just saw the memory of her first day of high school being played in her mind like and old movie and now his face is still lingering in her sight. She can hear her name is being called and she believes she’s about to watch another episode of her memory. But why is his voice sounds so loud and clear? As if he’s standing right beside her.

“Seulri-ya! Can you hear me? You have to stay awake!” His voice breaks into the edge of her unconsciousness.

“Sir, you’re not allowed to be here.” A woman’s voice is on alert.

“I’m a surgeon.” He takes his ID and shows it to her, “I work in Seoul Hospital, I know this person, her name is Kang Seulri she’s my neighbor and I have to be by her side. I’m all she has now, please don’t send me away. I won’t interrupt your procedures; I’ll just stay beside her and keeps her to open her eyes.”

Seulri lifts her eyes to the source of his voice and her heart flickers in the sight of his worry face that’s begging to be let in. He takes his attention back into her after he’s cleared in the E.R, leaning closer on her right side to keep talking to her.

“Seulri-ya! Whatever you do, you can’t go to sleep, understand? Look at me.” He follows the rest of the doctors that surround her. “Just look at me and everything will be fine, okay?”

She blinks slowly, letting him know that she can hear him but she can’t make words with her mouth. She tries to mumble—but nothing, with the pipe blocking her breathing tube she won’t be able to utter a word.

“What’s going on with her?” A raspy voice interrupts the other doctors.

“Kang Seulri, victim of a car accident, blunt-force trauma to the head, chest and abdomen and also an open skull fracture.” The woman’s voice explains. “Persistent hypertension after two liters of saline. Pulse is thready at 130.”

“Get me four units of bloods.” The owner of the raspy voice now stands really close to her head; she can see the man in his mid-fifty with curly gray hair is looking intensely for something on her head. “Bad MVD, had to be extracted.”

She takes a glance from the corner of her eyes to the only comfort she has in the room. The man beside her that keeps staring at her with his teary eyes.

“It’s okay, they’ll help you.” He convinces her, knowing she must be really scared at the moment, being surrounded by doctors in green scrubs with some foreign words she doesn’t understand.

Her lips are moving uncontrollably while she’s trying so hard to make a sound, she tries to lifts her hand to touch him but it’s restrained by a belt that’s hanging from the side of her bed. In her desperate measure she tries to mouth her word to him but she really can’t control her movement anymore.

Kyuhyun looks deeply into her eyes, searching for some clue to calm her a little bit. She must be very scared and she’s currently in a massive pain. He feels like somebody is reaping his heart out from him once he really looks through her eyes. He’s known her long enough to be able to translate her emotion that she delivers: She’s scared, she’s screaming inside, and she’s angry with her state. But what hurts him the most is the dimmed resigned look that consumes her—she’s about to give up, and he can’t let that happen.

“Doctor, the paramedic informed that she positively lost consciousness at the scene and she’s poorly responsive.” The woman doctor continues to explain her situation. “GCS[1] of 10 and the way she blinks to our questions tells she’s still pretty responsive.”

“Kang Seulri-ssi, can you hear us? If you can, please blink once.” The old doctor tests her vital.

She blinks once as asked yet feeling another heavy pull from her eyelids.

“Eye opening to speech, loss of verbal skills, possible bleeding in the brain, pupils are equal and reactive.” The old doctor confirms.

She can hear a rolling tray is push towards her, the next thing she sees are four bagful of red solution that she concludes as blood. How much blood has she lost? Why does it take that much to replace it?

“Seulri-ya, just look at me, don’t look at anything else just look at me and I promise everything will be fine. They will fix you, you’ll be okay soon enough, okay?” His tears flowing freely from his eyes, knowing that he just lied to her just to keep her fighting spirit intact.

He knows that she had enough for over the week, she’s overcome every hardship heaven could throw into somebody’s shoulder and she was just crawling out from her suffering when he decided to shattered her into pieces.

It was too much, he was too much.

The look in her eyes clearly tells him that she’s tired already—she’s tired reaching out to him, tired to try to make things right, and tired of the idea of living altogether.

With the chaos around her, she once again nodded off from her consciousness. She’s half-aware of his voice that keeps calling her name beside her, but she can’t fight the force in her eyes. She falls into the darkness one more time.

And the old movie begins playing one more time in her head.




In between all schools she’s enrolled to, this one was probably the best one so far. After two months living in the city, she finally understood the bright alley that won’t cause her any harm, she also found a new friend whom she could have lunch with, her comprehension of the lesson began to get easier and one best thing of all is that she had this sunbae that always waited for her in front of the main gate whenever the school ended.

Ever since he helped her to run away from the drunkards, Kyuhyun had been finding excuses to get close to the stunningly beautiful hoobae that attracted his attention. He once promised himself that he won’t get involved in any kind of romance during his senior year, because he’d need the rest of his free time to study hard if he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a surgeon just like his parents. Kang Seulri managed to change his mind within seconds after he met her and he’s trying his subtle way to make way into her heart these days.

The girls he’s waiting for was approaching her steps towards him, completed with a big smile on her face while her hand was waiving at him. Kyuhyun lifted his arm to waived back and he waited until she’s right beside him before he took a step to walk her home.

“Are you waiting for me again, sunbae-nim?” She asked innocently.

“Ey, who knows you might get lost still.” He smirked coolly, “I’m just trying to make sure that it won’t happen again to you.”

“But it’s not even dark.” She pointed to the sky, “I can find my way home now, you don’t have to worry so much. But thank you for your consideration.”

“Ng? So you don’t want me to walk you home?” He stopped his steps and turned around to see her with a forced frown on his face. “I’m offended now.” He placed his hand on his left chest.

“A-ani, that’s not what I mean.” She lifted both of her hand and made a wavy gesture, “It’s just that you told me that you have to go to your courses and this takes your time away.”

He smiled, slightly feeling glad because she took his activities into her consideration, “It’s okay, I have some time.”

She smiled back and continued walking beside him. She’s been enjoying his attention for some time now, it’s not the kind of sweet things that she read in a book or anything but it still got her the butterfly feeling in her tummy. The fact that he’s been sparing his time to get her home and sometimes helped her with her bags if it looks too heavy for her to carry, or just the way he greeted her with full confident when they meet in the hallway. Seulri had a lot of guys that’s done more than that for her, but none ever came across to the sincerity she feels from him.

“Ah, the ice cream guy is here. Let’s buy some ice cream before we go home.” Kyuhyun pointed to the public park near their neighborhood.

“Ng? It’s autumn and you want to eat ice cream?” She widened her eyes.

He nodded convincingly, “You drink hot tea when it’s hot outside and you eat ice cream when it’s cold. Something about making your body temperature adapting to the outside, therefore you won’t feel so cold or hot.”

“And you learn that from?”

“Some article in my father’s bookshelves.” He chuckled, “One day I’ll be a surgeon like him and my mom, so I have to learn very early. I already understand most human anatomy and muscle, so believe me in trivial stuff like this one.” He added proudly, “Come on, let’s get some ice cream.” He braced himself to took her hand and pulled her into the park.

The moment their skin touched each other’s was the moment she felt a fast electric shock travelling from her palm to the rest of her body. Her face blushed and she could feel how hot her cheeks were at the time, but her heart felt so light and she’s fighting a smile that curled automatically on her lips.

“What flavor do you like?” he turned his head to face her once they reached the ice cream truck—with his hand still holding hers.

“Either vanilla or chocolate.” She shyly answered while avoiding his eyes.

He took his hand away from her and got both of them chocolate ice creams, paid for it then gave one for her before he took her hand again and led her to sit in one of the park bench.

They licked their ice creams in silence. He’s busy thinking about his next move and she’s busy calming her heartbeat.

“Sunbae-nim, thank you for this.” She finally spoke up. “You’re right it’s now less chilly after I eat the ice cream.”

Kyuhyun smiled at her and brought his gaze back into staring at his own feet, “Seulri-ya, can you stop calling me that?”


“Sunbae-nim, I don’t really like the sound of it.” He held the ice cream in his hand tighter to hide his nervous trembling hands.

“But you are my sunbae and it’s the proper way to call you.”

He bit his lip and gave himself courage to deliver his meaning, “Can you call me ‘oppa’ instead?”

She stunned in her seat while trying to avoid looking directly into his eyes. He’s staring at her with a warm look that delivered his unspoken word to her—his hope, his hesitation, his doubt, and his fear.

After she calmed herself a little bit, she finally looks at him with a smile that she couldn’t hide anymore, seeing him being as nervous as she was became another bonus for her. Could it be he’s about to confess to her?


“You don’t want to?” His flustered expression was shown clearly. “I-I.. sorry.. I..”

“But we’re not..” She couldn’t continue her word, it’ll be too awkward if she finished that.

“Ah, you mean we’re not..” He nodded to confirm that he clearly understood what she meant. Kyuhyun cleared his throat and continued, “What if we are? What if from today onward we become something other than sunbae-hoobae?” He ran his hand across his hair to deliver his own frustration, why was it so hard for him to confess to her. “You see, the thing is.. I like you, I like you a lot.”

Seulri bit her lips to hide the big grin she’s about to paint on her face.

“I want to walk you home every day without having to find excuses while doing so, I want those other boys to stop flirting with you, I—I want us to be something closer than we are.” He looked down to his feet, he couldn’t see her expression because he’s afraid that she’d reject him right away. “But I can’t force my way to you, that’s why I ask nicely and wondering if you share the same feeling as I do.”

She smiled from ear to ear, out of all confessions she ever received, his was the most sincere. Most boys would just roughly ask her to date them, gave love letter for her, or just kept doing nice things for her without ever telling their feeling and intention.

Kyuhyun’s confession was sweet for her, because he considered her feeling and of course because she felt the same way also.

“If I went overboard you can just tell me, you know?” He’s still staring at his feet, “I will apologize right away. I didn’t mean to make it awkward..”

“Oppa.” She uttered one word then smiles again.

Kyuhyun lifted his face in disbelieve. “Did you just?”

“Oppa, I think I can learn to call you that.” she bit her lips and quickly covered her face with her ice cream-free hand, “Oh my God, it’s so embarrassing. My face must have been so red right now.”

His worry soon turned into a huge smile, “So you’ll be my girlfriend?” He made his statement clearer to avoid any misunderstanding.

She nodded while still hiding her blushing face.

Kyuhyun took her hand from her face and shifted his seat closer to her, “Don’t cover your face like that, please, I’m just as red as you are.” He giggled to gave her some comfort, “this is my first time ever confessing to a girl and I didn’t think it’ll be this nerve-wrecking.”

She took her hand off her face and looked closely into the boy in front of her. He’s right, his face was blushing also and she’s not the only one that experiencing any weird shivering in her body—his hands were trembling too. He’s just as nervous as she was and it’s comforting to know that she’s not the only clueless one here.

That day, she remembered as the happiest day in her life—and she’s not exaggerating. It’s the only right decision she ever made in her entire life and she never regretted that she accepted his heart. Because Cho Kyuhyun was the best guy she could ever took in her arm, beside his sincere heart, he had another value that made her slowly became dependent on him.

Kyuhyun always spared his time for her no matter how intense his upcoming exams were going to be, he made sure that he could make her smile at least once in a day, he didn’t mind helping her to catch up with some lessons she’s lacking in, and he constantly proved her that he was the best guy that deserved to have her by his side.

Their story began in a spooky dark alley where she once threatened and it continued on during their high school years. What began as a clueless and innocent romance, slowly turn into a relationship where they both begin to share their deepest dreams and secrets.

She soon learnt that he’s the first child of a doctor’s family and all of his first cousin were studying to be a doctor or preparing themselves to be. He also had a younger sister that’s 10 years younger than he was and according to him, his parents also began teaching her some biology trivia just to get her interest into the matters. To Seulri, he seemed like a person that already has his future in his hand. All he needed to do was follow the path that’s been laid out for him and be the person that he wanted to be.

Unlike her.

In the first six months of their relationship, Sulri had been trying to hide her family bio away from him. She never invited him into her house when he walked her home, she avoided meeting him on parent-teacher day at school, she would talk big about her mother that’s a civil servant and she’d say that her father is a proud stay-at-home dad that’s really a good cook.  She’s not embarrassed by her family but she’s not proud of them either. Compare to the great family he has, she felt the need to keep her background low key.

Kyuhyun didn’t mind with her family background, he once taught by his father that not all family worked as well as theirs and that he should always be grateful that he was born into a well-functioning family.

However, he would sometimes see some bruises on her arms of feet that it begins to raised questions in his mind. When they went out long enough, he finally braced himself to ask the question about the bruises on her body, and that’s the first time Seulri ever cried in front of him. She already ashamed of her dysfunctional family and now she had to explain to her boyfriend that her mother was a violent alcoholic, something that’s the complete opposite of his perfect and harmonious family.

That day, he saw another dimension of her, which was she’s not just a beauty without some struggle, he was touched by how strong she overcame something that bothered her, and managed to chin up then pretend like nothing happened.

That day he also saw how fragile she actually was, and he vowed to himself that he’d protect her better and that he’d be her home whenever she needed somebody to run to ever since.

Kyuhyun held her tightly in his embrace the night she confessed about her broken family, then he softly whispers in her ear that he’d be there for her no matter what, he’d always protect her and that she can always find him whenever she’s about to break down.

That’s a vow he still trying to keep until he ruined it for her tonight.



[1] Glasgow Coma Scale, scoring system to describe one’s level of consciousness


2 thoughts on “(Eng.) Final Call – 2 [When They Were Young]

  1. bluecat says:

    This just Part 2…. Yet, i know this just gonna be another win-my-heart-story.

    That early sweet lovey dovey moment sucessfully brought me into tears for its perfectly describe the beauty of pure love.

    Thank you for writing such beautiful Part 2 😊

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  2. Seo HaYeon says:

    I was like watching surgery in K-drama at the first passage wkwk 😛 It remains me a lot_ wkwkwk Yeah Sometimes I declared as victim of it kkkkk. 😛 Their beginning story was so pure and innocent… It such a big mountain throwing up the Seulri’s life when the story began so pathetic_ Ouch… my heart…. I need some bandages boxes to wrap my heart in order preparing myself watching the next ep. of this awesome story! 😀 😀

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