(Eng.) Final Call – 1 [First Impression]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

Her sight that’s been clouded with tears begins to clears up now the more she blinks. The bright light that approaches toward her direction earlier is still on her left side, surely helps to bring some new perspective to her situation. She blinks one more time to make sure her eyesight doesn’t fool her, what’s supposed to be a dark road in front of her has turned into flashes of her most cherished moments in her life. The hard impact she just gotten earlier seemed to have took her into a trance that takes her into her childhood when she was still a cute lovely little girl that slowly transformed into a beautiful grown up and it continue to lead her path into the event that took place earlier tonight.

She regains her senses slowly.

First the long sound of car horn that begins to disturb her hearing. Next thing she feels is the heaviness in her head, like she’s pulled by the gravity in the wrong direction. She can’t move a muscle but from the corner of her eyes she notices that the ground is now above her, instead of under. With her remaining power, she holds the phone that’s still in her hand tighter and moves her thumb to try to dial her “number one speed-dial”.

The person answers on the third ring, but it’s not the person she’s hoping to answer.

“Oenni, it’s Ahra. Oppa is grabbing something for dinner. I’ll tell him you called.” His younger sister answers for him.

She tries to open her mouth to speak but it is filled with the warm and sticky bitter substance that vaguely smells like iron. She breathes in only to chokes out from all the liquids that filled her cavities, the pain in her chests doesn’t make her situation any better. A loud knock on her left gets her attention, she tries one more time to turn her neck to let the knocker knows that she’s still alive.

“Oenni? Are you there?” The sound of his dongsaeng’s voice heard from her phone. “Ah, oppa is here, I’ll give the phone to him.”

She can picture his sister’s steps quickly reaching towards him to hands out his phone, telling him that she calls—despite how huge their argument had gotten overboard earlier tonight.

“Ne, Seulri-ya?”

A weak smile draws on her face and her tears fills in her eyes one more time. This could be the perfect way to end this, at least she can hear his beautiful voice for one last time now.

The knocker tells her to try to cover her head as he’ll try to break the glass in order to take her out. She doesn’t care, she can’t even move her tongue to tell him how she feels, how would she able to protect her head.

A thumping sound of a blunt object on her left slowly fades out, she chokes one more time when she tries to breathe in the summer air that finally welcomes her from the big hole the knocker managed to create in order to get her out.

“Aggashi! Can you hear me?” Her helper’s voice is fading out no matter how close his mouth is to her ears.

She moves her eyes quickly from the bulky figure that’s now trying to bring her out of the upside down car to the hoist of her seatbelt that’s still attached to her.

“Seulri-ya, Gwenchana?” The person she calls sounds worry enough now.

She feels her stiff body is being held as someone cut open the seatbelt that’s restraining while at the same time holds her to her seat. The amount of blood she’s loosing has slowly takes her consciousness away, and she still says her grace for his voice that still calls out her name before everything else slowly turn black.




Her body is lying flat on the semi-warn tarmac by the roadside. She can’t feel anything as she constantly feels like she’s being drags around in between her consciousness. One minute she opens her eyes and the next, she lost her ground all over again.

She still able to hear a distance voice of him from her phone, she wants to tell him what just happened to her yet she can’t respond to anything and her cavities are filled with this thick fluid that she’s sure is her blood. The one that just pulled her out of her car heard the continuous calling from the cellphone in her hand and he answers to the person in the other end.

“Y-yeoboseyo? Do you know this person?” He stutters to the phone, trying to find a clue about the person whose car he just crashed earlier.

“Who are you?”

“I just ran my truck against her car, it’s my fault.” He begins to cry from the painful realization, “I called ambulance, they’re supposed to be here..”


“We-we’re near Incheon. I’m sorry, oh God, I’m sorry I nodded off and sped up along the curve.”


The crasher controls his cries and slaps himself to regain some sense in his head, he messed up already, the least he can do now is to help his victim. “She’s—she’s still breathing and she’s blinking weakly.” He takes a look at her, “Aggassi, can you hear me? Please nod if you can hear me.”

She tries to move the muscle of her neck, but failed the attempt at once so she just blinks.

“IS SHE RESPONSIVE? KEEP TALKING TO HER! WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T LET HER BLACK OUT!” Kyuhyun startups his engine and begins driving.

“But she’s continuously waking up and blacking out, there’re a lot of bloods coming from her mouth.” The crasher still stutters.


Kyuhyun takes his earphone and keeps talking to the crasher to guides him on some emergency steps to do to her. He unusually drives like a lunatic, but tonight is an exception. She needs him—no—he needs her to be exact. And earlier tonight he just crushed her heart into unmendable pieces, tonight is the night he decided to attack her with every mean word he could throw out of his mouth and he needs to apologize for that. She has to know that he was just caught up in the heat of the moment and didn’t mean any of his words—especially his last sentence before everything went wrong.

“The paramedic is here.” The crasher informs him, “They’re taking us to the nearest hospital—the Student Hospital.”

“I’ll meet you there, don’t try to run away.”

He swifts the gear in the car and presses his right foot further to the floor of his car, going full throttle as he takes a turn into the highway to reach into her place.

She, in the other hand is now fighting hard to stay awake. Her body’s being lift up onto the gurney and the little lift has cause more blood burst out from her mouth that’s beyond her control. What once dark now suddenly so full of light when she drags into the ambulance. The people who are in the car with her begin to lay their hands on her body, searching for every vital sign and the indication of her trauma. Her clothes are being ripped off to easy their access to her abdomen and she doesn’t feel like she needs to be shameful for it. It happens every night for her anyway—men ripping off her outfit for their pleasure, so why would she feel uncomfortable when they’re tearing her clothes to save her life.

“Aggassi, can you breathe normally for me?” One man with white scrub speaks loudly to get her attention.

She can’t respond but she tries to breathe in—and immediately chokes with the liquid that still fills her pipe.

“Prepare the tube for tracheostomy; her windpipe is blocked with blood.” The paramedic works quickly and moments later she can feel the acute pain on her neck as they cut her to insert the tube to help her breathe.

She’s still doing her best effort to stay awake, the massive pain on her body doesn’t really help but her determination to see him does. She knows he’s on his way to see her, she bets he must be feeling really guilty now after what he said earlier, and she’ll stick around for some more to hear his apology—she can beat this, she can rebound from this catastrophe, she will survive her accident.

But why she keeps on seeing the fragments of her memories flashing in front of her? People say, when you’re near the end, your life will replay right before your eyes, is this what she’s seeing now? Will she die now without having another chance to see him? She lets the pain that fondles her body becomes her anchor to reality. She can’t let herself fall for the flashes of memories, not yet—not before she sees him.

Her eyelids feel too heavy for her to keep them open, so she thought to herself to rest a little while before she opens them again.

Immediately, the scene from ten years back plays in her mind.


First day of school was always something Kang Seulri dreaded the most, by the age of sixteen, she had changed to almost six different schools. Her mother was a civil servant and her job required them to move from one province to another from time to time. They’re moving to Seoul this time around and it only made her more tensed because she heard a lot of bullying took place in the city.

Seulri took a look into her mirror, studied her own appearance and tried to mess her hair for some more. One of the reasons why bullies attracted to her was because her natural beauty that stood out among the rest of the student. She’s only sixteen but her figure was already above average and her height was growing still, whenever any school ceremony takes place, she’d always placed to line up on the back of the row because she’s the tallest in her class. The rest of her appearance didn’t help her to disguise herself into the average high school girls either, her tall figure was perfected with enough curve in the perfect spots, obviously stole more attention towards her—although she still could trick her way to hide her assets with baggy clothing.

But she couldn’t hide her face.

She also gifted with every perfect feature one’s face could get, her almond eyes that pierce brightly whenever she smiles, the high cheekbones made it so effortlessly easy for her to stun in the crowd, the sharp V-shape chin made her a perfect template for any natural beauty that’s described by the plastic surgery business, and her thin lips pursed perfectly to add more dimension on her already perfect face. She was the person that made everyone turned twice, and once they did, they’d hardly take their gaze away from her.

Seulri put her glasses on and toook a deep breath before she grabbed her schoolbag. She’s done her best attempt to look ‘usual’ today and she really wished her effort paid-off. When she got out of her room, her mother has left for work and her father was preparing a lunchbox for his only daughter to bring into her new school.

“Appa, you don’t have to. I’m a high school student now.” She smiled to her father and gave him a hug. “But thank you, those kimbab looks mouthwatering.”

“Here, have some before you go.” Her father took one already cut roll and shoved it to her mouth.

“You too appa.” She took one from the cutting board and fed her father. “Omo, it’s really good!”

“Why are you wearing those glasses? You don’t have impaired eyesight.” Her father pointed his finger to the bold thing that frames her eyes.

“Keunyang, don’t I look uglier this way?” She grinned happily. “I can’t stand out, appa. I don’t wanna be bullied in my first day of school.”

“Aish, stupid girl, every girl is trying to fix their feature to get what you have and you’re trying to get uglier.” He shook his head and clucked his tongue.

“I’m almost late now,” She ignored his responses then grabbed the lunchbox he prepared for her, “Thank you for this, I’ll eat it well. See you after school!” She kissed his cheek and ran towards the front door to fasten her steps towards her new school.

As expected, enrolling in mid semester had forced her to awkwardly introduced herself and she successfully made the girls in her class rolled their eyes out of jealousy and all the boy’s jaw dropped in awe. As she finished to acknowledge herself, her teacher pointed three empty seats for her to choose and the class got chaotic at once because all the boys with empty seat beside them offered their space, but she picked one near the window—at least she can glance towards the field if she gets bored.

Despite some attention she got, her first day in this new school went as smooth as she hoped. She didn’t have that much difficulties to catch up with the lesson, she didn’t have to felt left behind during the lunch time thanks to her father that packed her lunch earlier, and she could go home freely after the bell rang without having to encounter some cynical seniors on her way out—to sum up, this was actually the best first day of school ever for her.

Coming from small town, it had made her so full in awe with her surroundings. Back where she came from, there were only two bookstores, one 24-hours store and one game arcade where most of the student would gather after school. But here in Seoul, she already stumbled upon three bookstores on her way back home. She ignored one book store after another but one Sailor Moon comic display had made her turn around, she took her steps inside the book store and the time suddenly ran so fast before she knew it.

She finished reading several comic books when the store keeper told her to go home because they’re closing after ten and she gasped in panic once she realized she spent that much time to sink her face in the comic books. She bowed apologetically to the keeper and took her light steps quickly to go home, in her heart she wished her mother hasn’t come yet because she’d get in trouble if she came so late.

Finding her way home in the city wasn’t easy since she’s only been here less than a week, the amount of narrow alley along Seoul’s hilly landscape also adds to her confusion to find her way home. Panic began to get into her nerve when she took a wrong turn into some drunkards that was having a gathering in the dead-end alley. Seulri was aware of the kind of trouble she’d get if she didn’t react quickly, so she turned around to quicken her steps to find another road—anywhere but that dead-end alley with bunch of drunk ajjushi.

She only managed to took less than ten steps before her hand being grabbed from behind, the force from her handler had made her turned her whole body into his direction and she didn’t need to look to confirmed that it is one of the drunk men she saw earlier.

“What is a high school girl doing in this hour?” He talked really close to her nose and his alcohol breath really made her tummy swirled.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you ajjushi, I didn’t..” She tried to pull her arms away from his grabs but her handler was too strong.

“Ajjushi?!” He widen his eyes and spat on the ground, “Do I look that old to you, little girl? I’m a man in my prime age and you dared to call me ajjushi?! Come with me! Let me show you..”

“I’m sorry, please let me go.” She began to stutter in fear, it’s late and dark and she’s the only person that wasn’t influenced by alcohol. “HELP!”

“Aish! Shut up!” He clasped her mouth with his hand and roughly pushed her to the wall behind to pinned her body with his. “Omo, what’s that in your eyes? Is that tears? Why are you crying? I’m not going to hurt you, I’ll give you an unforgettable experience instead. Just close your eyes and enjoy the rest.”

She gave all of her strength to break free from the disgusting man in front of her but her power was nothing compare to his. Seulri tried all the tricks in the book about breaking free from any attacker but her attempt to bit his palm brought no success to push him away.

The man kept pressing his palm on her mouth while he began to grope her thigh as he pressed himself towards her. She wanted to scream and she couldn’t contain her tears when she felt a strange lump beneath his waist started to rub on the outside of her uniform. Seulri lifted her foot to try to attack the man in his sensitive part yet her move was strictly limited by his body that’s framing her.

As she began to lose hope, suddenly the clasp on her mouth loosened and his body that pressed onto hers lifted up. She heard a loud thump and a shriek of pain from the drunk ajjushi and the next thing she knew was her wrist being pulled roughly. She didn’t get a chance to think as the stranger that grabbed her hand now shouting at her, telling her to run as he kept on pulling her away from the crime scene. Seulri followed him, it’s better to run until she ran out of breath instead of having a drunk man laying his hand on her precious body.

She heard some screaming from behind, seemed like the drunkards were now chasing after them as the result of injuring their friends. They kept on running, entering one alley to another while trying to erased their track so the drunkards couldn’t follow, she just followed his steps in each turn he took, she bet he knew more about this area than herself and something calmed her down once she recognized a similarity between her and the one that’s pulling her wrist tightly that time—they’re wearing the same uniform, he must be coming from the same school as she was.

Fifteen minutes after their quick runaways, they finally stopped running as they both tried to catch their breath. Never in her life she felt like her lungs were burning painfully like this but she didn’t care, it’s still better than her other option.

“You.. okay?” The boy in front of her bowed down to placed both of his palms on his knees, he looked down to catch his breath while supporting himself.

Seulri nodded but then realize he couldn’t see her reaction, “Ne.” She heard her own shaky voice, “Thank… you..”

He lifted his body and stood straight again, moved his eyes to look at her closely and his jaw dropped in instant once he studied the beautiful girl in front of him. He didn’t know someone as stunning as she was went to the same school as him.

Seulri bowed to him, “Thank you, I almost bite my tongue to end my life right there.” She deepened her bow after her sentence.

“Why are you in that alley? It’s late at night and you’re a soft target for those drunkards.” He tried to look cool in front of her, pretend not to get influenced by her beauty.

“I-I’m lost, I’m new around here.” She bowed one more time, “I’m sorry I troubled you.”

He took some time to really capture his breathing and finally leaned onto the railing by the roadside. “I was on my way home. I saw you were in a hard position and you’re from my school so that makes it double responsibility for me to help out.”

She bit her lips not knowing what else to say except for her being grateful.

“What year are you?” He tried to be casual with her, to help erase the shock from her face.

“Freshman.” She took her gaze and dared herself to look into his eyes.

The boy that just saved her didn’t look like someone that could win a fight, his build was too thin to beat the bulky ajjushi earlier. He’s tall and had wide shoulders that made his school jacket looked really good on him, he had sharp looking eyes that pierced through hers as if he’s looking into her soul, his striking jawline framed his handsome face and he covered his big ears with the coverage of his messy hair. She took her time to adore the one in front of her while she’s questioning herself, ‘is this man in front of her look stunning because he just saved her or because he really is stunning’.

“You’re really new here?” He started another small conversation with her.

Seulri nodded, “Today is my first day of school.”

“Aish, that’s can’t be a good experience to get through in your first day.” He stood straight and took her school bag from her hand to hang it on his left shoulder, “Where do you live? Let me walk you home.”

“No, it’s okay. I can’t bother you more..”

“And I can’t run like we did for the second time tonight.” He cut her sharply, “I’m not going to harm you.” He gave a sign for her to follow him as he began to take some steps from their place.

“Thank you.”

“I’m your sunbae by the way, I’m in the senior year.” He stopped and turned to face her and reached out his hand, “I’m Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun.”

She looked at his hand and politely shook it back, “I’m Seulri, Kang Seulri. Thank you for saving me, Kyuhyun sunbae.” She added a smile at the end of her words.

His heartbeat went into a mess as he saw that beautiful smile. He was just going home from his night courses when he saw some offensive deed going on in the dark alley on his way home. He didn’t think he’d save someone strikingly pretty like her and he didn’t think her smile would affect him that much in first glance. But walking her home that night had become the best part of his long and tiring day.



5 thoughts on “(Eng.) Final Call – 1 [First Impression]

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    At the very beginning passage, I could feel Big stone on my heart… Final Call… It should be the very hard complicated plot… Can’t wait for the next part…. I’m loose at the first time read this story as before! I couldn’t bear myself to read another part, authornim…. 😀 😀

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  2. bluecat says:

    1st part … And its already has take my breath away impact.

    This gonna be another beautiful heart breaking story… Hopefully with happy ending just like OLS for im a mellow creature 😇

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