(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 17 (end)


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Short Chaptered, Romance, Sad

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

From his plain and planned life, Kyuhyun’s life turned into the life that’s going on as if he’s a main star in a movie. He always prepares for everything. One year ago, if somebody ask where he’s going to be next Thursday at 8 P.M he could answer that confidently and make sure he’ll show up. Having Han Sera beside him clearly has changed his patterns—but he doesn’t mind about that.

A month after Sera’s big surgery, the doctor allowed her to go home. She still needs regular checkup but she was psyched for the fact that she begins to be able to take care of herself. By the time she’s no longer need Kyuhyun’s help to wash her hair and Kyuhyun can breathe easier since he doesn’t have to constantly worried about Sera’s recklessness with any device anymore.

By the second month Sera’s new organ declared clear and she only needs to do her checkup once a month. Doctor Song even teased them that they could actually explored ‘their love’ more without having a fear that something might happened during their ‘activities’—which successfully turn both of their faces bright red since they’re not really having that much dirty thoughts in their mind by then. By this time, she’s continuously nagged Kyuhyun to buy her a lot of food that she liked. Kyuhyun gladly follows although he’s still being the goody two shoes that’s follows the ‘trans-fat chart’ her doctors gave him once she’s discharged.

Six months later, Sera has officially cured as her new heart really adjusting well into her body. The worries about organ rejection and sudden stroke has been erased and Kyuhyun can forget about the food chart he brings anywhere.

In winter, Kyuhyun took a lot of days off from his office to embrace summer in the other part of the world with Sera. He’s about to confront one of his biggest fear and kept his promised to Sera. They both flew to New Zealand to fulfill her wish to have the ultimate bungee jumping experience. To Kyuhyun, this was obviously something unforgettable.

They were tied up in the end of a same cable—they took the couple package because Sera believe Kyuhyun would faint if he had to do it all by himself—then she asked him to close his eyes and count to three and trust her for the rest. Kyuhyun didn’t need her order to close his eyes because that’s the first thing he did once they stood by the edge of the jumping platform. Kyuhyun obeyed her and started counting, but Han Sera hugged him tighter by the second count then she dropped their bodies into what seemed to be endless torture for Kyuhyun. He has been having trust issue with her ever since and he likes to throw this matter into her face whenever she begins to lure him into doing something dangerous.

Once they came from their holiday, Han Sera was no longer sleeping in her room that she rent to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun has sneaked his way to slowly moved her pillows one by one into his room and in the end asked her to officially moved in together. She had her doubts at first, but she really couldn’t picture the man that had stayed by her side through the most difficult time in her life will leave her or hurt her. That night, their relationship has moved further from the ridiculous landlord-tenant as both of them let themselves lost in each other’s’ touch.

One year after her surgery, he surprised her by resigning from his office and said that he’ll figure out a way to begins his own practice. Obviously Sera stands by his side and support whatever decision he made since she knew Kyuhyun always has bigger plans for himself—and for her.


Kyuhyun opens his eyes then adjust his sight to the dimmed lighting in the room. He turns to his left to take a look into his wrist watch that he put on top of his bed side table, It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. He turns to his right and says his thanks to heaven for having the woman that’s now sleeping peacefully next to him. Han sera’s head is hidden beneath the thick blanket and to Kyuhyun to be able to see her morning face is one of the most beautiful gift he could ever receive.

He moves closer to her and begins to pinches her cheek, her nose, and he doesn’t forget to give a quick kiss on her lips. Sera yawns and ignore him by turning her whole body away from Kyuhyun.

“Ya, wake up. We almost overslept.” He hugs her from behind.

“Ng. I’m still jetlagged Kyu. It’s not even dawn yet.”

“I know.” he gets up and flips Sera’s body by force. “We need to be ready before dawn. Come on wake up Sera-ya.”


“Wake up before I force you to.” He begins to tickles her. He knows she hates this and usually this trick works well.

Han Sera kicks her blanket away from her body in order to shoves Kyuhyun aside but he keeps on nagging her to open her eyes.

“Han Sera! You have to get up and I swear you won’t regret that for the rest of the day.” He holds her by her arms and tries pulls her into a seating position. Sera is one step smarter than he is when she quickly takes her arms from her sweater so Kyuhyun’s holding on into her sweater arms instead of to her. “Nice try.” Kyuhyun scoffs.

He gets up and rounds the bed to lift Sera from the bed and he carries her into the bathroom.

Sera wraps her arms—that she puts back into her sweater—around his neck and she leans into his chest while Kyuhyun’s carrying her into the bathroom. She’s awake, fully awake in fact. But she can’t resist not to tease him and she’s enjoying the extra attention she gets from Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun puts Sera down once they’re in the bathroom. She opens her eyes and from the reflection in the mirror she sees his sincere smiling face behind her.

“Good morning.” Sera turn her body then tiptoes to give him a peck on his cheek.

“We can’t be late today. We’ve come this far.” He takes the tooth brush and begins to brush his own teeth.

“Ng, dawn is at 5 Kyu, we have time.”

“Aish, it doesn’t hurt to arrive before the designated time Sera-ya.”

Sera doesn’t argue, she’s too used to his restlessness whenever he needs to be somewhere very early in the morning. so she takes her own tooth brush and begins to prepare herself also.

Both of them are now in Cappadocia, Turkey. They flew a thousand mile to complete Sera’s old wish list before she went under her ultimate surgery more than a year ago. She actually has forgotten about this but three days ago Kyuhyun surprise her with a couple of plane tickets that took them here. The plan today is to see the beautiful Turkish sunrise from a hot air balloon ride across the region. Sera was jumping excitedly once Kyuhyun revealed to her about their plan once they arrived, while Kyuhyun wasn’t as enthusiastic since he still has his fear of height.

As expected, there were the first ones that arrived in the designated place for the ride. They were too early and it was dark so there aren’t much to do except for Sera to continuously teases him. Kyuhyun’s mind is too occupied with other things so he doesn’t really paid attention to what Sera’s saying to him. He has his own problem to take care of at the moment and during the forty-five minutes of them waiting, he continuously having a monologue in his head.

They are finally airborne before five o’clock. Sera bravely stands by the edge of the basket while Kyuhyun prefers to stands near the operator that’s controlling the fire to lift the hot air balloon.

“Kyu!” Sera shouts at him. “Come here, you can’t enjoy the beautiful vies from there.” She waives her hand to lure him to stand nearer.

I am enjoying a beautiful view of you, Han Sera. “Shireo! I have trust issue when it comes to you and your crazy ideas of fun.”

Sera steps closer to him then she takes his hand in hers to link their fingers together. “I won’t put you in danger Kyu, we have no safety belts whatsoever here, so I won’t get crazy and push you down.”

Kyuhyun smirks. “And you think that convinced me.” But he lets her take him stand closer to the edge of the basket. Sera’s right the view is clearer.

Both of their jaws drop as the sun finally raises from behind the rocky hills and begins to show the contrasting light grey rocks beneath them with the majestic orange and blue sky above them. Sera cups her mouth and she feels like she’s about to cry to be given a chance to witness one of the most amazing thing she’s ever seen in her life.

Kyuhyun takes a deep breath while preparing himself to proceed with his plan. He takes the moment when Sera’s fascinated in awe to take the little thing he prepared in his pocket. He steps closer to Sera while he’s gripping the little round object in his fist as he prepared himself to say the speech he’s been playing in his monologue over and over again.

He uses his one hand to hold onto the edge of the basket—as determined he is with his plan; he really can’t get rid of his fear of height—and he begins to take several deep breaths to calm himself.

“Sera-ya.” He finally speaks up.

Sera turns her head with her teary eyes.

“Ya, are you crying?”

She shakes her head. “Happy tears.” She shed her own tears and turns her gaze back to the amazing view displayed in front of them. “It’s so magical and I’m so grateful I get a chance to witness this.”

Suddenly the hot air balloon shakes vigorously and force both of them to hold on to the only surface available in front of them—the edge of the basket. Kyuhyun quickly puts both of his hands onto the rim and squeezed it as hard as he could. Sera instinctively wraps her arms around Kyuhyun as she pulls them down to lay low instead of exposing themselves to danger.

“Wh—what’s happening?” He lost his cool and begins stuttering.

Moments later the fly is smooth again as if nothing happened.

“Sorry, it’s the turbulence. Sometimes that happens. Are you both okay?” The operator kneels beside them to make sure his guesses are fine.

Sera nods and points him to go back to his place. She’ll feel much safer if the man keeps holding on into the fire hose instead of chitchatting with them.

“Kyu are you okay?” She cups her hands on Kyuhyun’s face that’s looking so pale. “It was just a turbulence, we’re fine.” She adds encouraging smile.

She helps him to get up and quickly asks the operator to fly lower so Kyuhyun will feel less tense.

Kyuhyun looks at his hands and realized that the ring he prepared for her is gone. He was just holding it moment ago and suddenly the ring vanished. He lowers himself and begins looking for the ring, it’s not supposed to be too far from where he and Sera stood earlier. He carefully scans the floor of the basket inch by inch but he really can’t see the silver ring he prepared for her.

Could it be falling freely into the ground outside their basket?

Kyuhyun lift his hands to his head and begins to pulls his hair out of frustration. He laughs to himself for the ridiculous thing that just happened to him. He prepared to propose to her twice in his whole life, how could his fate be this cruel? The first proposal was a ‘no-go’ since Sera already engaged, now the second one is a failure because he lost the ring. Kyuhyun laughs cynically to himself.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Sera stands next to him. “Are you okay? You’re not in shock are you?” She asks him innocently for she really had no idea about Kyuhyun’s grand plan for her.

No, she never knew. She never knew how much he prepared himself in the old days to go down on his knees and ask her. Today is just the same, Sera never knew that Kyuhyun has a hidden agenda to propose to her while they’re flying the hot air balloon over the mesmerizing view of Cappadocia.

Well, a plan is just a plan.

“I’m fine.” He looks at her and pulls her closer to him. “As long as you’re beside me, I’ll be fine.” He chose to forget about the ring and forget about the rest of his proposal and took the ‘accident’ as a sign from heaven that it’s not his time to ask that question just yet.

Sera slips her hands beneath his jacket and wraps him closer. “Kyu, thank you so much. You have no idea how happy I am right now. I feel like my heart could jump out of its socket from the excitement I feel.” She sinks her head deeper on his chest.

“So I figure you like this hot air balloon ride.”

“I love it! I love it so much.” She pushes herself and tiptoes to get her face closer to his, “and I love you.” She feels her face gets hot once she confessed her feeling to him so she hides her nervousness by giving Kyuhyun the sweet kiss the man deserves.

The moment he hears Sera’s true feeling for him is the moment Kyuhyun feels he’s been floating in cloud nine. Staying by her side and having her around him was enough to put a smile on his face. But now, having the woman of his dream embracing him then says she loves him, Kyuhyun feels like he already has the whole world in his hand.


Another day in Turkey were spent by Sera and Kyuhyun with a culinary adventure. Sera’s aware that the turbulence that happened the other day has really shaken Kyuhyun, since she never saw him that pale, so she’s been avoiding any kind of activities that involve getting into high places in order to keep Kyuhyun calm.

This afternoon they take a stroll around the local market to get their hands on the legendary Turkish ice cream. As expected, the seller played around with their ice cream for almost a minute until he finally gave them their ice cream. As the expert in dessert, Sera widens her eyes once she tastes the creamy texture coating her taste bud.

“Oh wow, it’s smooth!” She lifts her thumbs to Kyuhyun which he replies with his thumb also.

“Worth the wait.”

“Exactly.” She takes another bites. “What else should we try?”

“Hmm, honestly I don’t know. I don’t know about you, but I prefer Italian food than Turkish.” Kyuhyun licks his ice cream like a little boy.

“Shall we go find pizzeria instead of kebab? It’s almost dinner time anyway.”

“You don’t mind?”

“It’s food and it’s good, I don’t care where it comes from.” She slips her hand in the elbow of his arm. “Come on, that part of the market seems more crowded. I’ll get my hands on some of Turkish carpet to décor our house.”

Kyuhyun’s grinning widely once he heard Sera begins declaring their belongings, to him that shows how she erased the distance they used to have in the early time of their relationship.

“Don’t pick the ones with the loud pattern, it won’t match with the room.”

“Aish, time to redecorate our room anyway. Aren’t you tired of monochromatic tones? We’re in another part of the world that appreciates colors, we should embrace the culture and bring some back into our home.”

“In the form of a carpet?”

“And some pillow cases!” She points to the pillow case seller in the corner and quickly releases her hand from Kyuhyun before she drags herself to the shop.

Kyuhyun watches her from a distance while his own gaze is focused on the jeweler on the opposite of the pillow case shop. He doesn’t know if he’s being too stubborn or what but he feels like he should try his luck at least one last time—or maybe for one last time while they’re abroad.

He finishes his ice cream and begins to step closer to the shop, his eyes are dancing in between the jewelries displayed on the cart. Some of the design were too much to Sera’s taste and he knows that, he always picked the ring with the less decoration because he knows Sera doesn’t like anything that’s too excessive. Some of the rings he sees are too big for her long and bony finger and some of the colors are absolutely a ‘no’ for her taste.

He keeps on browsing until his gaze lands on a simple silver ring that has a little oval emerald on top of it. compare to the rest of the rings displayed on the cart, this ring obviously stands out for its beauty in simplicity and elegance—just like Han Sera in his eyes. Kyuhyun picks up the ring to examine closer.

“Kyuhyun-a, look what I got.” Sera shouts and lifts some pillow cases she got from the corner store.

Kyuhyun stares at her and he doesn’t have to think to say his next words.

“Look what I got for you.” He lifts the emerald ring in front of him.

They both are staring into each other; he doesn’t feel like he should say much words that he prepared before. Sera feels like her heart is about to explode, she’s not an idiot, she knows Kyuhyun is not just casually buy her a ring. From the look in his eyes, from his gesture and from his steady words when he said he got her a ring—she knows it’s the ring.

She feels the corner of her lips are beginning to pull up and form a smile, it’s one of the time when she really has no control over her body. She takes a step closer, then another step, and another step, each step feels longer than the previous one because what she really wants to do right now is being as close as she can to him. She runs a little and once he’s within her reach, she jumps to wrap her hands on his neck and her feet around his hips.

They don’t need to say another words, Kyuhyun slips the ring into her ring finger and he closes his proposal with a deep kiss. Sera hugs him tighter as she feels the rush of emotion runs in her whole body.

After they realized where they are and noticed that some people actually crowding to watch them, he put her down and they both begins to laugh.

“Sera-ya, I hope you know what that means, you just agreed to marry me.” He says between his laugh.

Sera giggles. “You’re the one that just get yourself in trouble, you’ll be having me as your wife Cho Kyuhyun-ssi.”

Kyuhyun pulls her to give her another kiss. “I know.” He hugs her tighter. “By the way, I need to pay for the ring now.” He finishes his business with the store clerk and got an extra discount because his proposal got accepted.

Sera examines her new ring and she has to admit that she really likes it. The color, the shape and its simplicity suits her very well. She cups her own face with her hands to hide her blushing face but Kyuhyun notices and he takes her hand and pulls her with him to walk away from the crowds.

“I can’t believe it took me three rings to finally be accepted to be your man.” He rounds his hand around Sera’s shoulder while lowering himself so he can whisper on her ear.

“Mwo? Three rings? I only got one.” She lifts her left hand to show her only ring to him.

“I threw away the first one since you already got a ring from another man. I accidentally lost the second one on our hot balloon ride few days ago. This is the third one.” Kyuhyun can’t help not to giggle.

Sera stops her steps and turns her body to face Kyuhyun. “Mworago? You really did that?”

Kyuhyun nods.

Sera stares into the man in front of her, he’s now looking at her with the same look he always had since they met for the first time. Although the time has passed, even he once had his own revenge for her, even after she got married and failed on her marriage, and those hard time she had to went through. Those look in his eyes never changed. It’s just as warm and comforting as it always been and to her, he really didn’t need to say too much words because his true heart is spoken from his caring eyes.

“Kyu, thank you.” She grabs his collar and pulls him to give Kyuhyun a quick kiss. “Thanks for never giving up on me.”


their story will continue in the sequel, titled “Stupid Anxiety”. See you there~~ thanks for reading :*


8 thoughts on “(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 17 (end)

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Haha… I had mind when turbulence happened Kyu will lost his ring and that’s true!!! Ooh.. actually it was a very beautiful proposal.. But it’s failed.. wk.. The type of proposal strategy is mainstream at second/third we heard wk 😛 BUT so how can the proposal could be happen when Kyu still didn’t pay the ring..?hahaha It was so funny! that’s very unusual idea_so unique!! wkk 😛 Chukkayeo.. huhu finally the story end beautifully for both of them 😀 😀 But not yet for Taec.. Stupid Anxiety.. READY GO..!! 😉

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  2. Seo HaYeon says:

    So late to leave comment mwehwww so sorry authornim.. I read this story at morning but could leave comment just now… There was some inet trouble here >_< 😛

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  3. miran yang says:

    Ga mesti pake english kan komennya disini, karena saya ga cukup baik laa.. hahahaha
    Uuuuh chukkae karena udah nyelesein last part dan ff ini dengan happy ending yang sweet dan lucu..
    Ditunggu karya berikut nya yaa..
    Hwaiting ^^

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