(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 15


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Short Chaptered, Romance, Sad

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

Doctor Song was surprise when she sees Kyuhyun in her practice room early in her morning shift. She just let Han Sera go home for more than a week and Kyuhyun already appears in front of her, she can’t be in trouble again, can’t she?

“Before you ask, let me tell you she’s fine.” Kyuhyun bows a little and takes a seat in front of her desk.

“So what honor do I have to see you this early, Kyuhyun-ssi?”

“I have some questions about heart transplant.”

“Okay, what do you have in mind?” She crosses her arms on her desk.

“What are the chances that the new heart she receives won’t cause further complication?”

She looks for some files in her computer and turns the computer so he can see clearly. “This is the series of tests every donor applicant has to go through. As you can see, the heart size, the blood type, the bad poisonous habit such as smoking, the fat level in their blood, and I can go on to tell you all kinds of procedure each applicant has to complete before they’re declared ‘worthy’ of receiving a donor.”

Kyuhyun quickly reads Sera’s chart that’s displayed on the screen.

“For example a clean recipient will stand on the higher part of the list instead of a recipient with a history of diabetes or an overweight recipient. We also refuse to accept a recipient if we see a bad future coming along with the new organ, such as a possibility to have a stroke for example.”

He gets the matter he needs to ask after she said ‘stroke’.

“Well, I read somewhere,” He lied, he can’t point out a medical case based on his dream. “that there’s a possibility for a blood clot and that usually leads to instant stroke. I’m wondering if that’s a possibility with Sera?

Doctor Song nods along, “There’s always the possibility for that, but we’ve prescribe a pill to liquefy her blood more during her treatment. This is one of our prevention to the blood clot that might occur later. As long as she takes her medication regularly until long after the transplant, we don’t have to worry about the clotting.”

There’s a slight relieve in his mind after he hears this. at least receiving a heart for Sera won’t be as disastrous as the one he had in his dream.

“She’s doing well so far, right?” She asks Kyuhyun for Sera’s condition.

Kyuhyun smiles and nods. “Much better than when she’s caged in here. I have to say I’d feel she’s safer here but seeing her happy face while she’s enjoying the weather outside, I think she’s happier to be out.”

Doctor Song smiles. “You have no idea. I took care of her from the start and she improved a lot in the past few months compare to her early treatment when she was alone. Please continue to support her, even when she gets tantrum please continue to cheer for her.”

“Ne, I will continue to do that.” Kyuhyun bows to her and bid his goodbye.

“Kyuhyun-ssi, if it’s too hard for you to handle, you can talk to me or doctor Kim. We’re ready to give moral support.” She adds to Kyuhyun before he leaves the room.

“Iye, thank you very much.”


During the time of day when Kyuhyun’s at work, Sera would spend her days the ways she always did before she’s gotten sick. She’s prepare breakfast for both of them, and after Kyuhyun left she’ll start dusting—this is as far as Kyuhyun allows her to clean the house, then she’ll start watching her favorite day time drama or read a book that interest her. During lunch time, usually a social worker will come and check on her. Her doctor team told her that this is a standard procedure for a patient that’s having an LVAD attach into their bodies and Sera just plays along with the rules as long as she allowed to get out of the hospital.

She was just reading some recipes when the bell rings. Sera takes a quick look at the watch and figures it’s time for her social worker to come by. The social worker changes every day for a reason she doesn’t know but since all of them are holding the same report chart, she doesn’t mind for the changes.

Sera walks to the front door and opens the door to let the worker in and she forces a fake smile once she recognizes the person in front of her.

“Han Sera-ssi? I’m your social worker for today, it happens to be my shift today.” Im Yoona bows. “My name is Im Yoona.”

Sera bows back at her and allows her to enter.

Sera leads Yoona into the house and allows her to sit in the living room before she offers if she wants something to drink, which Yoona refused.

Yonna begins to take out the basic equipment to check Sera’s condition and prepared the check list she needs to fill in Sera’s chart.

Han Sera can’t stop laughing cynically in her head. Heaven must be so bored so it decided to play a joke on her. She takes a look at the woman in front of her, with her beauty and poise, with the brilliant brain of hers and the good heart, Ok Taecyeon must be a very lucky man to have Yoona by his side.

“I’ll begin checking your blood pressure, ne?” Yoona rounds the cuff of her sphygmomanometer around Sera’s arm and begin to pumps some air into the cuff.

Sera takes a careful look into Yoona and she notice something is blinking from her finger. It’s a diamond ring and a wedding ring.

She bites her lips to disguise a slight pain she feels in her heart. Sera hates that she got affected by the fact that Taecyeon actually followed her advice and married Yoona. It’s the right thing for everybody: Taecyeon doesn’t have to dwell in guilt towards her, Yoona gets her promised marriage, Kyuhyun doesn’t have to stupidly step back from her, and Sera doesn’t feel like she burdens everyone. At least that what she thought the moment she sent Taecyeon away from her life, it annoys her that sometimes her heart chose to think differently from her head.

“I will check on the bandage and your LVAD device now, please remove your clothes so I can check your scar.” Yoona continues the usual procedure.

Sera sighs. It’s one thing to have a social worker coming every day and checking on her, but it’s a different story if the one that’s doing that is the beautiful new wife of her ex-husband.

She hesitantly lifts up her oversized shirt and lets Yoona take a look at her scarred body.

She can’t help not to feel ashamed in front of her. As pretty as she is from the outside, Sera’s abdomen is so full of post-operative scars. On the bridge of her chest there’s an obvious scar she got from the open heart surgery she had, on her lower left abdomen is the scar that’s continuously being checkup since it’s the place where the LVAD cable popping out from the inside of her body, on her belly there’s the oldest scar of the C-section she got when she miscarried. She’s been avoiding to look at the mirror to examine her torso ever since she did her first open heart surgery. Having Yoona checking her scars today feels worse than staring into a mirror and Sera never felt so ‘naked’ and vulnerable before.

“You’re taking care of the wound perfectly, it doesn’t show any infection.” Yoona smiles at her and pulls Sera’s shirt back down. She then takes the chart and fill some in the boxes that she need to tick off.

Sera sit still and decided to watch her own feet closely as if it’s the most interesting thing in the room. She doesn’t have any courage to look at Yoona, the more she looks at her the deeper the pain she feels.

“Okay, the last part of the examination, I’m going to ask few questions please answer honestly.” Yoona swift her seating so she can look at Sera’s face comfortably.

Sera nods and let Yoona begins to question her.

“Are you feeling any nausea?”


“What about your appetite?”

“It’s fine.”

“Any internal pain that you feel?”

Yes, looking at you is a massive internal pain. “Nothing.”

“From scale one to ten how uncomfortable is the device right now?”

“5, it’s always weird to have a machine running your body.”

Yoona smiles in order to encourage her. “I’m done with the questions.” She begins to put back all of her equipment into the bag. “Is there anything I can do for you Han Sera-ssi?”

Sera shakes her head and forces another smile. “I begin to get used to this, so I’m actually feeling great these days.”

“That’s a relieve. Well then I’ll excuse myself.” Yoona gets up from the chair and leads herself to the front door.

“Yoona-ssi?” Sera can’t ignore the big elephant in the room. “Can we talk? Non-medical matters?”

Yoona take a quick look into her watch, she wishes she can find an excuse to avoid this conversation.

“It won’t take long. Ne?” Sera raises her eyebrows as if she’s pleading.

Yoona takes her seat again in front of Sera. “What should we talk about?”

Sera bows to her, “First of all thank you. You saved my life and performed an amazing emergency procedure when I collapsed.”

“It’s my duty as a doctor…”

“And I deeply apologize for ruining your wedding day. I didn’t mean to, I didn’t know, that day I was just passing by to the café next to…”

“It’s okay Sera-ssi. We reschedule the wedding,” Yoona lifts her right hand and show the blinking rings on her finger. “As you can see, we proceed the wedding not long after so there’s no need for an apology.”

Yeah, I saw those rings already before you shove it in front of my eyes. “Ah, that’s how it’s resolved. I’m relieved then.” Sera bites her lips again.

“Is that all, Sera-ssi?”

Sera looks blankly ahead and nods. “Ne, thanks for your time.” She gets up to take Yoona to the front door but Yoona suddenly stops and turns around.

“Sera-ssi, if you don’t mind please don’t show up in front of him ever again. I’ve put up with the fact that both of you were married, so please do me that favor.” For the first time Yoona stares at Sera with a sharp look. “He’s my husband now so I hope you know your place from now on.”

Sera’s too shock to be confronted by Taecyeon’s new wife, she only blinks several times as Yoona opens the door and let herself out.

Yes, she knows her place long before Yoona pointed it out. It wasn’t necessary for her to ask Sera to back out since she already know that she doesn’t belong in Taecyeon’s world. She voluntarily crawled to her rightful place the moment she lost their baby and she stayed there even until their divorce. A tear makes its way down Sera’s eyes, she’s been holding it up since she had to open her clothes in front of Yoona and it only took her Yoona’s short yet sharp words to sweep the last dignity Sera has left in her.


Kyuhyun knocks on Sera’s room once he’s arrive, he bought her some doughnuts to combine her boring diet with some food that she likes as usual. He’s confused once he sees her crawl under her blanket on her bed, could it be she’s crying again?

“Han Sera, I’m home.” He puts the doughnut box on her table and sits on her bed. “Why are you in bed at this hour? Are you sick somewhere?” He pulls the blanket and finds Sera is zoning out as she stares blankly.

Sera gets up and hugs Kyuhyun right away then she leans in and sinks her face in the curve of his neck.

“Do you miss me that much?” Kyuhyun hugs her back feeling happy from her simple gesture.

Sera nods and hugs him still. “You have no idea.”

“Shall I take some days off work?”

“Ani, I just felt lonely earlier today. I had a pretty bad day.” She pushes herself away from him.

Kyuhyun tilts his face to studies her face. “Ng? what happened?”

Sera smirks cynically while weighing whether to tell him or not, their relationship went further back and Sera really has no hesitation to tell him the truth. “Guess who’s the social worker that came today.”

Judging from her expression, her knows she didn’t like the experience and that only means two people that’s able to do that to her. “Your ex-husband? No he can’t be, he’s not certified. Could it be, Im Yoona?”

Sera scoffs and nods. “That lady came in with her poise and beautiful appearance. Checking me and making sure that I’m well today. Worst part is when she examines my scars.” Sera puts her head down. “I never felt so ugly in front of somebody.”

“Ya! No one says that.”

“I know, but that’s how I felt.” Sera shrugs off her negative thoughts of herself. “Ah, thank God you brought doughnuts” She points the box on her desk. “That brightens up my mood already.” She gets up and immediately opens the box and takes one plain doughnut. “Tell me about your day, humor me, please.”

Kyuhyun pats the space beside him asking her to sit next to him on her bed. “Today I have to deal with a weird client. So the wife demanded her husband for a divorce for a very ridiculous reason—he always forgot to put the toilet seat down.”

Sera sits next to him and takes a bite of her doughnut. “That’s weird? In marriage that’s a big deal.”

“They’ve been married for twelve years and they have 2 children. He’s pretty well-off and never abandoned her…”

“So you suspect your client to be in the wrong side?”

Kyuhyun scratches his hair. “I shouldn’t tell you my clients confidentiality.”

“Aish, who am I going to tell anyway? Come on, tell me more. Knowing someone else messed up their marriage out of toilet seat makes me feel better about my failed marriage.” She can’t help no to giggle a little.

Kyuhyun laughs, he appreciates her way to make their condition less awkward by pointing out things that bothers her nonchalantly.

“I’m investigating from her side, who knows she might have an affair. Because if that’s the case, I must protect my client more.”

Sera takes another bite of her doughnut. “Can I give you an insight? From the woman’s perspective?”


“I think she’s innocent. Maybe it’s a repetitive behavior that continues on for the last twelve years of their marriage, but one day she snapped and the matters raised to the surface.”

Kyuhyun smiles to Sera’s explanation.

“No, don’t smile! let me tell you, marriage is HARD! It’s only beautiful during the honeymoon period but afterwards you have to continue to fight to be at each other’s side. Trust me, been there done that.”

“And you believe the toilet seat reason is acceptable?”

“It’s ridiculous but she’s honest.” She takes the last bite of her doughnut while imagining her own previous marriage and her struggle to keep the romance alive. “I can’t imagine going back to that place.”

Kyuhyun raises his eyebrows. “To what place?”

“Marriage.” Sera sighs then shakes her head excessively. “It’s the scariest thing Kyu, to…”

“So, you don’t want to get married ever again?”

She lifts both of her shoulders. “Honestly, that’s not in my top priority list, it’s too scary to think about that now.” She tries to pick her words, afraid that Kyuhyun will be offended—not that he’s about to propose or anything. “I mean, you’re a divorce lawyer, I bet you heard a lot of weird things from your clients, right?”

Kyuhyun nods, Sera’s right. He’s become too good at his job that he listened to all kind of bizarre excuses for couples to file divorces. His subconscious mind actually tells him how awful a marriage can be and he remembered he once vowed not to get married—ever. But the only person that he ever loved is with him now, how could he resist not to officiate their relationship later on in their life?

The phone on top of Sera’s bed side table is ringing out the sudden, taking their thoughts away from the marriage matters. It’s surprising for both of them because Sera has destroyed her sim card after her divorce finalized, it takes them a moment to actually aware that the phone that’s ringing is the phone given by the hospital for emergency relating to her transplant.

Sera and Kyuhyun stares at each other as if they try to convince themselves that the emergency phone is really ringing. Kyuhyun is closer to the phone so he reaches out and give it to Sera. She takes a deep breath before she flips open the old phone and place it in her ear.

“Y- yeoboseyo?” She keeps staring at Kyuhyun.

“Han Sera-ssi?” Doctor’s Kim voice heard from the other side of the line.

“Ne, doctor Kim.”

“I’m in Gangwon province now and I need you to prepare yourself to the hospital right now. We get a matching donor, congratulations. I’ll begin to harvest the organ and doctor Song already prepared everything for you.”

Sera’s eyes begin to water and soon she cries out of happiness. She still pressing the phone to her left ear while her right hand starts squeezing Kyuhyun’s arm out of excitement.

“I’ll prepare myself doctor Kim, thank you very much.” She bows to the image of doctor Kim that’s in her head and close the phone.

“KYU.” She stands up and almost jumps but she knows she’s limited to do that so she ended up bouncing on her feet a little.

“What? Why is doctor Kim calling you?” He stands up too and places both of his hands on her shoulder to calm her down. “Why are you crying?”

“I GET A HEART!!” She’s now laughing and crying at the same time. “I GET A HEART, KYU!! I…” She cups her hands on her face. She’s too excited for this, she can’t wait to get rid of the annoying device that’s attached to her body, she can’t wait to stop bothering Kyuhyun with being extra delicate to do anything, she can’t wait to start her new normal life.

Kyuhyun feels his eyes starts to water also. He’s relieve for her fortune and he’s jumping on his place at the moment, they both acting like kids that just receive annual free-entry tickets to a theme park.

Kyuhyun pulls Sera to him and hugs her tightly. “Congratulationss, Sera-ya.” After the excitement passes he’s reminded of the nightmare he had. As much as he’s been convinced by doctor Song, he still gets restless to the fact that the woman in his arm is about to be opened up—again—and she’s going to go through her ultimate surgery.

“Tell me everything will be alright Kyu.” She pushes herself and lifts her face to look at Kyuhyun’s eyes.

Kyuhyun erases the negative thought he has in his head then lower himself to kiss her. “You’ll be alright Sera-ya, do you know why? Because you’re the strongest woman I’ve ever known in my life.”


2 thoughts on “(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 15

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    uuufhhh…. so relief in end passage 🙂 Finally Sera gets the heart!! Hope Kyu’s dream will never ever be come true!! But Yoona’s words makes me angry! why she did it??!! please don’t stab Sera with that words! ? it’s hard to forget someone special… I don’t like Yoona here! 😦

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