Sometimes, i just can’t even…

kadang pengen print out meme ini dalam bentuk stiker, jadi kalau ketemu orang yang bikin “gemes” tinggal nempelin aja ke jidatnya.


Gah! Sometimes i just can’t even… Figure out if it’s me or them…



6 thoughts on “Sometimes, i just can’t even…

  1. Gaemaker says:

    Hahaha i am somehow amused to see you annoyed with some people ‘coz i can relate with the reasons of your annoyance most of the time, then again, maybe it’s just us :p

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  2. MarooKyu88 says:

    hahaaaa…dasar gembul !! ekspresinya kagak nahan banged. Pingin nampol tuh bibir dan jidat nya yg lebar , yang maha seksehhh…^_°


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