(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 13

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Short Chaptered, Romance, Sad

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

If Sera thinks that pushing Tecyeon away from her life means that he’ll obey her without question, she’d be so wrong. He’s the kinds of person that likes to do things he believed is right in his own terms, although he still maintains his distance and respects her demand. He knows deep inside that he deserves to be treated like this by her, he’s the one that pushed her first, he’s the one that refused to understand her and it’s natural for Sera to despise him like this. Taecyeon soon learned that his position has been replaced by Kyuhyun, he often sees the man with her and he believes he still spend his nights sleeping in the same room as his ex-wife. There was time when he’d like to punch him on the face but then he remembered he has no right to do it, he’s no longer her husband. The worst part of his position is the fact he still has to man up and takes responsibility towards Yoona.

Both of their families has agreed to push the wedding a month back, how both parties agreed without any further fight part was still a mystery to Taecyeon. Yoona must have done a great job convincing her parents about the postponed wedding and now she’s enjoying the attention Taecyeon gives her—he stops by the hospital every day simply to say ‘hi’ to her and spend his dinner time with her. Yoona’s not a fool, she knows Taeyeon’s being near her every day is for his own agenda of watching over Sera, but Yoona promised him some time for his closure and she wants to be the woman of her words—even though it hurts her.

As usual, Taecyeon hangs around by the 6th floor to watch over Sera from the little window on her door, looks like she’s still busy reading the same book she’s reading yesterday. He’s relieved that she’s gotten much better since the last time he saw her, the colors in her face has returned and she looks happier than she did when he was with her. Taecyeon sighs to himself in the thought of him being replaced, he’s not supposed to be disturbed by it but he can’t help not to feel a little bit annoyed.

“I hope you’re not planning to go through that door, Taecyeon-ssi.” A deep voice cracks him from his monologue.

Taecyeon turns around and find the source of his problem stands in front of him. Obviously Cho Kyuhyun just finished his daily work and return to this hospital in instant to be by her side.

Taecyeon nods and forces himself to be polite to Kyuhyun. “Kyuhyun-ssi, I’d like to have some words with you, if you don’t mind.” He hasn’t prepared his speech whatsoever, but he knows he have some questions to ask Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun looks at him intensely and decided to do have the conversation, sooner or later they both need to clear the air between them.

Minutes later, both men are sitting in the cafeteria facing each other with awkward body gestures. They both are occupied with their own thoughts which mostly contains of ‘how to begin this conversation without turning it into an argument’.

“I’ll start.” Taecyeon breaks the silence, he plays with the rim of his coffee cup before he says another words. “Sera, she looks much better than the last time.”

Kyuhyun nods agreeing with his observation.

“You must have taken a really good care of her.” Taecyeon cringes a little bit, he can’t believe he said that cheesy line.

Kyuhyun lets out a big sigh, this conversation can go on forever without any of them pointing their fingers to the real question. “Let’s stop going around the bush and go straight to the matter, shall we?”

“And I wonder what that problem might be.” Taecyeon scroll his eyes, he has forgotten how his previous lawyer was so good with reading people’s mind from their gesture.

“You tell me.” Kyuhyun cross his arms on the table and demands Taecyeon to spit out his thoughts first.

“Okay, I guess I shouldn’t waste your time.” Taecyeon leans back on his chair, “First question, are you with her?”

Kyuhyun doesn’t answer right away, they haven’t really defined their relationship even though Sera had asked him to stay by her side. “We take our time to move forward.” He decided that’s the truest answer he can give him.

Taecyeon smirks, “Now that leads to the second question, how long have this been going on?”

“After your divorce.”

“So after you helped me, you decided to take over?”

Now Kyuhyun’s the one who gives his cold smirks. “Fair enough, from your perspective that’s exactly how it looked like and It doesn’t really sound professional for me, isn’t it?”

Taeyeon stares at the man before him coldly.

“Remember when I suggested you to watch over her alimony usage after the final hearing? Well, I was aware that you asked me not to investigate further but I have my own agenda to avenge her. She was the closest person I had during college and out of the sudden you took her hand in marriage…”

“And you’re jealous.” Taecyeon finished Kyuhyun’s words for him.

Kyuhyun shrugs his shoulders. “I was devastated and it planted hatred in me—towards her. So when you told me not to investigate further, I ignore your request and investigate still. My plan was to reveal what kind of fox she is and help you to bring her further down.”

“You sick bastard.” Tacyeon calmly says his words. “Even if you proved something, what did you expect me to do?”

“Put her in jail.” Kyuhyun takes a moment, he’s ashamed of himself at the moment for being a witty boy who can’t get over his first love.

“Put her in jail because she used her alimony right?”

“For scamming you.”

Taecyeon’s intrigued once he hears the word ‘scam’, Sera had said that also but never explained what it was. “Yeah I’ve been curious about that, she said so to me that she scammed me but I…”

“Your maxed out credit card that she swiped in New York to bought designer bags, she returned the bags to get cash to enter the transplant program. The one million dollar she demanded you, that was for the transplant and surgeries she needed to get to stay alive. She almost gets a heart back then, but somebody needed it more than she was so the heart was given to the other person.”

Taecyeon jaw is dropping, he let go of that matters a long time ago and he’s secretly amazed by her smooth way to disguise her sickness.

“When did you found out about that?”

“When I followed her into this very place.” Kyuhyun takes a gulp of his orange juice before continuing. “I believed she was having an affair so I followed her—to report back to you so you can sue her later on—and I was so ready to bring her down. I’ve prepared all mean words that I know to say to her and I imagined she’ll get down on her knees begging me to forgive her.”

Taecyeon patiently listens for Kyuhyun to finish his story.

“Later on that day I found out about her being a patient, I took a peak at her and she crashed out of shock when she saw me. In between her dying breath she asked me to keep her condition a secret.” Kyuhyun’s eyes starts to water when he remembers how cruel he was to Sera back then. “I stayed by her side that night in the hope I got a chance to apologize for my shameful behavior that doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, but as we know, she’s an angel and of course she forgave me. I’ve been staying by her side ever since.”

Taecyeon heart is pounding fast out of anger. He wished Kyuhyun and Sera had an affair behind his back so he can be mad at them. If that’s the case, It’ll make it easier for him to accuse them both and he can hate on them freely. Knowing that their romance actually bloomed after his divorce has really put him in a more helpless position.

“My turn to ask you question, Taecyeon-ssi. Have you take care of your wedding drama…”

“That’s none of your business.”

Kyuhyun looks down at the table, Taecyeon is right, it’s none of his business. He’s asking this for Sera’s sake to be honest, even though she’s slowly letting him into her heart, Kyuhyun’s also aware how often she zoned out during their conversation and he’s sure she’s still wondering about Taecyeon.

“I’ll proceed the wedding next week Kyuhyun-ssi. If you’re asking this because Sera’s worrying about Yoona then you can tell her that I take her advice and continue on with my life.” Taecyeon crumples the empty coffee cup in his hands, trying to channel his anger into something other than Kyuhyun.

“She didn’t ask for you.”

“I know, the absence of her call already told me that but just in case, you know, if she asks.”

Kyuhyun nods and another awkward silence fills their conversation.

“If you’re done talking, I’ll take my leave Taecyeon-ssi.” Kyuhyun stands up and takes his briefcase with him.

Taecyeon follows him to stand up and allows him to go. Only after Kyuhyun takes several steps away from him, Taecyeon remembers another thing he needs to say.


Kyuhyun turn around and stares at him.

“Please contact me in case she needs anything, I’ll help her to get well and I’m fine doing it without her acknowledgment—I just want her to be cured and return to be the heathy Sera we used to know.” He takes a deep breath. “Seems like what I can do for her is supporting financially—about the heart transplant. She doesn’t have to know that I help, just make sure it won’t burden her later on.”

“Ne.” Kyuhyun nods even though he wishes he can be the only hero Sera needs right now. “I’ll keep you posted for good news.”


Sera smile draws in her face once she sees Kyuhyun enters her room in his work outfit, he’s a little bit late today but she’s fine with that. She used to be wondering if he’ll spend the night with her or not but ever since she asked him to stay, Kyuhyun has officially moved into her room and turned the sofa into his personal bed.

“Long time at work?” Sera ask him excitedly.

Kyuhyun approaches her on the bed to land a quick kiss on her head. “Ne, I had to meet with an old client last minute. Were you waiting for me?”

She nods excitedly. “I have a great news to share to you…”

“You get a heart?” Kyuhyun takes a seat on the edge of her bed.

“Well, a less good news then.” She rolls her eyes, “doctor Kim and doctor Song said if in the next few days my physiotherapy shows good result, they might allow me to get treatment at home. I can get out of this place Kyuhyun-a that’s good news right?” She lifts both of her thumbs.

Well, not the best news but still great.

“Well, have you think about the consequences?” As much as he’s happy with it, he’s still think that the best place for Sera to be is this hospital. he never wants to say it out loud, but he’s so afraid that Sera will crash if she’s left alone the way she always did.

“I will take care of myself more, Kyu. And there’ll be an LVAD team that’ll check me regularly so there’s no need to worry about my future condition. Aren’t you happy with the news?” Sera notices how his expression hasn’t changed.

“I am happy, Sera-ya.” He pats her head softly and mess with her hair. “But you must also think about the obvious fact…”

“You know how to ruin my day very well.” She wards off Kyuhyun’s hand that’s on her head and pouts her mouth.

“Let me finish, ne?” He feels like he’s negotiating with a child right now. “Have you find a place to stay? You cannot be left alone, no matter how confidence you are with your condition, have you find someone to do that? Have you trained yourself just in case an emergency occurred?”

Sera plays with her blanket, she hates when Kyuhyun’s always be the rational one and she’s being the reckless free soul.

A brilliant idea crosses his mind but he’s hesitating to tell her what he thinks. He doesn’t want to seem like a hot blooded man that tries to lure her into living together with him, in any normal relationship this will be too fast also—but then again what’s the worse can happen? she might say ‘no’ and his pride got hurt.

“I’m thinking,” He speaks up, “What if you stay in my house…”


“Not your turn to talk yet.” He raises his eyebrow to stop Sera from arguing, “I know you don’t want to, but that’s the best way don’t you think? If it makes you uncomfortable you can rent the room instead of staying for free—although I prefer if you just stay. I can watch over you and you don’t have to spend time to look for a place to stay.”

“But I’ll burden you more if I do that and it doesn’t seem too nice for my image.” She tells him her worries without thinking about her pride anymore. Sera figures that it’s useless to pretend to be a classy girl in front of Kyuhyun, he knows her best.

Kyuhyun laughs to her innocent thoughts, “Han Sera, what do you think we’ll do?” He pinches her cheek, “we can just casually live together, I’m your landlord and you are my tenant, we can go as casual as that. Believe me, it’ll burden me more if you live elsewhere because I swear, I’ll rent another place right next to yours just to keep you safe.”

Sera knows she’ll never win this argument with him, he set his mind to protect her and she knows he’ll stay committed to that. “I will think about it.”

“Aish, just say ‘yes’ already.”

“Fine, I will rent the room!” She points her fingers on his nose, “I will pay for it, I won’t stay for free in your house.”

Kyuhyun smiles and nods.

“And I will sleep in my own room while you sleep in your room.” She continues.

“Of course.”

“We’ll set boundaries also, like you said, casually like landlord and tenant relationship.” She widens her eyes trying to threaten him.

He laughs louder. “Is that how you describe the relationship we have?”

Sera pinches his nose. “Ng, it’s a new kind of popular relationship these days, stronger than just the mediocre lovers.”

Kyuhyun takes Sera into his arms to carefully hug her without disturbing the cables that’s attached in her body. “Arraseo, if landlord-tenant is stronger than just a simple friendship turns into lover relationship, I guess I’ll take that chance.”

Sera wraps her arms around his body, she’s simply enjoying the comfort he always offers her. Of course their status is stronger than that, but she’s too scared to define what they are. Deep inside she still thinks her chances to be cured are thin and she’s scared if she lets Kyuhyun in deeper, he’ll be beaten by her absence in the future.


As promised, the doctors give permission for Sera to leave the hospital because she’s done great in the past four weeks. They allowed her to go with several notes: everyday a social worker will go into her house and check on her condition, she must make sure to take her medication on time and stay on her lean protein diet, she must make sure that her bed is next to an electric station so she can plug the LVAD device every night when she sleeps, and she must come to the hospital once a week for observation.

Kyuhyun has prepared everything for her, he begins from moving her boxes into his house and preparing the empty room he has in his house for Sera. he wants to make sure she feels comfortable staying in the same house with him. This is not the first time they shared the same roof, they rent a house together back in their college days, the different is back then there are 6 students that shared the house and back then they didn’t cross the ‘friendship’ territory.

“Woah, this is a nice house Kyu!” Sera takes a look around Kyuhyun’s house once he takes her back from the hospital.

“Thanks, I worked hard for it.” He winks. “Let me give you a quick tour.” He offers Sera his hand and guide her inside.

“Oh my Goooood!” Sera shrieks in excitement once she sees his old picture hangs on the wall.

Kyuhyun curse to himself, he should’ve hid that picture. In the picture he still looked a bit chubby with super thick round glasses framing his eyes.

“Oh my god, this picture is old.” Sera points to the picture. “this is how I remembered you back then, you’re so cute…”

Kyuhyun takes the picture from the wall and hide in behind his back. “Stop mocking me will you?”

“Aish, why are you hiding my best friend on your back? Give him to me.” Sera reaches into his back and take the picture from him. she takes a good look into the picture and smile sweetly. “You looked so pure and innocent back then,” she runs her finger on his picture and lift her face to look at his. “I was so glad I found you. Every boy would look at me with devious stare that delivers their bad intention to me, you in the other hand look at me with pure adoration that made me feel safer to be around you.”

Kyuhyun takes his picture from her hand. “I look better than him now, don’t I?”

Sera laughs to his blunt statement. “Of course you look much better than him, because you’ve grown up and learned to take care of yourself, but you always looked good even with the thick glasses. Did you know that some girls in my class actually had crush on you? They thought Asian man is interesting and less boring than their British mates.”

“Aish, forget about this picture, let’s continue the house tour.” He put the picture back on the wall and pulls her hand to follow him.

He shows her where the kitchen is, where she can enjoy her day time watching TV in the living room and he also takes her into his study. Sera widens her eyes when she noticed that his working room literally covered with bookcases on the four walls and each walls filled with books from the top to the bottom, she wonders if he’s already read all the book or it’s just way to make impression to anyone who visited his house.

“This is my room.” Kyuhyun opens the door next to his study and let Sera inside. Sera chuckles once she sees his tidy room. Kyuhyun is still as uptight as she can remember, his choices of color still monochromatic and in terms of shape, he sticks to basic geometrical stuff to decorate his personal place. “I will leave the door unlock just in case you need me.”

Sera rolls her eyes for the hundredth times, why does he think she’ll always be in the emergency state.

“Let’s go to your room.” He points the door across his room. “I prepared everything and since you haven’t’ told me what you’d like to do with your stuff, I leave your boxes in the corner for now. But if you want, I can help you put in your clothes into the cupboard.” Kyuhyun opens the door and let Sera enters her room.

She takes a look around and concludes that she likes what he had prepared for her. Kyuhyun placed her bed next to a big window overlooking his backyard, that way she can enjoy the weather even if she’s too weak to get out. Her boxes are piling up near the cupboard and all of the books Kyuhyun bought her during her hospitalization are now stacked on top of a little working table.

“Kyu, this is more than I expected.” She takes a step into her room. “I’m a fan of the big window!” She points the window and grinning happily. “This is great, thank you so much.” She steps closer to Kyuhyun and hugs him as tight as she allowed—she can’t compromise the cables in her body.

He hugs her as he’s enjoying every single moment he can have with her. He never showed it to Sera, but he himself is actually preparing for the worst. Her words in the playground a month ago was a big slap on his face, he knew he’d never be ready if she leaves him for good. Kyuhyun rather see her re-married instead of knowing she doesn’t exist in the same world as he is anymore.

“One more thing though,” Kyuhyun let go of their hugs and walk towards her bed to takes something out of the drawer under Sera’s bed-side table. “This must be on 24 hours or I’ll fine you for not obeying your landlord.” He clicks on a little device that looks like a little walkie-talkie.

Sera takes a pillow available near her and throw it to Kyuhyun. “Ya! Am I a baby? Why would I need a baby monitor next to my bed?! Are you going to carry the receiver around every day?!!”

Kyuhyun knows how annoyed she’ll be, but this is the most effective way he can figure out. “This will put my mind at ease during work time.”

“Then I don’t need to turn it on 24 hours, you’re staying next door Kyuhyun-a.” She whines to hide her embarrassment.

“You can turn it off at night if you want, but once you do that, I’ll grab my pillows and get myself comfortable sleeping next to you, that way you’re still under my watch.” He adds his charming playful smirk that succeeded to blush her pretty face.


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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Hahaha… I love moment both Kyu and Sera!! aaa finally Sera agree to live with Kyu. Kyu…. you’re always have great care for her! You are a man dreamed by all woman wkwk 😛

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