(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 10

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Short Chaptered, Romance, Sad

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon


She’s saved.

They get into the hospital just in time for the doctors to inject 6 portions of adenosine to change her heart rhythm back to normal, she’s taken straight into the CICU after they managed to lower their heart rate. The two men that followed her into the ambulance seemed to be in a bigger shock than ever. Kyuhyun was shock because he personally feels like it’s his fault that she crashed. He shouldn’t leave the bag in the car in the first place, he should also remember about the wedding invitation he got from Taecyeon, he was too happy to spend a full day out with her that he forgot some inconvenience fact that Han Sera could have avoid to.

Taecyeon never felt so loss in a hospital because a lot of facts has confused him. Why Sera is a patient in this hospital? How come Kyuhyun knows what to do when she crashed? What the f*ck is his lawyer doing with his ex-wife? Did he approached her after the hearing? Did they had an affair long before the divorce? What are they hiding from him? He’d like to ask Kyuhyun everything but he change his mind once he sees her doctors coming out of the CICU.

“Good evening doctor, my name is Ok Taecyeon I came with Han Sera, can you please tell me what’s going on with her?”

Doctor Kim stops and turns her head to the man in front of her. This man wears a wedding outfit and clearly doesn’t look like he belongs in a hospital. At the same time, Kyuhyun is approaching her with confuse look in his eyes.

“Doctor Song, how is she?”

Doctor Song decided to throw her tantrum to Kyuhyun instead. “I gave her permission to get out because I believed you will take care of her every needs. I told you to charge the LVAD, didn’t I? How come the battery so empty when she got here? Didn’t you get the spare battery?”

Kyuhyun bows to her, “I did. The initial battery went out at around three o’clock and I changed with the new one. She was fine doctor, until I suddenly lost her and this man found her unconscious.” He points Taecyeon, “And I really have no idea what happened from the gap of when I lost her until I found her, I swear it was less than 20 minutes.”

“For god’s sake can’t anyone tell me what’s going on with Sera?!” Taecyeon is tired of being clueless and he snaps at both of them. “Kyuhyun-ssi, you owe me A LOT of explanations on how you ended up with my wife.”

“You’re her husband?” the doctor finally intrigues with the strange man in front of her. “Where have you been, sir?”

“Ex-husband.” Kyuhyun corrects his title quietly but both Taecyeon and doctor Song ignores him.

“I’ve been around, but she’s the one that’s missing from me, so if you don’t mind telling me what I’ve missed, I’d be relieved.” Taecyeon’s too angry to be polite.

Doctor Song looks at Kyuhyun as if she’s asking for his permission. Kyuhyun slightly shakes his head—he knows Sera doesn’t want Taecyeon to know—but doctor Song asks Taecyeon to follow her into her practice room in the end. Leaving Kyuhyun who’s staring at them helplessly, Sera’s wellness his top priority amongst all problems. But if he has to be honest, he doesn’t like seeing Taecyeon here. Deep inside his heart he knows he’ll never be able to compete with the only man she loves. Kyuhyun waits in front of the CICU where Sera’s getting treatment inside, he can at least ask for her forgiveness before he leaves.

“The girl that I just helped…”

Kyuhyun startled from a soft woman’s voice he hears from his back, he turns around to find Im Yoona is already standing on the hallway still in her wedding dress. The poor bride took a taxi to get herself to the hospital after following the ambulance that took her groom-to-be in it.

“Is she really his wife?”

Kyuhyun notice how shaken she is. Her eyes stare at him full of questions, her body’s shaking and she’s biting her lips trying to suppress the overwhelming thruth that just hit her. Kyuhyun takes off his jacket and quickly covers Yoona’s naked shoulders. She must be in a bigger shock than he is, she’s only hours away from being someone’s wife and the chain reactions of what just happened was the worst thing could happen to any bride.

“Please tell me, are they married?” Tears are forming in the edge of her eyes.

“Ah, you’re Im Yoona right?” Kyuhyun tries to stall while thinking fast on how to put himself in this weird situation.

Yoona nods but still demands answer.

“My name is Cho Kyuhyun.” He places his palm on his chest to introduce himself. “I can make sure they aren’t married and the girl you just saved is not his wife.” He decided to tell the truth without giving the details, it’s Taecyeon’s responsibility to tell the truth to her after all. “I can’t tell you more than that since it’s not my place to.”

Kyuhyun studies her face closely, this girl in front of him is trying hard to fight her emotion. Just by one look he understands that her heart was just broken from what just happened and from what she heard. He curses Taecyeon in his head, what does he has in him that makes girls head over heels over him? first Sera, and now another innocent soul is hurting because of him.

“Yoona-ssi,” Kyuhyun’s aware of one thing he should have done to the girl in front of him. he bows ninety degrees towards her, “Thank you very much. What you did to her was amazing and I can’t imagine what would have happened if you weren’t there. You saved my best friend’s life and I don’t think we can ever repay you.”

Yoona’s a little bit taken aback by Kyuhyun’s gesture. “I’m a doctor before I’m a bride Kyuhyun-ssi, of course I’d help her.” She bows back.


Doctor Song allows Taecyeon to take a seat in front of her desk and she begins opening up files containing Sera’s charts and he’s waiting restlessly for the explanations.

“Are you sure you’re her husband? I don’t’ see you around at all. I thought Cho Kyuhyun is her husband.” Doctor Song have been attached to Sera too much, she’s now doesn’t mind meddling in her personal business.

Taecyeon takes a deep breath, if the doctor thinks Kyuhyun is her husband, that means they spent a lot of time together. But that’s not Taecyeon’s number one concern at the moment, he needs to know what happened to her.

“I’m her guardian, I was married to her and we got divorced around three months ago.” Taecyeon tries to explain himself. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about her wellbeing.”

Doctor Song cannot refrain herself from not smirking cynically to him. “So the full month Han Sera was out from this hospital, she’s taking care of her divorce. Poor girl.” She shakes her head in disbelieve.

“I am to blame, yes, I get that. But please don’t judge me, doctor. These all things are completely new to me.”

Doctor Song turns her computer screen into Taecyeon’s direction and begins explaining what happened to his ex-wife. She begins her story from when Sera miscarried and started feeling shortness of breath and pain in her chest. Doctor Song continues with Sera’s willingness to fight to stay alive and her brave step to get treatment in the U.S and how the result was not satisfying so she had to enter herself into a transplant program.

Doctor Song then telling him how Sera spent almost a year in this hospital to try to get better and when she did, she asked for some time away from the hospital to go on a vacation. “Little did I know the vacation she mentioned was her divorce, Taecyeon-ssi.”

Taecyeon feels like several little hands squeezing his heart right now. How could he be so blind not to see his wife was sick these whole time? He understands that their marriage starts to hit rock bottom when she miscarried, but it was all just a misunderstanding that supposed to be fixed quickly. He curses himself for being a coward who wasn’t able to look at her face when the tragedy occurs, he blames himself for not watching over the woman he loves and right now he’d do anything to fix her life.

“After she returns to this hospital, she collapsed several times and she was on the verge of giving up. I personally grateful for her friend’s appearance here. It looks like she finally got the support she needed. A month ago she went under big surgery to implant the device you saw earlier. It’s called LVAD—Left Ventricular Assist Device—the thing helps her heart to pump blood to circulate the whole body. There are several down side from the machine and one of it is the fact she’s depending her whole life on batteries. What happened today is the battery runs out of power and I’ll investigate that later on, I’ll be questioning Kyuhyun-ssi for the details.”

Taeyeon pays close attention to Sera’s chart that’s displayed on the screen, he can’t believe her condition had turn that bad. “Doctor, will she recovers? Please tell me if I can do anything to help her. Do I need to bring a specialist from the U.S? what about the donor? What can I do to get the donor quickly?”

She rolls her eyes being more unimpressed with the man in front of her. “Taecyeon-ssi, do you really think getting a heart donor is that easy? Han Sera is in status-0 at the moment which means when there’s a match available, she’d be the first person to receive the heart. The donor organization doesn’t care how much money you have in your pocket, the priority is listed according to the time they clock into the program. You don’t have to worry about it since Han Sera already paid all the expense for the transplant and her insurance covers all of her treatment. The only thing you can do to help her is to be supportive and cheer her up so her life expectancy remains high.”


Taecyeon walks out of the doctor practice room with an unstable step, he reaches into the nearest chair and drops himself. He’s covering his face that’s already wet with tears with his hands and he lets himself crying for some more. He’s willing to take any punishment heaven will give him in order to safe Sera. His Sera, his Sera has been dying for some time and he has no clue about that. He should have been suspicious when she gone missing, he should have look out for her faster, he should’ve asked her if she’s okay, he should’ve know something was wrong when she asked a month time for them until they divorced, he should’ve understands the painful kiss they shared the last time. All he needed to do was be present and that’s exactly what he failed to do.

He pats his chest several times to fight the vague pain he feels in his heart, his mind wanders to the time when Sera was all alone while she went through the whole treatments. She must have been so scared, he could’ve been beside her through all that rather than accusing her of having an affair. He knows how strong she is as a woman, but no woman would be strong enough to bear the kind of pain she had to go through, he blames himself more to that realization.


When he gets himself to the CICU, Taecyeon was surprised that Yoona’s sitting there in her wedding dress still. He looks at Kyuhyun and he’s aware of the look Kyuhyun’s giving him—if looks can kill—if Taecyeon’s in Kyuhyun position, he’d give the same look also. Taecyeon approaches them and immediately kneels in front of Yoona. He already made a mess and he figures he should clean up his mess little by little.

Yoona’s surprise by his move yet she remains still.

“Yoona-ssi, I’m sorry I ruin our wedding day. I’ll take responsibility over what happened and I’ll talk to your parents.” He’s looking into the floor while talking, he doesn’t feel like he deserves to look at the woman that just saved Sera’s life in the eyes.

“You owe me a lot of explanations oppa.” She replies coldly.

Taecyeon nods, “I’ll fix it Yoona-ssi. I promise I’ll fix it all.”

“Don’t make such promise, oppa. You’re grieving right now; you should get over it first before promising me anything.” She replies acting as cool as she could be even though her heart is hurting. “Sera-ssi was awaken earlier, so I’ll just head home.” She stands up and ignoring Taecyeon that’s still kneeling in front of her.

Taecyeon is torn now, he wants to check on Sera’s condition but at the same time he knows he should man up to Yoona and bring her home—that’s the least he can do after he ruined her perfect day.

Kyuhyun stand up and bows to Yoona, “Please return safely Yoona-ssi. I’ll look after Sera and I think Taecyeon should take you back. Once again, thank you so much.” He’s not waiting for Taecyeon’s reaction, what he did was giving him order implicitly. Another clue for Taecyeon to man up to his bride.

Taecyeon gets up and follows Yoona outside the CICU, he’s giving a look to Kyuhyun indicating that he’ll be back here after he takes Yoona home, which Kyuhyun chose to ignore.


The taxi rides Taecyeon and Yoona take probably is the most awkward one they had in their life—especially for the driver, it’s an unusual choice of a wedding car for newlyweds in their complete wedding attire. Taecyeon’s mind are so full of thoughts and he has trouble sorting out which matters he has to take care first. He ditched his bride earlier and his bride voluntarily chase after him to the hospital where his ex-wife was taken after an emergency situation occurred. He received the worst news he ever received in his whole life about the love of his life dying because of heart failure that happened after the miscarriage fiasco happened years ago. If that’s not bad enough, he has to take the fact that his lawyer was the person that was on Sera’s side the whole time and he hasn’t get any confirmation about their relationship until now. Oh, and let’s not forget the sobbing bride that’s crying beside him because her day just ruined.

As overwhelmed as he is with the situation, Taecyeon knows that he needs to explain everything to Yoona. That, and because he feels grateful for what she’s done. Any girl would’ve leave the scene or throw tantrum at him or make a drama on her own, but not her. Taecyeon understands how torn she is and amazed because she still manages her cool.

“Yoona-ssi. I don’t know where to begin explaining to you..”

“Is she your wife?” Yoona blurts out from her silence.

“No, she’s not.” He turns his seating position to face her and hold both of her shoulders, “Not anymore.”

“What? I thought..”

“I never said anything about my previous marriage because I’m not supposed to talk about the past, but to have you knowing the truth like this is also not something I had in mind.”

“So you prefer to deceive me forever? It’s a fortunate thing it happened then, now we all know what you’ve been hiding.”

Taecyeon nods knowing he really have no right words to say.

Yoona takes some time to control her emotion, “What happen to us now, oppa?”

“I’ll fix this..”

“How?” She has lost her patience in the end, “How do you fix this by yourself? I bet a lot of things are floating in your mind right now and I’m sure you want to fix it all. But how are you going to fix everything, Taecyeon-ssi? The wedding is ruined, my parents will soon know about this, your parents will flip out because of this, and let’s not forget about your ex-wife condition. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO FIX IT ALL?!”

Her words have hit him hard on point, what he just did clearly messed everything up and it involving a lot of people.

“I’ll start fixing it up one by one Yoona-ssi. I’ll start from you.” He looks at her with certain look, “I don’t want to and never planned to hurt you, you’re a great and amazing woman that doesn’t deserve a j*rk like me..”

She slaps him and surprised by her own act. Yoona knows where this is going, so she does the thing she should’ve done few hours ago. “Don’t you dare give me that speech. When you said you’ll fix this, you’ll fix this the correct way. You fix this without avoiding me, without breaking up with me, you fix this by being a man that takes responsibility of his own act.”

Taecyeon’s secretly grateful that she slapped him, he needed that, he needed somebody to bring his sanity back. He ran away from his problems all the time, including the moment when he and Sera hit rock bottom during their difficult time. This woman before him just reminded him to stop running.

“Yoona-ssi, honestly I really can’t think right now. I’m too confused and overwhelmed and I’m sorry I have to get you involve in this.” He begins to pull his hair out of frustration. “The thing is..” He begins to pour out his tears again. No matter how hard he tries to concentrate on Yoona, his mind still wanders to Sera’s and the device attached on her.

Yoona hearts sinks when she sees the man that has made her fell in love losing his cool and begins crying like a child. She knows he’s not crying because of the ruined wedding, he’s not crying because she just slapped him, he must be in a big shock about his ex-wife and whatever result he just got from the doctor clearly wasn’t good.

“Mianhae.. I shouldn’t cry…” He begins wiping his own tears, the more he does it, more tears come flowing down. “I… where was i? About our wedding, I’ll talk to your parents and…”

“Oppa, calm down.” She’s patting his shoulder, “YA! TAEC OPPA! LOOK AT ME!” She places her palms in between Taecyeon’s face to focus his face on hers.

He prepares himself for another scolding from her, but the next thing she does is unexpected. “Oppa, it’s okay if you want to talk about her.” Yoona said another surprising thing, “Of course you’re puzzled to look at her in that state and I understand your confusion. So let me be the one that tries to think of a solution for us, ne?”

Taecyeon nods.

“Let’s postpone the wedding, it was an emergency and we can use that excuse to our parents. I’ll give you a ‘time out’ to resolve your problem with her.” She feels a lump in her throat, “But you have to promise me, you’ll return to me.”

Taecyeon curl his eyebrow in confusion, what did she just say? “I don’t understand, Yoona-ssi.”

“I’ll help you to lie to our parents, let’s keep this matters a secret between us.” Her tears begin to fall, “I’m sure you’re worried about her, so I’ll give you a permission to be by her side until she gets well. It’s suicidal for me because I might end up losing you altogether, but I have faith in you oppa. So, promise me that you’ll return to me. I know I’m not her but I love you too, I deserve a chance too right?”

He closes his eyes as he can’t believe his fortune. How could this angelic woman in front of him stated that she loved him? he’s done nothing to deserve her loving but here she is risking their relationship to give him a chance for a closure.

Taecyeon lifts his hand and wipes the tears on Yoona’s face. “What have I done to deserve you? Are you so blinded that you can’t see what kind of j*rk I am?”

She shakes her head, “I have a thing for bad boys.” She adds trying to break the ice. “Promise me to return oppa.”

“I’ll try my best Yoona-ssi. I’ll try harder for our relationship after…”

“Ne, after you fix her, I understand.”

Taecyeon pulls Yoona closer to him and gives her a sincere hug for the first time. He caresses her hair softly and lands a quick peck on her forehead. “Gomapta.”


Before Kyuhyun’s allowed to check on Sera’s condition, he has to present himself to her doctors and explain what happened in chronological order, it doesn’t make any sense to any of them that the battery went flat only after several hours.

“Have you make sure it was fully charged?” doctor Kim interrogate him as if he’s the criminal.

Kyuhyun nods, “The indicator was green and showed four bars when I changed it.”

“What did you guys do the whole day? I need to know every single detail starting from what she ate.” Doctor Song takes out her note and her partner follows her to do the same thing also.

Kyuhyun takes a deep breath before revealing what they did the whole day, “I took her to had burger and fries—which you both already cleared us for that, after that we just hang around Han River and went straight to the hotel to get dessert. I forgot her equipment bag in the car so I let her go to the café first while I’m taking the bag. Once I hold the bag with me, I searched her in the café she pointed earlier and couldn’t find her, not long after that I got a phone call from the man you talked to earlier and he told me that she collapsed.”

“Is there any unusual activity that she did which force her heart to work faster?”

Kyuhyun remember about their kiss, his heart obviously beats faster after that but he doesn’t think a simple hike in adrenalin would do much damage. “We kissed.” He immediately turns his head away to hide his blushing face from the doctors.

Doctor Song can’t help not to chuckles when she hears Kyuhyun’s innocent confession. “You guys can do much more than that and I guarantee it won’t bother the battery in the device.”

“Could it be what happened in between the time you’re getting the bag and the time you found her?” Doctor Kim still aren’t able to put his suspicion aside.

“She just met with her ex-husband who’s having a wedding in the place the heart attack occurs, could shock leads to the attack she got? I don’t know if that means something, but I believe the person who can answer that is Sera herself. Does shock affect the battery works?” Kyuhyun explains more about the unfortunate event.

“Honestly this is also a new case for us, that’s why we’re going into the bottom of this. we’ll make sure to question Sera and her ex-husband after she gets better. In the meantime, you can go and check her out.” Doctor Song finally allows him to get out of the room, it’s pointless to ask Kyuhyun what’s happening when he wasn’t there to witness what happened.

He nods and gets up from his sit as quickly as possible. “Thank for your help, dockters. Forgive my failure in taking care of her.”

He bows and drags himself quickly into the incubation chamber where Han Sera is laying at the moment. He wants to scold her for being reckless, he wants to throw his tantrum towards her, he wants to hug the woman he loves so tight that he never let go. Once again she was so close to her death and Kyuhyun feels a bit overwhelmed with all the roller coaster ride of emotion that keep on piling each day.

Cho Kyuhyun gets into the insulation costume he’s so used to, puts on the ridiculous green hat before he leads himself into the place where she’s being taking care of now… only to witness his worst nightmare displayed in front of him.


2 thoughts on “(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 10

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Woaaaaaaa……… so is this the situation they pass??
    oo… poor Yoona… I love her but how pity her fate if she still want to be together with Taec! And for you, Taec, let see how you will fix the matters one by one!! I rally hate You! Huaaa…. I laughed when Kyu innocently talked to the doctor if he kissed Sera hahahaha… for uri author Ssihobitt… I have a thousand LOVE for YOU! heheheheeheh 😛 😉


  2. bluecat says:

    The detail Is absolutely amazing… The naration, conversation among characters, the heart disease full package information.

    1 word : WOW!


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