(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 9


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Short Chaptered, Romance, Sad

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

Sera’s staring blankly ahead through the window from Kyuhyun’s car, they both are now heading to a five-star hotel to do the last part in their day out agenda, eating the famous deconstructed apple pie that Kyuhyun promised her to get before they go back to the hospital. She can’t stop biting her lips, remembering what just happened moments ago. What was she thinking? She let him kissed her and she has to admit that she enjoyed the kiss they shared. On her left, Kyuhyun pours his focus towards the road ahead of him, his heart still beating out of control and he’s aware about how red his face is at the moment.

As they arrived at the hotel, Kyuhyun checks his watch, it’s before 5 o’clock which mean they can take some enjoyable time while eating the pie she’s been craving. They’re passing the hotel lobby and strangely there are a lot of people gathering as if there’s some kind of important event going on inside. Sera turns her head around anxiously, her only worry right now is they can’t find a place to park the car and she can’t get the pie she wanted. She knows how obedient Kyuhyun is and he won’t push back several minutes to take her back to the hospital just because they had a trouble finding a parking spot.

“Please let there be a spot.” She mumbles to herself.

“Don’t worry we can use the valet,” he stops his car on the front of the lobby, gets out of the car and helps Sera to step out before dropping the key to the valet driver available.

“I didn’t think of that, of course there’s valet. Come on, the pie can’t wait.” She grabs Kyuhyun arm and leads him towards the elevator.

“You know your way around this place.”

“Ne, my favorite desert place happens to open inside this hotel. Their best product is the apple pie but I’ve tried their cookies also and it’s to die for! Ah, you like brownie right? You should try their walnut brownie.” Her eyes sparkling out of happiness while talking about sweets.

Kyuhyun follows her then suddenly remembers he had forgotten something important in the car, so he grabs Sera’s hand and hold her steps. “Sera-ya, I left your bag in the car. I’ll get it.”

“Ya, it’ll take no time to eat the pie, I can live without the bag.”

Kyuhyun pinches her nose softly. “Shireo, your doctors will kill me if they know. Go ahead to the café first I’ll get the bag.” He points the elevator to Sera.

She pouts her mouth, minutes ago she felt normal and now he reminded her again about the machine. “Arraseo, It’s in the second floor on the right hand side.”

“Do you want me to take you there?”

“Aish, I can walk that far, you can even see the café from this floor.” Sera points out the café she meant. It’s located right next to a grand staircase connecting the first floor and the second floor.

Kyuhyun take a glance to the direction she pointed and nods. “Wait there for me then, I’d like to try the brownie you talked about earlier.”

“Ne, see you soon.” The elevator door opens up and Sera goes inside.

Sera arrives at the second floor and plans to head into the café she meant earlier but her eyes caught something. On her left hand side, a lot of flower bouquets are lining up and it seems to be wedding bouquets. Sera takes a quick glance and heads back towards the café until she thinks she sees something familiar in the bouquets. She turns around and approach the nearest pile of flowers to read the name written on the ribbons: Ok Taecyeon and Im Yoona wedding.

She blinks several times to get a clearer vision of what’s written in front of her, a lot of things happening to her at once. Her brain tries to process the information, her eyes moving fast to look into her surroundings to look for anything to confirm the info in front of her, her heart beats a bit faster from the panic that attacks her and her knees get weaken from the shock. Is it right what she sees? Is this really a wedding venue of Ok Taecyeon and Im Yoona? Is it her Ok Taecyeon? How many people are named Tacyeon, but how many people named Ok Taecyeon?

Han Sera tries to take several deep breaths to calm herself down and telling herself not to take any conclusion before confirming anything herself. After she feels calmer, she tries to find a way to confirm about the fact herself. Her first option is to call Taecyeon, but that’ll be suicidal since they aren’t in talking terms. She can also ask some people that’s crowding near the ballroom, however with her t-shirt and shorts, she doesn’t really look like she belongs to be in such venue. She then thinks of something genius, she’ll look for the waiting room for the bride and groom, the room must not be too far from the ballroom and she doesn’t’ have to interact with anyone.

She overheard some girls behind her talking about giving their blessings to the bride and they’re heading towards the waiting room. Sera decided to follow them after giving several distance between her and the girls.

The bride’s friend has been in the waiting room for about five minutes when Sera finally convince herself to peek inside. She stands by the edge of the door and prepares herself for the worst. After taking another deep breath, she opens her eyes and turns her head to witness her own nightmare.

The girl is the doctor she once saw in the hospital and beside her, the groom is smiling and he is Ok Taecyeon—her Taecyeon. Sera feels her eyes get hot once she comes into the realization that she’s accidentally attending her ex-husband wedding. In her life, she’s never felt worse than this, the figurative pain that she feels is like nothing she ever experienced before. It’s one thing to know Taecyeon has moved on and find himself her replacement, but knowing that he found her replacement, moved on and tie a knot only months after their divorce finalized really stab Sera in her heart. Was she really that worthless for him?

Sera cups her hand in her mouth once she heard herself whimpering from holding her tears back, apparently Taecyeon notice a strange sound and turns his head to the source of the noise. Once his eyes meet with hers, he feels like the gravity has pull his heart into his feet. Sera immediately notice that her ex-husband awares of her existence, so she turns around in panic and takes several steps away from the room. She doesn’t know which way to head to, she just needs to disappear from this place.

“Han Sera!” Taecyeon already gets out from the room and walks faster to chase the woman he’s been looking for.

Sera ignores him and continues walking, she quickens her steps and begins to run a little, ignoring her own condition.

“Han Sera, where are you going? Come here let me talk to you.” It only takes several steps for him to get into her. He takes her arms and pulls her towards him, forcing her look turns into him.

It’s breaking his heart once he sees her face. She has becoming thinner from the last time he saw her, she looks like she hasn’t really take care of herself from her messy appearance, she also looks very pale and what hits Taecyeon the most is the look in her eyes. Her pretty eyes are now looking empty and the tears flowing from them doesn’t make her look any better.

He’s too stunned to talk and she’s too shock to do anything. Sera studies the man she loves in front of her, he combed his hair well and the well-tailored tux he’s wearing helps to accentuate his broad shoulders and brings out the charisma he has.

Taecyeon looks around to see if there’s a more private place for both of them to talk beside this hallway. He’s afraid his parents will see her and make matters even worse. He takes her hand and guides her into the emergency stairs quickly. Sera’s tries to balancing his big steps and still ignoring the pain she begins to feel in her chest.

“Sera-ya, I know how wrong it looks to you right now. But I swear it’s just a…”

“Oppa, congratulations.” She bites her lips trying to fight another tears that’s coming.

“I was looking for you, I want to tell you about this.”

“It’s okay.” Sera begins to feel suffocated, she knew she shouldn’t run earlier.

“No, it’s not okay. Look at you, look at us! Sera-ya, this marriage is arranged by my parents, it’s business purposed.” He tried to explains, but then begins to notice Sera’s patting her chest, “are you okay?”

Sera nods and at the same time the alarm of her LVAD is beeping again. It can’t be, Kyuhyun only changed it less than two hours ago, it shouldn’t run out of energy that fast.

“Oppa,” she forces herself to talk and ignore the pain that’s attacking her, “it’s funny how faith is… I was just… going to… buy the pie from… that place…” She gasps for air, the pain in her chest gets worse.

“Ya! Han Sera, what’s going on with you? Are you okay?”

Sera nods and continues. “I thought I saw… your name on the bouquets… sorry… I shouldn’t…”

Taecyeon notices the beeping is getting louder and more rapid than before. He also aware that Sera’s beginning to lose her balance as she tries to leans on the wall to keep herself standing up.

“Sera-ya, do I need to call paramedic? Ya, what’s going on with you?”

Sera lost her balance altogether and falls down, Taecyeon manages to catch her and avoid her body hitting the floor. He’s trying to find the beeping sound that’s coming from her and he becomes more puzzled once he sees a weird equipment on the hip of her pants. He studies the display and takes a quick conclusion that whatever the thing is, it’s running out of power. He follows the cable from the device and he almost lost his own strength when he realized the cable leads into the inside of her abdomen.

“Han Sera, what’s going on with you? Hold on, I’ll get you to a doctor.” He takes Sera’s body with him and rounds her arm beneath his neck, “hold on please.”

He only knows one doctor in this place and he’s carrying Sera straight to her. He runs into the bride waiting room and immediately asks Yoona’s friend to get out.

“Yoona-ssi, please help her. You’re the only doctor I know in this place.” Teacyeon places Sera on the sofa before he steps aside and let his bride-to-be checking the condition of his ex-wife.

Yoona kneels beside Sera and do the first thing every doctor does, checking her pulse and her breathing. Although she’s a pediatrician, she’s also train to take care of children with heart problem. Yoona noticed the LVAD device on Sera’s hip and she instructed Taecyeon to call 119 at once. “Oppa, this device is running out of power and it messes with her heart rate, I need to manually pump her heart. Move her to the floor.”

Taecyeon moved her to the floor and calls the ambulance right away while Yoona starts to manually pumping Sera’s heart.

Sera’s still aware of whatever happening around her even though she feels like she’s been unconscious and conscious again. The pain in her chest is exaggerating she begins to wails in agony. Taecyeon hangs up the phone and comes closer to see what’s going on with Sera. In the edge of her consciousness, Sera tells Taecyeon things that doesn’t make any sense to him.

“Op… pa… Call… Kyuhyun… to get… here…” She manages to tell him that before she lost her consciousness completely.

As much as it doesn’t make any sense to Taecyeon, he follows her request. He searches for Kyuhyun’s number that he saved in his phone and presses the green display. He waits several rings before Kyuhyun picks up.

“It not a perfect time for a chitchat Taecyeon-ssi, I’m in a middle of something.” His voice sound like he’s been running.

“Han Sera asked me to call you.” Taecyeon scratch his hair in frustration, “why would she ask me to do that?”

“Where is she? I was just with her minutes before, where is she? HURRY UP TELL ME!” Kyuhyun sounds so desperate.

“Silla Hotel, second floor in the bride and groom waiting room, it’s the fourth room on the left from the main ballroom door.” Taecyeon was taken by surprise because Kyuhyun just yell at him. “Kyuhyun-ssi, what’s…”

Kyuhyun already cut the line and leave Taecyeon more puzzled with what’s going on.

It only takes Kyuhyun less than a minute to reach the very room Taecyeon mention. He ignores the questioning looks he got from Taecyeon and his bride and approach himself to Sera that’s now lying helplessly on the floor.

“What’s going on with her?” He asks Yoona that’s busy pumping her heart.

“Her LVAD is running out of battery and I have to pump her heart manually, otherwise she’ll get stroke from her own heart rate.”

“But I just changed the battery two hours ago.” Kyuhyun pulls his own hair and trying to takes deep breath while thinking the emergency procedure he’s been thought before.

Taecyeon feels like the only idiot in the room because he has no idea what’s going on, what battery they’re talking about? Why is Kyuhyun here? How come he’s the one changing the battery for her? Are they together? Bunch of questions fly in his mind.

“Excuse me agashi, is there any electric station nearby? I have all the emergency equipment needed but it takes electricity.” Kyuhyun suddenly remembers his crash course.

Yoona looks around the room and points the electric station beneath the table that she used to curl her hair earlier. Kyuhyun takes the station and begins preparing the charger to Sera’s LVAD device. He can imagine how angry Sera will be if she knows what’s going on right now, it’s heart breaking for him to see her lying on the floor helplessly, but what’s worse is having Taecyeon and his bride alongside with her to see her collapsing.

Kyuhyun brings the cable closer to Sera and he begins plugging it into the LVAD device on her hip. He takes out the stethoscope and give it to Yoona because he’s sure she knows her stuff better.

“Oppa, call the paramedic again, we’re losing her if she keeps on waiting. She needs to be shocked.”

Taecyeon follows the order and calls one more time, to his relieve the paramedic are just a corner away from their place. He takes another look to Sera and feels his tears flowing down from his eyes. What’s going on with her? Did Yoona mention a heart attack? Why is that thing attached to her body? Is there something wrong with her that he doesn’t know?

Minutes later the paramedic arrived in the room and they lift Sera into the gurney, Yoona position herself on top of Sera to keep pumping her heart until they reach the ambulance. The guest that already coming to her wedding were surprised by the fact the bride is on top of an unconscious girl that’s being drag into an ambulance, followed by two men which one of them is the groom.

As they reach the ambulance, one paramedic immediately prepares the defibrillator to shock Sera’s heart, Yoona gets off from her and lets the paramedic takes over her job. Kyuhyun places himself into the ambulance and Taecyeon follows him without thinking about anything else. He already forgotten that he has a wedding ceremony to attend to, he’s forgotten that his bride-to-be was just saving Sera’s life. What he needs right now is an explanation of the bizarre thing that just happened earlier and the only person who holds the answer to his questions is now lying unconsciously in an ambulance.

“Seoul Hospital please, she’s a cardiologic patient there. I already called her doctors and they’re waiting in front of the ER.” Kyuhyun gives his command to the paramedics before they’re all taken to the hospital.

Author’s note:

sorry, it’s a short one -___-


3 thoughts on “(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 9

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Oh My God!!! my heart beats so fast when Read this chapter authornim…. hua…hua….huaaaa….. I’m crying 😦 It’s too accident for all of them.. I can’t imagine what will happen after this hiks hiks…. It’s very complicated!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seo HaYeon says:

    Oh My God!!! my heart beats so fast when Read this chapter authornim…. hua…hua….huaaaa….. I’m crying 😦 It’s too accident for all of them.. I can’t imagine what will happen after this hiks hiks…. It’s very complicated!!

    Liked by 1 person

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