(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 4


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Short Chaptered, Romance, Sad

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon


Since the divorce hearing that happened around a month ago Kyuhyun cannot gets his head off of the case, he was left puzzled by Han Sera. She changed from the gold digger bitch into this harmless woman and he was sure she’s hiding something. Either she has another evil motive or she has a hidden agenda—or affair in this case—that he can find out.

After the court Taecyeon clearly told Kyuhyun not to bother Sera with further charges. He used to offer his client a spy service to watch what Sera will do with her alimony but Taecyeon refused to do that. He’d rather not know what she’s doing with his money, after all she’s no longer his wife that he needs to monitors all the time.

Kyuhyun decided to investigate this case himself, because apparently the phrase ‘curiosity kills the cat’ applies to him badly. He got all the details he needed such as the time and place Han Sera first swiped Taecyeon’s credit card in New York and where she stays during her vacation in New York. He called his old private detective friend stationed in the U.S few days ago and investigate the matters himself. In the meantime, what he can do in Seoul while waiting for the news from his friend, is to investigate what Han Sera’s doing with her first alimony.

Since Taecyeon gave her a debit card—that Kyuhyun had already wrote down the number, Kyuhyun can easily track down her usage. In his job, having a good connection to police officers, bankers, and debt collectors are the best backup he can have. If he needs to tackle his client’s opponent, he’ll usually look through their history first from these three options. He did the same with Han Sera but the bitch was clean.

At least she didn’t have a criminal record nor owing a debt collector anything. However, tonight Kyuhyun found out what Sera used her first alimony for—the alimony she refused to accept—she went shopping the day she got the money and spent them all at once to buy several designer bags and some shoes. He scoffs to this finding, he knew Han Sera refused the alimony only as her attempt to make Taecyeon offer more. What kind of girl spent the rest of her monthly alimony in a day like this?

Kyuhyun writes down the store where she swiped her card and decided to go to the place himself tomorrow.


Sera gets off from the taxi and brings all the items she just bought yesterday to the department store where she got them. To her this is just a regular procedure that always works out for her. Actually Sera’s is mildly proud of herself to be able to clear her trace well from Taecyeon, she can’t imagine what he’s going to do if he knows what she’s doing—and she doesn’t want to think about it, because it still hurts her every time she remembers him.

She enters the store where she bought her items yesterday and put the bags in front of the cashier.

“I’d like to return these stuff, please.” She adds a bitchy smile. “Turn out my sister doesn’t like the design and she wants me to buy her a birthday present from another brand. Sorry for the troubles.”

The store clerks look closely at her. This is not the first time they have to deal with an annoying costumer, but they never like dealing with return items. People return their items for reason—mostly because its broken—so they have to go thoroughly when checking the things.

“I can return these, can’t I? I read in the receipt I have 30 days to change my mind as long as I haven’t take off the tags. Everything is still there, don’t worry.”

“Iye, costumer-nim. We’ll check the item you purchased thoroughly first, if you don’t mind.” The store clerk tries to smile halfheartedly.

Sera wait for them to check the bags and shoes she just bought from this very store yesterday. She’s certain that the items are still in perfect condition since she never took it out of its bag.

After what seems to be half an hour and the store clerk cannot find any broken indicator from the bags and shoes, they decided Sera can have a full return.

“We’ll take the items, costumer-nim. However, we cannot return the money in debit, is cash okay with you?”

Sera smiles “Of course, cash is fine.”

Minutes later Sera already has a million won in her hand. She puts the money into her purse and leave the store to go to her new place.

“This will get me by for another month at least.” She bitterly mumbles to herself before she flags a taxi to take her into her new place.

Not knowing she’s being followed by the curious Kyuhyun that’s been watching her suspicious actions.


Kyuhyun shrieks happily in his car while he’s following the taxi that’s taking Han Sera to wherever she’s heading. This is a win for him, he saw her getting off the taxi earlier and he knows what she’s doing. She’s doing her own scam in a very clean way. She purchases items with a debit card and return them in order to have cash. Therefore, the record never reported back—so if Taecyeon receive activity report of her card, he’ll only think Sera’s shopping for bags and shoes.

He has to give two thumbs up to her, she thinks that far to hide her trace, which he was sure that’s what she did too in New York. He doesn’t need to wait for a report from his friend to conclude what happened a year ago.

“You slick bitch, you think you can outsmart me, huh? I’m pretty sure you’re hiding your lover somewhere. I bet you had an affair Han Sera, an affair you successfully hid under his nose.” He continues to mumble to himself.

The taxi takes a right turn and Kyuhyun follows, he doesn’t care how far this taxi will take him since he already asks for a sick day to his boss. He’ll make sure to find out what’s she’s hiding and Kyuhyun even considering to report his finding to Taecyeon. Weirdly he feels like they both are a team—a loser team that fell for a fox like Sera—and he has obligation to tell his team mate if he’s been deceived during his marriage.

To his surprise, the taxi leads him into a hospital. Han Sera stops the taxi in front of the main entrance and she lets herself in through the revolving door. Kyuhyun gets off his car and tries to follow her but being stopped by the security. He can’t park his car in the drop off area, so he has to find a parking spot quickly before he loses sight of Han Sera.

Apparently he’s not the only one that’s looking for a parking spot and it takes him nearly twenty minutes to finally find an empty spot. He locks his car quickly and enters the hospital from the very door Sera used earlier. Now this is his challenge, how to find Han Sera in this big hospital? Is somebody sick? Is her lover sick? Is that why she needs to cover her track? Maybe this is the perfect place for her to hide the affair, nobody would look into hospitals for affair matters.

Kyuhyun begins his search with a mindset that Sera’s is here to accompany someone, but then realize it’ll make it even harder for him to find her. So he changes his mindset to place Sera as the patient. He goes through the information table and ask for Sera’s name, which the information officer cannot tell him because they don’t have detail information with them. If Kyuhyun wants to know certain patient name, he needs to know which department the patient ward is, then ask the information desk in the very department to know where the patient is being treated.

He curses the fact that he lost twenty minutes of his time earlier, if he follows her right away, he wouldn’t have to go to every floor and every department to look for her name. what annoys him even more is the fact that ‘Han Sera’ is a name that’s quite popular that makes it harder to find.

Starting from neurology and OB/GYN on the first floor, Kyuhyun begins his ultimate search. He’s the kind of person who’ll get what he’s set his mind to, and his mind has set into finding Han Sera. The second floor where the Orthopedic and Physiotherapy department placed confirms they don’t have the name Han Sera in any of their ward. So Kyuhyun continues to the next floor where the pediatrics department is, which he was sure Sera is not in it.

Kyuhyun enter the fourth floor in which he hopes Sera is not here, it’s the oncology department. He hates her, yes, but he’s doesn’t hate her to the point he wishes her to die from cancer. He comes to the information station and his heart sinks when he saw the name Han Sera in the list. He asks where her ward is and fasten his step to see if it’s really Han Sera that he knows that’s being treated here. He takes a peek from the ward door and weirdly feels relieve when he doesn’t recognize the patient inside.

It’s not his Sera, it’s another Han Sera that has to battle with cancer.

The sixth floor is the last floor that house a department in the hospital, the cardiology department. It’s not a better place to find Han Sera for Kyuhyun, but this is probably the last place he can track her as a patient. If her name is not in this department, that means she’s here for somebody else and that also means Kyuhyun has to look into the room one by one to find her.

He approaches the nurses that’s stand by on the information station and ask if they have a patient named Han Sera. The nurses gasp when Kyuhyun asks for her.

“I’m sorry sir, are you her husband?”


“Han Sera-ssi, she just returned here for a month since she was released from almost a year treatment and she’s always alone. We received her old health record and it’s written that she’s married in her last record. So we’re…”

“So you have a patient named Han Sera?” Kyuhyun feels uneasy, this is not what he expects when he’s trying to expose her mean actions.

“Yes we have, she’s in the corner ward on the left hand side.” The nurse decided to inform him her room. They always pity Sera for not having anyone to look for her, she’s in the hospital on her own and the nurses often caught her crying in her room out of loneliness.

“Han Sera, the one about this tall,” he marks his shoulder to confirm Sera’s identity, he doesn’t want to be wrong for the second time, “has a long hair…”

“Pretty brown eyes and a face of an angel, yes she’s in that room.” The nurse nods excitedly. She’s secretly happy Han Sera finally has a visitor.

Kyuhyun almost lost his strength to stand that he has to hold on into the nurse table. “But why? Why is she here?”

“Heart failure. She’s been waiting for a heart transplant for more than a year.”

Every fact in Kyuhyun’s mind now seems to collide together to make sense. All these time he has the pieces of puzzles from her divorce case, but today everything has become clear to him. Han Sera didn’t scam Taecyeon, she hid her sickness and got the money for treatment by pretending to buy a lot of hand bags that she returned in order to get some cash. She ridiculously asked Taecyeon to live together for a month because she wanted to be able to say goodbye properly to him. Lastly, she demanded a million US dollar not to have fun or to harm Taecyeon, it’s for her treatment. This must be it. Kyuhyun has solved the mystery and he doesn’t like what he found.

He walks slowly towards the corner room not sure of what he feels inside. He’s supposed to be happy, right? The bitch that ruins his heart has rewarded with an awful sickness, he should jump on his feet out of happiness, right? But what he feels in his heart is the exact opposite of happiness. He feels like somebody just squeezed his heart really hard it makes him hard to breath.

Kyuhyun takes a peek from the little window on the door and have his worries confirmed. It is Han Sera. She’s reading on her bed wearing a tan leather jacket while hugging a big unicorn plushy. She looks like she’s trying to busy herself with reading to forget her loneliness.

Slowly he opens the door and let himself in. Han Sera lift up her head, thinking it must be her doctor that’s going to do a routine procedure on her and she faces her nightmare instead.

Sera’s heart beats faster than before when she noticed the man that’s standing on her door. No, this can’t be. Nobody can know about this—nobody, especially Kyuhyun. Her breathing gets faster as she tries to grasp as much oxygen she can get to calm her heart beat. What Cho Kyuhyun see from his point of view is that Han Sera slowly lose the color on her face and begins to lose her consciousness.

Kyuhyun shouts to the nurse in the station ahead, telling them Sera’s losing consciousness before he gets in and tries to calm her himself.

“Han Sera! you were fine a minute ago, come on don’t do this.” Panic has attack him, he doesn’t want her to suffocate because she sees him.

“Please…” Sera tries to grasp more air, fighting the massive pain in her left chest. “You… can’t tell…” She squeezes her left chest in agony.

“I won’t tell him. I promise. Please hold on, I called the nurse already. Don’t do this to me Han Sera!!”


Kyuhyun stands frozen in the corner of Sera’s room while watching the doctor coming in with a crash cart, they quickly charge the defibrillator and shock her. It takes several times to finally the doctor declare Sera’s heartbeat is back and beating again.

“We have to connect her to a cardiac monitor, she’s getting worse.” A female doctor takes her stethoscope from Sera’s chest, “her heartbeat’s all over the place.”

“Let’s schedule her for another MRI tomorrow after she’s stabilize.” The other doctor is telling what seems to be interns to write down Sera’s schedule for tomorrow. “Sir, were you the one that saw her fainting?” The doctor turns his attention to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhun nods quickly but still lost his voice, he’s too shock to witness what just happened in front of him.

“My name is doctor Kim and this is also her doctor, doctor Song.” He introduces Kyuhyun to the female doctor. “We are the team that’s been helping Han Sera for almost a year and we really have high hopes for a donor as soon as possible since she’s in Status-1 now. She’s already in the list since last year, so we’ll have to wait and see if there’ll be a match for her. It’s a relieve you’re here to catch her fainting because otherwise it’d probably be too late. Please inform us once she’s awake.”

These are too much information to process all at once in his brain, Kyuhyun can’t make sense most of the doctors words but he just nods along because he can’t wait to ask the question he’s dying to know. “Will she be okay, doctor?”

“Define okay.” The female doctor step into the conversation, “If ‘okay’ means she’s not gonna crash tonight, then she’s okay. But in the long term, we need to figure out a way to keep her heart pumping so her blood circulates in her body.”

“What’s happening to her?”


Kyuhyun curls his eyebrows. Give him law terms and he can memorize them all, but medical term? He’d rather have it explain in plain everyday language.

“That means her heart is unable to fill and pump blood normally. That effect the rest of the body, as you know blood delivers oxygen and carbon dioxide and other nutrients for other organs to absorb and run the human body normally. Now imagine if the very machine created to do all those vital job is broken.”

Kyuhyun’s jaw drops, he remembered Sera looked okay the last time he saw her in court. Heck he even remembers she looked fine this morning. “But she was okay the minute before she crashed.”

“She used to be under our intense care before until we allow her to go home. A month ago, she begun to feel shortness of breath and dizziness again so she has to get some treatments again from us. If this is your first experience, then I suggest you to start preparing yourself for what’s coming. The heart failure patient always at risk of getting a cardiac arrest, so be prepared.”

The team of doctors leave the room after giving some advices to Kyuhyun. They’re being generous with information to him because they suspect Kyuhyun as Sera’s husband. As the nurse said earlier, in her last chart she’s declared married, so it only makes sense that the first man visited her must be her husband that she always told the ‘working overseas’.

Kyuhyun takes a seat beside her bed and he begins to examines the room she’s in. Piles of boxes are stacked in the corner, he’s guessing those are her belongings that she brought from her apartment. He then takes a look at the girl in front of him, she’s laying helplessly in front of him, her proportion looks smaller than the last time he saw her, and now her pretty face covered with a breathing mask. He can’t wrap his head into what’s going on, why would she do this to herself? Why didn’t she tell Taecyeon about this? Because he knows her ex-husband would gladly help her to bear all these together.

The first thing he wants to do is call Taecyeon and tell him everything that he just found out about Han Sera. However, he recalls how Sera was fighting the agonizing pain she had earlier only to asked him not to tell what he saw to Taecyeon. He’s a man of his words, so he’ll wait for her to wake up and explain herself. He wants answer and he needs to know. He’s dying to know—figuratively speaking.


Sera slowly opens her eyes, her vision are blurry and the first thing she notices is the breathing apparatus that cupped her nose and mouth. She blinks several times to make her vision clearer before she turns her head to see the figure on her right. She remembered she saw him earlier before she fainted—she knew she weren’t imagining things.

Sera pulls down her breathing apparatus and try to call Kyuhyun who’s now burying himself in the book Sera had read earlier.

“Kyu…” she only manages to speak that much, it still hurts for her to speak.

Kyuhyun immediately lift his head from the book and shoves his chair closer to Sera. “Hey, you’re awake.” He puts the book down and stand up to help her putting back the oxygen mask onto Sera’s mouth. “I’ll get the doctor, in the meantime don’t make any excessive movement please, and don’t take off your breathing device.” Kyuhyun then press the buzzer on Sera’s left side to call the doctor.

This is weird for Sera, she didn’t think Kyuhyun would stay for her. And what’s that look in his eyes? The last time she checked, those eagle eyes of his only pierce at her with contempt. Has he softened up to her? What is he doing taking care of her breathing device? Why would he even care if she’s breathing?

The doctors enter the room and start a routine test on Sera’s heartbeat. They inject several drops of transparent solution into her IV and after she’s stabilized the doctor removes her breathing apparatus.

“Can you breathe on your own now, Sera-ssi?” Doctor Song check her heart beat with a stethoscope.

Sera nods limply.

“Your heart beats too fast but it has stabilized more that it was an hour ago. We’ll keep you under the radar and we’ll do another MRI test. If you don’t get better by tomorrow, we’ll move you into the CICU.” She explains the procedure to Sera.

She nods one more time.

The doctors step out of the room and leave Sera and Kyuhyun together in an awkward situation. Kyuhyun wants to know how she’s doing but at the same time doesn’t want to over-work her into talking. He’s afraid Sera will go into cardiac arrest one more time if she pushes herself. Sera wants to know what he’s doing and how he got himself here, but she can hardly breath at the moment, leave alone trying to speak out.

They take a moment to stare at each other. This is the first time they do this after a long time. Sera can see how worry he is from the look on his face, he can see how tired Sera is from her eyes.

“How did… you…?” Sera tries to speak to him.

“Hush, please don’t speak for now.” He sits beside her before he takes her hand. “I can’t see another electric pulse being charged on you again.”

Sera tries to smile, that’s so sweet of him she thinks. Because she remembers how hard he tried to ruin her life a month ago and how kind he is to her today.

“How?” Sera can’t ignore her curiosity. If Kyuhyun can find out where she is, does it mean Taecyeon knows what she’s doing? That’s the only worry she has in her mind.

“I tracked you down.” Kyuhyun realizes she won’t stop asking until he gives her some answers. “I track your debit card and I was about to question the store clerk if they’ve seen you before. But this morning when I arrived, you also get off the taxi so I followed you, and found out what you did with your purchases.”

Sera tries to breath normally despite the fact her heart beast faster again due to her fear.

“I followed you back here and I found you in this room.” Kyuhyun finishes his story.

“Taec… does… he…”

“I’m haven’t told him anything. Do you want me to call him?”

Sera’s pupil dilates from her confirmed fear. She shakes her head and pleads Kyuhyun to keep his mouth shut.

“Please…” She’s taking another deep breath, “don’t…”

“Okay, I won’t call him for now.”


“You’d better have a good reason for this Han Sera.”

She nods and begins to open her mouth to speak again, but Kyuhyun stops her. He puts his finger on her lips, asking her to stay silence.

“Not now, you owe me an explanation but not now. Please get well Han Sera. we’ll talk after you feel better, I promise we’ll talk.” His other hand automatically reaches for her head to caress her softly.

Sera closes her eyes, this is the first time she actually feels blessed after the ongoing battle she had with her heart. She’s always looking forward to have a friend to talk to about her condition, yet she also has her reasons why she’s been keeping these all to herself.

She grabs Kyuhyun’s hand that’s on her lips and links their pinky fingers together, it’s her subtle way to ask Kyuhyun to keep his promise not to tell anyone about what he found out today. Kyuhyun follows by stamping their thumbs together.

“I promised not to tell him, Han Sera. Now you can breathe easy and take some rest, ne?”

She whispers ‘thank you’ slowly to him before she closes her eyes to get some rests.

Kyuhyun leave Sera’s room to grab his phone, he searches the number he needs to call in his phone and press the green button. He waits several rings until the other person picks up the phone.

“Is this an appropriate hour to call me, Kyuhyun-ssi?” A man voice answers.

“Sir, I think I’ll take more leave day. A week if you don’t mind. Currently I’m not handling any case anyway.”

“And you think you have to ask at this time of the night?” His boss soar voice tells him that he’s already asleep when he calls.

“I’m sorry.”

“Fine, take a week off. I’m going back to sleep.” He’s about to put the phone down, but he remembers he needs to ask the reason, “are you going on a vacation?”

“No sir, somebody needs me to stay beside them. My best friend needs me.”


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