(Eng.) One Last Shot – Part 30 (end)

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi & Cho Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun and Eungi takes their break from the Netherlands and return to Seoul to stay for a couple of months in their own country in order to take care some important things. They’re back to Seoul for a quick wedding ceremony and also to do some work-related activities regarding the campus administration. Since he got his degree, Kyuhyun is now officially takes his position in the board of director and he’s entitled to give his voice whenever an academic problem arises. Kyuhyun and Eungi has been thinking about his new position as a way to bring down their old plagiarist nemesis, Mr. Hwang and they’ve been preparing some new evidences to do that soon enough.

They also use their time to do a site visit to their future home that Kyuhyun had drown when he proposes to her and she once again having her jaw dropping moment when she sees the actual place. The site is just as perfect as Kyuhyun’s description and he really bought the place for both of them to start building their own little family. They’re not going to live in there right away, since he took the doctoral researcher position offer and Eungi hasn’t really finished her post-doc studies. But once they’re done, it’ll be the place they’ll call home and they’re too excited when they see how perfect the on-going construction has been.

As for today, it’s the morning of their wedding and they followed old western tradition that they should be in different rooms while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

She’s walking back and forth in her waiting room, constantly checking her reflection in the mirror and trying to find something else to fix while she still has some time. She takes her deep breath and tries to calm herself, she just finds out about something so shocking that she herself refuses to believe, and the worst part of her new discovery is that she finds out in the very morning of her wedding day.

Professor Van Wijk knock on her door and lets himself in without waiting for her command, he brings her hand flower bouquet and a glass of champagne to help her to loosen up a little bit.

“Here, helped me a lot during my wedding ceremony.” He offers her the glass.

Eungi shakes her head, “I feel like I’m about to barf, I can’t put anything into my mouth. Is this supposed to be this intense?” She looks at him with her wide eyes.

“What scares you, Cha? You’ll be married to the man that you love.”

“What if he has a second thought?” She bites her lips nervously. “Is he still in his waiting room? Please tell me he hasn’t left the scene.”

Van Wijk laughs, “I bet he worries about the same thing in his own waiting room right now.”

“Tell me it’s going to be okay.” She takes a seat and leans slightly into the backrest, trying to not messes with her hairdo.

Van Wijk takes his time to observes her behavior, even during her most intense moment when she presented her defense, Cha Eungi never looked this pale and her face never been as tense as it is today. he noticed her eyes are traveling from one corner to another and the way she controls her breathing are a little bit excessive.

“Cha!” He grabs her by her shoulders and shake her, “You’re having a panic attack aren’t you?”

She tries to look at him straight in the eyes and Van Wijk can clearly sees her worried face.

“Is it possible that you’re the one that’s having cold feet?” He tilts his head.

Eungi shakes her head. “Sir Joost, what should I do?” She whispers.

“You just need to take a deep breath, follow my steps towards the altar, say ‘I do’ and let him kiss you. It’s that simple Cha, it’s not so hard to do. The commitment is hard to do, but the wedding will be over before you know it.” He chuckles, trying to cheer her up.

“No, not about that.” She bites her lips. “Aish, I don’t even know how to tell you about this.”


She takes another deep breath and begins to pats her chest to relax.

“Cha Eungi, you’re killing me with your strange attitude now, tell me what bothers you.”

She takes another deep breath and she finally pats the space next to her seat, asking Van Wijk to sit next to her so she can have a quick consultation with her professor.

Eungi lowers her voice, almost whispering when she’s telling the reason behind her panic attack this morning, she’s so afraid somebody will overheard her so she really takes her time and volume down while explaining the problem at her hand. He leans into her closer to be able to listen to what she has to say and his eyes widen in surprise after he understands her reason.

Van Wijk takes her hand and squeeze them tight while he does his best effort to calm her down. “You can talk about that later, he’ll understand.”

“Shouldn’t I talk now? Before it’s too late? Before we say ‘I do’?” She can feel her lips are shaking from the tremor.

“Later, Cha.” He gives a pat on her shoulder as encouragement. “We have a wedding to do and your problem can wait.”

“But Sir..”

“It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, so don’t try to see him right now.” He presses his voice to keep her nearby. “I’m gonna hold your hands now to ease your mind and you can squeeze my hand later when we walk down the aisle. But whatever you do, don’t try to see him before the ceremony.”

“You’re being superstitious. I have to tell him this, Sir.” She puffs her face to helps her controls her breathing.

“It won’t change anything, I’m sure. He loves you and it won’t change anything.” He convinces her. “but if you tell him now, it’ll ruin the mood a little bit and let’s not do that. He’s done his best to get here, Cha, you can’t just ruin that moment for him because you can’t keep a secret a bit longer.”

She opens her mouth, ready to argue for some more but their wedding organizer knocks on her door, telling her to be ready in five minutes.

“It’s time, come on.” Van Wijk gets up and helps her to raise up from her seat and he helps rearrange her wedding dress a little bit.

“I’m scared, Sir.” She admits. “Tell me I’m doing a right thing.”

“This is the best decision you ever made.” He nods and step closer to hug her.

“Do I look okay?” She takes a peek into the mirror one more time to confirm.

“You’re dashing and glowing now, the prettiest bride I’ve ever seen.” He kisses her cheek softly, “Don’t tell my wife I said that.”

She smiles softly and swallow her ego in the end. Choosing to lays her faith in Kyuhyun’s hand and believing in Van Wijk’s suggestions. He’s been right about almost anything in her life anyway, he must be right this time around too.


Kyuhyun stands nervously on his place, he can’t take his eyes from the big double door where his bride is about to come out anytime soon. All eyes are now on him since Eungi hasn’t show up just yet and he honestly can’t wait to see how stunning she’s become today.

They decided to do it in a traditional way, in a church where he grew up and only invited some close families from his side and some of her close friends from Netherlands, her close friends gladly booked their plane tickets to see her getting married and also as the reason for a quick holiday to East Asia.

He constantly needs to remind himself to breath while waiting for her. She’s unusually late and it begins to worry him, he really hopes she doesn’t get cold feet in the last minutes then leave him alone in the altar with all these people staring at him. He looks into his watch one more time to make sure that they’re still in the schedule then whispers one more time to himself that everything will be fine.

His worries disappear once a loud sound of an instrumental piano sound begins playing in the back ground. He lets her pick her own song for the entrance and she chose the song from Paul McCartney, This Never Happened Before as her entrance song—which he has to admit quite fitting to their story. His long wait seems to be worth it once he takes a glance into his bride.


picture belongs to Park Seul (from her own wedding day)

Eungi stares at him in the eyes from the far end of the church, the shine in her eyes are as tensed as his and she’s holding onto her professor’s elbow that stands on her right while her left hand is holding a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and lilies that compliments her soft make-up. His jaw drops in awe once he lowers his gaze downwards. She lifts her hair into a loose bun at the back then wraps them with a simple tiara. Her wedding dress hugs her petite body perfectly and the flare at the bottom was just enough to give her the elegant look she always carries with her, without looking too princessy. He knows she’s beautiful, but today Cha Eungi looks beyond that, she’s glowing in her own way and Kyuhyun has to remind himself to breathe one more time since his bride has taken his breath away.

The walk she takes aren’t that long but it feels like the heaviest steps she has to take in her life. She’s about to begin a new life with the man that she loves, the man that’s now smiling brightly in front of the altar, the man that looks at her with that much adoration in his eyes. The old man beside her keeps whispering and reminding her to calm down while helping her to count her steps, he keeps telling her that everything will be fine and that she can tell Kyuhyun everything that’s bothering her mind later on.

They finally reach the altar, Kyuhyun steps down to takes her hand from Van Wijk and he bows a little to the old man, thanking him for what he’s done for both of them.

“No matter what happen, promise me you’ll protect her and love her until the end of your time.” Van Wijk squeezes his hand and stares down to Kyuhyun.

“I will, Sir.” He bows again. “I won’t leave her out of my sight.”

Van Wijk takes her hand that’s hanging in his arm and places it on Kyuhyun’s hand. “Good luck up there. I love you, Cha.” He kisses her three times before he really let go of her hand then takes his seat on the designated place.

Kyuhyun helps her to climb two steps into the altar, still with the bright look in his eyes.

He takes their moment to climb the stair as the time to whispers to her, “You took my breath away, Eungi-ya. You’re so beautiful.”

Eungi smiles, somehow his simple words have lifts up the burden in her heart. All she need to do is to look into his eyes and she’ll know that he loves her. No matter what news she’ll deliver later, Eungi knows Kyuhyun will still be by her side.

“I’m nervous.” She whispers back, “And you look perfect in this suit.”

“Let’s do this.” They reach the front of the altar and takes their stand face-to-face and ready to say their vow.

The pastor leads their ceremony, he begins by explaining about the holy steps they’re about to take and their obligations towards each other. Explaining about how love is always patient and kind then the rest other stuffs that Eungi and Kyuhyun have often heard in romantic movies. They both just look at each other the whole time, trying to hide their excited smile and avoid looking childish by fighting their urge to roll their eyes from the words the pastor in between them keeps on saying. Only when the real question is at stakes, Eungi and Kyuhyun really pays attention to the man in between them.

“Do you, Cha Eungi takes Cho Kyuhyun as your lawfully weeded husband, in sickness and health, through the thick and thin, for the rest of your life?”

Eungi smiles widely and Kyuhyun can see clearly how her bright her cheek blushes when she says “I do.” She steps closer to Kyuhyun to takes his hand and slips in their wedding ring into his finger.

“And do you, Cho Kyuhyun takes Cha Eungi as your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and health, through the thick and thin, for the rest of your life?”

“I do.” he grins widely after he said the words. He lifts her hand slowly and slips her wedding ring into her finger.

“By the power vested in me, I pronounce you man and wife.” The pastor finally officiates the wedding.

Kyuhyun steps closer to her and doesn’t wait another second to gives their first kiss as married couple. He presses his shaky lips onto hers and he can feel she’s trembling in their kiss. Eungi slowly lifts her hand to caress his face and opens her mouth a little bit to kiss him comfortably. They know where they’re at and notice how many eyes are actually watching them, so they end their kiss quickly and he grazes his nose over hers to make his way up to her forehead to plant another kiss on her head.

“You’re officially my wife now, noona.” He whispers Quickly as he helps her steps down from the altar.

“And now you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life.” She whispers back.

“Hmm.” He nods to confirm, “Just living the dream.”


In the afternoon, they both finally free from the chain of wedding events and got their free time back in their honeymoon suite. Kyuhyun can’t takes his eyes off of her since the way she looks today somehow amazes him in many ways. He never thought he’d reach this point in his life where he becomes a committed man in the constitution of marriage. However, looking at his woman, he knows he just did the best thing in his life.

Eungi throws a pillow into Kyuhyun once she notices he’s been staring at her with certain shine in his eyes.

“How long you’re going to stare, Kyu?” She smiles shyly.

“You look stunning in that dress but honestly I can’t wait to rip that out of you.” He giggles playfully.

“Your suit looks perfect on you too, and I have to say I have the same thoughts, that tie drives me crazy.” She smirks back.

“Well, it’s our wedding night, we can do whatever we want.” He walks closer to her and begins pinning her to the wall, “Do you want me to lift you up again? Or we should try new stuff we talked about?” He’s teasing her by tracing his finger on her moist lips while talking near in her ear.

Eungi takes a deep breath then throws herself at him at once. She presses her lips onto her man’s, wrapping her arms around his neck and begins to kiss him widely. He’s surprised by how fast she reacted but he takes his time to respond to her. The deeper their kiss, the more he feels like there’s something wrong and he finally stops and pushes her body away from him. Kyuhyun places his fingers on her chin to slowly lifts her face to look at him.

“Noona, are you okay? Hey, the wedding is done it’s okay, you don’t have to be this tensed.” He kisses her lips. “You know what, let’s loosen up a little bit before we have a go.”

Kyuhyun walks towards the bedroom and takes out a bottle of champagne prepared for them. He unwraps the foil, screw open the wire around the cork then pop it out. He takes the glasses prepared for them, fills it and give one glass to Eungi.

“Come here, sit down.” He pulls her hand towards the sofa and let her sits next to him. “For our wedding day and the rests of our marriage life, cheers.” He lifts his glass and Eungi follows what he does. He takes a sip of their champagne and she puts down her glass on the table in front of them.

“I have to talk to you.” She finally speaks up.

The tensed look in her face still lingers and from the way she talks, Kyuhyun knows that there’s something wrong. There must be something she’s hiding during the ceremony and she can’t keep it any longer.

“Are you okay?”

“Stop asking me if I’m okay.” She shrugs her shoulders.

“You look flustered.” He puts down his glass on the table and leans in closer to her. “Noona, what is it that you need to talk to me?”

Eungi bites her lips, she can feel her eyes gets watery and she can’t even pick the right words to begin talking.

“Noona? Please tell me you didn’t just regret marrying me.” He begins to get worried also.

Eungi shakes her head and cups his face immediately, “No, not that. God no, of course I don’t regret it. I’m very happy right now.”

“Then why are you crying?” He runs his finger under her eyes.

“I’m scared.”

“The wedding is over noona, we did well earlier. We said our vows and our marriage is officiated. Why are you scared about?”

“Promise me that you won’t walk out of this.” Another tear falls from her eyes.

Kyuhyun takes a deep breath, slightly annoyed with her way to prolong her case. “What is it noona? I ‘m not going to walk out from this. Are you crazy? I’ve been fighting really hard to get here.”

Eungi gets up from her seat and walks towards the side table in the room to take her purse. With wobbly steps she approaches him and takes her seat back next to him.

“I just figured it out this morning and I’m scared.” She opens her purse.

“What did you just figure out? Noona, please you’re killing me.” He sits up straight and feels so tense just by looking at her hand that slowly reaching into her purse.

Eungi takes a small and lean device that looks like a thermometer and gives it to Kyuhyun. “I didn’t know about it, I swear and I was thinking to tell you about it earlier this morning before we said our vows. But Van Wijk insisted me to stay put and keep it to myself until we’re alone.” Her voice begins to get shaky as she starts to sobs, “Please don’t be mad.”

Kyuhyun knows what she just gave him and now he curls his brows in confusion, trying to comprehend the indicator on the device. “Noona, is this?” He lifts his eyes from the device to her, “Are you?”

Eungi bite her lips while still crying silently. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

Kyuhyun can feel various emotion raging in his heart, confusion, excitement, joy, and a little bit of fear but none of the emotion translates as him being angry at her.

“Is that why you didn’t take any sip of alcohol today?” He feels his eyes gets hotter as the smile on his face gets bigger, “Is this going to happen so soon to us?”

“Are you mad?” She holds her breath, waiting for his answer.

Kyuhyun swift his seat closer to pulls her into his embrace. He kisses her face repeatedly and in the end he lands a soft kiss on her lips.

“Noona,” he uses both of his thumb to erase the tears on her face. “You don’t have to be scared because of this and why are you apologizing? It’s a great thing.”

“I’m afraid you’re not—we’re not—ready for it.” She says her honest thought.

He chuckles, “We’ve been dating for almost three years, we’re both in our thirties, none of us is getting any younger and we’re settled. If we want to fill those three children room in our house, we really have to start early, don’t you think?”

“So you’re okay with this?”

He kisses her again, “I’d be lying If I say I’m not surprised. We’ve been doing safe sex lately, but yeah, miracle can happen when we least expect it.”

She feels like the burden that’s been weighing her shoulders finally lifts up just by his calming words. Eungi smiles sweetly and leans her head on his shoulder, feeling relieves that she listened to Van Wijk’s advice earlier.

“Wait, so that old man is the first person to know about this?” He pouts his mouth.

Eungi nods. “He insisted me to stay at my room earlier, he said about bad luck for us to see each other before the wedding and stuff. He’s never been a superstitious person but he was this morning.”

Kyuhyun rest his head on the backrest of the sofa then starts mumbling, “I begin to have a real sentiment towards that old man. He knew about us and played cupid back then, he forced me to read that last chapter of your book and he planted the idea to be a valedictorian if I’d ever dared to marry you..”

“He did?” She lifts her head and laughs.

“And now, he’s the first person that knows about your pregnancy. Damn! We really need to put up some barrier with him.” He pulls her closer to encloses her into his body. “No wonder you look glowing today, they said pregnant woman glows.”

She giggles and hug him tighter, “I thought you’ll freak out.”

“I thought so.” He nods, confirming her assumption. “But I promised to take care of you for the rest of our life, instead of being freak out, I’d rather be grateful for what we have.”

“But I’m freaking out now, Kyu. What if I’ll be a bad mother?” She sinks her face deeper into his shoulder.

Kyuhyun kisses her head deeply while rubbing her back, “That won’t happen, if you can turn a jerk named Cho Kyuhyun into this great man that’s now holding you in his arms, you can be a great mother to all of our three children later.” He smiles bigger, “I know I picked the perfect woman to spend the rest of my life with.”


Author’s note:

I can’t express how glad and satisfy i am with this story, i feel like patting myself on the back for this lol.

It’s a special one for me because it’s the kind of story that i got inspiration in one go, from Kyuhyun’s way of singing “Wild flower from Park Hyosin”. The expression in his face while singing that song drew out this whole story in my head all at once. I love how he flickered a bit while singing, accentuate some words in his singing, it’s just like Kyuhyun in this story–the one that’ll always patiently wait to grow into something worthy in the eyes of someone he loves.

so thanks so much for all of you that’s been joining this journey with me. Not sure if i’ll do a spinoff of this story, but they’re one of the couple i can imagine the real chemistry with (character-wise). 

Oh, one more thing.

Most people always describe Kyuhyun as the cold-hearted mean guy in many fanficts, but i don’t know why i can’t see him that way. He’s a hopeless romantic, a melancholic, and he’s kind-hearted… Maybe that’s why i picture him with that character he has with him in this story (and in most of my stories ;p)







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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    THIS IS REALLY MY PLEASUREto know your story, authornim.. I don’t know exactly what should I say except SO MANY SINCERELY THANKS for you to made this story. I’ve read so many ff and this is the first time where everyday *exactly everynight I always waiting for_the most interesting story I loved! Sorry before if I’m not be a good reader and can’t express freely in my comment 😀 I can’t give U anything but U give me and all readers so many happiness from this. Thank you so much.. 🙂


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    It’s complete now_ finally!! 🙂 but I will miss this couple so much.. You draw their character clearly and you made amazing natural contents Authornim.. chukkayyeo… Hope could meet them in another story 😀
    See You on your another amazing masterpiece, Author Ssihobitt…. 😉


    • ssihobitt says:

      no, you gave me a lot really… your constant and lovely comment really raised my spirit to continue translating it 🙂 while one particular reader brought me down to tears with her constant mean and empty comments, yours and some other’s lifted me back up, so thank you… sincerely, thank you 🙂


  3. syalala says:

    kak omg this is one of the best ff that i ever read!!!!!!! idk i read so many ffs before and not all of them are the the best for me but this one!!!!!!!!!! omg i do think this ff is also the sweetest ff idk but the feel that you want to deliver thru the story is soooooo perfect and i an unpredictable story is the forever good thing hahah i do feel satisfied kak, i really happy glad and asdfghjjlm by reading this story aaaakkkkkk love loveeeeee


    • ssihobitt says:

      thaaaankk you~~ glad you enjoyed it ^^ thanks for appreciating what i’ve been trying to deliver, it’s really an honor to get praised like this *i’m blushing* hope you do well on your sidang!! good luck!!! :*


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