(Eng.) One Last Shot – Part 29


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi & Cho Kyuhyun

The big smile still hangs on their faces on their way back to their home, Kyuhyun round his arm on her shoulder and she round hers on his waist, both just enjoying the blast of the moment that happened earlier. He can’t remember how many hands he shakes today he can’t even remember their faces, he only remembers the expression on her face and Van Wijk’s, the rest became irrelevant for him.

“It’s addictive, isn’t it? the thrill.” Her big grin still on her face.

Kyuhyun nods, “Everything exactly how you described, it’s like I have to wait for a death sentence at some point. But I think I become greedy now.”


“You know, having that ,M.Sc behind my name makes me want to add something more in the front.” He scoffs, “How cool my name would sound if it’s written Dr. Cho Kyuhyun, PhD.”

She laughs, admitting to herself that it really does sound interesting, “That will sound awesome, I admit. But it’ll take more than what you just went through.”

“You think I can’t do that? Is that a challenge? I just need to accept the offer from Van Wijk you know, he just offered me a position in the doctoral researcher as a full time job, you know that kind of scholarship right?” He stops their steps and look straight into her eyes. “Should I take it?”

Her jaw drops, her boyfriend passing his master degree with perfect score is already great news for the day, she didn’t know that he’d get that kind of offer so soon. “He really offered you that?”

“Ng.” he nods, “Why? Omo, you’re not jealous are you? He has a new favorite now.” He grins playfully at her.

Eungi rolls her eyes, “What about your father?”

“What about him? He’s taking over now after he got well, I can do whatever I want—and what I want to do is in the positive side, noona. With the tittle I’m pursuing, I can really take over and become a rector if I want.” He lets himself dreams a little bigger.

“So you’re taking the offer?” She almost jumps on her place, “You’re going to stay longer here?”

Kyuhyun steps into her and hugs her tight, “Noona, who knows your study takes longer than mine, huh? I can’t leave you here. I haven’t told him that I’ll take that position since I need to discuss it with you first but yeah I’m interested.”

“Why you have to discuss it with me, do whatever you’re passionate about, Kyu.” She sinks her face into his suit, “I’ll be your cheerleader still.”

He pushes her then cups her face, “Because my life is your life also, whatever I do affects you and it works that way the other way around. You believed that I could excel in this field and look at me now! Three years ago I wouldn’t think I’d be like this. So your opinion on me really matters that’s why I need to discuss it with you.”

“You know I always thought you’re a born genius, right? If you want to take it, go ahead.”


“I have two reasons.” She lifts her finger forming a V shape. “First from a former lecture point of view.”

“Hmm, tell me.” He rounds his arm on her shoulder again and leads their steps to continue walking.

“From professional point of view, you should take it. You have the perfect foundation to spread your wings in the world of sustainable living and it’s obviously emerging now. Global warming is not a fairy tale and we both know that, so in the next fifty years what we’re doing and the cause we’re fighting will be mandatory to sustain human survival.” She explains.

“And your not-so-professional reason?”

“You should take it because that means you’ll spend more time here with me.” She giggles, “I like living with you and I honestly feels a bit restless knowing you’ll graduate soon and returns to Seoul without me. I can’t predict when my post-doc will finish since I’m having some difficulties with the technology, so selfishly, I want you to take that offer as a reason to stay longer beside me.”

He laughs loudly, “Noona, you’re addicted to me, aren’t you?”

“Glad you find my insecurity amusing.” She rolls her eyes and pouts her mouth.

Kyuhyun lower his face and gives her a quick peck oh her temple, “Fine, I’ll take the offer. But you agree with me right? My name would be sexier if its read Doctor Cho Kyuhyun, PhD.”

“Indeed, Kyu.” She looks up to him and smiles widely, “I can’t wait for you to present your doctoral defense later on, you already looked so hot earlier while doing the presentation that I had to restrain myself from jumping into you. I bet you’ll look much sexier in your doctoral defense.” She winks playfully.

“You’re officially the weirdest woman I’ve ever met in my life!” He messes with her hair, “So that’s what turns you on? Really?? I have to do that far to turn you on?”

She stops their steps and takes her position in front of him before she tiptoes to round her arms around his neck and kisses him. He can tell how much she really is turned on by his charisma today with the way she bites his lips lustfully and he does the right thing any good boyfriend does—replies her passionate kisses and hurry themselves to get to their home to finish their business.


He’s taking his time in the shower while she’s preparing dinner for both of them. Kyuhyun’s energy officially drowns out of him today, the stress he had to went through in the morning and the passionate love making they do in the afternoon has really takes its toll on him. He just wants to relax under the warm shower and eat a lot. He lost his appetite in the past week, since he was too tensed with preparing his presentation, only later this afternoon after they’re done embracing each other Kyuhyun really realize how famished he’s been.

She suggested them to go to Amsterdam to celebrate his early graduation party but he insisted her to stay home and have home cooked meal instead. It’s important for him to force her to stay at home tonight, he still has one more nerve wrecking thing to do today and honestly, this one is the one that really bothers him. The thrill is stronger than just presenting his defense and just by thinking about it, he feels another urge to throw up.

When he’s done showering, Eungi already prepared simple mac and cheese dinner. Not that she’s lazy or anything, it’s the only thing available in the kitchen tonight and the walk to the nearest supermarket in too much to do after an exhausting day.

“If this not enough, I’ll call the take-out delivery nearby.” She cringes when she sees his puzzled expression.

“It’s fine, I can do mac and cheese. Let me grab the wine.” He walks to the storage room where they keep their wine cooled.

“Mac and cheese with wine?” She laughs, “That’s a twist to turns the garbage and make it more elegant.”

“Where there’s cheese, there should be wine. No matter in what form its presented. Cheese is good, wine is good, let’s enjoy them together.” He smirks and takes the wine opener from the drawer and works his way to pop the cork.

The ambience of their dinner is surprisingly silent. Kyuhyun focus on his plate like he’s never eaten before and Eungi notices how he already takes down three glasses of wine already. She knows he’s a big drinker and that much won’t affect him, what intrigues her is the reason behind his tensed behavior. The most intense part of the day is over already, why would he loosen up by drinking that much in one sitting clearly puts a big question in her head.

“Kyu, are you okay?” She points his glass with her fork, “That’s your third.”

He nods, “I just feel the need to chug it down,” he clears his throat “I deserve a little celebration, no?” He lifts his eyebrow to asks her approval.

“You’re right. Go ahead, I’ll grab one more bottle.” She slides her chair to gets up but Kyuhyun stops her.

“No, we save that for later.” He takes the last bite of his food and gulps it down with the remaining red liquid in his glass.

“Fine, I’ll clean up then.” She takes his plate and brings their plates to the sink and rinse it. “What’s the plan for tonight? Lounging in the sofa while watching football match?”

“I have an idea.” He empties the whole bottle before he proceeds with his next agenda.

Kyuhyun goes to their working room to take a long cylindrical shell architects usually use to keep their blue print and takes it out to their dining table. She sees this and quickly throws her protest on him.

“Ya! Let’s rest for tonight, ne? No work please. Why would you want to work in your day of celebration anyway?” She wipes her hands with the tea towel and quickly grabs the cylindrical shell away from him.

“Just a little work, please. I need your advice on something.” He pleads with his eyes. “Please noona, the idea strikes me, you can’t delay a creative work, you know the rule.”


“Won’t take long, I promise. I just have to show you this.” He opens the shell and takes out some A2 size blueprints from the inside and spread it on the empty dining table.

Eungi draws a long breath and gives in, it’s the rule in their home, they promise each other to not block any creative urges that strikes them—and it could happen anytime of the day, as for this case, his creative urge strikes right now. She takes her seat and let Kyuhyun hunches his back beside her while he’s preparing his drawing.

“It’s a house, are you working on a house project?” She takes a quick glance over the blueprint.

Kyuhyun places some paperweight on the four corner of his blueprint then he frames her body with his arm on her right, taking this position as his way to explains his drawing.

“So this house is located in Bukchon.” He begins explaining.

“Mwo?! Woah that must have cost a fortune, traditional house?” She gets exited seeing his drawing details all over again.

Kyuhyun nods, “It’s facing to the south and it’s overlooking Namsan.” He points to the site map.

She takes her time to studies his drawing, taking mental notes here and there for some improvement, but then something strikes her. “Kyu, when a site is this awesome, don’t you think the magnificent view should be given to the master bedroom instead of the living room?” She points to the drawing she mentioned.

“You think so?” He curls his brow, “Why? Do you think they will spend more time in the bedroom compare to other place?”

“Ah, I forgot to ask. Please tell me the quick bio of your client.” She places her palm on her forehead for forgetting the important fact when dealing with client.

“Well, they’re newlyweds.” He explains.

“Newlyweds and already able to buy a house in Bukchon?! Daebak.” She cuts his words.

Kyuhyun giggles, “Let’s say he’s doing really well in his life lately and he could afford this kind of accommodation for the love of his life.”

Eungi nods, “Okay, go on. Newlyweds, what are the necessities they ask to be in the house?”

“They plan to have three children,” he continues while pointing to three smaller rooms in the house, “A pet dog,” He points to the garden at the back. “They enjoy good food and wine and they like to eat outside when the weather is good, so outside back porch is important. She doesn’t really like cooking but it seems like a big kitchen wouldn’t hurt for any woman, right?” He giggles.

“True, go on.”

“He needs a big room as his working place since he’s juggling two jobs at the same time and she loves to read books, so I have to make this built-in book cases in many places in the house.” He points to the hidden bookcases in the surrounding wall.

“What about this?” She points to the architectural drawing of a fireplace. “This doesn’t fit a concept of Korean traditional house.”

“This fireplace in their living room is the special request from the wife. She lives in this winter fantasies of enjoying eggnog in front of fireplace and I thought why not? I designed it to blend with the rest of the interior too.” He takes the cutaway drawing that shows the cross section of the fireplace design. “And I believe their master bedroom should face east, so they can wake up to the warm sunlight every day.”

She curls her eyebrows, trying to analyze his drawing and his words at the same time, something is strange here but she can’t really put her finger on it.

“Ah, the wife also need a study room. You know, the husband is smart and anything but his wife is actually the drive behind it all, she’s enjoying her time researching instead of cooking that’s why I’m still considering about the proportion of this big kitchen and this study room for her.” He moves his forefinger from the kitchen drawing to the room drawing.

“Why not put them in the same study room? There’re plenty of space if you break down the wall.” She innocently suggests her idea.

“You think that’s wise? They can’t get their hands off each other, noona.” He chuckles, “the wife easily turns on when seeing the husband looking serious in his study, that’s not a good working environment.”

“Wow your client sure do open up to you.” She lets her wit takes over. “Is the husband sexier than you when he’s working?” She takes her glance away from the paper and looks into him.

Kyuhyun lifts his shoulders and smiles, “I don’t know, you tell me.”

He takes the cylindrical shell on the table and tilts it to get the thing stuck in the bottom. He places it in his hand, without taking his eyes contact off her, Kyuhyun puts the little round thing on his blueprint. The small thud sound takes her attention back to the blueprint and when he’s sure she’s looking to the direction he wants, he lifts his palm away and reveal the thing he’s hiding under his palm.

Her heart stops at once. She doesn’t know which emotion that takes over first, she’s touched, she’s overwhelmed, she’s overjoyed, she can feel her face getting hot just by looking at the ring he just placed on the table.

“Noona, do you really think joining our study into one room is a wise choice?” He leans closer to her to whisper in her ears. He might look cool in front of her right now, while in fact his heart is about to jump out of his chest and he feels like he could faint anytime soon.

Eungi claps her mouth with her hands to cover the weird whimpering noise coming out of her, she’s speechless. Kyuhyun has exceeded her expectation, she wouldn’t have thought he’ll do a proposal this way, in their own home while they’re wearing their pajamas as they casually talk about a ‘project’ that he has. No, Eungi never thought he’d do this as smooth as this one and she’s clearly taken aback by his gesture.

“I’m waiting for your answer still noona, put me out of my misery please, I’m dying here.” He whispers one more time, only this time his voice is shakier as he lets his nerves taking over.

“So we’re going to have three children?” She lifts her face to take a clear look into her man.

He nods.

“Please give me that big kitchen, I’ll learn harder to cook good food for you and our three children later.” She can feel her check is blushing badly.

“Is that a yes?”

She nods, “Of course. Oh my God, thank you. It’s beautiful, it’s really beautiful Kyu. I’m over the moon right now.” She gets up and wrap her arms around him, embracing the man that just pictured out the rest of their life in one perfect drawing and proposal.

“No, thank you, noona. Thank you for turning me into this person I can finally be proud of. I hope you can be proud of me too.” He hugs her tighter and hides his face in the curve of her neck.

“You know I’m your proudest number one fan, right?” Eungi pushes him and lifts up her left hand in front of him, “Do I have to put the ring on myself?” She asks playfully with a big smile on her face.

He scoffs and takes the ring from the table, then slowly slips it on her ring finger. “No cliché, no Eiffel tower, no going down on my knees.” He says softly as he gets his face closer to her, “I hope you’ll remember this moment for the rest of our life.”

Kyuhyun lands a kiss on her lips, a simple kiss that packed with his whole heart he tries to delivers for her. A fast changing scenes of events plays in his mind, the first time he saw her, the first time he felt the need to protect her, their first argument, the first time he fell in love with her, their first kiss, their heartbreak, their fights to stay in each other’s side, and his fight to make himself worthy of being by her side. With her arms wrapping around him, Kyuhyun knows that he would do it all over again, if the price is this precious, he willingly would go through all that no matter how many times it takes him to be here.


5 thoughts on “(Eng.) One Last Shot – Part 29

  1. syalala says:

    aaaaaakkkkk it couldnt be more romantic kyaaaaaaa kakakkkkk im smiling soooooo widely nowwwwwwwww omg i even haven finished read the last chapterrr!!! hahah


  2. blue cat says:


    I’m out of words…
    For since the beginning this story is totally : addictive, beautiful, heart-snatched with powerful mind-blowing parts which always successfully leave me stunning & speechless.

    Gak ada bukunya, nih? 😁


  3. Seo HaYeon says:

    I shed my tears Omo sesange…… is there any man will propose me as Kyu did??? I take so many times to think about how the Kyu’s way to propose Eungi.. with no cliche, no eiffel and no go down on knee’ it’s hard to imagine the other romantic way and I messed by the time! And read this part makes me out of my expectation! hua.. how romantic it was??? Really..! Jeongmal haengbokhage…. 😀 How brilliant you are_Authornim.. saranghaeyoooooooo… 😀 😉


  4. lalala says:

    Ohmygoddddddd, ini cara ngelamar terkreatif yg pernah aku baca👌😂😂 seriously kusuka fanfiction authornim💕 nc nya pas romantisnya dpt klimaks ceritanya juga, aku bukannya sider, cuma rada mls komen, kalo authornim punya wattpad mungkin aku akan bawel, disetiap part bakal aku komenin, too sweet unnie😂 please do make wattpad account😆 I’ll follow your account asap, trs ngebanjirin komen. Soalnya di wattpad ada fitur bisa komen di kalimat tertentu kan haha😂. Pokoknya overall sukaaaaaaaaa ceritanya💕😻😻

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