(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 3

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Short Chaptered, Romance, Sad

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

Taecyeon checks his reflection one more time in the mirror, he’s messing his hair to make it look like he just finished showering and recklessly comb his hair with his finger—the look he knows Sera really likes. He puts on his white V-neck shirt that he wraps with a tan leather jacket that he pairs up with a pair of dark jeans. To finish up this look, he slips onto a pair of black ankle length boots.

He comes out of his room to meet Sera that’s already waiting for him in the living room. Sera looks stunning in Taecyeon’s eyes even though she’s only wearing a pair of her dark Levi’s and a black loose sweater that she finishes of with a pair of a pair of white Dr. Martens. She hardy put on excessive make-up, it’s not like she needs to since she’s blessed with a perfect clear skin and a pretty face.

“Are you ready?” Taecyeon gives his hand for Sera to hold on to.

She looks surprise a little bit by his sweet gesture—well when you’re on the edge of your marriage, you don’t really expect little romantic gesture to be involve—but then she links her arm in his.

“You look a little taken aback.” Taecyeon teases her. He surprised himself on how easy it is to be warm to his wife.

“You exceeded my expectation.” She smiles and looks away to hide her blushing face. “It’s been a while since you let me hold your arms.”

“Let’s not dwell on that, shall we. This is my last gift for you so I figure we can let loose and have fun today. We have tomorrow to be at each other’s throat again.” He raises his eyebrow asking her to agree with him.

Sera nods and follow him to walk towards his SUV. “What are we going to do today, oppa?” she can’t hide the excitement in her voice.


picture belongs to Park Sora from Stylenanda

“Do you have any plan in mind?” Taecyeon opens the car door for her and he gets himself behind the wheel.

She shakes her head. To her spending the rest of the day with him just the two of them is enough. “Surprise me. You always do that.” She puts down the sun visor in front of her.

“Okay, how crazy you want to be today?” He tries to think some ideas for both of them.

“Crazy enough to let loose, but please no jumping from high platform. I don’t feel too good to do that.”

“Are you sick somewhere?” He looks worry a little bit, he remembers Sera is the kind of person that would jump from any bridge for an adrenaline pumping experience.

“No, it’s just that I’m getting older and that stuff scared me these days.” She hesitates.

“Okay, I’ll find something to do on the way.” He swift the gear and start the journey to their last date.

Before heading to the place in Taecyeon’s mind, he stops the car in front of a little take-away stall and ask Sera to wait in the car. He buys some food and beverages for them, he even bought a wine in the nearby shops before take it all into the cars.

“Are we going to have a picnic?” Sera greets him when Taecyeon return to the car. “If you told me, I would’ve prepare something.”

He lifts his hand and mess Sera’s hair a little bit, “It’s a date, should be relaxing for both of us. if I ask you to cook something, it’ll be bothersome.”

Sera tries hard to hide her smile, Taecyeon has made her heart jumps several times today with the little things he does to her. “Arraseo.”

30 minutes later they arrived at the Seoul forest, it’s a weekday so the park itself isn’t too crowded. Sera helps Taecyeon to bring the food while he’s bringing the picnic mat and the drinks. They decided to have a picnic under the cherry tree that’s blossoming beautifully during spring.

“This is a picture perfect spot; don’t you think?” He asks for her approval before he spreads out the mat and rest himself.

“It is.” She put the food and sits down. She takes out her camera phone a lifts it up to capture both of them. “Oppa, forgive me if I’m going to take a lot of pictures today.” She then starts capturing selfies of both of them.

The beginning of their date starts normally, they chitchat, talks about the weather and compliments the food choice. But as time goes by, both of them starts to run out of decent topic to talk to—a topic that don’t relate to their problem.

“Han Sera, let’s not avoid ‘the talk’ now.” Taecyeon brace himself to begin the dreaded conversation. “Please take my alimony. I can’t live peacefully if I think you might be hungry and doesn’t have a roof protecting your head. Even though we’re divorcing, I promised you to protect you for the rest of your life. That’s my way to protect you.”

She forces to smile, “Oppa, I have left you without trace, I know I put you in misery. I also made a promise that I’ll stay beside you and support you for the rest of our lives, but I violated my own vow. I think you’re allowed to violate your vow too. I can’t take your kindness, it’ll be too cruel if I do that.” Regrets show clearly in her eyes. In fact, Han Sera is fighting not to look sad or shed a tear today, she wants Taecyeon to remember her as a happy girl.

“But if I give in and agree to give you a million US dollar, would you take it?” He tests her.

Sera takes a deep breath while trying to figure out the right words to say. “I don’t know how to put it, I need that money, I do. But like I said, if you agreed to go on a date with me—which you are—then I’ll drop the demand. I’ll figure it out myself, you know me well oppa. I’ll work hard to get that much—”

“What is it for? Help me to understand, Sera-ya.” His gaze pierces her in the eyes.

Sera feels like she really can’t avoid this conversation with her husband, yet she really doesn’t feel like sharing her deepest problem to him. it’s not fair for Taecyeon if she’s telling him everything. “You know, just to start standing on my own. Buy myself some nice bags maybe,” she tries to make a joke. “I mean I went straight from my dad’s house to yours. I didn’t have a chance to try to find a job after I graduated—you forbid me to and insisted that you’ll provide me—so I just need that to start over, I guess.” She’s so proud of herself at the moment, for being able to tell a perfect lie.

Taecyeon chuckles to her idea. “I’ll buy you the bags you want, pick everything you need. In fact, after we finish our lunch here let’s go to a shopping center and buy things that you want.” He can’t help not to pinch both Sera’s cheek—he finds her very adorable at the moment for being so naïve. “As for you starting up, what about I raise the amount of your monthly alimony? I still can’t give you a million US dollar.”

“Dweso oppa, I told you to forget that. Let’s end this in a good term. People already put a label on my forehead, I don’t need to confirm that for them.”

“What title?”

“Gold digger.”

Taecyeon laughs, he himself has thought that very label for his wife but knowing what she’s thinking at the moment, he’s sure Han Sera is not a gold digger, she’s just afraid to enter a real life.

“But seriously Han Sera, listen to me. I don’t want to give you that amount of money because I’m sure you can lose it all in less than a month. If that happens, how would you survive the next month and the month after that? I’m just being considerate, not stingy.” He finally reveals his own reason.

Sera’s touch by his consideration. She likes the fact that Taecyeon still cares about her future even though she’s no longer his wife starts from tomorrow.

If only Taecyeon knew how much Sera’s life really depends on that money she demanded on him. if only Taecyeon knows how she’s not really looking forward for a ‘next month or a month after that’ situation.


Kyuhyun spends his night by trying on different attires for him to wear tomorrow. He wants to make sure he looks super professional and good looking also. He knows tomorrow will be a day Han Sera could never forget, as Ok Taecyeon would definitely leave her for good. Kyuhyun also wants to have a little bit of fun on his own, if it’s not illegal, he’d like to video-tape the hearing room just for the sake of capturing Sera’s expression of being heart broken by her man, then re-watch it again-again at home like a sick psyco.

He can never forget the pain Han Sera gave him and he wants to make sure Han Sera feels the same way. The helpless feeling of being left out and abandon by the person you adore so much. At least that’s what he felt four years ago.

Four years ago, Kyuhyun still has his big glasses on and never really pay attention to his looks. He simply put on anything that’s comfortable and kept him warm. He felt like he’s the luckiest man alive because one of the prettiest girl on campus is in fact his best friend.

He recalls the first time he met Han Sera, the girl wore a high-waist floral skirt and a tight white shirt. Sera already took his breath away by the way she walked and when she introduced herself to Kyuhyun he simply just lost his sanity. They were inseparable to the point their college friends called them the Korean duo—well, the first reason they were friends was because of this, they both fells familiar to each other’s root since they lived abroad.

Kyuhyun always keeps his feeling to himself because he believes he’s no match to Sera. How could he—the goof dork—dared to dream to date such goddess as she was. Sera didn’t make it any easier for him to approached her either. She knew Kyuhyun has feelings for her and she tries her subtle way to push him away. Not because she doesn’t like him, or because he dressed funny, nor because his huge glasses. To Sera, Kyuhyun was always been this good boy, a good boy that follows rules, a good boy that too scared to ditch class to go to a rock concert, a good boy that tries to stay sober in a party—and Sera was too young and reckless to live carefully the way Kyuhyun did.

However, during their last year in college Kyuhyun has slowly transform into the man he is today. The gentle handsome man that’s able to take down any woman’s heart if he wants. He also has an incredible report card to prove the bright brain inside his head. Sera obviously aware of this amazing transformation, yet she’s staying in the friend zone because that’s how she thinks their relationship should be.

When they graduated, Kyuhyun prepared something big for her. In his mind, he believes the way to brings Sera to her knees is by throwing her the biggest surprise a girl could receive. So when Sera went on her little adventure to Ireland, Kyuhyun asked his friends to help him prepare the biggest proposal ever. He rent out the university gym hall to put on a lot of decoration and he even learned to dance to add more element of surprise. He was sure Han Sera would be overwhelmed and she’d say ‘yes’.

Cho Kyuhyun will never forget that day. The day when his mate run as fast as he could and tell him to abort his mission, because he just met Sera at the dorm earlier and she just showed of her Claddagh engagement ring.

His life—or his heart to be exact—fell apart from that moment on. He went to the dorm to confirm what he heard. The moment Sera’s eyes met with him she shrieked with excitement as she lifted up her left finger.

“Kyuhyun-naa.. I’m engaged!!” She smiled from ear to ear when she saw her best friend.

Kyuhyun was too confused to proceed all the news he just received, but manage to ask her the question he’s dying to know. “With whom? I didn’t know you have a boyfriend.”

“I just met him, his name is Taecyeon and we just met a week ago. It sounds crazy right, but when he proposed to me, it felt so right and I say yes. I’m so excited. Please be my best man in our wedding.”


Of course Kyuhyun never attended their wedding. He never felt so deceived in his whole life. He’s the one that’s been on Sera’s side for a long time, yet another man managed to swept her off her feet just within a week. He can’t help thinking ‘what ifs’, what if Han Sera never went to Ireland, what if he confessed before she went on the tour, what if he told her how he felt the moment she said she’s engaged, what if he proceeds with his big proposal? What if…

Those thought haunts him down until today. He hates Sera more because she still managed to plays with his heart even long after that. Sera still holds possession of his heart until today—although he never admits this, not even to himself.


In the other part of the city, Han Sera and Ok Taecyeon are having their last romantic dinner together. Taecyeon certainly has his own trick to melt Sera’s heart. He took her for a romantic cherry blossom picnic in the morning, spent their afternoon in the department store—yes, he bought her some bags just for the sake of teasing her and she ridiculously asked him to buy her a big unicorn stuffed animal also, and now both of them are on a private Hangang cruise near the Banpo bridge.

Taecyeon already prepared all kind of food that Sera likes which isn’t so hard to get since she just loves to eat anything sweet. Sera would expect to see a bottle of wine in the middle of the table, but instead of that Taecyeon has prepared a bunch of Guinness bottle on the tray beside the main table. Sera laughs when she saw these bottles. This is their history, this is how they first got together—getting drunk in an Irish pub by a lot of pints of Guinness beer.

“I thought you might remember those stouts we chug in Dublin.” He reacts to Sera’s laugh.

“Ne, of course. I thought we’ll be having some wine.” She continues laughing.

“Aish, wine’s too cheesy for a girl like you, we had wine earlier anyway. This is the element of surprise.” He proudly taps his own shoulder. “Let’s eat, I’ve prepared a lot of dessert for you.” He points out the table.

Sera then realizes that most of the food on the table consist of dessert. Macaroons, cheese cake, moose, lava cake, caramel flan, and so on. “Oppa, you really thought it well.”

“Let’s just skip the courses and goes straight to dessert, oh and I also prepared French fries.” He points out a bowl of fried skinny potato finger on the table.

“Okay, let’s enjoy the night.” Sera takes her seat, grabs the French fries and starts stuffing the food into her mouth while watching Taecyeon opening the beer bottle.

“Do you want me to pour it into a glass?”

“Nah, cool lady drinks straight from the bottle.” She takes the bottle and raises it to salute Taecyeon.

“Just like our first date.” Taecyeon raises his bottle and salutes Sera back. “Bottoms up!”

They both finish the first bottle in seconds.

Either Sera and Taecyeon really miss each other so much to the point they ignore the great awkward wall between them, or they both try to enjoy their last night together, or they try to forget their own problems, no matter what the reason is, both of the seems to forget how many bottle they already drank. Earlier Taecyeon had prepared the perfect ambience on the private boat as he asked the owner to put on Irish folk song so both of them can dance like crazy to the playful tunes.

Sera doesn’t care about how she looks or how her body feels at the moment, for all she knows this is her last moment with him. she’d give her life for this if she has to. As for Taecyeon, this is his perfect way to hide the growing pain inside his chest, he can’t believe he’d actually let go of the girl dancing recklessly in front of him.

“Woah, oppa look! The bridge starts its show.” Sera points the Banpo bridge that usually puts on a water and light show at night.

There’s always a music playing whenever the show is on, sometimes it’s Josh Groban, sometimes it the upbeat song, mostly classic instrumental. Today however, seems like heaven wants to joke around with the poor couple. They play a mellow song that’s put in medley from Adele that hits home for both of them.

“Can I have this dance, Han Sera?” Taecyeon comes closer to her as he spread out his arms, wishing Sera would hold into him to dance.

She smiles sweetly and takes his hand without a doubt. “I thought you’d never ask.” She steps closer to him and leave no space in between their body. “Do you mind if I stand this close oppa?”

He puts his arms on her back to pull her even tighter before he lowers his head to whisper on her left ear “I’m yours tonight, my love.”

They dance slowly to the song while absorbing the meaning of the song plays from the bridge’s water show.

Everybody loves the thing you do, from the way you talk to the way you move

Everybody here is watching you, cause you feel like home, you’re like a dream come true

But if by chance you’re here alone, can i heve a moment before i go?

Cause i’ve been by myself all noght long, hoping for someone i used to know

you look like a movie, you sound like a song, my God this reminds me of when we were young

so let me photograph you in this light in case it is the last time that we might

Be exactly what we were before we realize, we were sad of getting old it made us restless

It was just like a movie, it was just like a song

I was so scared to face my fears, nobody told me that you’d be here

And I swore you moved overseas, that’s what you said when you left me

It’s hard to win me back, everything just takes me back

To when you were there, to when you were there

And a part of me keeps holding on, just in case it hasn’t gone

I guess I still care, do you still care?

I will leave my heart at the door I won’t say a word, they’ve all been said before, you know

So why don’t we just play pretend, Like we’re not scared of what is coming next, or scared of having nothing left.

Look, don’t get me wrong, I know there is no tomorrow, All I ask is

If this is my last night with you Hold me like I’m more than just a friend

Give me a memory I can use Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do

It matters how this ends Cause what if I never love again?

I don’t need your honesty It’s already in your eyes and I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me

No one knows me like you do And since you’re the only one that mattersTell me who do I run to?

Look, don’t get me wrong I know there is no tomorrow, all I ask is

If this is my last night with you Hold me like I’m more than just a friend

Give me a memory I can use Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do

It matters how this ends Cause what if I never love again?

Let this be our lesson in love, Let this be the way we remember us

I don’t wanna be cruel or vicious And I ain’t asking for forgiveness

All I ask is If this is my last night with you Hold me like I’m more than just a friend

Give me a memory I can use Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do

It matters how this ends Cause what if I never love again?

Sera can no longer holds back her tears. She’s had enough, she’s too tired to bear everything by herself and all she wants to do right now is pouring her pain and fear on his shoulder. Taecyeon doesn’t need a commando to handle her melt down. He tightens his hug around her waist and repeatedly patting her back trying to calm her down.

Sera grabs his leather jacket even tighter as if the rest of her body weight hangs onto it. She doesn’t want to let go, she doesn’t look forward for tomorrow. She wants both of them to hold each other the way they are today. Just like the old times.

“Mi…ann…hae… oppa…” She keeps on sobbing as she’s trying so hard to catches her breath.

He doesn’t reply, he hugs her tighter instead.


They both arrive at the apartment by midnight, both are too tired and—a little bit—too drunk from their date today. After the bridge show ended Taecyeon spent the rest of the night calming Sera down. He tries to tell her to stop blaming herself, he wants her to know that he never blamed her about the miscarriage, he wished her to forget about that awful evening when both of them lose their hope and dream altogether. He asked her to put it all behind them and move on.

“Let’s take some rest, tomorrow will be even more tiring than today.” Taecyeon lift Sera’s body in his embrace to take her bridal style towards the bedroom. Sera wraps her arms around his neck.

“Oppa, can I ask you one more thing?” she sounds hoarse from crying all night, “Ani, two things, two things.”

Taecyeon puts down his wife on her side of the bed and sits on the edge, facing her. “What can I do for you?”

Sera runs her hand slowly to the opening of his jacket, “Can I keep this?”

“This? this jacket?” Taecyeon’s a little bit confused by her wish.

Sera nods, “I remember this was the very jacket you wore when we first met and I always like the way you look in it.” She squeezes the rim of his jacket, “May I keep it as something to remember you by.”

Taecyeon can see how devastated his wife is, he knows exactly what to do to turn things around, yet at the same time he can’t go back for her. He can’t tell her that everything will be alright nor can he cancel his divorce charge. As much as he cares about her, Sera has broken his heart and faith to his limit and he can’t go back as if nothing was wrong.

“Please oppa. Buy a new one, give this one to me, ne?” Her voice begins to sound shaky.

“What’s your second wish?” He nods agreeing to her first request.

Sera takes a deep breath before she answers him.

She pulls the collar of his jacket to get his face closer to hers. As they get closer she whispers “This. This, I promise is my last wish.” Then she presses her lips onto his.

They close their eyes as they softly brush their lips against each other. The kiss they share tonight is different from the others, this is their last goodbye kiss where they both try to reminisce to whatever they have left of their relationship.

Sera begins to cry again and Taecyeon can feel her trembling as she tries to kiss him still. She puts her hand on both of his cheek and caress him softly. She wishes the time stops right now, this is it, the end of her world as she knows it.

Teacyeon push her away from his body, not because he’s refuses her but because he can’t stand the emotional rush between them. He runs his fingers across her face, trying to wipe the tears that keeps on flowing from her beautiful eyes. He himself has given up to his own conscience, he lets himself cry in front of her.

“Please stop this Han Sera, stop crushing my heart will you?” He pulls her closer to hold her.

“Mianhae oppa. Mianhamida.” She buries her face on his toned chest. “This is the last time, I promise. I’m sorry.”


Sera and Taecyeon arrive in the court first thing in the morning. They get out of the elevator to meet their own lawyer before the hearing begins. Kyuhyun happily greets Taecyeon when he sees him and he gives a slight bow to Sera out of formality.

As for Sera, she’s taking an unsteady step towards her lawyer. She needs to change her demands in last minute and she has to do it now.

“Lawyer Ahn, I know you’ve worked hard to get us here. But if you don’t mind, I’d like to cancel my demands.” She has lost her voice from the crying she did last night.

“Ne? Did something happen? Are you being threatened? We can put that in our charges if that’s the case. Han Sera-ssi, how could you change your mind so quickly? It’s a million US dollar we’re talking about.” Lawyer Ahn notices how pale Sera’s face is and how unstable she is from the way she’s standing.

“No, I’m fine, I’m just shaken about the hearing we’re about to do.” She forces a smile but failed to do so.

“Han Sera-ssi, may I suggest you to continue on with our plan and just make some adjustment to whatever they offer?” He tries not to make his hard work fighting for Sera’s alimony flush down in instant.

Sera bows almost ninety degrees towards her lawyer, “I’m so sorry for the trouble I caused you. I really want to end it in a good term. I decided to take back all of my demands. I know you worked hard for this but I can’t ask him to do that. Please understand, let’s just keep our silence throughout the hearing.”

Lawyer Ahn doesn’t have any choice, he has to obey his client even though he really wants to slap the lady in front of him.

Fifteen minutes later the court room is open for them. Sera and Taecyeon sit opposite of each other while being accompanied by their lawyer. Kyuhyun takes a glance to Sera and he secretly wants to laugh. To him, seeing her miserable face at this moment is the biggest achievement in his career. He knows Taecyeon won’t budge to her stupid demand and that’ll make her more devastated. He likes imagining Sera would go home empty handed right after this hearing.

“Thank you everyone for being here.” The judge begins. “We are here today for a divorce hearing of Ok Taecyeon and Han Sera. Their representative here is Cho Kyuhyun from the husband’s side and Ahn Jinsu from the wife’s part. I will allow the plaintiff side to begin the case.”

“Thank you, your honor.” Kyuhyun stands up to be Taecyeon’s representative. He walks nearer to the screen that’s prepared in the room and begins open his case file. “According to my client, his wife, Han Sera has been missing from their apartment on February 10th 2015. He has been trying to reach her and received no good news in return. While missing, Han Sera also maxed out his credit card bills up to half a million US dollar without confirming any purchase she’s been made.” Kyuhyun shoot Sera with his judgy look while explaining the case to the judge.

“Does the defendant side has anything to say?” The judge turns her head towards Sera and her lawyer.

“Nothing, your honor.” Ahn Jinsu replies half-heartedly.

“You may continue, Cho Kyuhyun-ssi.” The judge allows him to go on.

“My client charges his wife for abandoning him and abusing their marriage vow. He also offers her a million won each month as the amount of alimony and also leaving the apartment they live in for her.” Kyuhyun finish his short speech. He’s so ready to knock Sera’s lawyer down if he dares to demand more than what she deserves.

“Defendant, you have anything to say?” The judge asks Sera’s side.

Ahn Jinsu stands up and delivers the message Sera wants him to say, “Han Sera-ssi accepts the charges and admits her wrongdoing. She wants to take this responsibility by refusing the alimony her husband has generously offer her.”

Kyuhyun stand frozen on his place. What did he just hear? Han Sera refuses the alimony? The bitch clearly demanded a large amount of money before and now she just drop it? What kind of game is she playing? He’s trying to analyze the situation and try to put himself in Sera’s shoes to try to picture her evil plan.

“I OBJECT!” Taecyeon suddenly raise his voice and slams his hand on the table, surprising everyone in the room. “Ya! Han Sera! Do we need to go all over this again? I said I’m going to take a responsibility even after we divorced. Just take this offer and have a peaceful life shall we?!”

Sera doesn’t dare to look at him in the eyes, she knows she’ll lose it and begins to cry again and she doesn’t want to do that. She slightly turns her head to her lawyer, silently ask him to speak for her.

“This is my client’s way to take responsibility, Ok Taecyeon-ssi. She doesn’t want to bother your life after your divorce. Please understand.”

“No! let me tell you…” Taecyeon is ready to shoot his anger but interrupts by Kyuhyun.

“Ok Taecyeon-ssi, let me do the speaking…” Kyuhyun tries to calm him down. “Because anything you say here may be charge back to you.”

“I don’t care.” Taecyeon ignore Kyuhyun’s warning. “I will give you the alimony you deserve. I’ll take care of you still and that’s my way of doing it. It is my responsibility and I demand you to take it.”

Everyone in the court room are now looking at Sera. She knows Taecyeon is not the person she can tell ‘no’ to, and he can do this argument forever until she agrees. Sera just want this to end as soon as possible. It’s killing her to be in this court room facing her soon-to-be ex-husband accusing her out of something that’s beyond her control.

“Fine.” Sera’s shaky voice breaks the silence. “I’ll take what he offers if that can make this hearing ends faster.” She feels a lump in her throat but manages to hide it. She’s avoiding eye contact with her husband.

Taecyeon sits down again after Sera agrees on his demand. Kyuhyun rolls his eyes, he knows this is just her trick to make herself looks not like a gold digger while she’s actually is.

“I think we’ve reach an agreement, your honor.” Kyuhyun draws a conclusion from what just happened.

“I will sum up our hearing today.” The judge seems to get Sera’s reluctant to be in the same room as her husband. “Ok Taecyeon-ssi, you charged your wife for abandoning you and agreed to give her alimony that consist of an apartment and monthly allowance, correct?”

Taecyeon nods.

“And Han Sera-ssi, you accept the charge and admit your wrongdoing. You will also take the alimony Ok Taecyeon is giving you, am I right?”

Sera nods slowly.

“I with the power vested in me, I grant your divorce. Please sign the divorce papers in front of you and make sure to recheck each page and signed it.” She gives out the paper for both of them to sign.

Sera and Taecyeon both busy signing pages of divorce agreement before the paper is handed back to the judge to be checked.

“Start from now, you both are no longer husband and wife.” Declare the judge, “Court adjourn.” She gets up from her seat and head out of the room. Kyuhyun and Jinsu gets up to honor the judge and bows to her.

“That was fast.” Ahn Jinsu tries to break the ice in the room.

“It’s always nice to have a case when the defendant made a fatal mistake.” Kyuhyun gives out his smug face, being so proud of himself for winning his case—without fighting too much for it.

“Thank you for your help, Kyuhyun-sii, Jinsu-ssi. I’m sorry to bother both of you.” Taecyeon gets up from his seat and shake both lawyers hands.

“Let’s get out of here then. I have another hearing this afternoon.” Ahn Jinsu excuse himself, “I’ll leave now Han Sera-ssi.” He bows to her.

Sera doesn’t notice everything that’s going on around her. She looks down at the table with distant stare and a blank mind. What to do after this? where should she run to? How she’s going to continue her life after this? She wishes the ground will open up and swallow her inside, she doesn’t want to face another day feeling like this.

“Han Sera-ssi?” Ahn Jinsu calls her name one more time and get Sera attention in the end.


“I’ll be going first.” He bows again. He’s not too disturbed by Sera’s behavior since this is not the first time he handles divorces.

“Ne. thank you for your help.” She gets up and lost her balance at once.

Ahn Jinsu is the closest person to take her arms and Sera automatically grabs the table in front of her and manages to keep her balance on her own. “Sorry about that. Once again thank you lawyer Ahn.” She bows at him.

Now there are only the three of them in the room. Kyuhyun tries to hide his glorious smirk by pressing his lips as hard as he can. Witnessing Sera stumble on her own account earlier was an added bonus for him.

“Thank you for your help, Cho Kyuhyun-ssi.” Taecyeon taps his shoulder before he approaches Sera. “Sera-ya, please live a good live.” He offers his hand also for Sera to shake.

This is how it’s going to be from now on isn’t it? Formal handshake and boring bows between them. Sera bites her lips, trying to fight her own emotion.

She takes a deep breath before she speaks, “Oppa, thank you for everything.” She shakes his hand back. “And this, I think I don’t deserve to keep this.” she takes off her Claddagh ring that Taecyeon gave her. “You can throw it if you want but I can’t keep it. I’ll go first, goodbye.” She turns around and walks as fast as she can and leave everything that matters to her behind.

She’s not fooling anyone. From her trembling back, Taecyeon and Kyuhyun know she’s crying on her way out. Taecyeon wishes he can comfort her in any way, yet he understands it’s no longer his place to do that. He knows Sera best, he’s sure what she needs right now is to be alone.

Kyuhyun closes his eyes, picturing everything that just happened earlier. He’ll keep this mental picture in his head. The day he watches Han Sera’s world crumbled, the day she lost everything, his ultimate revenge that taste too sweet in his mind.

Little did he know that karma exists and it’s waiting right in the corner for him.



2 thoughts on “(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 3

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    WOW!! so PAIN!!! Poor Taec and Sera.. they hold their ego! 😦 Kyuhyun….. can I snap your head so that your brain would work normally??? heeeolll…..! Karma is exist!! Just count the time to wait for it! Waah so Emotional!! >,< wkkk 😛 Please don't blame me authornim… wkwk 😛


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