(Eng.) One Last Shot – Part 27


Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun

He once doubted that taking her for a trip around Europe would be a bad idea, because she had this great memory in her head that he needs to compete with. However, seeing her face and her excitement when they’re passing borders after borders has ease up his mind, he knows she’s having the time of her life and he feels the need to tap his own shoulder to congratulate himself for being able to move on from his own self-doubt.

As Eungi requested, they just heading South without having a clear destination in their mind. The first night she suggested them to rest in a little town located in eastern Germany, the second day led them into the northern part of Switzerland and finally they got an idea to see the Swiss Alps as their winter vacation. Kyuhyun cannot be happier with her idea, since he really loves skiing and he can’t wait to slides down the magnificent natural slope the Swiss has.

“Which one of the slope you want to ski to?” She opens the map on her lap while he’s driving beside her.

“I don’t know, find the steep one for me please.”

“Hmm, the popular one is Titlis, do you want to go there?” She turns her head to her left for his confirmation.


“Okay, then I guess you should take the direction to Engelberg.” She looks up to find the road sign but it’s still nowhere in sight.

“Let’s race down from the mountain, it’ll be so much fun. Aah, it’s been a dream of mine to ski down from the Alps.” He glances at her with big grin on his face.

Eungi shakes her head and cringes, “I can’t ski.”

“Get out of here!” He rounds his eyes to exaggerates his reaction.

“Again, nobody taught me to do that.”

He takes his right hand from the steering wheel to caress her hair, “It’s okay, we can do something else. We take a skiing lesson, I’m sure it’s available there.”

Eungi scoffs, “Dweso,” She scrolls her smart phone in her hand to do a quick research of their destination, “I can slip down the slope in this doughnut shape thing instead.” She lifts her phone to show to him.

“Yeah, that’s possible.” He looks back to the road in front of him, “So what else you can’t do? You can’t swim, you can’t ride a bike, you can’t ski, you can’t knit, what else that you can’t do?”

“Why? Are you trying to feel superior?” She chuckles. “I can’t really do any sports other than running, I don’t get ball-related sport rules, and I can’t do gymnastic stuff. But funny thing is, I joined a swimming team back in high school.”

“How come?” He raises his eyebrows without taking of his concentration on the road.

“I needed a score for an extracurricular and the swimming team were the one that still opened back then. Of course it was a problem when the coach figured out I couldn’t swim, but he took pity on me and put me in the ground life guard position every time we practice. I excel in giving CPR because of it.” She giggles happily, “But it’s okay, I mean I’m lacking in physical skill but my brain works better than the rest of my schoolmates.”

Kyuhyun shakes his head and grins playfully, “Don’t be too hard on yourself, noona. Believe me, you’re not lacking in physical skill, especially when it involves a bedroom activity.”

The next thing he feel is the rolled map hitting his head, Eungi laughs to his way to make her feel better about her lacking in sport but at the same time annoyed with his dirty minds.

“The sun is still hanging above the sky and your perverted mind takes over already.” She grumbles beside him.

“It’s our honeymoon period, it’s only normal to be like this.” He smirks playfully.

She nods, “I hope we’re always in this state. We can’t get our hands off each other, we can’t be separated for more than an hour, and we always laugh like the world is in the perfect order.”

He takes her hands that’s on her lap and holds them tight. “I wish for the same thing also. Let’s give our best.”

She smiles and moves her head to lean on his shoulder, she knows this could be dangerous when she’s distracting him while he’s driving but she really can’t stop leaning onto him any time she gets the chance—and he never seemed to mind about it.

“So, it’s our third day in this M5. Give me your honest opinion—and I promise I won’t get jealous, which one is better? Audi or this?” He tucks his head to the right to slightly leans on her head that’s resting on his shoulder.

“Honestly?” She takes a deep breath, “I always know the M5 is the best.” She lifts her head from him and presses her lips onto his check, “You are the best.”

Kyuhyun scoffs and rolls his eyes but secretly enjoying the attention he gets from her. He’s also enjoying his newfound confident to stay by her side. If there’s something that successfully change his bitterness toward her ex, it must have been her letter that she wrote for him. He knows her late fiancé got a whole book as her way to honor his life and Kyuhyun only gets one chapter in the end of it, but what’s important for him is how she clearly described how much she needed him. One whole book written for Choi Siwon and the only man she asked to return to her life is Kyuhyun, that is enough revelation for him to realize how she puts him above anything else.


Both of them can’t stop adoring the view around the road along their journey, the Switzerland blessed with endless great mountains and lakes that combines perfectly to make beautiful landscapes. They stop a few times along the road just to take pictures and breathe in the fresh air. In every turn they take, another beautiful scenery shows up in front of them and the closer they get to their destination, the bigger the smiles on their faces.

They got to Engelberg after it gets dark so they postpone the plan of skiing and take a private couple spa offered by their guesthouse instead. Eungi shivers a bit when she steps out of the sauna room, she only covers with a layer of thin bathing suit so she quickly dive into the hot water Jacuzzi and hide underneath the water. Kyuhyun follows behind her and do the same thing to counter the cold winter air around them.

“Who thinks that it’s a good idea to have an outdoor Jacuzzi in winter.” He takes his head off from the water and runs his hand to wipe off the excess water from his hair.

“It gets warmer now after we submerged our body in the water.” She walks to the edge to sit on the platform available in the tub. “And they serve wine also, how perfect is that?” She lifts her hand from the water to grab the wine and brings it straight to her mouth.

“Ya! You’re being disrespectful to the wine!” He approaches her and takes the bottle away from her, “Use a glass.”

“Too cold.”

“Come closer.” He pulls her hand after he grabs the wine glass, Kyuhyun wraps his arm around her shoulder and pours the wine from his other hand. “Here you go, drink decently. Respect the wine.”

Eungi rolls her eyes but follows his direction. The hot bath helps her to feel warm, the wine gets her even warmer and his presence next to her a perfect combination for a relaxing spa experience in the snowy night.

“Kyu, it’s beautiful. We’re outside, submerge in hot water while feeling the snow falls all around us.” After she feels relax, she slopes her position a little bit to be able to lean her head on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

He follows her gaze upward to the night sky and nods to agree with her, the sight of the falling snow flakes that fall freely from the dark black sky is indeed mesmerizing to watch, it’s calming to see how the flakes instantly melt once it hits the hot water they’re in yet at the same time begins piling around the edges of the tub.

“Have you been here before?” Kyuhyun takes a sip of the wine.

“Not yet, I mostly traveled through French and Germany.” She takes the glass from his hand and takes several gulp, making Kyuhyun cringes with the way she carelessly drinks the wine. “I’m so glad we spontaneously picked this place.”

“It’s perfect for a honeymoon.” He utters his thought loudly.

“We are in our honeymoon.” She grins, “You don’t have to tie the knot to get a honeymoon, right?”

He opens his mouth to say something to her but then closes it again, letting his doubt takes over instead of honestly talks to her. She notices his hesitance and her curiosity takes over in instant.

“What are you about to say?” She tilts her head to the right and looks closely into his eyes.

He shakes his head and smiles weakly, “I don’t think it’s time to talk about that kind of matter.”

“What kind?”

“Tying a knot.” He bites his lips nervously.

Eungi quickly claps her mouth and guilt obviously takes over in her expression. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply to that. Oh God, please don’t get scared. I just talked freely, aish it’s must be the wine.” She continues babbling as her panic takes over.

The panic in her eyes has somehow amuses him, he avoids the talk because he hasn’t really reach his life goal yet to bluntly discuss a more serious step in their relationship, not because he’s scared of the idea. Judging from her reaction, Kyuhyun’s sure that Eungi thought he’s afraid of the commitment.

“Noona, why are you apologizing?” He takes her hands that cover her mouth, “And why do you act so surprised like that?”

“I-I don’t want to burden you with the thought.”

“Why not?” He pouts his mouth, “You don’t want to get married with me?”

“I-I.. I just thought that.. you’re not..” She stutters and curling her brows, trying to find the right words to avoid misunderstanding.

“You think I’m not a marriage material?”

“God, No! Not that, I thought it’s never in your agenda.” She bites her lips and looks down, ready to get some scolding from him.

Instead of being mad, Kyuhyun cups her face and lift her chin so she looks into his eyes. “Because you think it’s never in my agenda, you tried to avoid any serious talk with me?”

She doesn’t answer but her eyes say enough for him to understand.

“Noona, seeing what happened to my parents, obviously I grew up thinking that I didn’t want to get married ever.” He nods to confirm her fear, “But when the right person comes along, do you think I should stick to my old stigma or should I embrace the beauty of love she offers?”

She lifts her shoulders, still hesitant to continue the awkward talk.

“I’m not going to ask you to marry me right now, we’re not ready for that yet. We’re still busy putting back the pieces of our broken vow and no matter how great our progress is, rushing things is never the best option.” He explalins.

“I agree.” She whispers.

“But that doesn’t mean I’m not considering. Why would I beg you to wait for me if..”

“I don’t dare to think that far ever since.” She bites her lips again, shrugs his hands that’s on her face and puts her head down.


Eungi shakes her head continuously, “Let’s not ruin this perfect night by talking about this.”

“I object, I say we finish talking about this. Let’s stop walking on the eggshell now, ng? Tell me what bothers you.” He tilts his head to steal a look into her eyes.

“I promised you, not to talk about ‘that’ again.” She emphasizes on the ‘that’ to indicates that she’s talking about her and Siwon.

He tilts his head back, takes a deep breath and says the words she didn’t expect to hear. “I don’t care about him noona, but I really care about you. So I’ll make an exception and I’ll give you a free pass to talk about your concern.”

Eungi lifts her face to study his face, trying to find a trace of bitterness in it yet she can’t find one. The man before her has completely evolve from the jealous man to somebody that’s cool headed towards the sensitive topic.

“I’m afraid.” She admits. “I’m afraid when everything turns too perfect, it’ll be taken away from me.”

He still pays a close look on her eyes, allowing her to continue with her concern.

“So when I fell in love with you and when I began to have thoughts about our future together, I started to hold myself back from the expectation. One part of me afraid that you’re not into that kind of relationship and the other part afraid that if you open to the idea, it’ll get ruin somehow—because life happens to be perfect for everyone else but me.” She tries to laughs to covers her bitter feeling, “I mean, my last fiancé was killed only hours after he proposed—that should be a sign.”

Kyuhyun presses his lips together while thinking the right argument to tell her.

“I love you so much, Kyu.” She takes her hand out of the water and cups his face, “So I don’t really care what kind of label we’re going to have. I just want to be seventy, wrinkled, and old with you beside me and I don’t care if by that time you are still my boyfriend, or my husband, or the father of my children. I just want to be with you without having to put pressure into what we have..”


“Don’t cut me, it’s hard for me to say this.” She begins to feel the familiar tears in her eyes, “I want to have a future with you, in fact my eyesight is blocked with the sight of you only and I don’t want to ruin it. So please don’t let this conversation lead into an awkward situation between us and please don’t get cold feet with me just because I blab about our future.”

She bites her lips again then takes a deep breath, now she’s ready for any kind of scolding from him.

“Are you done talking?” He asks politely.

She nods and avoids his gaze.

“Good, now it’s my turn.” He smiles and clears his throat. “I want that.”

Her eyes glance on his at once in disbelieve.

“That sounds like a very beautiful picture of our future. I’ve pictured that myself before, but as usual you beat me with your words.” He giggles. “But I don’t want to be seventy and still be your boyfriend! What kind of future that is? I want us to be seventy, sitting in our back porch, sipping expensive wine while watching our grandchildren playing in our back yard.”

Her tears now flowing freely from her eyes from feeling too overwhelmed with his reaction.

Kyuhyun moves even closer towards her to kisses her sweetly on her lips while his thumb wipes out the tears under her eyes. “But please wait a little bit more, ne? Let me solve my father’s problem first, let me build the right foundation for our future life together, let me prepare myself to be the man that really deserve to take my place next to you. I promise it won’t be too long, but you have to be patient while I’m doing that.” He says his words with calming confident in his tone.

She nods continuously and smiles coyly, “So you plan to marry me?” She let her innocent curiosity slips out of her mouth.

“Of course.” He kisses her again, then suddenly pushes himself away and he widens his eyes, “But this is not my proposal to you, okay? I won’t butcher my own proposal like this.”

She giggles and replies his kisses, “Remember not to do it in..”

“In a cheesy way, no Eiffel tower, no going down on my knees and no cliché.” He finishes her words. “I remember.”

Eungi wraps her arms behind his neck and pulls him closer to deepen her kiss. Her man has successfully turn her world upside down one more time. One minute she was afraid to ever get involve in marriage related stuff all over again and the next minute he convinced her that picture perfect scenario in their future backyard. She can’t stop smiling in between her kiss for him, believing that her heart can jump out of her chest anytime soon from the happiness she feels.


2 thoughts on “(Eng.) One Last Shot – Part 27

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Hiks… the session of their romantic makes me so envy haha Eungi’s letter really helped to decrease Kyu’s worried. One scene made me laugh is when Eungi hit Kyu with rolls of map. wkwkwk… Kyu you also have bathing your mind_But so Eungi did! She turned be an aggresive girl wkk… Is Kyu’s mistake? wkwk Ough the 3 last chapter… I’ve got little sadness 😦 Fortunately uri author has provided another story wkwk 😉 Gomabseumnida….. 😀


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