(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 1

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, Chaptered

Main Cast: Han Sera & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

He enters the apartment with a heavy step while keeps telling himself that he only has to endure it all for one full month. Thirty days from now he will have the paper signed then he will be a free man once more. By the time he closes the door behind him, a familiar smell arouses from inside of the house. He knew Han Sera must have been cooking something for him. Could it be his favorite kimchi soup that Sera always cook perfectly? He doesn’t really care. He’s in it only because he needs to gain something from the deal—which he was sure Sera also has her own agenda.

“Good evening! I heard you come in.” Han Sera greets him while still wearing her pink apron.

He doesn’t try to turn his head, instead he’s staring at her from the corner of his eyes to show how little appreciation he has for her.

“I cook kimchi soup. Let’s eat.” She ignores the cynical stare from the man that still hold a title of her husband.

Ok Taecyeon ignore her and keep walking towards the only bed room in the apartment.

“Oppa, I cook kimchi soup.” Sera brace herself to approach him and grab his elbow to pull him towards the dining table.

Taecyeon coldly ward off her hand, “I’m not hungry.”

She doesn’t seem to mind to be treated coldly by him, to her this is just another weeknight. “Will you at least eat a bit? I’ve been cooking since 5 P.M.” she uses her other hand to grab his.

The first warning didn’t seem to be understood, so Taecyeon roughly ward his arms toward her. His little ignorance has accidentally resulted in his back palm landed on her cheek. They both acknowledge the hit when the sound breaks the awkward atmosphere that’s already there. She rounds her eyes in shock, all three years they’ve been married, he never hit her once. He, in the other hand, didn’t mean to hit her he just wanted her to leave him alone.

Taecyeon immediately turns his gaze away from Sera once he sees her glistening eyes. Even though he hates her for doing what she’s done, he can’t help to soften up when those beautiful brown eyes shed a tear. However tonight is different. From tonight onward Han Sera must know her place, she must know that her tears don’t matter for him anymore.

He takes couple of steps to enter his—their—bedroom when Sera asks hoarsely, “Do you hate me that much? To the point you can’t look me in the eyes? To the point you abuse me?”

This draws Taecyeon’s attention. He stops in his place and turns his body to face her. He brace himself to look at her and begins his gaze from her feet to her legs—his favorite part of Sera’s body—then slowly he brings his gaze upwards to finally meet her weepy eyes. His heart sinks a little, this apparently is still his weak point.

“Abuse you?” he delivers the words slowly in cold tone before he adds his sinister smirk. “The last time I check you’re the one that left me without a trace, I spent months trying to locate your whereabouts and hear no news from you. I gave up with you Sera-ssi, I lost hope and you waltz your way back into me. Who’s abusing whom now? Don’t try so hard to pretend that nothing has changed between us.What just happened was simply you pulled my hand and I accidentally hit you, don’t be a drama queen over a small gesture.”

Sera’s too shock to reply, she barely managed to breath normally and now she’s also struggling to keep standing on her feet. The future of their last thirty days together seems to unravel in front of her eyes. She knows this is her last attempt to hold on to her marriage and she knows she can’t work alone to fix what’s already broken.

“By the way, tomorrow my lawyer will meet you to discuss about your alimony. He’ll come to the café on the ground floor of this building at 10 in the morning. Make sure you’re on time.” He tries to ignore the fact that Sera’s starts to sob in front of him. “He’ll call you when he’s arrive, the name is Cho Kyuhyun.”

Sera’s heart sinks deeper now. Cho Kyuhyun. Apparently the name has a deep meaning for her as well.


As usual, Sera’s awake by the bright morning light that attacks her deep sleep. Ok Taecyeon doesn’t seem to have any mercy left for his soon-to-be ex-wife, he deliberately pulls the curtains to opposite direction to allow sunshine to disturbs and annoys Sera. Yes, they sleep in the same room, same bed even, but that doesn’t mean anything can happen between them. He has lost his interest long before she returns, Sera in the other hand has been trying all the tricks in the book to seduce her husband back in her arms.

She yawns and hide her head inside the blanket. She had a restless sleep last night and she definitely not looking forward for today. Taecyeon leaves her on the bed while he’s taking his morning shower. This is the kind of morning that she’s familiar with, only usually Taecyeon would gently wake her up and shower her with his warm morning kisses. She knows she misses his presence, his scent, his touch, she misses everything about her husband while at the same time she also understands why her loving husband has turned into a cold hearted man towards her. It’s all her faults. Whenever she thinks back into that night, she’d always curse herself. If only she being more careful, if only she listened to what her husband said, if only she could turn back the time and redo everything.

Sera swift her body into Taecyeon’s part of the bed to do something she feels ridiculously foolish. She sinks her head into his pillow, absorbing his scent and embracing her only chance to do it. She knows how pathetic she is at the moment, however she tries to keep her head straight up whenever Taecyeon’s around. Sera mentally refused to be pitied by him, she was always taught that her pride should be above everything, this matter eventually has led her into her divorce, so whoever taught her that clearly didn’t have any idea how much misery they caused her.

The water sound stops running, an indication for her that Taecyeon has finish showering. She sits up and glance into the mirror placed on her bed side table. Her eyes still cute, her smile is still pretty, she knows she maintain her weigh and figure well, yet she was a fool thinking that with all her beautiful feature she could run back in his embrace. Sera drags her foot to the kitchen to make coffee and prepare a decent breakfast for her man, she doesn’t have high expectation that Taecyeon would actually enjoy the breakfast she prepares but at least she tried.

“Oppa, have some breakfast before you go.” She forces to smile widely.

Just as last night, Taecyeon only glance a little and ignore her.

Sera gets the message, she bows her head down and wish her husband a good day instead of insisting him to have a breakfast.

“Ten o’clock, don’t forget.” Replies him before he closes the door behind him.

Sera takes a deep breath, that’s the thing she doesn’t look forward to today, a meeting with Cho Kyuhyun. She wonders what kind of act she need to put on in order to avoid the meeting, but she knows sooner or later their meeting is inevitable.


Cho Kyuhyun check his reflection on his rear view mirror one more time, he needs to make sure he looks dashing to impress Han Sera. The last time they actually met each other was around 4 years ago when both of them are studying in Britain. He was a geeky law student while Sera was a gorgeous goddess that studied marketing. He fell in love with her at first sight although the same things didn’t happen from Sera’s side of the story.

He walks confidently into the café placed on the ground floor of Sera and Taecyeon’s building. It doesn’t take him a long time to notice her, she hasn’t change so that much. Han Sera already waited for him as she chose a seat by the window. Kyuhyun can feel his heart beats faster the closer he gets to her, she lets her long hair falls freely on her back, the salmon colored blouse she wears brings out her radiant skin tone even more. She shows off her long sexy legs by wearing a simple white skirt that she combines with ivory heels. In Kyuhyun’s eyes, she always looks perfect.

However, that’s not the matter now. It’s time for his own revenge over the first girl that broke his heart. One of the reason he’s became so great today is Sera, he always dreams of the day when the two of them would meet and in his dream Sera would stare at him in awe then realize what she missed. Seems like today his ridiculous ambition is about to come true.

“Han Sera-ssi?” He stands on her side to make Sera automatically turns her head above.

Sera does what’s expected. She looks up and the moment their eyes meet Kyuhyun know his ambition has fulfilled. Han Sera widens her eyes in surprise and she can’t help not to open her mouth a little in surprise.

“Cho Kyuhyun-ssi?” she gets up to greet him formally. This gesture only makes his hear beast even faster. He silently prays that Sera won’t be able to hear the epic rhythm going on inside his chest. “Long time no see.” She bows her head a little.

“Iye, long time no see.” He bows back to her before taking his seat in front of her.

“What would you like to drink?”

“A cup of coffee would be nice.”

Sera gets up and gracefully walk to order his drink. Kyuhyun cannot help not to notice her perfect figure sways in front of him.

“Great, after all this time she still gets her way to conquer me.” Mumbles him to himself.

“So, you’re my husband’s lawyer?” Sera takes her seat back. “It’s a small world after all.”

“I work in a famous divorce law firm, I’m sure Ok Taecyeon only wants the best so he came to our agency. It’s a coincidence that I’m the one taking care of his lawsuit.” He makes it sounds believable to Sera.

Well, some of it are true, however Kyuhyun insisted his boss to take care of Sera and Taecyeon’s lawsuit after he saw their names on the paper.

“I see.” She takes a sip of her tea. “Before we get into business, let me tell you something: you look very different now! In a good way. I almost didn’t recognize you without those huge round glasses.” She tried to break the ice.

“Thank you.” He replies formally, “But let’s not chitchat and goes straight to our meeting, as you know I’m being paid per hour so I suggest you don’t waste our time. And also, I’m your husband’s lawyer, professionally I’m not supposed to be friendly with you.” He adds coldly.

Sera feels like someone has thrown an ice cold water into her face. She knows she was mean to him back then, but she wasn’t that mean to be treated like a fugitive the way her husband and his lawyer did.

“Okay, let’s start the meeting.” She tries to keep her cool.

Kyuhyun opens some documents and place it on the table, “According to this last agreement, you only want to have your divorce hearing after you spend a month together with you husband, correct?”

She nods.


“I have my own reason and I refuse to share the information. My lawyer forbids me to.”

“Okay, fair enough. I just need you to sign this paper, just in case you plan to violate the deal.” He points a spot for her to sign, the letter consists of Sera and Taecyeon’s agreement to stay together as couple for the last month before they actually separate.

Sera signs the paper and look forward to another papers she still has to sign.

“Okay, now it’s time to talk about alimony. As we know, your ex-husband he will have to provide you still even after the divorce. He offers you to stay in this very apartment since he already has a place for himself. Another thing he offers you is a million won each month to support yourself. I must say this is a pretty good deal, since most people usually gets lower than this.” He explains Taecyeon’s plan for her.

“I object.” She takes a deep breath before she continues, “Instead of that, I’d rather have a million US dollar. Forget the apartment, forget the monthly alimony. I just want a million US dollar up front.”

Kyuhyun choked on his coffee, too surprised by Sera’s demand.

“Don’t be too shock, Kyuhyun-ssi. If you count it carefully, he’s actually getting all the advantage. He can still keep this apartment for his future mistress, he also doesn’t need to send his alimony every month.”

“Sera-ssi, please understand this is not a business deal, it’s your alimony we’re talking about.  I think receiving something each month is much better than accepting a huge amount of money up front. You must think about your life after the divorce. It’s not like you need an immediate purchase or anything.”

Sera puts down her cup of tea and swift her seat nearer to the man before her.

“I’m asking that much simply because I’m thinking of my life after the divorce.” She feels a little squeeze in her heart. She’s been holding on to her secret for too long and she really wish she could share it with someone, however she knows it’s suicidal to tell the secret to her husband’s lawyer. “I must get that much amount of money, Kyuhyun-ssi. Believe me, I can spend it all in a week.”

Kyuhyun smirks cynically. It was right, Han Sera is indeed a materialistic b*tch that only cares about a man’s fortune. He was sure that’s the reason Sera never gave him a chance to become closer to her, because Kyuhyun was only a scholarship recipient that got a chance to study abroad, not a chaebol like Taecyeon.

“Do you have a problem with my demand?” She braces herself to challenge him.

“I don’t. but your husband probably will.”

“You can tell him that he’s not the only one with a lawyer.”

Kyuhyun raises his eyebrows, studying the woman he adores in front of him. too bad, beneath her physical beauty, Han Sera is just a greedy beast with ugly intention.

“I’ll write down what you asked, it’s up to him to accept the terms or not.” He starts writing down Sera’s demand.

“Tell him, if he doesn’t give as I ask, I refuse to sign the final divorce paper.”

Kyuhyun force a chuckle, “Han Sera-ssi, maybe you’ve forgotten your place, so let me remind you. HE was the one that files the divorce because you were missing without a trace for a year. You’re the defendant and apparently according to South Korean law, you have less voice. So it’s not up to you anymore, it’s up to the judge to decide.”

“Help me, Kyuhyun-ssi. I need that money.” Her voice becomes more demanding, “Please, help me, as friends.”

Kyuhyun scoffs in disgust, he can’t believe Sera dared to use that term to seduce him to help her. “Friends. Ha! Well as a friend, I suggest you to take the offer you husband has kindly gave you. Otherwise I’ll make sure you’ll end up with nothing, my friend.” He presses his tone in his sentence to deliver his repulsion.

That’s Sera second rejection of the day. She’s not an idiot that can’t takes the message. She knows whatever she’ll try to do will be useless from now.

“Well, I will fight for my demand myself then. Thank you for your time, Kyuhyun-ssi.” Sera stands up and leave Kyuhyun alone on their table.

She already took a few steps before she stops to turn around to him. “I’m sorry, for whatever I did that planted hatred in your heart.” She bows ninety degrees towards him. “Sincerely, I’m sorry.”


7 thoughts on “(Eng.) Piles of Regrets – Part 1

  1. syalala says:

    wawawa its shorter kakkkkk hahah but it gains soooo much curiosty because it will have a flashback story? or how? ah i cant figure it now huwaaaa


    • ssihobitt says:

      muahahahaha.. we’ll see.. i think it’s still more “touching” in English nonetheless.. (and i can predict some will say it’s too short.. but well, whatevs..)
      should i warn them in the genre that it’s “sad”?? ;p


  2. no name says:

    lololol I think so too I read your One Last Shot both versions and imo English version was more touching and less cringed 😅 (is it because our first language more cringed?)
    hahaha yea you should warn them so they won’t expect too much for lovey dove scenes hohoho the sequel was more complicated tho I cried a lot because of it my eyes became so ugly after reading it haha


  3. Seo HaYeon says:

    WHAT kind of this story??? it’s really totally different with One Last Shot… but I got same enthusisasm as I read OLS 😀 I’m so badly want to knoW Sera’s reason *I’v got little awkward of the name_I just remember Eungi wkk_But honestly it was so hard for me to move on from the story* Hey_this is the very beginning story that makes my heart jumped! I’m still confused about the plot and really want to read the flashback! Ok uri Author Ssihobitt let me be your story stalker again, please 😀 😉


    • ssihobitt says:

      Hihihi, your enthusiasm always so warming Seo Hayeon-ssi (i think you shoud add me in fb so we know each other’s real name hahaha)..
      It’s a complety different atmostphere with this story, and i think there’ll be a lot improvement in the Indo version 😁 Glad you’re here to read it 😘


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