(Eng.) One Last Shot – Part 26

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun

He finds the one he’s looking for is busy carving a pile of brisket in the kitchen. After some shock-therapy he got from his professor, Kyuhyun really needs to calm himself down and his way of doing it is by being near her. He’s still moved and speechless from the letter that she wrote for him and as much as he hates to admit it, he’s grateful that Van Wijk actually forced him to read it. He’d never find out how important he is in her life if he never turn the pages, he knows how sad she’d feel if he never tries to read the capter for her sake, and now he’s driven by his own overwhelmed heart.

The noise from his steps takes her attention, Eungi lifts her face from the meat, puts down the knive and grins widely to Kyuhyun, without knowing what has happened to her man earlier. She notices that his steps are too steady and the determination in his eyes tells her that something is about to happen to them, and she’s right.

Kyuhyun quickly grabs her by her waist, turns her around to face him and without even thinking for another second, he places his right hand on her nape to pulls her and lays a deep kiss on her lips. Eungi closes her eyes at once, enjoying the little surprise he does. She slowly puts down the fork on her hand on the island table then wraps her arms around his neck to make sure she gets full access to replies his bold move that he pulls in their professor’s kitchen. Only when that thought crosses her mind, she quickly pushes his shoulder then parts their tangled lips.

“Sorry,” Kyuhyun whispers so close from her lips as he still glues their foreheads together, “I saw you from the sunroom and I just feel the need to kiss you and tell you that I love you.”

She feels her face gets hotter, first of all because his sweet words and gesture still affects her every time. Secondly, their professor and his wife is actually in the same room with them to witness it. “I’m flattered, but I just remembered we’re not at home now.” She bites her lips and slightly takes a glance over to Van Wijk.

The old man quickly turns his head away from them then grabs his wife’s hand away from their own kitchen, “Don’t mind us, but don’t make yourselves too comfortable either.”

Eungi cringes her face in shame and she turns her attention back to the brisket she carved earlier, while Kyuhyun’s still standing behind her with the similar embarrassment on his face. He channels the awkwardness by scoffing that instantly turn into laughter for both of them.

“That’s was weird and awkward.” He still giggles but at the same time he rounds his right hand on her shoulder then kiss her temple sweetly.

Eungi wraps her left arm on his waist, tiptoes and tries to kiss the edge of his nose. “I like that, I like when you kiss me passionately like that, reminds me of our first kiss.”

His thought instantly drags to the part of the chapter where she described about the very kiss she mentioned and he falls into the flattery feeling one more time, so Kyuhyun lowers his head and gives another quick kiss on her lips. How he took her for granted before, how he doubted her devotion for him before has really puzzled him now. He was clouded by his own judgement and self-doubt that he couldn’t see how much the woman in his arms is actually just as helplessly head-over-heels as he is to her.

“What can I help you with?” He finally let go of her and tries to focus on the task in front of them. He has to have some self-control this time around, especially since they’re in someone else’s home and it’s way to inappropriate to start making out in their professor’s kitchen.

“Put all the veggies I cut earlier into that huge bowl, I’m going to mix them right before we begin eating.” She distracts herself from her own temptation.

He takes the veggies she pointed and shrugs his dirty mind away before he begins helping her. He takes another glance to her smiley face and silently says his grace for his perfect Christmas gift from heaven this year.


The diner was successful and it actually brings the warmness of Christmas night that Eungi always has in her mind. Even though it was only the four of them around the table, the conversation, the jokes and the food has make it all better. The Van Wijks are still bitter about the fact that none of their sons could give enough effort to visit them on Christmas night but the appearance of these two students almost cure their annoyance over it.

Eungi makes it so easy for the four of them to talk to each other, she’s never a social person, but when surrounded with family, she doesn’t have to think too much to initiate any topic at all. The Van Wijk are the closest people to the family concept she has in her mind and tonight she literally feels like she’s bringing her boyfriend over to get approval from her parents—and she keeps telling herself that maybe if she has the luxury of family, this is exactly how it’s going to be.

After they empty their plates and wine glasses, Eungi and Kyuhyun help Poek to clean up the dishes before Sir Joost loudly announce that it’s present times. She knows that her professor promised a box for her under his tree but she thought it was just his joke to lure her to come to his party, so her face lights up when she hears the word present for real. For the rest of the people that present in the room, this Christmas is just another Christmas but for her it’s one of the precious time when she can actually celebrate it with people that she loves without her trying to get wasted to conquer her loneliness.

With a demanding command from Sir Joost, they take their seat on the sofa in the living room and Eungi feels the need to give her present first.

She grabs her handbag and takes out a medium-sized box to give to her lovely professor, “This is a gift I know you would love—and I will be so angry if you hate it since I bid for this thing for three days.” Eungi offers Sir Joost her neatly wrapped present.

He takes the gift and carefully unwraps so he doesn’t tear any of the paper and his eyes glisten in happiness once he recognizes what he just received. “No you didn’t Cha! This is rare!!” His round face blushes happily and his wife beside him gasps in anticipation after she takes a peek into the box.

She knows how much the Van Wijks love their expensive drinks, Eungi smiles from ear to ear seeing his reaction, “Only the best for the best.”

“This must have cost you a fortune!” His jaw drops in awe.

She waives her hand as if it’s nothing, “I took my time patiently to bid for it, so it doesn’t cost as much as it’s listed. But let’s not ruin the good stuff by talking about the price, shall we?”

Sir Joost examines the bottle of the rare Scotch in his hand and lift it up to show it to the rest of the room. He puts the bottle down to gets up and spread his arms widely to give Eungi a big hug. She gets up and naturally wraps her arms around him then kiss his cheek. “Happy Christmas, Sir.”

“Thank you, I’ll easily enjoy that bottle with Poek. I’m so glad we also prepared a good present for you.” He kisses her cheek and walks towards the Christmas tree to take two boxes.

He hands out the first small box to Kyuhyun. The recipient is a bit taken aback by the little present his professor prepared for him—especially since he didn’t prepare anything in return.

“Don’t be too surprised, just open it.” Van Wijk shakes the box for him to take it. “It’ll be useful soon enough.”

Kyuhyun hesitantly takes his gift, bows a little bit to the old man before he opens up the box. He’s bursting in laughter once he sees the content of it and he takes it out to show to Eungi.

“Sir! You’re giving my boyfriend a thermal leak detector?!” She questions him in disbelieve. “It’s Christmas, not lab-day.”

“He’ll need that equipment for his thesis, and it’s infra-red—the cool stuff these days!” He replies proudly.

Eungi is ready to counter the professor’s word but Kyuhyun grabs her hand and says his thanks instead. “Thank you for the present, you’re right I will need this soon enough. I’m sorry I didn’t prepare anything for you.”

“Nah, never mind.” He taps his shoulder, “I just want that two years plan you promised me earlier.” He winks playfully and enjoys Kyuhyun’s sudden flustered face.

“What plan?” Eungi widens her eyes full of curiosity.

Kyuhyun stares at Van Wijk with the sharpest look he can give. Eungi shouldn’t know about that, not yet, and not from someone else’s mouth—if Kyuhyun wants to take their relationship further, he’s supposed to be the one that propose to her.

“He just promised me to graduate by that time, so he won’t embarrass me as his mentor.” Van Wijk answers shortly and distract Eungi’s curiosity with the other box that’s in his hand. “I hope you like my present.”

Eungi doesn’t try to open her gift neatly, she recklessly tears it apart and opens the box in instant. She curls her brows the moment she sees what’s inside of it—a bicycle lock. Eungi takes out the gift and stares at Van Wijk with huge question in her eyes.

“You don’t like it?” The old man pretends to look disappointed.

She tries to find the correct words without hurting her professor’s feeling, “Uhh, the problem is, I don’t even have a bike—I can’t even..”

“Hm, I didn’t know that. Ah well, let me take that. Forgive my ignorance, it’s nothing compare to the Scotch.” He grabs the bicycle lock away from her hand and takes his steps towards his garage door located next to his sunroom.

“Sir Joost, don’t be like that.” Eungi immediately drowns in guilt and she follows him quickly to the garage. “I can keep that until I get myself a bike.”

“You can’t even ride a bike.” The old man replies.

“I can learn.” She follows him further into his garage. “Come on, let’s erase that frown on your face.”

Sir Joost turns the light on in the garage and he smiles widely while his arm points to the corner of his garage. “I was only messing with you, this is your real present.” He taps the shiny new bike proudly.

Her eyes follow his pointy arms and she immediately glistens in happy tears. Eungi clasps her mouth to cover her shrieks of excitement—which draws Kyuhyun and Poek attention that’s now joining them in the garage.

“Are you giving me a bike?” She still can’t believe her eyes. “For real?”

Van Wijk nods proudly.

“It’s my first bike ever!” She’s almost crying. “I can’t even ride a bike, but I really want to.” She jumps by herself on her spot like a child that receives her first bike.

As a child she used to beg her father to buy her a bike, but their condition back then was too hard to afford this kind of luxury. She never learned to ride a bike since she never had anyone to taught her and she’s forgotten that wish she used to have until Sir Joost presents her with this.

Kyuhyun steps closer to Eungi while giving her a big smile. “I can teach you how.”

Eungi takes her steps towards Van Wijk and hugs him really tight as she kisses him repeatedly. “You have no idea what it means to me, sir.” She begins tearing up and she doesn’t hesitate to cry her happy tears on her professor’s shoulder.

“It’s about time you become a real Dutch.” He taps on her back. “Kyuhyun can give you a ride in it, I bought one with the passenger rack. Enjoy your romantic journey on this bike, okay?”

She pushes herself from the old man and gives him a weird look, “Sir, are you trying to play cupid here?”

Van Wijk chuckles, “I believe I played bigger part than just cupid in your love life.” He turns his gaze to Kyuhyun, “You can take her around in it, right? Make sure to take her anywhere she wants to.”

Kyuhyun scoffs cynically but finally laughs with Van Wijk’s silly attempt to bring them even closer together. Eungi is still facing away from Kyuhyun, but Van Wijk can clearly see the words Kyuhyun mouthed to him in silent—Thank you.

They excuse themselves immediately after Eungi noticed Poek started yawning, they’d rather go home before being told to by their host. Sir Joost suggested them to test drive the new bike but Kyuhyun refuses the idea since he’s actually under the influence and he bargains with Van Wijk to take the bike tomorrow after he sobers up, besides he knows Eungi enjoys walking side by side with him in the cold winter night. She likes his presence by her side, she like the way Kyuhyun clasps their hands together as he puts her hand into his coat’s pocket and she likes the small talks they have along the way.

She never feels so bubbly happy like this in one full day, she just had her dream Christmas night and her cheek is actually weary from grinning too much. But everything is so perfect for her and she can’t stop smiling while thinking back about it.

“Which part is the best from today?” Kyuhyun pinches her cold cheek playfully.

“Everything.” She replies with her glistening eyes, “I can’t even choose. I thought waking up this morning with you beside me was already great enough, but then you gave me that amazing kiss later in the afternoon, then the present from Sir Joost is also a great thing happened today. Aish, I’m confuse if I have to point my finger on one event only.”

He chuckles, “I never saw you jumped around like that, you’re like a little child that gets her first bike.”

“It is my first bike.” She confirms, “Will you really teach me to ride it?”

Kyuhyun nods, “But I’ll be happier to drive you around in it. It’s a total downgrade from my M5, but it’s way more romantic.” He winks and bites his lips. “You can wrap your arms around my waist the whole time, it’s like giving a ride on motorcycle but much saver—and slower.”

She grins widely then hugs him while still walking beside him. “I’m so happy right now.” She mumbles, “I’m so happy that I begin to feel afraid again.”

“Why?” he stops his steps and turns to her. “What scares you?”

Eungi lifts her shoulders, “Just unreasonable anxiety I have.” She takes a step towards him and hugs him again, her embrace is different from the ones she usually gives him, this one is more demanding and she lingers closely to absorb his scent as if she doesn’t want to let go.

“Noona, are you okay?” Kyuhyun pushed her a little bit to look at her face.

“I’m good, I just want to cherish everything I have while I still have it.” She sinks her face back on the surface of his coat.

“Are you still afraid that I’ll take off again?”

She nods.

“How worry are you?”

“Very.” She continues to mumbles on his chest, “I turned into this needy girl and I know you hate needy girls but I can’t help it.”

Kyuhyun smiles and cups his hands on her face, “Look at me, don’t I look as helpless as you are when it comes to us?”

“But you act super cool ever since you returned. Even now you just smile coolly like that while I’m whining at you constantly.” She frowns, “I’m sorry I turned to be like this.”

The glisten in her eyes slowly fades and changes into insecurity, he can see clearly how much damage he created for her while he was gone and he hates to see her paranoid self getting in between their relationship.

He brushes his fingers on her cold cheek, thinking whether he should tell her what’s been bothering his mind. He wants to have this kind of conversation in a proper place, where they can sit and talk comfortably instead of in the middle of the street like this. However, if there’s anything he learned from his mistakes back then, he shouldn’t hesitate to communicate while he gets the right moment, so in the end he decided she should know about his thought.

“I have a confession.” He bites his lips nervously. “I read your letter.”

Eungi lifts her face and takes a step away so she can really see his face. “From my book?”

Kyuhyun nods, “It was beautiful.” He lifts his hand and places it on top of his left chest, “My heart still beating really fast because of that. I’m sorry it took me so long to read it.”

“I’m sorry I never get to tell you in person.” She quickly replies.

He shakes his head, “Gwenchana. I’m sorry I can’t reply your letter because I suck at writing love letter and I’m also a bad speaker.”

Her eyes once again glisten in tears for an emotion she doesn’t understand.

“I know you’re still afraid that I’ll leave you anytime, but I swear I won’t. Eungi-ya, you’re the reason I’m here, you’re the reason I get this far and you’re the reason why I’m trying so hard to be a decent person. A great woman like you only deserves the best and I’m on my way there, so please wait a little bit more—it won’t be long but it’ll take time.” He feels his own eyes gets hotter as he speaks.

“Kyu, you know I won’t go anywhere, right? Even if you leave me again, I’ll still be here when you change your mind. I don’t even know why I’m being like this..”

“So if time machine discovered and you’re the first person to try it, you’re really going to return to that morning in your living room?” He cuts her words; he can’t contain his own feeling anymore.

She bites her lips nervously but nods to confirm, “Does that make me a cruel person for the rest of my options?”

Kyuhyun lowers his face and slowly closing in into hers, “All is fair in love and war.” He gives a winning smirk as he continues moving closer, “Let me take you into that time machine now.” He presses his lips onto hers then begins to kiss her passionately. He continues of what was left undone in Van Wijk’s kitchen when he begins to pull her whole body closer to him as he runs his tongue into her mouth to deepen their kisses.

Eungi grabs onto the front part of his coat as her anchor to stand straight while she’s trying hard to balance his passionate attack on her. His hand that supports her back now slowly reaching under her coat as he carefully pushing her to the lamp post nearby. It’s dark and they’re alone on the pavement, only the sound of their intimate kisses that can be heard beside the cold wind that blows around them.

Kyuhyun pulls himself away from her, stares deeply into his woman as he wipes his thumb on her lips before he begins kissing them again. “Let’s go home, noona. We can’t continue here.” He finally whispers in between his breath.


They’re lying on her bed, covered with only her blanket, Kyuhyun spoons her from the back and enjoys the warm sensation of their skin rubbing against each other. He runs his nose on the curve of her neck and sometimes kisses the soft skin on it, giving her a tingling sensation all over again. He just closed her perfect night with another gift she secretly wishes to receive, she’s been holding her desire over his touch long enough to the point she can’t wait or tries to play it cool anymore. The way he held her in his arm moments ago was different from their first time, they both have become more demanding and wild as they let their yearning over each other consumed their every move.

He’s now tracing the curve created from her backbone, letting his finger runs up and down to prepares her for more tonight. Eungi lays on her side with a big smile on her face, she’s too happy tonight and her man just gave her the perfect ending for it.

“So that was my present from you?” She turns her body to face him and gives him a kiss on his lips.

“That’s one of my gift for you, do you like it?” He giggles.

“I want more.” She temps him by softly rubbing his chest.

“Let me rest for a while, ne?” He pinches her nose and kisses her forehead.

“Take your time, while you’re resting, let me show you your present.” Eungi pushes him away from her as she gets up from the bed. She takes a thin blanket to cover her naked body then walk towards the little armchair in her room to lifts the box she prepared for him.

Kyuhyun sits up properly and gladly receives the big box she offers with both hands. “It’s a big box.” He smiles happily like a kid.

“I hope you like it, even if you hate it, you have to pretend to like it.” She shots him with a cynical stare before she really hands out the gift.

Kyuhyun tears the wrapping apart and opens the box. What she prepared for him is something he never expected her to do—he knew she wouldn’t have time for it and she doesn’t look like a woman with such skill.

“A quilt?” He smiles but his eyes full of question, “You made it yourself?”

Eungi nods. “I planned to make you a scarf—that’s bullshit!” She scoffs cynically to her own initial idea. “Nothing more mediocre and mundane than a scarf as a Christmas gift.”

“You can’t knit, do you?” He teases her defensive idea over the scarf.

“I tried, but it drove me crazy and I threw it out after my third attempt.” She rolls her eyes, confirming his accusation.

Kyuhyun grins widely and begins opening up the quilt on his lap. “And you decided to sew instead?”

“Something handmade is always appreciated, isn’t it?” She chuckles, “It’s far from perfect, you’ll see some patches aren’t actually aligned to each other. But I assure you it’s soft and warm.”

“I love it.” He smiles to her and pouts his mouth to kiss her, “I really love it, I love the effort and I can actually imagine your frustrated face when you’re sewing it all together.”

“You’re not just saying it because I threaten you, right?”

He shakes his head, “Nobody ever made me anything before. I didn’t grow up with any kind of comfy blanket or plushy and this is actually my first ever comfy handmade blanket. Thank you, noona. I’ll use it well.” He wraps his arms around her and kisses her face. “You can sew then?”

“I took a quick course in the design department in our campus.”

“That explain your late night hour.” Kyuhyun spread out his new quilted blanket and he can actually see some imperfections that Eungi mentioned earlier. He doesn’t care though, she made it with her effort and it’s more than enough. “I have a present for you also.”

Eungi reaches out both of her hand shamelessly, completes with her wide smile. “It’s about time, give it to me.”

Kyuhyun slides to the edge of the bed and grabs his pants that’s laying on the floor. He digs into the side pocket and gives his present for her.

It doesn’t take her long to recognize the logo she’s been adoring all these time, the classic three stripes of light blue, blue and red colors next to the capital M. “You didn’t buy a car did you?”

He laughs but shakes his head, “No, not yet. Sorry, I should explain instead of just giving it to you to interpret yourself.”

She raises her eyebrows, waiting for his explanation.

“I rent it, for two weeks—it’ll make more impact if I buy a car isn’t it?” He pauses to see her reaction. “You always promote me about a Euro trip so I figure this could be a perfect gift for you. The Audi is lousy and I know you agree with me on that, you should begin your new trip with me with the V8 monster created by BMW.”

“I thought you’re busy.” She still confused with his sudden idea.

“I was busy to prepare this gift. That’s why I’m so determined to get my assignment done before Christmas, so I can take you around in this beauty.” He happily shakes the car key in front of her. “Please tell me I didn’t give you the wrong gift.”

Her face remains flat but she can’t help not to ask, “Where are we going?”

“Anywhere you want. You can decide a place or we can get lost together if you want, I don’t really care of the destination. As long as you’re with me the whole journey.”

A big smile draws on her face; she throws herself onto his body making both of them falls on the bed again. Eungi takes the key away from his hand and she nods excitedly to his idea. “I can go anywhere I want?”

“Anywhere you want.”

She pins him down with her arms then she lowers her body towards him as she begins to slowly kisses him in some sensitive parts on his neck. “I want a full holiday where we just travel, take pictures, eat and make love.” She whispers in his ear with some teasing tone on his ear.

“I couldn’t agree more.” He holds her by her waist and flips their position so she’s now laying under him. “But before we decide on the destination, let me give you another gift for tonight.” His hand slowly grazing her hair before he plants another passionate kiss on her lips, ready to take her for another round to spend their Christmas night.


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