[Blabla] One Day at My Job #3

Ugh! i just need to rant it out.


I’m not sure what caused this actually. Maybe because they count as Generation-X? which according to a research says that they hardly entertained because they were born in the time when everything move so fast. Maybe because they’re used of using anything instant? Maybe because they’re hardly entertained when a pace of something is not as fast as the moving objects on television or any other multimedia devices? Like I literally rolled my eyes in front of the class today because of this matter.

I asked them to present something correlated to a lesson I presented last week, changed the flow of the class for once–you know, letting them stand in my place and try explain to me and the rest of their friends what they learned. This method is common even during high school right?

Long story short, I demanded them to do a presentation in PowerPoint. Now, editing and proof-read your presentation before presenting it is something normal, right? But Noooooooooo!! I sat on my seat speechless once i read this: “Fungsi Ad ini utk mengajak org2 agar lebih berkomunikasi dengan sesama.”

What The Fuck!?

UTK?! ORG2?!! Are you texting?!! what’s so hard do it in “untuk” and “orang-orang” manner?!

I handle pop-writing/copy-writing this semester and yes, i’ve become a grammar Nazi these days. And I’m just too fed up with my student’s writing. Preposition? Crap! perspective? Ugh! Ideas? Copied it from Nicholas Sparks! Literature-like writing? ZERO!

What the hell happened with this generation? Don’t anybody read anymore these days? (And i’m not even that old to say that their generation and mine are distanced way too far! I’m only 28 for god’s sake and they’re like 20 years old!)

And yes, I also feel the same kind of impatient manner from some of (or one particular) reader in my story, and sometimes it ruined my mood and my spirit to write. *see, i used my student’s problem as an opening to the real case here hahaha*

So here’s my warning to all who’s kind enough to spare their time to read my “blabla” section:

Every writers has their own way of story telling. I like to do it step-by-step, looking into it as one whole picture because i don’t just write out of nowhere, i sketch first, i brainstorm, i exchange its order to make it presentable and real enough.

If you want a story where two people met for the first time, fall in love, have sex over and over again, and live happily ever after without patiently see their progress, then just close my wordpress window and go find the suitable story for your taste. After all this is MY blog, MY story and i can do whatever the hell i want with it!

Mind you, my stories also not a specially NC stories, i write about life, that happened to involve sex sometimes, NOT about SEX IN LIFE. so if you want an NC content only, go elsewhere!

To sum up: I’m annoyed with my students and yes, i think I’m annoyed with some random people that managed to ruined my writing mood the same way my ignorant students did.


6 thoughts on “[Blabla] One Day at My Job #3

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    sabar ya Eonni author …… πŸ™‚ eh tp q ikut jengkel dg mahasiswa yg nglakuin itu aduh2…. mreka itu gimana thooo thooo…. -_- Nah I love much your writing eonni…… kamu buat kami kagum bukan krn konten NC nya_ tp krn pure dr awal q suka bgt dg alur n konsep crita yg diangkat… Hoho Kamu author terbaik lah pokoknya!! jjang jjang!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dina17pratiwi says:

    oke eonni, apa reader itu aku?? aku emang gk nolak sih kalo ada nc nya, tpi aku gak pernah maksa ada nc kok hehehehe
    baca tiap ff emang punya taste masing2 sih, sejauh ini aku enjoy bgt baca ini, malah sekalian belajar bhs inggris *oke aku peres, pdhl abis bca eng ver nya, besoknya langsung baca ind ver*
    semangat eonni, maafin yee kalo sbg reader terkadang lupa komen, atau kalo komen malah ngaco πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜


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