English Version (One Last Shot) – Part 15

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun


She doesn’t know when’s the last time she felt so out of breath the way she is right now, Cha Eungi never needed oxygen more than she needs it at the moment. The burning inside her chest is getting even fiery since she tries so hard to control her own heart that’s ready to jump out of her anytime soon. The way Kyuhyun holds her and attacks her has overwhelmed her, especially since she’s trying so hard to keep up with his pace.

They’re still sitting on the love seat sofa, Kyuhyun being under her as Eungi sitting on top of his laps as they take their kissing session slowly into something deeper. His mind is about to explode when he hears her vague sigh while she’s pressing her whole body into his, now Kyuhyun can feel every curve of her front body parts and the way she’s moving her pelvic beneath has erases his whole sanity.

Kyuhyun softly moves his hand from her nape down to her back as he slowly slips his hands underneath her shirt to graze her back passionately. Eungi moans softly once his finger runs through the nook of her spine while he tenderly sucks in her bottom lips, she combs his hair with her hands and give a little pull to express how arouses she is.

He moves his hand to the side of her hips as he quietly begins to lift up the rim of her shirt and Eungi helps his task of undressing her easier by lifting both of her arms upward so it takes no time until she exposes herself in front of her man. Kyuhyun quickly pulls the neck part of his shirt and takes off his own attire before he continues kissing Eungi then parts their kiss one more time to takes off his Rolex from his wrist then puts it on the side table next to the sofa.

“The metal might hurt your skin.” He whispers in front of her lips to answer the question she has on her face before he picks up the pace where they left off.

Her moaning gets louder as Kyuhyun patiently moves his kiss downwards into her scapula, he lingers a little bit to leave some kiss marks on her fair skin while his left hand supporting her back that begins to get sweaty and his right hand slowly reach out for her round breast. Eungi’s biting her lips to hold her own excitement once Kyuhyun’s tongue starts to tease the peak of her breast as his other hand busy grazing her thigh.

Kyuhyun lifts her hip and moves her to his right to make Eungi sitting on the space next to him while he gets down on his knees to continues pleasing his woman. He runs his tongue in between her breasts as he slowly unbuttoning her shorts and Eungi gladly lifts her bottoms to make it easier for him to takes off her pants. Kyuhyun pulls himself away from her while he’s trying to catch his own breath, now he can see Eungi being as plain as she can be and he can feel his own face gets hotter the more he stares into her perfect features.

Eungi moves her hands to cover her breasts as she bites her lips nervously, her face is burning since her shyness takes over, being stared at the way Kyuhyun looks at her right now is somehow making her feel less confident than she was moments before.

“Don’t stare like that, is there something wrong with me?” She looks down to her own body.

Kyuhyun smiles and pushes himself back closer to her then he runs his thumb on her lips and kiss her softly.

“Noona, you’re beautiful.” He whispers in between their kiss. “Sorry for starring, it’s just that you’re so beautiful I can’t help not to look at you.”

He pulls Eungi’s body closer to him so she sits on the edge of the sofa to make his access over her body easier, his hand is caressing her inner thigh while his lips are still busy sucking her lips. Kyuhyun feels Eungi’s grip on his back get tighter as he slowly begins to rub her private part, her breathing gets heavier the more he plays his finger on her spot and he can feel how wet she is down there, just by imagining what he will do with her part later already gets him more excited than he already is.

Kyuhyun parts their lips while he’s slowly using his tongue to caress her naked body, he takes his time as he runs his tongue from her neck to the peak of her left breast and continues downward to her navel, and he doesn’t stop there. Eungi gets a grip on his shoulder as he begins to run his tongue on the surface of her private part, she begins to moan again when he’s using two fingers to arouses her inside her core while his tongue is still busy running on top of her spot. Eungi feels like her body is about to explode in pleasure as Kyuhyun continuously touches the right spot in her core and she curves her body not long after to withstand the great sensation she feels underneath.

He lets her savour her climax before he continues the next course in their love making session. Eungi’s face is now blushing while she looks helplessly pleased by what her boyfriend just did to her, she doesn’t want to look like an older noona that’s so clueless in front of the former womanizer that she knows he is and she wants to please him as much as he just did her, so she takes his hands and put a force to signal him to stand up so she can do her business. This is not her first time but he succeeded to make her feel like a clueless virgin by the way he arouses her. Eungi takes his hip in front of her and begins unbuttoning his pants before she pulls it down quickly. What display in front of her somehow excites her more and she takes no time to begin teasing him as she slowly runs her hand to massage his part.

Kyuhyun holds his excitement by biting his lips, but he lost his mind one more time as he feels Eungi’s moist lips begins to kiss the head of his private part. If that’s not enough to make him crazy, Eungi is now running her tongue on its surface and after she feels it’s wet enough, she takes on some of the length of his part into her mouth while her hand is still busy massaging its base. The warmness of her mouth on his part has spoiled him a little bit and he enjoys the way she’s playing with the base of his part. He moans softly as he notices Eungi’s rolling her tongue on the head of his part before she sucks the soft skin on it, giving a tingling sensation that he never felt before. It’s weird for him since it’s definitely not his first time but she makes him feel like so. He was always confident whenever he holds a girl with him, but Cha Eungi makes he feels nervous and excited at the same time. If she keeps on doing this, Kyuhyun’s afraid that he’ll finish before he even gets a chance to give more pleasure to her so he softly caresses her hair and pull himself away from her, he takes her hand to help her stands up.

The insecurity in her eyes shows him how much she wants to try to pleasure him and he’s touched by her intention. To Kyuhyun, she doesn’t need to do much since he already feels like he’s floating on cloud nine right now, but he doesn’t want to hurt her feeling either by telling her not to do anything.

“Noona, we have a long way to go and I’m too excited already because of you, I can’t finish now.” He smirks and begins to kiss her again.

She’s tiptoeing to help herself to get better access to kiss him and her lack of height has make it harder for them to get it on. Kyuhyun notices this and he lifts her up and support her on his waist instead while Eungi automatically wraps her legs around his hips. Kyuhyun needs something to hold on for both of them since the position requires all of his strength so he moves themselves closer to the wall. She feels more excited as her bare back touches the cold wall behind her, she knows it must be hard for him to keep up with this position so she wraps her arms tighter around him while they’re kissing again. Their private parts are rubbing against one another and the wetness in her area has make Kyuhyun lost his patience. He moves his hand to support her on her bottom while using the other hand to slowly lead his private part into hers. Eungi moans once she feels the head of his part poking into her and her loud moans breaks as soon as Kyuhyun join their bodies as one.

He glues their bodies closer together as he presses themselves more into the wall, he’s supporting her bodies with both of his arms as Eungi begins to lose control of herself. She’s no longer grabbing him by his shoulder since the pleasure she feels downward is too much to handle. Her arms are moving from his shoulder to the wall as if she’s trying to hold on into something more rigid than their steamy bodies. Eungi keeps on biting her lips as she tries so hard not to scream or moan loudly because she feels embarrassed enough from producing weird voices from her lips. But the more Kyuhyun moves beneath her, the less she gains controls over herself and her moans escapes her lips as she begs him not to stop doing whatever it is that he’s doing to her. She begins squeezing her own breasts when she feels the familiar excitement taking over for the second time, she shouts out his name the moment he gets into the right spot and lets her release her fluids while he’s still in her, giving more pleasure for both of them.

With the remaining power he has, Kyuhyun takes her body and lays her down on their bed. Eungi quickly turns their position around as she sits on top of his thigh. She takes her hair to the side before she teases him the way he teased her earlier as she starts to kiss him passionately then she runs her tongue downward to his nipples and enjoys his heavy moans while her hand is massaging his part. The more she touches him, the more she wants him to be inside her one more time, so she wastes no time to position herself on top of him to gather their bodies again.

Kyuhyun helps her to move her pelvic by supporting her hips with his hands as he lets her lead this part of the game. The way she looks at him, the way her round breast moving simultaneously with her hips movement and the way she suppress her own desire from moaning is enough to make him surrender himself into her. Kyuhyun tightens the grip on her hips and he begins to quicken their tempo before he holds her tighter as both of them release together inside her. He was never the kind of man that moans during sex, but Cha Eungi showed him that things can be different if done with the right person, he no longer cares how noisy they are or whether they disturb their next door neighbor with their voices.

She lays her body on top of him and hasn’t let go of their joined bodies, both of them are busy catching their breaths after the love making they just had. Eungi pulls herself from Kyuhyun and slides to his right to leans her head on his shoulder. They both are speechless and the emotional wave just rush into them as they begin to regain their awareness of their surroundings.

She doesn’t know what gets into her, but she feels so overwhelmed with her own feeling right now and without her knowing, tears already falls from the side of her eyes before she starts to sob.

Kyuhyun’s taken aback by her reaction and he immediately drowns in guilt, did he just crosses the line? Was it too fast for them? But Eungi was the one that initiated it, so does it make him the asshole?

“Noona,” Kyuhyun slides her head onto the pillow as he supports himself by his elbow to take a closer look. “I’m sorry, I went too far didn’t I?”

Eungi shakes her head and begins smiling while she’s still crying. “No, don’t blame yourself, this is not the tears of regrets that I have, I swear.” She wipes her own eyes and begins to chuckles.

He takes his hand to wipe the sweat on her forehead then uses his thumb to wipe her tears. “Then why are you crying?”

Eungi grins before she begins to laugh then she closes her own face with her hands, “Oh my Lord, I don’t know how to explain what I feel right now.”


Eungi takes her hands away from her face then pushes Kyuhyun by his shoulder to lay him back on the bed while she’s supporting herself with her elbow on top of him. “You! Did you do that to those girls?”


“No wonder they keep coming for you!” She feels another tears about to come in her eyes, this is the very first time she ever feels this kind of jealousy—a jealousy that takes over her conscience. “Please tell me you weren’t always that great!”

Kyuhyun curls his brow in confusion, trying to make sense of her words. Did Eungi just told him that he was great in bed? Why is she crying then?

“You! You can’t do that to another girl, okay? You’re mine! You can’t go around and give that kind of pleasure to another woman.” She wipes her tears and the frown hasn’t leave her face yet.

Kyuhyun smiles widely as he comes to the realization that his woman actually just expressed her jealousy. Kyuhyun rubs his hand on her back and pulls her head to leans on top of his chest. “I swear I won’t noona.” He plants a deep kiss on top of her head.

She breaks free from his embrace to grab the blanket to cover their bodies then she finds the comfortable curve in between his chest and shoulder to sink her face into. She loves this, she loves how he can be calm around her and burn her desire at the same time, she loves the comfort he gives her, she loves how gentle he handles her during her hard times and she loves how he took controls over their bodies earlier tonight. Cha Eungi come to a realization that she’s addicted to his presence, she wants him around her in every second of her life and for the first time she knows exactly what she feels for him—she loves him. Cho Kyuhyun has made a gallant way into her heart without her even knowing it and now she fell completely into his charm.

“What are you thinking, noona?” He speaks softly, almost like a hum in her ears.

Eungi hold him tighter and kiss the skin on his shoulder, “I’m still overwhelmed by what happened.” She admits.

He chuckles and kiss her head again.

“Answer me Kyu, were you always that great?” She almost whispering as she sinks her face deeper into his skin to hide her blushing face. “I’m sure that’s why girls keep coming for you even though they know how bad your reputation is.”

He laughs softly then rubs her back, “You’re incomparable, noona. We just made love and I honestly felt like it was my first time to do it passionately the way we did.”


“I never went crazy the way you made me feel earlier. I mean, you turned into this completely different person during our steamy session and I didn’t know you could make that sound.”

Eungi slaps him on his shoulder hides her face deeper, “Shut up, I’m embarrassed enough for producing that kind of voice.”

“I like it.” He teases her by running his finger down to her spine, “The way you bite your lips to suppress your moaning, the way your face blushes, and the way you say my name.. aarggh! I’m getting excited all over again just thinking about it.” He covers his own face with his palm to calm himself.

“Stop teasing me, Kyu.” She lifts her face and pouts her mouth.

Kyuhyun lifts his head a little to reach into her to presses their lips together, “I love you, Eungi-ya. No girl can top that since you’re the first woman I ever fell in love with, stop feeling so insecure about yourself and believe me when I tell you how special you are to me.”

“I’m jealous.” She finally tells her insecurity out loud. “I don’t have a right to feel that way but I’m jealous. I don’t like the thought of you touching your girls the way you did me, because I know how addicted they’d get to you.”

“Was it that good?” He can’t help not to grin watching her innocent face when she confessed her feelings.

Eungi nods.

He piles up the pillow behind his back and leans on the headboard, he spread his arms asking her to come closer to him then he enfolds her close in his embrace. “Do you want to know how special you are for me?”

“Ng, tell me so I can feel good about myself.” She caresses his face using the edge of her fingers, tracing his perfect jawline that she always adores.

“You’re the first person that makes me want to be better, because I can’t let you down especially after some sacrifices you made for me—yeah I know about the international paper that you gave in to Professor Hwang in order to safe my ass.” He begins explaining.

“How did you know?”

“That’s not important, in the future if such thing happen again please don’t think about my feeling and just do what’s right, okay? I’ll handle the mess I made myself.” He stares her down before he continues, “You’re special because you’re the first person I’d ever want to protect, when I first saw you cried under the café table, all I could think about is to get you out of there so you’d stop crying—because it hurts me to see you cry.”

Eungi runs her hand to moves his head to her direction so she can look deeply into his eyes while he talks.

“I never had any inspiring woman figure that I could look up to, but then you came into my life and somehow proved me that not all females are bitchy. I like the way you used your sarcasm to slowly guided me to the right path I should’ve taken a long time ago, it’s like somehow you know what worked for me and you used my ego very well to turn it against myself.”

She chuckles, “Because you remind me a lot of myself.”

“Lastly, I like being around you because it gives a sense of purpose in my life. I lost my track along the way and now I finally figured out what I need to do to be a person, I want to be a person you can rely to forever noona, I want to be the first person you call when you need help and I want to be that person that you can proudly introduce and brag to your colleagues. I still have a long way to go to match that criteria but at least I know where to start now.”

“But I’m proud of you already.” She lifts her body a little bit to kiss him softly. “You’re already enough as you are, Kyuhyun-a.”

He smiles but shakes his head, disagreeing with her. “No, not the way I see it, but I promise one day I’ll be that man for you. When the time comes I’ll proudly take my place next to you, then we can go to the next part of this relationship. But until then, I regretfully have to ask you to wait patiently while I’m fixing the mess that I made myself.”

Eungi lifts her body to leans right next to him then takes his head closer to her embrace before she lets him leans on her chest. “I promised you that I won’t abandon you, didn’t I? You just have to promise that you’ll return to me after you become the person you want to be, and I will be there to embrace you this way when the time comes.”

Kyuhyun feels like he’s about to shed a tear, he’s never been touched like this by anyone, he never felt loved in his whole life and having Eungi comforting him from his fear of himself is something that overwhelmed him. He pulls himself away from her to brushes their lips together, he too is addicted to her, he can’t get enough of her presence and he can’t get enough of her touch.

He places his hand on her nape as he presses their lips intensely one more time, he understands now why she was crying as soon as they finished. Eungi didn’t want to share the special bond they have with another girl and that’s why she was jealous—his exact feeling right now, he doesn’t want her to wait for another man, he wants Eungi all for himself and he’ll do anything to make that happen.

“One more thing noona,” He parts their lips to explain one last important fact on why she’s so important for him. “I never took off my watch when I fuck—I didn’t care if it’s going to hurt the girl, I don’t moan—ever, I never took so much time to make sure I pleasured them, I don’t tell how beautiful they are and I definitely don’t cuddle to have some pillow talk after I’m done.” He kisses her quickly before he begins to talk again, “You’re special Eungi-ya, don’t ever think that you’re not.”

Eungi smiles then leans herself to kiss the man in front of her, he was just kissing her passionately and she doesn’t want him to stop—in fact she wants more. She once again loses her ground as he begins to takes her closer into his arm while moving his hand slowly to lower the blanket that’s covering their naked bodies to take her to the next adventure they’ll have for tonight.


11 thoughts on “English Version (One Last Shot) – Part 15

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    haha… I smiled when Eungi tears after they finished what they did before! the way she showd her jealousy was so funny to me wkwk.. Actually this is one part I mostly hard to understand because I don’t know the ‘session’ English words expressed. Fortunately_ I can understand what they’re talking about and it was so entertain 😀


  2. blue cat says:

    One of the sweetest steamy season I’ve ever read 😊
    So detail & precise makes me feel I’m Eungi herself 😂

    Above all, it’s not merely abt the hot-steamy-take-my-breath-away session that makes this part brilliant. It’s the simple yet powerful dialogue & narration drive the reader blown away 😊

    Can’t hardly wait for next chapter


  3. zahra says:

    kagak tw artinya😂😂😂😥😥 mw mnta pw lupa pasword email nya. klw bwt komen kn kgak prlu pkek pw emailnya, jd lpa deh ntu pw email aku. bsakah lwat fb sja eon mnt pwnya😙


  4. Aerin says:

    Mereka membuatku iri saja.. 😀 Ini terlalu manis.
    Author-nim, aku sudah kirim e-mail untuk minta password OLS yang Indo Version tapi belum ada balasan 😦 jadi aku baca yang ini deh 🙂

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