(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 12

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun


He can’t believe his own curse that disguised into fortune in the form of this beautiful woman that’s now sleeping peacefully in his embrace. Cha Eungi is now lying on his bed with him, leaning onto his chest with her arms wrapping around his body. It’s odd for him to have a girl snuggle in his arm for once. Cho Kyuhyun is not the snugly guy, he’s more of a ‘veni-vidi-vici’ kind of guy when it comes to having girls around him for pleasure and having Eungi in his embrace the next morning is something new for him.

He slowly moves his hand to caress her hair and runs his hand that’s now on her shoulder to caress her back. Cha Eungi moans softly in her sleep before she sinks her face deeper into his chest and tightens her arms around him.

“Are you awake?” He whispers, afraid that he’ll really wake her up.


“How are you feeling?”

She slides to the pillow on her side of the bed and hides her face into the pillow. “Embarrassed.”

He chuckles then turning his position to his right and support his head with his elbow. “Why? We didn’t do anything last night and we’re completely dressed, you shouldn’t be embarrassed.”

“Ng.” She opens one of her eyes to peek into the view in front of her and her heart beats faster to the sight of his morning face. “I confessed to you last night, it’s embarrassing.”

“So you remember?”

“I remember everything.” She moves around to get a comfortable position so she can enjoy his handsome morning face clearer. “I’m sorry though.”

“What for?”

“The drama I cost last night.” She turns to lay on her back and takes a quick glance around his room. “I can’t promise that won’t be the last one.”

He chuckles, “Okay, I’ll prepare myself more in the future.”

Eungi slides closer to him and he automatically spread his arms so she can lay on his right shoulder. “I wonder though, how dirty this very bed can be.”

“Ng? I clean up every week, I’m not that shabby noona.”

“No, not that kind of dirty. I mean how many girls have actually laid their bodies on this bed.”

Kyuhyun laughs, liking the way she expresses her jealousy, “Will you believe me if I say you’re the only female ever to lay your body on it?”

“Yeah right!” She rolls her eyes.

“Seriously though, I mean I am a player—well I was—but I never took those girls home. Heck no! this is my sanctuary, nobody should enter my apartment as they wish.”

“But you let me in.”

“You’re a special case, I like you. Remember?” He pecks the top of her head.

Eungi tightens her wrap around his body. “I know you’re bullshitting me, but I’m in a good mood so I’ll let it pass.”

“Noona, seriously. You’re the only one.”

“If that’s the case, where do you usually.. you know.. do it?”

“Don’t judge me.”

“I don’t have a luxury to judge you anyway.”

“My car.”


“The back seat.” He adds the detail. “Sometimes in the girl’s place or a hotel room.. and someti..”

Eungi covers her ears, not wanting to hear more detail about his dirty sex life. She dislikes the idea of him having a great time with so many girls. “Okay enough, I regret I asked. I’d rather not know what you did with them whatsoever.”

“Are you jealous?”

“Am I allowed to be?”

“Of course.” He pulls her and traps her in his arms. “There’s no turning back from our talk last night, don’t you think? You want me as much as I want you, so why don’t we stop running away from each other and just enjoy it.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Nega wae? It’s a dream come true!” He lowers his face to give a quick kiss on her lips, “imagine how sexy this is, noona. You taught me in class yesterday and now you’re in my bed, in my arms and I can hug you for as long as I want, kiss you as much as I want, I can..” He quickly stops his sentence before his dirty mind takes over.

“You can what?” Eungi pushes herself from him and tweak his ear. “Safe your dirty mind, Kyu. I’m not those girls that you can messed up at the back of your car.”

He giggles, “I know you’re not. You’re the special one for me.”

“Shall I make you breakfast?” Eungi gets up from his bed to walk through his bathroom to wash her face.


picture belongs to Park Seul

As she gets up, Kyuhyun feels his blood distribute faster to his facial area. He bites his lips and smirks coyly with the sight of Cha Eungi only wearing his Mickey Mouse shirt. So she spent the night in his place, she borrows his clothes, she lays on his bed with him and she let him hug her entire night. Kyuhyun’s silently gives a pat on his own shoulder for not having any dirty mind last night, it was too much to bear to see the woman he adores being so fragile and desirable at the same time.




Even they’ve been officially dating and her official job as a lecture has ended, Eungi and Kyuhyun still have to go to the campus—Kyuhyun to finish his final exam and Eungi to grade the final—and they both have to admit that it’s one of those hard days when they have to pretend like there’s nothing happen between them. Kyuhyun enjoys the thrill more than he thought he would and that excitements are enough to keep him motivated to finish all of his tests.

When the semester officially ended, he proposes a weekend gateway to Eungi. It’s about time for them to get out of their routine and date freely without having to fear the probability of meeting anyone they know. She agreed at once when he said his idea, with the free time she has after she resigned she’s been having troubles finding activities to counter her boredom.

Eungi has been applying for a postdoctoral position while she’s wondering what to do with her life and Kyuhyun has been trying to make the time they have together counts, since he knows obviously Eungi won’t proceed with her plan in South Korea.

They were confused at first on where to go to their first gateway but Kyuhyun offers the first idea that comes to his mind—Sokcho, the place where his love for her first bloomed. She’s more than happy that he initiated the trip for them since she also knows how she’s going to get out of the country as soon as she gets a letter of acceptance from any of the campus she applied to, this will be a trip before their relationship will be tested to withstand the distance that will created between them.

Kyuhyun rent a villa overlooking to the vast East Sea provided with a bedroom and all amenities needed for a couple getaway. She doesn’t mind sharing a same bed with him as long as he’s not trying to go further than just cuddling and Kyuhyun knows that he hasn’t earned her trust yet to step over the line—not that he wants to force his way into it—he just understands how she’s taking her ‘moving on steps’ slowly and he tries to give her all the time in the world.

“Shall we take a swim?” Eungi places her overnight bag onto the couch in their villa after she changed into her bathing suit—that successfully makes his naughty mind wander.

“You can’t swim noona, you told me.” He turns his gaze away from her trying to hide his blushing face. He can’t believe he can act like a high-schooler in the first date whenever he’s near her, the anticipation and the thrills has really messed around with his sanity.

“I know, but I like playing with the water and the sand.” She steps closer to him and rounds her arms on his hip, “Come on, you don’t expect us just to hang around in this villa, do you?”

“Ng, I’ll change into something more comfortable first.”

They spend their whole morning playing by the beach and mostly build a sand castle like two children having fun. She likes the sun too much that she begins to forget how revealing her beach clothing are and Kyuhyun has to constantly calm himself down from having any dirty thoughts with her—and It’s hard not to. He doesn’t want to look at her as the object of his desire but at the same time the woman in front of him is teasing him without even realizing what she’s done to his blood flow.

When the sun gets too hot they decided to take some time off from hanging by the beach and find a restaurant nearby to cool themselves from the summer heat. He can breathe easy as Eungi puts on her sundress that exposes less of her skin. They talk a lot during their lunch time, mostly about her plan to start new elsewhere and about how he plans to finish his school as soon as he could so he’d feel less small next to her.

After the sun sets to the west they’re back to the beach to hangout and drink. They went to the local club earlier after their lunch and Spent only an hour there since Kyuhyun notice how uncomfortable she was in it. Honestly she’s enjoying the hint of a youth life from his idea of having fun, but she doesn’t have enough confidence that she can keep up with it. Eungi likes how Kyuhyun doesn’t mind with her being so uptight and awkward when it comes to having fun and he carefully lead her out of the club and took her to hang out by the quiet beach instead.

“So, any news from those universities yet?”

Eungi shakes her head and takes a sip of her beer, “I just have another idea to spend my time,” she grins happily, “I think I’ll write a book.”

“Wow, that’s something. It’s about time you release something about your interest.” He lifts his thumbs up to her.

“I know but I’m still going to take some time off Korea.” She leans her head on his shoulder, “I hope you’re okay with that.”

“Why? Do you think I can’t handle a long distance relationship? Noona, the technology are moving forward these days and jumbo jets are produced every day, I can be where you’re at within hours.”

“You said so yourself, you couldn’t handle commitment in general.” She chuckles, “I’m actually surprise that you’re still here with me and not get bored yet.”

Kyuhyun pouts his mouth, disliking her constant doubt of him. “What am I really to you, noona? I thought you’re the one that asked me to stay by your side, why are you doubting me like that?”

She shrugs, “I learned the hard way that when things are too perfect, something wrong is about to happen with it.” She takes another gulp, “What we have at the moment is one of the best thing I can store in my memory and I think I’m just too afraid that I’ll lose this, I’m afraid I’ll lose you.”

“So you create a defense mechanism by questioning my sincerity?”

She lifts her head from his shoulder, “I’m still too cruel to you, aren’t I?”

He nods, “Very. You’re my first serious girlfriend and you treat me like a yoyo.” He runs his hand to his own hair, “I feel like your boy-toy sometimes.”

Eungi bites her lips, not knowing what to say to him. She doesn’t see him that way but she doesn’t blame him if he feels like that, he’s more committed to her than she is to him and she’s aware how much he tries to change for the better version of himself—yet she still walk on a thin ice with him.

“You’re not my boy-toy Kyu.” She finally says her words, “I swear you’re not.”

He smiles bitterly.

“And I’m not going to try to defend myself, I know how I’m still being very careful in this relationship and I’m sure it hurts you—especially after you’re trying so hard to prove yourself to me. Believe me, I appreciate your effort and I believe in you” She looks down and play with the sand beneath her, “I don’t trust myself.”


She lifts her shoulders, “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to give what you gave me.”

“I never ask you to do that.” He says quickly.

“I know, that what makes it harder for me—your unconditional care for me.”

He tilts his bottle and drinks the rest of its content while she’s doing the same thing beside him. They both look ahead to the sea in front of them busy with their own thoughts.

“I’ll try harder, I promise.” She breaks the silence between them.

“Yeah, me too.” He grabs another new bottles for them and open them then give one to her. “I’ll finish school and I’ll make myself worthy to be with an amazing person that you are.”

“Ya! I never said you’re not worthy.”

“I know, but I feel that way.” He gives out a dry laugh, “Wait for me, noona. In a year I’ll get my degree and I’ll follow you wherever you will go and keep supporting you.”

“Aish, don’t you have plan for yourself?”

“I do, my plan is to be with you.”

Eungi laughs to his innocent face, “That sounds very cheesy and romantic at the same time—more to the cheesy side though.”

He laughs to himself also, “was he this romantic?” He can’t help not to compare himself with his main contender.

Eungi rounds her eyes, a little bit surprise on how blunt Kyuhyun is. “Honestly I don’t have anything to compare, so I don’t know if he’s romantic or not.”

“Tell me more about him.”

“No, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I can handle it, only if you’re okay telling me about him.”

She takes more gulp of her beer before she inhales deeply, preparing herself to open up to Kyuhyun. Of course she doesn’t mind telling him her story, he deserves to ask question and it’s been easier for her to talk about Siwon lately—after she got her closure.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay, Kyu? I mean I can tell you stories about him and I believe it’s one of the process of me letting go of him. I’m afraid you’ll get hurt if you..”

“Tell me, please. I want to know more about the man that stole your heart.” He turns away from her gaze as he tries to hide his expression.

“Well, we met in a conference and that was the first time I felt connected to somebody just by talking to him. He’s charismatic and knows his way to charm me without doing too much and I think I played a big role during the flirting time because I also liked to be near him.” She takes a glance to see how his reaction gonna be.

Kyuhyun is now paying full attention to her story and bracing himself to stare at her in the eyes without trying to hide his pain in his own eyes.

“It was nice to have someone that gets me and I think that’s what enchanted me the most. Everything was too perfect until it wasn’t anymore and I wasn’t prepared—nobody will ever be prepared for what happened to me.” She turns her body to face him as she takes his hand to hold within hers, “What happen here between you and me is wonderful and I’m grateful for the fact that you’re staying here with me. But there’s a part in me that’s so afraid that this perfect thing we have will be taken away one more time from me, you’re my one last chance for a taste of happiness and I’m so afraid that I’ll get addicted to your presence.”

He takes her hands closer and kiss them, “I’m not going anywhere, noona. Please believe me.”

“I believe you, but I’ve lost my faith in the universe.” She takes her gaze away from him, “I think I’m capable of killing myself if that kind of tragedy happens again in my life.”

“Ya! You’re a person that uses her brain all the time, how can you say something nonsense like that?”

She takes her hands from him and pats her chest, “Because there’s no cure for this kind of pain. I survive the first hit but I don’t think I can take the second attack—if it happens.”

“Who will attack you, Eungi-ya?” He moves closer to her and takes her in his embrace. “I can promise you that I won’t do anything as stupid as your fiancé—heroic I know, but stupid—and if any danger arises near us, I’ll make sure that both of us are safe.”


“I’ll figure something out, my brain works better under pressure anyway. But my point is, I know how important you are to me and I hope I’m just as important to you and we’re both afraid to lose what we have. So please trust me, I’m not going to act all heroic only to cause you pain.”

She doesn’t say anything to his haste speech, she wants to believe him and she knows she can trust him.

“So can you trust me, noona?”

She nods and leans herself closer to him, “I don’t know you have this side in you.”

He kissed the top of her head as he hugs her tighter, “I didn’t know either. You changed a lot of me in such short amount of time, Eungi-ya.”

“I didn’t force you.”

“But I want to. This is the first time I want to stand as somebody’s man.”

Eungi lifts her head to give him a soft kiss on the lips, she’s not the kind of girl that initiates things when it comes to physical contact with a man—she wasn’t even this aggressive when Siwon stood by her side—but Kyuhyun has make her so comfortable that she doesn’t feel any judgement from her doings.

“I don’t know what I feel for you Kyu.” She smiles shyly, “I don’t know how to describe this feeling I have in my heart. But I know it beats faster whenever you’re around me, I get exited whenever I know I’m about to see you, I feel this mild electricity every time we touch and I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t put my finger on this feeling that I have just yet, but I want you to know that you’ve made a huge impact in my life also. So please don’t see yourself as my boy-toy or as a mere replacement for him, because you’re not him and I don’t want you to be him—just be you, it’s more than enough for me.”

He feels butterfly sensation in his stomach when he hears how she describe her feelings for him. That’s exactly how he feels about her and it’s relieving to know that he’s not alone in this emotional step they’re taking into their relationship.

“Noona, I think you’re in love with me.” He lowers his head to steal another kiss from her. he starts softly then begins to let his desire takes over once Eungi allows him to go deeper as he begins to run his hand on her exposed thigh. They were lost in the moment until Eungi gets back to her senses and slowly pulls herself away from him. As much as she wants him to touch her, she can’t let it happen just yet. Anything led further from this will be very important for her and she doesn’t want to hustle only to feed their fiery impulses.

Eungi manages her breathing as she tries to fight the weird urges she feels in her body. Kyuhyun’s breathing is just as heavy as hers and from the look on his face, it’s crystal clear that he’s fighting the desire he has in his heart as hard as she is. She gets up from the sand and walks toward the ocean to clear her head from the dirty thought she had earlier, pulling his hand with her to follow her silly attempt to avoid the temptation.

It’s now dark and silent, there’re the only people on the beach and she’s enjoying the sense of freedom it offers. Eungi steps closer to the water and enjoying the cold sensation she feels on her skin—hoping it can at least calm the fire in her heart, she can’t swim but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the serenity the ocean offers her.

Kyuhyun follows from behind and he can’t help remembering the first moment they spent in this very place few months ago. He can’t forget the very first time he realized he fell in love with her and also the first time she broke his heart by giving him a kiss that wasn’t actually meant for him.

“Noona, does any of this ring a bell for you?” He takes her hand to stop her going further into the ocean.

She shakes her head and trying to guess which memory she should remember.

“Surprisingly it still hurts me that you don’t remember it.” He pouts his mouth.

“What is?”

He takes her closer and places his left hand on her hip and takes her hand to place it on his shoulder before he gently places his right hand on her back. He begins to step even closer to her and leads her steps to follow dancing with him.

“Are we dancing?” She has this big grin on her face, “There’s no music, Kyu.”

“We don’t need one,” He removes his hand from her back and slowly caressing the skin on her face to slowly makes his way down to her chin. Kyuhyun smirks cutely before her lifts her face and sweetly kisses her lips.

Eungi surrenders to the ambience created between them as she let Kyuhyun deepen their kisses as they begin to get more intense. This is it, this is where she finally lost to the temptation they created and she can no longer hold on to her sanity.

Only then it suddenly hits her.

She pushes herself from him quickly then covers her face in shock, making him confuse and wondering if he’s done something wrong and stepped too far.

“Oh my God. It was our first kiss isn’t it?” She takes a peak at him in between her fingers, trying to hide her blushing face.

“You remember?”

“I kissed you, didn’t I? I initiated everything and I made you danced what supposed to be his last dance.” She bites her lips trying to suppress her emotion.

Kyuhyun tries to smile but failed to do so and he only makes a flat line with his lips stretching to both sides.

“I’m sorry Kyuhyun-a.” Her tears begin to well up in her eyes, she can’t believe she was actually that cruel to the man before her. How could she let him be a stand-in in order to get her goodbye closure that way.

Kyuhyun pulls her again into his arms to try to comfort her, “It’s okay noona. I guess that’s the thing I’m willing to go through for you. People do stupid things when they’re in love.”

She lifts her head to take a look on his face, “What did you say?”

“I love you, Cha Eungi.” He scoffs and smirks to the thought of how lousy he sounds right now, never in his life he thought he’ll declare that to someone.

She covers her mouth with her hand and let a tear falls down from her eyes from the overwhelming bubbly sensation she feels in her heart. She feels like she wanna jump around and laugh right now but those emotions channeled into the happy tears she just shed in front of him.

“I though I’ll never hear you say that ever.” She begins to smile coyly at him.

Kyuhyun looks down and laughs to himself, “I know, I didn’t know I could be that mushy also.”

She rounds her hand behind his neck then tiptoes to kisses him, “I..”

“You don’t have to say anything back just yet, not unless you really mean it.”

“I’ll do my best, Kyu.” She chose the best words she can find not to hurt him for not sharing what he feels just yet.





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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    @_@ Mabuk mabuk mabuk…. 😛 I’ve got bad drunk when read this! How sweet they are…. Ouch I laughed loud when Kyu showed to Eungi what they were done at the first time they’w at beach!! hiks hiks…. I just have so many fireworks on my brain!! 😀 Eonni-ya…. How I fallin in love deeper and deeper with U_your handwriting I mean weheheheee….. So do they will have a LDR?? I’m worried about what will happen! But I want to give my thums for Kyu who still able to handle his desires wkwkwk 😛


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