(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 9

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun



Kyuhyun glances around in her house the next morning after he woke up in her living room. The mess created last night was already cleaned up and from the sound of the water running; Cha Eungi is now taking her morning shower. He lifts his body and cringes when the pain in his upper left arm begins to sting, he knows how reckless his act was yesterday but in it was the only thing he could do to protect Eungi at the moment.

They talked last night, mostly about the soccer game showing on TV because Eungi is avoiding any conversation about what just happened earlier to them. Kyuhyun knows it’s not really his place to demand answer from her. At least not now, not when she’s still frightened with what happened. He believes her and he’s certain that Eungi will eventually tell him what he needs to know when the time is right.

After the soccer game ended, he offered to stay around just in case the psyco old woman will come again and he’s delighted when Eungi didn’t say anything but threw him a pillow and a blanket before she pointed out where he could sleep for the night. She didn’t say it but Kyuhyun knows, she needed him and she wanted him around.

He gets up from the couch he slept in last night and begins to give himself a house tour of Eungi’s space. She’s a neat woman that keeps everything in order and to his surprise, she doesn’t really keep much personal belongings other than book. Wherever he looks, he’ll find stacks of books and papers on top of every surface in her house. Kyuhyun gets himself to the kitchen to grab a glass of water when he figures his stalking time finally paid off. Eungi keeps her Polaroid pictures on her fridge door and one of the pictures in it confirms Kyuhyun that the Choi Siwon he stalked last night was the right one.

His heart is once again aching to see how happy Eungi was with Siwon, in the pictures she smiles the way he never seen her smile before. The shine in her eyes are different. Cha Eungi always seems like a mature woman that knows how to control her expression well even when she faced with a bizarre situation, very different from the free soul Kyuhyun sees in the pictures of her on the fridge. It’s almost like Eungi has a happier twin sister that he never met.

Kyuhyun now torn in between the fact that Siwon is actually gone from her life and the fact that she lives in the memories of him to keep her alive. Never had he seen somebody live in denial the way Eungi did, and he’s not sure yet on what to do with her single status right now. He quickly erase his presumptuous thoughts once he remembered how amazing Siwon’s profile was, if he wants to be the replacement for the man, he at least need to be a man that really deserve to be by her side. Judging from his situation now, he has a long way to go to pursue what Siwon had.

He continues his tour towards the huge bookcase Eungi has to separate her kitchen to her living room and he begins to scan through the book she has, wondering if she already finished all of them. His attention draws to the children books in the bottom left corner, he remembers Eungi told him that she loved reading since she was little, but he never thought she kept her children books with her. He grabs the oldest looking one and starts to read the classic tale of the three piglets.

“You’re awake, how’s your arm?” Eungi steps nearer and takes a closer look to his arm. “I called the campus and told them I’m taking a sick leave for the day. Let’s go see a doctor, I don’t want it to be infected.”

“I’m fine, noona. You took care of it very well last night.” He smiles and turns his eyes back to the bookcase. “Have you read all these?”

Eungi nods.

“All of it?” He widens his eyes in disbelieve.

“Why? Does that make me sounds nerdier?”

He chuckles and put back the children book he hold then takes a thicker book that seems to be stacks of papers bonded together.

“Put that down, Kyu.” Eungi’s hand restrains his from taking the tick file, but Kyuhyun’s faster than she is.

He opens the cover and studies the pages closely. Most of the pages consist of a child’s drawing with several emphases on the body parts on some of the pages. Other pages shows the weird proportion of a house and a man that’s holding a little girl and its writtenAppa and Eungi-ya.

“Your first drawing?” Kyuhyun turns his head to Eungi while pointing the page. “I never even kept my early drawings since my parents didn’t seem to care about it. You must be one of those girls that have her school project stuck on the fridge’s door whenever you bring something new back home.”

Eungi bites her lips and hesitates “Put that back Kyu, that’s my most treasured book.”

“Look!” Kyuhyun points to the cute stickers scatters on the other page, “So you’ll get stickers whenever you did well?”

Eungi closes the book in his hand then shove it back to the book case.

“Noona, don’t be embarrassed, every child drew like that. It’s actually comforting for me to know you had the normal phase every child went through. I thought you were born genius.”

She takes a deep breath and forces a smile, “It’s not my drawing, Kyu. It’s my dad’s.”

He tilts his head to level Eungi’s, “Ne?”

She lifts her shoulders then walks away from the book case towards the credenza in the living room to takes something out of the drawer. Kyuhyun follows her and takes the picture frame Cha Eungi gives him.

“He’s my father, Cha Daewoo.” She adds a weak smile after recalling his name. “He’s my hero and my first love. Despite how he looks like.”

Kyuhyun studies the picture closely, a young man in around his thirties are smiling happily with a little happy girl sitting on his lap. Eungi was an adorable little girl with her messed up ponytails and her cute little sundress, yet her father was.. different. Kyuhyun can tell the moment he sees the picture.

“My mom left as soon after she gave birth to me and I had this man raised me alone despites his own difficulties.” He eyes wander and begins to get watery, “He had a developmental disability, so he looks like a grown man but has the same mental capability of a nine years old.” She explains.

Kyuhyun froze in his place, not sure what to say to her. When he thought about Eungi’s background, he’d never thought she was raised by a mentally handicapped father—at least judging from how awesome she turned out to be.

“He was my best friend while growing up and I never let it bother me because he looked different. My mates made fun of me big time because he’d always jump around whenever he picked me up from school and it was excessive to have that much attention pointed at you during elementary school.” Eungi wraps her own arms around her body, “He noticed that I began to get uncomfortable with my fellow mates and one day, he spent his lunch money to buy me the three piglets’ book—it’s his favorite book—to take my mind off the bullies.”

He feels like he’s should stop her because he doesn’t want Eungi to recalls her sad memory of her father, but the looks she gives to him tells him to let her continue.

“I read to him ever since and when he started to see me drawing, he tried to copy me and begun to draw a lot of things also, so what you saw earlier was actually his art, not mine.”

“What happened to him?” He almost whispering since he’s not sure if he supposed to ask that to her.

“When I was ten, social service took me away from him because they worried that he aren’t able to raise me anymore—since I got smarter as I get older and he’s stuck in his own development. It was one of the times when I rebel the most, because I just wanted to be with my dad, you know? I don’t care how he was like I loved him and I knew he loved me and that’s all mattered.” She lifts her head to the ceiling to prevent her tears from falling down, “He passed away not long after we’re separated, he got sick and no one was there to took care of him.. so..” Tears finally escape from her eyes.

Kyuhyun steps closer and places her head on his shoulder then hugs Eungi without even thinking twice about his action. He knew she went through a lot to get into the state she’s in now, but he never thought she had to do it all alone.

“I’m sorry noona, I didn’t know.” He whispers in her ears, holding his own tears from falling.

Eungi allows her guard down in front of him as she rounds her arms on his back, she leans on his shoulder and takes her time to reminisce the comfort she hasn’t feel in a long time. Her hug tightens as her crying gets louder, her whole body is shaking and she’s thankful that Kyuhyun is now being the rock she really needs. She’s tired and she’s overwhelmed with everything happened in her life lately. She’s been doing all sort of things to keep her busy without realizing that what she needs is actually someone to share her pain.

He’s here with her—for her—and she doesn’t care anymore of what boundaries she should keep between them. Cho Kyuhyun is no longer a student in her eyes, he’s a friend, he’s a man that’s now trying his best to comfort her after the surprising night she had.

Kyuhyun follows his instinct and tightens his embrace on her while his hand caressing her hair and he repeatedly kissing her head. If Eungi offended by his action, she can scold him later, what he needs to do right now is comforting the first woman he ever really loves.




Since she called in sick and Kyuhyun skipped his class, both of them are now spending their morning together. After her melt down earlier, he figured to cheer her up a little by making her a dreadful breakfast that they both tossed into the trash in the end—they didn’t get to fill their stomach but he made her laughed with his bad cooking skills and that’s what important for him.

“Aren’t you curious about my statement last night?” Eungi and Kyuhyun are now sitting close to each other on the couch.

He snorts, “Which one?”

“About him.” She diverts her attention to her nails instead of looking at him.

Kyuhyun takes a deep breath and use that moment to think of the right words to say to her. “Of course I’m curious. But I don’t want to see you cry for some more, noona. Even though your statement was quite bizarre, I’ll just chose to believe in you. There’s no way you could do that.”

“Do what? Killed him?” She tries to make it sound less grim.

He nods weakly.

“And if I did?”

“Doesn’t change what I feel about you.” He replies quickly and regrets it soon as the words escapes his mouth.

Eungi smile and finally stares at the man in front of her. “I’m flattered Kyuhyun-ssi.” She adds a vague smile, “But this..”

“I’m not trying to seduce you or anything. I just wish you’ll allow me to be next to you, that’s all. Of course I don’t dare to think to cross the line with you, I worth much less than the amazing man you dated—heck I don’t even have a proper title yet to impress you and he’s just as great as you, with the PhD and being the famous curator. I bet he never bored you with..” He blurts out to try to make up for his previous sentence, only to make it worse.



“How did you know he’s a curator? I never told you that?” Eungi looks at him with a puzzled face.

Kyuhyun can feel his face gets hot the moment he realized he just let Eungi knew that he’s been stalking her fiancé.

“Kyuhyun-a, did you look for him?” She swifts her seat really close to him to study his face closer, making Kyuhyun feels more uncomfortable.

“Well.. Curiosity kills the cat, right?”


“Because I want to know what kind of man that deserves to be by your side.” He looks down to his feet, avoiding her stare.

Eungi chuckles and runs her hand to his head to mess with his hair before she pinches both of his cheek. “Oh my God, you’re so cute, Kyuhyun-aaaa..”

“Turned out he’s a wonderful man and it seemed like you had the best time of your life, judging from those pictures on the fridge. I was too presumptuous when I think I could beat that man and take his spot to be next to you. After I read all of his achievements, I figure I was like this speck of dust in your whole universe.”

The more he speaks up the more he curses himself. Why would he blurt out all of his thoughts to Eungi? It’s like he declares defeat long before the war begins.

Eungi takes her hands from his face and places in on top of her chest, “Kyuhyun-a, forgive me If I’m mistaken, but could it be you’re having a crush on me?” She can’t help to notice the tender look in his eyes and how hurt he seems right now when he’s talking about Siwon.

He turns his head towards her and looks straight into her eyes. “You really want to know?”

“Will I regret it after I know it?”

He smiles and shrugs his shoulders before he swift his seating even closer to her. “How many students ever confessed to you?”

Eungi bite her lips nervously, having Kyuhyun’s face so close to her right now is making her face feels hotter. “I got some confessions before.”

He chuckles, “what did they do?”

“Hmm.. flowers, gifts, some of them made a homemade chocolate for me on white day,” She’s recalling the cute action from her students, “Oh, I also got love notes in the answer sheet.”

“What did you do then?”

“I usually smiles politely to them and enjoy the attention to myself.”

The pounding on his chest gets louder as he’s restraining himself from trying to do what he se. “Did any of them ever confessed to you the way I do?”

Eungi grins, “You mean implicitly?”

“No, like this.” He places his hand on her cheek while using the other arm to pulls her even closer to him before he softly lands a kiss on her lips.

Eungi never expect Kyuhyun would go to this extend to stay close to her, yet she didn’t do anything to push him away.

His kiss is passionate yet demanding and the way he embraces her has made her forget about the boundaries she needs to keep between them. It’s weird for her, because she feels familiar with his touch and the way he tenderly brushes his lips against hers—as if it’s not their first kiss. Cha Eungi would be the biggest liar if she denies how quick her heart is beating right now.

Eungi closes her eyes and throws away her conscience, before slowly places her palm on top of his cheek then begins parting her lips to allow him to treasure more.


Author’s note:

As usual, i will enhance the Indonesian version. Why? Because there’s always room for improvement, and i will seize this opportunity to make a better story that translate better into my own language. 😉


One thought on “(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 9

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Oughfzz..!Kyu what did U do?So you kissed Eungi_again???haha And Eungi_You also did the way Kyu did??? Hiks…. it makes me so envy..How sweet the moment..they need to be couple soon.. *Ok sorry If I overwhelmed 😛 But… My deep condolences for Eungi’s appa who passed away.. I never expect before that he was a person who had 9 y.o soul 😦 I can’t imagine how Eungi had hard times.. 😦 And the most sorrowful moment is when He separated with his Daughter_Eungi_ 😦 I really wanted to fall my tears at the time.


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