(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 8

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun


Kyuhyun has spent two weeks of his night times trying to find out about Choi Siwon, what he looks like, what his achievement, what his view on life. It wasn’t easy because apparently, the name Choi Siwon doesn’t only lead to one famous person. He never knows how Eungi’s fiancé looks like so he needs to use his instinct when he chose which guy he need to look up the most.

His attention brought to one particular Choi Siwon who’s a car enthusiast. He remembers Eungi once mentioned about how Siwon likes cars just like her. There’s one article in an automotive magazine about people who like to modify their cars and one of them is Choi Siwon—that owns an Audi. With this lead Kyuhyun continue his search and he found out the same Choi Siwon that’s in the magazine is also a famous art curator in South Korea and sometimes worldwide. His instinct tells him to continue to follow the story that leads on with this Siwon.

By the end of his long search, he figured out that Choi Siwon is not only a curator but he’s also in line to receive a professor title and the last news about him stated that he holds a PhD. He’s also a philanthropist and his special mission is to take care of the children with disabilities.

Kyuhyun can picture Eungi dating a man as great as this, but what makes him clenches his jaws the most is his appearance. Kyuhyun imagine Siwon would at least looks like an average guy since he already got enough awesome portfolios to support him and he really hates the fact that the man is also good looking. With his tall figure and built body frame, Choi Siwon would look great wearing anything from casual clothing to a wedding suit. Every feature in his face is carved to perfection by God himself and Kyuhyun bets Eungi loves it so much when he smiles, since the guys always looks very kind and it translates well in his eyes.

He’s taking his time very well whenever he’s stalking people. Usually he’ll begin by only stalking in the bright side of the internet, but he has strong intention to continue his search to its dark side, since he believes nobody should be that perfect. Judging from Eungi’s body language whenever Siwon’s topic came out, Kyuhyun is suspicious that she’s involves in an abusive relationship so he’ll dig further into Siwon’s bad side later on. He’s not really proud of this particular skill of his, but it has saved him a lot of troubles before in his life—especially when it comes to the girls he went out with.

Kyuhyun was just about to close his laptop and get himself a dinner when his phone rings. He takes a look on his screen and a smile paints on his face.

“Ne noona?” He greets her warmly.

Two weeks has passed since the kissing incident and he’s decided to take that experience as a sweet memory that he’ll keep in his heart alone. He doesn’t want to meddle in between Eungi and Siwon and if this is as far as Eungi allows him to be near her, he’ll gladly takes his place—as long as Eungi is happy about it and she doesn’t get hurt when she’s with Siwon.

“Am I interrupting you?” She sounds like she’s chewing something.

“No, I was just about to grab dinner. Where are you? Do you want to have dinner together?”

“I’m at home, I just finished mine.” Kyuhyun hears the sound of her gulping down some water. “By the way, I forgot to ask you to email me the last report on your presentation in Copenhagen. I know I let that one goes already but I still need to keep it in my file.”

“I can email that to you right now, if you want.”

“Thank you so much.” Her voice is interrupted by a doorbell sound.

“You have a guest?” Kyuhyun uses his laptop one more time to send the file Eungi needs.

“I think so.” She sounds unsure.

He’s only about to hit ‘send’ when he hears screaming from the other end of the line.

“YOU SHAMELESS BITCH! YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE! IF IT WEREN’T FOR YOU..” The next thing he hears is the sound of a breaking glass.

“Oemoni.” Her voice sound distant, Kyuhyun is certain Eungi has forgotten that she was on the phone since she’s busy dealing with whoever owns a woman’s voice in her house.


Another breaking glass sound heard and Kyuhyun do his first attempt to shout for her name, asking if she’s okay. Eungi doesn’t respond and the sound from the other side of the line is getting further away.

Once he hears Eungi’s screaming, Kyuhyun decided to leave his place and drive as soon as he can towards her house. He doesn’t know what’s going on but he knows that person is hurting her and he might be the only person that knows about it.




Eungi is now kneeling on the floor, eyes on her fist that’s placed upon her thigh. She doesn’t dare to talk to the lady in front of her, she can’t look at her, she knows what mistake she did to cause Siwon’s mother tearing up her house apart. She’s crying because she’s guilty, it’s no use to explain how the tragedy happened to his mother, no matter how she looks at it; it was her fault that Siwon died.

“YOU’RE ONLY ALIVE BECAUSE OF HIM, YOU FILTHY BITCH!” She continues screaming at Eungi and messing up with more of her stuffs.

“Punish me, oemoni, I deserve it.”

Mrs. Choi slaps her on the cheek. “AND WHAT WILL I EARN FROM THAT? EVEN IF I KILL YOU NOW, IT WON’T BRING HIM BACK!!” She throws her handbag to Eungi and continuously pounding it on her. “YOU KILLED HIM!!”

Eungi takes any beating his mother gives her and she doesn’t dare to move one bit, in her mind she thinks she’ll be less guilty if she allows his mother to throw her tantrum at her, it’s her way to find solace from the catastrophe. However, her silent seems to be an insult to his mother and she begins to feel frustrated because all Eungi does is just staring at the floor—she wasn’t even sorry.

Messing her place up is not enough for Siwon’s mother to express her frustration over the loss of her only son. She can’t believe her perfect son is no longer here with her and he had to die a ridiculous death over some mental people in foreign country. She’s desperate to get her vengeance and she doesn’t know where else to channel her desperation. Eungi is the only living witness she knows that was by her son’s side when he passed and that makes it her fault that caused his death.

Mrs. Choi frustration has led her to be blinded by her wrath, she starts to look around Eungi’s house to see if there anything else that can hurt the weak girl in front of her, something other than her handbag. She spots the plate Eungi used to have dinner earlier; she takes the plate and slams it to the floor next to Eungi to scare her. Some of its fraction hits Eungi’s arm but she doesn’t move—she feels like she deserves it if his mother plan to end her life here and now.

Annoyed by her unmoved reaction, Mrs. Choi takes the glass Eungi used to drink and slams it again to the floor and results in more glass fragments scatters more on the floor. Eungi kneels still.

She’s had enough. The pain of losing her only son to one of the worst massacre recorded in history has woken up the demon in her. She takes the empty bottle on her dining table and this time she doesn’t slam it to the floor, she aims it to Eungi’s head.

From the corner of her eyes, Eungi knows what the empty bottle will do to her and she’s ready to take it. She calculates the swing Mrs. Choi take when she repels the bottle backward to gain centripetal force and she closes her eyes by the time she predicts the bottle will about to hit her. She hears the sound of a broken glass but she doesn’t feel a thing. She opens her eyes and her heart sinks when she noticed Kyuhyun is now kneeling beside her, covering her head with his left upper arms that took the hit.

Hitting once wasn’t enough for Mrs. Choi and the appearance of a new man in Eungi’s house just makes everything worse. She slams the bottle one more time to her new target, the second hit, the third hit and the fourth has succeeded to tears his skin from the sharp edge of the broken glass. Eungi can’t take it anymore when she sees blood begins to drips from his arm. She throws herself to Mrs. Choi and she uses all power she has in her body to hugs the old lady to stop her from hurting Kyuhyun.

“Oemoni please stop. Please stop oemoni. It’s my fault! I’m the one you should punish. The man doesn’t know anything please stop hurting him.” Eungi cries louder.

She already has one man died while protecting her and she doesn’t need a second volunteer to make her life becomes more indebted than it already is.

“YOU.. YOU KILLED HIM.” Mrs. Choi begins to wails in frustration, “he’s my only son and you killed him.” She lowers her tone and she begins to punches Eungi hard on her back with her fist while her other hand that’s holding the broken bottle is restrained by Eungi’s hand.

Eungi takes the pain willingly because she knows that what she feels is nothing compare to the hot lead that pierces through Siwon’s flesh.

“I can’t even apologize to you, oemoni. I don’t dare to do that because I don’t deserve your forgiveness. It was unforgiveable.” She finally says what Mrs. Choi needs to hear.

They both are crying to release the pain they feel in their heart. Mrs. Choi knows it wasn’t Eungi’s fault but she can’t help to feel the needs to hurt the girl that has taken her son away from her. Eungi keeps on hugging Siwon’s mom to prevent her to hurt Kyuhyun, she really can’t take another bloody event in her life and she doesn’t want to hurt the clueless man that tried to help her. He’s is puzzle by the sight in front of him but he lowers his guard once the old lady let go of the glass bottle in her hand and releases Eungi from her grip.




Kyuhyun’s whimpering in pain when Eungi dabs some alcohol on his fresh wound. She hasn’t say anything since the lady left and she only pulled him to follow her to the kitchen where she stores her emergency box so she can take care of him. Kyuhyun has seen this expression before in her face when they heard a loud bang in the café months ago and he doesn’t like what he sees.


“Shhh.” She wraps his wound with long gauze and makes sure it’s secure before she lifts her hands from him.


Out of the sudden Eungi slaps him hard.

Kyuhyun cringe to the stinging sensation on his cheek then stares at her in disbelieve, what has he done to deserve this?

“DON’T YOU DARE KYUHYUN-A!” another tears falls from her face. “Don’t you ever do that again! Don’t try to shield me from anything, don’t try to protect me, and don’t sacrifice yourself for me.” She’s now punching his good arm, the hit doesn’t hurt him but her tears does.

He begins to get the grasp of her emotion, the slap she gave him wasn’t because he did something wrong but because he worried her.

“I can’t see you being treated like that noona. She aimed your head, heaven only knows what will happen to you if I just one second late.” He lifts his hand to wipe the tears on her face.

“Then let it happen! if I meant to bleed from that, let me bleed! If I’d die from the impact, just let it be!” She’s raising her tone.

“And I supposed to just stand and watch you get hurt?! Are you..”

“I deserve that, Kyu.” She cuts his sentence. “Even if she wants to kill me, you should let her. If there’s one person that has every right to end my life, it’s that person you saw earlier. I deserve every bit of it.” Eungi’s body begins to trembles and she tries her best not to fall down from the shock. “Don’t ever try to safe me ever again, I’m not worth it.”

Kyuhyun holds her by her shoulders, trying to calm her down.

His eyes softened to the sight of the helplessly fragile woman in front of him. “You’re the only one that believed in me when other people turn their backs on me. You lift me up from the puddle and gave me a chance to be better even you knew I was bad.” He wipes her tears and steps closer to her. “I don’t know how you value yourself, but to me, you’re worth my life.”

Eungi feels like her heart just falls into her stomach. It’s beautiful what he said, but it only scares her more. She really can’t have another man throwing himself to the danger that threatens her.

“Kyu.. please don’t say that. I can’t..”

“I know and I won’t try to meddle in between you and Siwon-ssi, I just want you to know how precious you are, noona.”

Eungi’s crying harder, Kyuhyun has misunderstood her and she needs to explain everything to him. He deserves to know the truth and Eungi is now trying to collect her courage to say something she’s been denying in the past five months.

“It’s.. not that.. kyuhun-a..” She sniffs her runny nose. “It’s..”

She’s gulping the imaginary lump formed in her throat.


Her condition right now is worse than the one he saw months ago when she cried under the café table. Cha Eungi is suffocating in front of him, her eyes move quickly, and her shoulder trembling out of controls.

“I killed him..” She bites her lips to endure the pain in her heart.

Kyuhyun tightens his grab on her shoulder to help her stand, he’s confused with her words and his brain tries to work really fast to process the information and the possibility of an implicit meaning behind her words.

“Five months ago.. I.. killed.. him..” she stutters in every words, “Choi Siwon.. he’s..” Eungi takes a deep breath to finish her sentence. “He’s.. dead..”

As she says that, she feels like all of her strength has gone. For the past five months she tries her best to make her life worthwhile so Siwon didn’t die in vain, she’s been staying up all night to avoid seeing the horrid scene in her dreams, she’s been drowning herself into work so she can take her focus away from her pain, she’s been trying to open her eyes to the beauty life still has to offer for her and now she’s exhausted. She never said it out loud because she knows once she does, it makes his death official. She’s been pretending as if they’re in a long distance relationship to help her to go through with her grief and now Choi Siwon is officially died and the truth still hurts her the way it did five months ago.

Eungi feels her knees weakens as she let gravity pulls her to the ground. Kyuhyun catches her just in time to avoid any harmful impact and he kneels beside her while letting Eungi cries her heart out.

Kyuhyun never experience this much agony in his life and he’s not sure what caused his pain. Is it Eungi that’s now shielding her fragile self in his embrace? Is it the pain of seeing someone he loves torn apart? Is it her odds confession on how she killed her fiancé? He doesn’t know the answer yet but he feels like the sky just fall on top of him.

He knows she doesn’t need to be questioned, she also doesn’t need him to give some encouraging speech, she doesn’t need any judgement no matter how bizarre the words that shoot out of her mouth. Kyuhyun prefers to be the man that she needs and with that thought in mind, he pulls Eungi closer to him as he wraps his arms around her. He tightens his embrace once Eungi reaches out to him before she wraps her arms around his back then allows her to pour whatever hardship she endures to him.


author’s note

this is way too short but i don’t want to mix the context of the reacealing night with the next chapter, so, bear with me for a while 😞

will enhance the Indonesian version.


One thought on “(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 8

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    It was 02:40 a.m and I’ve cried as my heart did 😦 It was sorrow moment.. fuuuull of pain! Why Kyu knew the fact of Siwon by this tragedy? 😦 poor Eungi.. how frustated her.. But author, I almost lost my words for U.. Plots of this story is Amazing!! And it’s amazing as is you though I don’t know about U.. wkwk See U in the next part… 😀


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