(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 7

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun


Cha Eungi is tossing and turning on her place, she sinks her face to the tender cloudy surface under her head and enjoy the masculine scent that’s vaguely left behind on the fabric surface. She likes the warmth that’s covering her body and clearly enjoying the softness of her bed. The lighting is dimmed so it doesn’t hurt her eyes so much when she opens them. The first thing she feels is the massive pain in her head, she felt like someone just hit her hard on the back of it and she blinks several times to collect her mind while observing her surroundings.

Her eyes travel from the big window on her left to the wooden ceiling above her, the messy room around her, she’s awake in instant once she aware that she’s not in her own room. She lifts her body up only to make the pounding in her head feels rougher, this makes her groans in pain.

Her groan steals Cho Kyuhyun’s interest that’s now sitting quietly on the couch right in the opposite of the bed, he’s been watching her sleeping and seems like she’s finally conscious from her passed out state.

“You’re awake, noona?” He gets up from the sofa and approach the bed to sit on its edge.

“Stop screaming at me.” Eungi covers her ears when the hangover effect still lingers.

Kyuhyun chuckles then lifts his hand to touch her forehead and all she does was just staring at him in confusion.

“Your temperature has gone down, you have no idea how high your fever was last night.” He smiles sweetly at her.

Even in between her hangover, Cha Eungi begins to understand the condition. She remembers they went to the beach and she drank some champagne—well, a lot of champagne—and now she’s trying hard to recalls every memory that seems to fly away from her head.

“Wait, where am I?” She takes away his hand that’s touching her head.

“My place.”

“Please tell me you don’t live with your dad.” The horror of waking up in the room of her boss’s son starts to haunt her.

“I live alone, it’s my own apartment.”

Eungi nods and looks down when she realized something else.

“What’s this?” She pulls the thick green sweater that she’s wearing. She lifts the blanket to take a peek underneath and she cringes once she sees that she’s only wearing the oversized sweater and her underwear.

“Your dress was drenched; I didn’t want you to get sick. So..”

Eungi slaps her own cheeks and cover her face with her hands. “did you..” she’s trying to find the right words but she’s can’t find one, “Did you.. my dress.. did you..”

“I changed it for you, yes.” He admits, “I can’t let you sleep in your wet dress and since you already feverish I can’t risk it more.”

Eungi takes the blanket and pulls it with her as she slams her head back to the pillow, she groans for some more. “Did you see anything?” she covers her face with his blanket to hide her embarrassment.

He smiles and shake his head, “I’m not interested on taking advantage of a drunkard. I didn’t look noona, I covered your body with this blanket the whole time I removed your dress.”

She whimpers in shame, “That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

Kyuhyun is secretly enjoying her innocent reaction, he can’t remember a time when he’s spending a night with a girl without doing anything physical.

Suddenly she remembers something important, “YA! CHO KYUHYUN!! GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!!”


“GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!” She gets up with her hand stretch out demanding him to give her what she asked.

“Why?” he takes his phone from the little table next to the bed and give it to her, which she takes roughly from him.

“Just in case, some precautions.” She takes a look at his phone, “Password?”


She enters the number and begins searching his album content. She knows she can trust him, but it doesn’t hurt to check twice just in case. She knows about his evil plan about stripping her down and takes picture of her being naked, she’s just trying to safe what’s left over from her pride.

“What are you looking for noona?” He slides closer to her to take a peek of his phone. “Why are you looking at my photo album? Ya, it’s personal.”

He’s about to grab that from her but she’s quicker. “Checking for any naked picture of me.” She says calmly.

Kyuhyun rolls his eyes, of course Cha Eungi won’t trust him with all her heart. “You won’t find one, noona. I canceled my means a long time ago.”

She keeps scrolling on his phone. He’s right, she can’t find any of her naked picture here but she finds a lot of her candid pictures. Mostly the picture of her standing in front of the class, the picture of her hanging out by the library and weirdly a picture of her nodding off in the café she usually hangs out.

“Kyuhyun-a, why you have so many pictures of me?” She lifts her head from his phone and look at his eyes.

Kyuhyun immediately snatches his phone away from her and put it in his pocket. “You’re interrupting my privacy, noona.”

“You undressed me.” She pouts her mouth and feels her face gets hotter. “Who’s invading whose privacy now?”

“It was an emergency, let’s stop arguing on that.” He takes a deep breath and gets up from the bed. “I bought breakfast for us, let’s eat.”

“Do you have any aspirin?” She gets up from the bed and still feels a bit wobbly.

As she stands up, she’s thankful that his sweater length is covering her enough to avoid further embarrassment on her side.

Kyuhyun pulls out a seat for her and he offers her several option for breakfast and she chose a simple toast as her choice. He also prepares black coffee that he knows she likes complete with an aspirin she asked earlier.

Eungi says her thanks and begins to take a bite of her breakfast when another reality strikes her.

“Shit! It’s Monday Kyuhyun-a!!” She widens her eyes in panic.

Kyuhyun nods before he starts to giggle. “Noona, it’s almost noon, we both missed the class already.”

“WHAT?” Eungi combs her hair with her fingers and curse at herself. “Why you didn’t wake me up sooner?

“And let you go to class looking like this?” He sips his coffee while pointing his finger to Eungi.

She hasn’t look into her reflection so she has no idea how she looks like at the moment, but she’s certain that she’s not in her prettiest stage.

“Aish, what happened yesterday?” she swallows the rest of her toast and drinks it down with coffee.

Kyuhyun raises his brow, “You don’t remember?”

Eungi support her head with her fist and think hard, she’s been trying to recall her memory but it fades out as soon as she’s awake. “I remember we went to Sokcho.”

He nods to confirm.

“I also remember I drank a lot..”

“You chug the whole bottle, noona.” He smirks playfully.

“Yes, that.” She nods and drinks the aspirin, “And I remember I laid myself on the sand.” She curls her eyebrows trying to collect her memory harder, “I went blank after that. Did I pass out? Oh my God, did I throw up? Please tell me I didn’t create a mess or do anything stupid.” She has the pleading look in her eyes.

Kyuhyun gulp down the rest of his coffee as he comes to the realization that Cha Eungi forgotten what she’s done to him. Of course she was too drunk to remember about the slow dance they had and apparently the kiss was only meaningful to Kyuhyun alone.

“You really don’t remember?”

She closes her eyes in the hope it’ll make her brain works better to remember whatever happened to her yesterday. But she can’t find anything in her memory after the view of the ocean sky when she laid down on the sand.

“It’s okay, nothing important anyway.” Kyuhyun tries to ignore the weird clenching feeling he feels in his heart, “The only stupid thing you did was only trying to swim in the ocean..”

“I did what?”

“Swim—well you tried to but I pulled you back to the beach.”

Eungi shakes her head, “Wow, I must have been so drunk. I can’t even swim.”

“Ha! I made a right call then.” He gets up and begins tidying up his dining table.

Eungi also gets up to help him, but he tells her just to sit on the couch and wait for him. He needs some moment to calm himself down from the disappointment he feels. Cha Eungi has once again innocently played with his heart, he felt special in front of her yesterday when she treats him like a man he’s supposed to be. Now he feels like her boy-toy knowing that it was just her drunk intuition despite how amazing the kiss they shared yesterday.

She looks around in his studio apartment and she’s amused on how typical he turns out to be. On the corner the room, the placed a high book case that he filled in with Play Station games instead of books. On the left side of his big TV, there’s a glass covered shelf contains a lot of Star Wars figurine starts from the Star Destroyer to the X-wing Fighter, from Darth Vader to the current BB-8. Eungi steps closer to the glass shelf to realize that those aren’t really figurines, those stuffs are actually a model kit that he carefully put together from scratch.

“Whoah, you have this kind of skill also.” She whispers to herself, “Is there something you can’t do?”

“Don’t breathe too near to the glass, you’ll fog it up.” His sharp voice surprise her.

Eungi points to his collection, “This. Is. Awesome.” She stops in every words to accentuate her amazement.

Kyuhyun forces a smile, “Thanks, that’s what I do in my free time.” He takes a seat on the couch and pats the space beside him for Eungi to sit.

She comes nearer and sits where he points her to. It’s quite obvious to her how Kyuhyun’s mood seems to change a little bit after they finished eating, but she’s not the kind of person that likes to stick her nose down someone else’s business—so she decided not to ask.

Her mind wanders to her scheduled plan for today: class, she also needs to take care of the presentation—which then she remembers has stolen from her, she has to call the committee also to tell them that she’s not coming to Copenhagen, she has to call the airline to cancel her flight, and so many things seem to be waiting for her, and she really doesn’t feel like doing anything today. she likes the fact that they accidentally missed class and she likes the comfortable feeling she gets while hanging out in his place.

“Do you have any plan today, noona?” He breaks the silence between them.

Eungi holds her breath, “A lot actually.” She turns her head around to scan his walls and notice he doesn’t put any personal photos there.

He nods. He still doesn’t feel like talking to the girl that just crushed his heart for heaven only knows how many times.

“If you don’t mind..” she hesitates while she’s studying his expression.


“May I..” she bites her bottom lip and it makes him crazy just by looking at that because it reminds him of their fiery kiss yesterday, “May I stay here for a while?” she finishes her words.

Kyuhyun turns his head around to hide his blushing face.

“Sure. Make yourself at home, you’re welcome here anytime by the way. Just make sure you call before you come, just in case I have a company.” He wants to slap himself for adding the later sentence.

Eungi smiles with such amusement in her eyes, “is this what you usually do when you skip class?”

“What is it that I do?”

“Feed the girl that spent the night in your place?” She can’t help to grin.

His heart sinks when she says that, he tried his best to change his bad image in front of her yet the only thing she sees from him is his womanizer self.

“Ng, only usually things are more.. physical.” He takes her bait and shots her with his sharp look. He doesn’t know why he’s trying to hurt her with his words at this moment, he wants to see if she’s affected with his old habit, he wants to witness a slight change on her expression, he truly wishes her to look a bit jealous.


picture belongs to Park Seul

Instead of looking jealous, Eungi laughs. This time she laughs from her heart and the emotion reaches her eyes. “I’m sorry.” She says between her breathe, “This must be really awkward for you to have me here. I might be the last girl you expect to spend the night at your place.”

“Is it so amusing to you?”

“No, actually not. But this whole situation is somewhat funny for me.” She tries to explain herself, “I’m the kind of person that always know how to take care of myself and I never let my guard down—ever. It’s funny to me because it is my first time to woke up in a man’s place wearing his oversized sweater with no recollections on what happened the night before.”

She gets his attention when she mentioned him as a man—well, kind of.

“The funnier thing is, I feel so calm and comfortable despite the fear that you might take advantage of me.” She places her hand on top of her chest, “It’s been a while since my heart feels this light and I don’t know how that happened. I don’t know why I’m laughing freely the way I am right now, but I can’t remember the last time I laughed like this, and it’s not even funny.”

He’s confused with her explanation but decided to continues to listen.

“Are you sure I didn’t do anything stupid yesterday? Why do I feel like I’m forgetting a lot of things?” She still laughing her heart out.

Kyuhyun suddenly remembers another small detail that ruined his perfect night.

“Then why your face looked like hell right now?” She asks with puzzled expression. “Was I really that annoying when I drunk? I’m so sorry, last night I needed to..”

“You needed to let off some steam from your head.” He finishes her sentence.

She nods. “Sorry that I brought you along into my problems.”

He shrugs his shoulders coolly, “I hate seeing that.”


“I hate seeing you cry like that.” He clears his throat, “I forgot to mention, I called your fiancé several times last night since you asked me to call him repeatedly.” He clenches his jaws trying to sound as calm as possible. “I took your phone and called the name of Choi Siwon, but it directed to voicemail no matter how many times I tried. I hope that won’t create a problem between the two of you later on.”

The smile on her face vanishes the moment she hears him saying Siwon’s name. She begins to get used to not having him around her, but having his name called out freely has tweaked the pain she thought was gone a while ago.

The shine in her eyes darkens, “Hhh.. of course it’ll lead to voicemail, he’s..” She can’t continue her words. She can’t say it out loud yet—she refuses to say it out loud.

If Eungi thinks she can fool Kyuhyun then she’s wrong. Her body language whenever she talks about Siwon is always awkward. He notices how she always hunches her back and wraps her arms closer to her body whenever she talks about him, as if she’s trying to protect herself from the pain in the inside. The shine in her eyes always darkens whenever the topic came out and the sad longing look in her face clearly tells him that there’s something wrong. He chose to keep his silence for now and let her fool him for some more, but he promised himself to secretly digs up about their relationship. At least now he has a name to stalk to—Choi Siwon.



2 thoughts on “(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 7

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    I enjoyed the two recent chapter much cz it’s full of Kyu n Eungi’s moment! 😀 Yeaaa..it was a good step when Eungi took Kyu’s phone n checked about her photos haha.. Eungi was so innocent in this part..And Kyu..please breathe well to handle Eungi’s words wkwk.. Here I also took a deep breath when Kyu knew the name of ‘SIWON’_Eungi’s fiance.. O.o I can’t imagine what Kyu’s response when he know the fact!! 😀


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