(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 6

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun



Almost two hours has passed since they leave Mr. Cho house in the fast moving car that’s heading east, Eungi and Kyuhyun sit in silence while letting the spring breeze caressing their heads since he rolled the window down so Eungi can breathe easier. He can’t handle the look of her flustered face so he figures taking her out of his father’s house is the best option to calm her down. She mentioned about getting far away from Seoul before Kyuhyun dragged her into his car and figures Sokcho beach is a right place for them to release her anger.

They reach the beach before sunsets, he parks the car by the street and just when he’s about to open the car door for Eungi, she already gets out. She takes off her shoes and leave it in the car as she lets her bare feet touching the sand. On her hand, she holds the bottle of champagne she asked Kyuhyun to sneaked in before their departure. He really has no idea what just happened to her but he’s trying to accommodate her every needs because he’s really confused on what to do with her.

She takes a steady step towards the ocean and stops when she’s only several feet away from the place where the water meets the sand. Without thinking, she begins to unscrew the lock on the champagne bottle, takes off the foil and smoothly opens the cork with a soft popping sound before she drinks the bubbly liquid straight from the bottle.

“Noona, please tell me what happened when you talked to him, seriously it’s frustrating for me to see you acting like this.” He scratches his head as he tries to hold the bottle down from her mouth.

“Aish! Just let me drink it.” She elbows him on his chest to push him back from her.

She takes another gulp while wishing the alcohol will quickly do its job on her body so she can take her mind off from reality for a second.

Kyuhyun takes off his spring coat and wraps it around her shoulder before she decided to sit down on the sandy surface.

“Tell me Kyuhyun-ssi.” She pats the empty space on her right for Kyuhyun to sit on, “What’s your plan for the future.”

Kyuhyun obeys to sit beside her, “Why you asked that all the sudden?”

“I need to know that you have a vision for yourself.”

“I do. I want to make my own consultant and I’m planning on building the underdeveloped region.” He’s puzzled by her sudden topic.

Eungi offers the champagne to him but he refuses so she takes another gulp for herself.

“Noona, what happened earlier? Why are you trying to get wasted? Did something bad happened?”

Eungi snorts and laughs cynically, “Bad? No, bad doesn’t even begin to describe it.” She turns her whole body to the right and crosses her legs so she can look at him comfortably. “remember when you told me that you don’t trust anyone?”

Kyuhyun nods.

“I’m the exact opposite of that, I trust everyone’s good intention until they prove me wrong. Usually once proven, I’ll get hurt and it’s hard for me to bounce back from my downfall.”

She never talks too long about herself to him, so he listens carefully while she’s still sober enough to talk sense. He wants to know more about the woman ahead of him, he wants her to let him in so he can at least help her with whatever it is that’s bothering her mind, he wants to know the reason behind her distant gaze that she has with her, he simply just wants to be there for her.

“I didn’t see that one coming though,” Eungi continues, “He was the only person that didn’t stare cynically at me on my first day and I instantly trusted him as a mentor. It’s hurts more because the person that stabbed me from the back is the person I least expected.”

“You can bring this matter to the court noona, I can help you to get an attorney..”

“Dweso,” She waives her hand in front of her face. “I’ve decided to let this matter go.”


“And after the semester ends, I’ll quit.” She lifts her shoulders and takes down another gulp.

Maybe two months ago Kyuhyun will be ecstatic to hear Eungi plans to quit her job, but after he realized how cool she is as a lecture and how great she is as a person, he can’t imagine going to campus without a slim chance to see her. To watch her from distance is already a blessing for him these days, so he doesn’t dare to picture her quitting.

“If you quit, what about me?” He stares her down with a sharp look in his eyes. “You’re the one that help me to be better, if you quit, I’ll just return my old self..”

Eungi tweaks his ear and pulls him closer to her as he whimpers in the annoying pain.

“You just promised me to be good and also to graduate next year. Are you the kind of person that makes a promise then toss it away once you get what you want?!”

“Aa! Noona it hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt!”

“Arraseo, I’ll keep my promise to you, stop scolding me, will you?”

She lets go of her hands then looks down to her crossed legs. “It’s important for me, Kyuhyun-a.”

“Ne?” The look in his eyes lightens once he hears Eungi forgets the formality between them.

“The research is like my baby, but I’m willing to let it go for the greater good.” She looks afar to disguise the clenching pain she feels in her heart. “It’s the research that was born from the ashes of my downfall, it’s like the mark of my achievement to cope with my hardship in the last five months.”

“So you’re not pursuing this matter to the court? But why?”

“I have my own reason.” She shrugs her head. “Somehow I feel at ease because I know you’re participating with them. At least I have my own personal guard to protect the content of my research, can I appoint you to do that job? I mean you’re the only one I can trust to carry on with my project.”

“Noona, why do you believe in me this badly?” He’s moved by her constant faith in him.

She looks at him in the eyes to take some intense moment to look deeper into him, a thing that succeeded to make his heart beats faster than it already is.

“I believe everybody needs their own personal cheerleader.” Her eyes begin to water, “I had my personal cheerleader a long time ago and now I’m fighting my battle alone, so I know how hard it must be to do things without anyone supporting you.” She looks up to the sky as she tries to fight the gravity that’s trying to pulls her tears down, “when I said I see a big potential in you, I didn’t just say it to make you feel better—I really see big things in you. I don’t know why you’re trying so hard to cover your talent with your hideous manner but I chose to see the good in you.”

He can feel the pounding on his chest gets faster. He believes this moment as the moment he officially falls head over heels to the amazing woman in front of him. Karma does exist and it attacks him right here. He played with so many people’s feeling while he’s growing up and now his own heart is compromised when he realized he just fell into the charm of someone else’s fiancé.

“Do you think I deserve that?” He’s almost whispering. “How could you trust me just like that, noona? Don’t you think I might have bad intention to you? I could use you to get what I want, I can create a rumor about us if I want to and it’ll backfire to ruin your life, I could..”

“But you didn’t.”

Kyuhyun’s mouth shut close with her simple answer.

“Don’t you think I don’t know about your ugly plan with your friends?” She chuckles then takes another gulp of her champagne. “To get my naked picture in your bed if I’m not mistaken?” She shots him with the her most cunning stare.

He feels like a lightning bolt just hit him on his spot and it makes him frozen in place. His eyes widen as he’s surprise on how Eungi figured out about the crime he’s trying so hard to cover up.

“Aish, your face right now.” She pinches his check and laughs, “Let me guess, you’re wondering how I figure that one out? Words travel fast, Kyuhyun-a. You need to be more careful on who to trust and how to maintain your already scarred image. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but you really need to grow up!”

One moment she brings him up and the next second she slams him to the ground—hard. He’d feel better if Eungi just slaps him or hurt him physically instead playing with her words and hitting him right on his soft spot. He’s overwhelmed by his own emotion: anger, shame, regrets, and disgrace are now shadowing his gaze in the form of tears. It doesn’t take long enough for him to shed a shameful tear in front of her.

“I’m sorry.” He says, “I don’t deserve to be treated the way you treat me, I..”

Eungi puts down her bottle to buries its bottom in the sand so it doesn’t tumble over before she cups her hands on his face.

“Don’t cry, if you’re sorry you shouldn’t cry.” She softly wipes the tears on his face. “Just be a good person and prove those people wrong, ne?”

Kyuhyun takes his gaze away from her, “I really don’t deserve your kindness, Cha Eungi.” He removes her hand that’s covering his face earlier.

“I beg to differ.” She takes back the bottle and chug it for some more. “Did you know I was also a rough person while growing up?”

The amount of the alcohol she takes already does its job and she begins to feel tipsy, she lays down on the beach and doesn’t care if the sand is messing with her hair. Kyuhyun stays on guard just in case she begins to do anything reckless.

“Tell me about you, noona. You know so much about me only by analyzing me, yet I know nothing about you.” He takes the bottle from her hand and place it next to him to prevent her drinking some more.

“What do you want to know? I’m feeling generous today so I’ll answer some personal questions.” She tilts her head to look up to him.

“First of all, how did you manage to grow up to be this amazing person?” He no longer tries to hide his adoration on her.

She smiles although the emotion doesn’t reach her eyes, “I had a hard time growing up. Unlike many kids, I never know who my mother is and I was raised by my father alone—until I was ten years old.” She takes a deep breath, “I don’t feel like talking about the most amazing man I’ve ever known though, since it’s supposed to be an encouraging talk, not the sad one.”

Kyuhyun studies her face trying to find a trace of irony in her expression, but all he sees is one honest look she always shows.

“I was an outcast because of how I brought up, my friends saw me as this weird girl that always brings triangle kimbab to school because I have no mother that prepared my lunch, they will laugh at my dad also, and I’d be lying if I say I didn’t feel like I’ve hit rock bottom. One day my dad came home with a story book that has a lot of pictures in it and he asked me to read that with him. That was the first day I feel like the door to another world just opened up, I found comfort in reading. It slowly grows on me and become a habit.”

He still pays attention to her and he noticed how the shine in her eyes darkens when she talks about her past.

“I become who I am today because the hardship I experienced. It’s not always about beautiful memories, Kyuhyun-a, it’s about the precious one that you chose to help you move along.” She sits up from the sand and hugs her knees. “I hope I can be the person my father was for me towards you. I don’t know what hardship you have, but it’ll be a shame for me not to give you a chance to prove yourself.” She leans a little bit towards him to reach in for the champagne bottle he hid behind his back. “Now, let me drink this whole bottle and I apologize in advance if I get drunk and becomes annoying later.”

He can smell the vague scent of musky vanilla from her as she leans in closer to him and that small gesture alone is enough to tumbles his conscience upside down. Kyuhyun is the kind of guy that knows how to treat girls, he’s never nervous or lost for words before. He’s the one that usually controls the conversation and the emotion. Maybe one of the thing that keeps him enchanted to Eungi’s charm is because she’s unlike the other girls that he used to date, she’s unpredictable and continues to make him breathless whenever they’re together.

She tilts the bottle almost vertically so the rest of the bubbly liquid are now in her system, she wishes Kyuhyun could’ve brought another bottle instead of one so she can get really wasted. It’s her first ‘holiday’ since last November when she lost her faith in everything. She wants to really be able to put her worries behind and look forward to whatever her life offers for her, she’s trying not to make Siwon died in vain but she’s too focused to divert her sadness that she’s forgotten to take care of herself, she even forgotten how to be happy.

“Kyuhyun-a, what are the things that makes you happy?”


She nods, “I don’t really know how to do fun and maybe you can help me a little in that department.” She looks at him with a sad look in her eyes, “For today, just for today help me to have fun.”

“I enjoy playing games.” He cringes from his own answer since he knows how stupid he sounds. “What do you like to do, noona? Is there something you’re always curious to do?”

Eungi takes her gaze back to the ocean, wondering what are the things she missed in her life. Things that she should’ve tried but didn’t because she’s too busy being miss knows it all.

“What do you think if we take a swim in the ocean?” She suddenly gets up and begins to jumps on her spot.

“Noona, are you drunk already?”

“No, not yet. But I want to.” She gives him the biggest grin he’s seen from her so far before she takes his hand to come closer to the water.

“Ya! Noona!! Be careful, I read somewhere that drunk people should swim, I’m not a great swimmer either.”

“Fine, I’ll do it myself then.” She runs closer to the ocean and doesn’t stop even when the water in her thigh level and the splashing wave begins to hit her face and wet her hair.

Kyuhyun gets up from his spot to chase her, he doesn’t know why, but from the way she looks at him, he knows how broken she really feels deep inside. That condition alone is not good and if combine with alcohol, the result might be catastrophic.

“Noona, stop here. Don’t go further from here.” He places both of his hands on her shoulder.

That’s when it hits him, Eungi is crying and she’s using the water to cover it up. She doesn’t really want to swim, she just doesn’t want to look weak in front of him.

“Noona.” Kyuhyun lifts her chin so she’ll look up to him. “You know you can share your pain with me, right? I might not be able to give the best solution, but at least I can be a good listener, let me help.” He slowly pulls her towards the beach so now the water is in their calf level.

Eungi bites her lips as she suppresses her emotion. Her whole body is shivering from the cold of the spring ocean water and from her own heart that’s ripping off to her core.

“Dance with me.” She places her hand on his shoulder.


“It sounds ridiculous but please allow me to have the last dance.” She pleads him.

Kyuhyun curls his eyebrows trying to make sense of her words, but she already gets her phone out from her dress pocket that’s now starting to get wet. She checks her phone condition and shakes it a few times as her effort to keep it running despite the fact it submerge a little bit in the water earlier.

“It’s cheesy but you said you want to help me, so please just dance with me.” She slips one earphone to his right ear and put the other one in hers and she presses the play button on her phone. A slow music begins to play and Kyuhyun plays along with her.

He steps in closer to her as he puts his right hand gently on her back and use his left hand to holds hers. He links their fingers and leave no distance between their bodies. From this close distance he can see how trembling she is and all he wants to do is just taking her pain away.

Eungi can’t stand to look at him, since she kept reminded about the way Siwon look at her whenever she locks eyes with Kyuhyun. They share the same look when they see her, the same calming eyes, the same warmth and the same tenderness.

“Eyes on me, Eungi-ya.” Kyuhyun whisper in her ears when he takes his hand from her back to lift her face so she focusses on him, “If you want to dance with me, let’s do it right.” He smiles calmly.

Eungi bites her trembling lips and decided to do it right also, she locks eyes with him as they move slowly to the mellow back sound in their ears.


For all we know, we may never meet again

Before you go, make this moment sweet again

We won’t say ‘goodnight’ until the last minute

I’ll hold out my hand and my heart will be in it

For all we know, this may only be a dream

We come and we go like the ripple on a stream

So love me, love me tonight

Tomorrow was meant for some

Tomorrow may never come, for all we know

So love me, love me tonight

Tomorrow was meant for some

Tomorrow may never come, for all we know

(For All We Know – Ruben Studdart version)


She remembers about Siwon with every step she takes with the man that’s now holding her really close to his chest. He always said that he’ll stay by her side forever and even if he has to go, he’ll bid his farewell in the most romantic—yet sadistic—way possible and he promised her a last rose, a last dance and a last kiss. He didn’t get to do all that when faith decided to give him only few seconds to bid his goodbye.

To Eungi, this dance is the way she accepts the fact that he’s now forever gone from her life. No matter how she tries to keep him alive in her heart, reality stabs her faster than she predicted and it hurts more and more to her just to remembers him. Her method might be wrong, using her clueless student to do what she wants to help her cope with her grief. But she’s tipsy enough to forget the fact that the one’s holding her close at the moment is not her Siwon.

“Eungi-ya, riddle me this” He runs his thumb under her eyes to wipe her tears, “Why it’s aching so bad in here,” He points his chest. “When I see you like this?”

Eungi stares passionately at him.

She moves her feet and stand on top of his then tiptoes as she wraps her arms around his neck.

“Mianhe.” She whispers before she brushes her lips against his.

His head feels like its about to explode from the unexpected sweet yet painful gesture she does. He can feel her trembling body shivers in his arms, her shaky kiss that seems too good to be true, the way she pulls him closer to her with her arms that wrap around his neck as their kisses get deeper and her warm tears that’s now running down her face. This is her way to share her pain with him and he doesn’t mind to be a stand-in for whoever she wishes him to be, as long as he can protect her from suffering in her own misery.


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  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    Oh My God!! Finally this chapter released?!! and how dumb I am when I laughed so loudly and my heart beating! It’s really full of Kyu Eungi’s moment!! the scene I really want! hahaha…It was so entertain when Eungi knew about Kyu’s planning to her and How stupid Kyu when Eungi said that he had to be careful if he wanted to do important chit chat hahah. 😛 So ashamed! 😛 _I supposed I couldn’t wait too long for the next part! so please author Ssihobitt publish the next part soon *wink* 😉


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