(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 2

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun’s massaging his temple while sitting in the corner of the campus main cafeteria. He can’t believe he just been kicked out by a woman that looked his age, worst part is the woman is his new professor.

“How could this university accepted someone that young as a professor!” He curses to the air in front of him.

He takes the soda can he grabbed earlier from the vending machine and breaks it open before he gulps down half on its content in one go. “what’s her name again?” He takes out his smart phone and begins to enter his campus internal website that’s only accessible for the students and lectures. He clicks on his class on Monday morning and look for the name of his professor.

“Cha Eungi.” He scoffs, “Let’s see what background you have, shall we.” He then begins one of the thing he’s an expert about—stalking.

From his quick search, he knows she received several awards in green design area. Cha Eungi apparently has made some world-known researches collaborating with engineers from around the globe and that’s one of the reason why she earned her professor title. There’s even a magazine who did a cover story on her for being one of the youngest talented academia in South Korea—Kyuhyun cannot hold himself from not scrolling his eyes. According to the article, she’s been a gifted child since she was little and she continues to amazed her teachers with her outstanding performance in class.

“Cih, a teacher’s pet that spent the rest of her life studying. No wonder she doesn’t take care of herself.” He mumbles as he turns another pages in his smart phone.

“Who is?” Lee Donghae takes a seat in front of him follows by Lee Hyukjae.

“You guys aren’t coming to class?”

“Aish Kyu, you’re the one that thought us to ditch class halfway by saying we’re going to the toilet.” Donghae takes Kyuhyun’s soda can to gulp down what’s left in it. “You were mumbling to your phone earlier, who can’t take care of herself?”

Hyukjae takes Kyuhyun’s phone from him and put the phone in between him and Donghae to see what’s been bothering Kyuhyun.

“Mwoya.. she’s pretty how could you say she can’t take care of herself?” Donghae points Eungi’s picture that’s featured in the online magazine. “Who is she? Do you know her?”

“My new professor.”

“WHAT?!!” both of the men shouts then quickly cover their mouth with their hands.

“Whoah, I should’ve change my major a long time ago, we only have old virgins in the physics department. I will be a diligent student if I have a lecturer like this.” Hyukjae takes a closer look to the photo.


pict belongs to Park Seul

“I think the picture has been photoshoped, she doesn’t look that cute in real life.” Kyuhyun takes back his phone. “Her hair is messy, her face needs some collagen care, her lips are chipped, aish, I can’t say the girl in the class is the same girl in this picture.”

“The girl? Is she that young?” Donghae returns from the vending machine with three chocolate bars in his hands.

“Ya! Are you stupid? Just read the article, she was born only four years earlier than us! Ya Cho Kyuhyun, that’s a perfect age for a hot noona.” Says Hyukjae spontaneously.

“She dared to kick me out of her class for being thirty minutes late. I think she really has no idea who I am. I’m the one who should kick her, not the other way around.” He tears open the chocolate bar. “The look she gave me earlier, aarrgghh! I just really want to pluck her eyes for glaring at me like that. she thinks only because she’s a smat*ss, she can tell me what to do.”

“Ya, calm down. It’s just the beginning of the semester, you have almost six months to torture her.” Donghae suddenly has a brilliant idea in his head, “Hey, I think if she annoys you that much, you should just mess with her.”

Kyuhyun lifts his head and now pays more attention to Donghae, “Go on, I’m listening.”

“She not too old for you to mess around with so you can treat her like any other girl you played with.” Donghae runs his thumb across his own lips, “I mean, think about this. Instead of using the old trick of kicking her out, why don’t you just seduce her? you’ll get the score you need, you’ll pass the class, and get to taste this hot noona.”

Hyukjae taps Donghae shoulder and points his other hand to Kyuhyun. “That sounds more interesting than just simply kicking her out.”

“Guys, I met her once and I can tell she’s not the kind of girl that’ll be seduced my fancy sweet talk or my thick wallet.” Kyuhyun’s interested in the idea but he feels like this one will be a waste of his time.

“Aish, let’s make it interesting then.” Hyukjae bangs his hand into the round table several times. “Imagine this: you play your role of being the teacher’s pet, you get her sympathize to you, you seduce her and later on she’ll give up to your charm, you play on her good side for one whole semester, and once the semester ends you mess with her badly.”

“Ne, imagine you let her teach you in front of the class in the morning but you’re banging her at night.” Donghae lifts his palm to Hyukjae to high-five, “I wish I can do that with one of my professor—silly, none of them is even considered ‘young’, leave alone ‘hot’.”

“I dare you, Cho Kyuhyun.” Hyukjae gets up from his chair, can’t hold on to his own excitement. “I dare you to seduce her, get her into your bed, get her naked picture, and you know—you can use that to blackmail her for the rest of the time she’s here. If she doesn’t give you the score you want or she tries to kick you out from the class, you just need to remind her about your future affair.”

Kyuhyun laughs cynically, “Ya Lee Hyukjae! You’re talking as if the affair’s already happened.”

“Make it happen then! Besides, I’m curious what’s underneath this pretty shirt of hers.” He points the phone screen.

Kyuhyun’s intrigue in doing what he just said. They’re right, he gets to enjoy the thrill of going after an older woman that he always likes, he will also—after he gets into her good side—able to get a taste of her body, which he can use to blackmail her later so he can get his way around the classes.

“I bet you can’t do it.” Donghae talks and smirks cunningly. “You’re afraid to get your hands dirty.” Adds him, trying to mess with Kyuhyun’s mind. He knows his best friend well, when it comes to girls and challenge, Cho Kyuhyun will go the distance to prove that he’s the alpha amongst his friends.

“If I can?” Kyuhyun falls into his trap.

“If you can, you’ll get all those things we said earlier. You get your own reward.”

Kyuhyun stares into the distance. Even though he’s known for being reckless he’s actually always compares the pros and cons before he does anything risky.

“I really can’t imagine myself doing all those” he makes a circle gesture with his right hands, “with that girl.” He shrugs his shoulders in disgust.

“Is she that ugly?” Donghae takes his own conclusion.

“No, not ugly. She looks.. damaged.”

Hyukjae lifts both of his shoulders. “Doesn’t that makes it more challenging?”

“Exactly.” Kyuhyun gives up to his friends’ persuasion.

“So you’ll take the bet?”

“Wait for her naked picture soon enough.” Kyuhyun crushes the empty soda can and throw it to the bin across their table.

Donghae and Hyukjae turn their heads toward each other before they lift both of their hand up high for a double high-five.




Within three days she spent in the university, Eungi concluded that she’s not welcomed by her colleagues. For two days in a row she feels like one of those outcast student that becomes the bully object by the cool kids, and as soon as she enters the office, all activities stop and people will begin to pretend to be busy with their own laptops. Some of the nosy lecturers came to her cubicle to question her about her personal life—where does she live, is she single or married, if married does she have any children and so on.

The male colleagues of her begins to stroll around her cubicle to clumsily flirted with her then ask her to join the office dinner. One by one—even the married ones—they tried to get the attention of the new young lecture but none of them actually got better result other than her forced polite smile.

Eungi figures it’s more comfortable for her to work outside the office, it’s not like she’s obliged to be locked up in her cubicle anyway—since her job requires her to go out a lot for more research. What’s important is she comes on time every morning and doesn’t forget to tap out on her way out.

She takes out the paper she’s been meaning to read since the morning in a little coffee shop near by to the campus. As her eyes dance in between the words, her serene beautiful morning is interrupted as somebody pulls a chair in front of her and seated himself without waiting for her permission. Eungi lifts her head and slightly parts her lips once she noticed the guy in front of her.

“Do you mind?” Cho Kyuhyun places his cup of coffee.

“I do. I’m in the middle of something.” She lifts her paper.

“I thought you must be in campus. I looked for you in your silly cubicle.”

“Have you make any appointment with me? If not, then you can go.” She waives her right hand to send Kyuhyun away.

“How can I make an appointment if you’re not around?” Kyuhyun puts his left fist beneath his chin.

Eungi takes a deep breath then puts down the paper. “What do you want?”

“I want you to help me to pass the class.” He lifts his right eyebrow as if he’s challenging her.

She stares at him in disbelieve.

“Fine, I will help you graduate. I’ll even give you an A.”

Kyuhyun chokes a bit on his coffee, he didn’t think it’ll be this easy. Has Cha Eungi figures out who’s his father is? Is she scared to be fired on her first week already?

“Don’t be too happy Mr. Cho. before you get your hope high, let me tell you some of my rules.” She crosses her arms on the table, “I always give the same chance to every student so if you’re fighting as hard as the next guy, then the perfect score is yours. All you need to do is come to all twenty-eight meetings we have twice a week, do the assignment as I say and revise things needed to be revise if I said so.”

“But I already missed one class.” He raises his tone.

“Well, then try to attend the rest twenty-seven and do well on the tasks I’ll be giving you.”

Kyuhyun chuckles, “it sounds like a full class.”

“It’s studio class, what do you expect?” She takes a sip of her black coffee.

“I expect you to soften up.” He answers honestly.

“Because your dad owns the campus?” She replies sharply. She knows the key to win with this kind of argument is to continuously replies the witty opponent with harsh facts.

“Aah, you did your research.”

“I’m great at it.”

“Yeah? I did some research on you too, Cha Eungi Kyosu-nim.” He plays with his tone a bit to make an impact for his next sentence, “Or should I call you.. noona?”

She’s a bit taken aback by his words but her calmness takes care of the shock. “Aren’t you supposed to be ashamed by that, then?”

“Nega wae?”

“I’m only several years older, yet you’re begging me to let you pass my class. Who’s the pathetic one now?”

Kyuhyun nods along to give her a sense of winning, “Then tell me, what have you got in your thirty-one years of life other than your stupid titles?” He attacks her with the sharpest look he has in his eyes. He’s not trying to play with his words, he’s simply just really curious if the girl ever achieves anything else in her life other than a stupid title.

“Stupid titles?” Eungi tries to hide her emotion and remains to look calm so Kyuhyun won’t get too excited for a fact that he succeeded to annoyed her. “Last time I check, it took you years just to get one title I have—and seems like you haven’t got it in your hand.”

Kyuhyun gets up a bit then leans closer across the table to move his face closer to her.

Eungi stuns in her place, not being able to move one muscle. She’s not the kind of person that enjoys intimacy with men, now having her student only inches apart from her face really affects her sense of security.

“Omo Kyosu-nim, why are you freezing in your place? Did I just make you nervous?” Kyuhyun studies her eyes and silently wondering about empty hollow looks she carries on with her.

Eungi can feel the warmth of his breath on her face yet she still can’t move one bit.

Kyuhyun scoffs and pull himself back into his seat. “Look at you, freeze up like that once a man come nearer to you.” He points his finger near her face, “Noona, I might not have the titles you have but I have one important thing everyone needs in order to survive.”

Eungi gets back to her senses and replies him quickly, “Money?”

“Social skills.”

His words stroke like a sharp arrow to her heart. She knows that’s the only thing she lacks of in her whole life. She never likes interacting with a lot of people, the term of being introvert can’t even describe the idea of her social life. She grew up being secluded from the other kids because the condition back at home—that’s why she chose to sink herself in another world books can always offer. Her only best friend since she was little moved to another country and she never gives much effort to keep in touch with her. And the only person she ever really allows to enters her deepest layer of being has gone while protecting her, since the tragedy she only busied herself with more and more books and research. She knows that she can answer many complex question from anyone, but she will never be able to begin a small talk even if the topic is only about today’s weather.

“Aahh.. your face right now, let me take a mental picture of it.” Kyuhyun pretends to take a picture of Eungi’s blank face with his fingers that form a square.

Eungi widens her eyes and suddenly feels like somebody just poured a mixture of lemon and salt on her barely healed wound. What Kyuhyun does in front of her right now is what Choi Siwon used to do whenever he managed to make her smile. Even the words are the same, ‘let me take a mental picture of you’ and he’d do the exact same thing as Kyuhyun does. The purpose is different but it looks the same in her eyes.

Kyuhyun stops what he’s doing once he notices her eyes begins to water up a bit. Did he just hit her in the right spot? He thinks he can use that later on in the future to make the woman in front of him cries.

However, Eungi survived even the most horrible massacre happened in her life. She lived and she’s now fighting the hardest time of her life. With that thought in mind, she closes her eyes and takes several deep breaths that she learned from her recent yoga class.

“Well, you win our argument. I don’t have any social skills.” She adds a bitter smile, “I have other skill that you think is useless and who knows you might be right, Cho Kyuhyun-ssi. But until you graduate, you’re still obliged to follow my rules to earn—at least—a minimum passing grade, and if you do that, I promise to give you a pass so you can get your degree. Only then, you’re allowed to say it to my face that what I have is useless.”

He’s now silently comparing the pros and cons of her offer, but he decided that it won’t matter anyway. That’s not the reason why he’s following her since she arrived on campus. His goal is to get close to her so he can proceed with his own evil plan, a plan that he knows will break her and takes her down to her knees.

“Okay.” He nods, “I’ll try to be a good student that attends your class, under one condition though.”

Eungi lifts her eyebrow in confusion.

“I don’t want to be paired up with the outcast. I’d rather do the assignment myself.”

Eungi scoffs, “Impossible. He’ll be able to do it on his own—I saw his concept for the early assignment—but you, I’m not sure if you can keep up..”

“Noona—oh yes, I’ll call you that from now on—you haven’t seen my skills yet and you judge me already. Aren’t you supposed to help your students to improve instead of bringing them down?”

Eungi takes her coffee and gulp down more than half the glass on one go, she’ll need more caffeine boost if she’s going to deal with this brat in front of her.

“Okay, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubts. Come to my class tomorrow—as you know, we have schedule every Monday and Thursday—and prove me that you’re above those other kids.” She lifts up her paper and signs Kyuhyun to get out of her sight by pointing the exit door with her eyes.

He forms a fist in front of his face and give Eungi his winning grin. “I’ll see you tomorrow, noona.”


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