(English Version) One Last Shot – Part 1

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun

Cha Eungi runs along the pavement as she cursing herself for nodded off in the bus and let her morning commute took her two stops further than where she’s supposed to be. She had another all-nighter last night since she involves herself in the big green design project that’s supposed to be presented in Denmark next month, which to her seems like a blessing because that means she has a great excuse to focus herself into something other than her nightmare.

It’s the beginning of a new semester in the cold mid-January. Most students are trying to come as early as possible to find their new classes and chit chat about the winter break they had to one another. The first day aren’t only tense for the kids, the lectures are also nervous for welcoming new faces in their class and usually the first impression really counts, so both parties sure are trying their best not to stand out too much in their first day.

Being late one the first day is not an option for her, with that thought in mind she runs faster towards Kyunghee University where she just accepted to be one of their professors in the architecture and design department.

Once she set her foot on the campus ground she immediately goes to the far east side to get into her department. The head of department has to see her first to introduced her around before she could actually go into her classroom. With those schedule awaits, she only has 30 minutes to spare.

“Anyong.. haseyo.. Chaaa.. Eungi.. im.. nida.” She knocks on the main door of the Design department and greet the receptionist in front. She just climbed up four floors by the stairs since the elevator was full with students.

The woman that looks like she’s in her mid-forties lifts up her head and stands up, “Ah, iye. You’re the new lecturer aren’t you?”

“Ne.” She bows one more time.

“My name is Lee Hana, I’m the administrative secretary here. Let me take you to Professor Hwang.” She steps out from her cubicle and gesture Eungi to follow her inside.

She follows inside and takes her moment to take a quick glance of her future office. The ambiance in the working place is dark and stuffy which is ironic for an architecture and design department, this place obviously need a lot of makeover especially in terms of lighting and arrangement.

“Professor Hwang, this is the new lecturer that you’re expecting.” Lee Hana opens the door wider so Eungi can enter freely.

“Ah okay, thank you Ms. Lee.” He gets up from his working chair and offers Eungi to sit down on the chair in front of his desk.

“Anyeonghaseyo Professor Hwang.” She bows ninety degrees, “I’m so sorry for being late in the first day, I should not give you any excuse.”

He takes a look in his wrist watch and smiles, “Aniyo, we still have twenty minutes until the class start. Please have a seat.”

Eungi pulls the chair in front of him and sits uncomfortably.

“I’m a big fan of your latest research in the green panel usage to reduce heating in office building. I think that’s one of the reason why I suggested your name into the department. It’s surprising for me that you accepted the offer.” He fixes the position of his square glasses on his nose.

Eungi smiles politely, “Yes, that last research was quite a big thing for me too, thank you very much for noticing.”

“It’s the one that gives you the big title wasn’t it?” He crosses his hand on his desk then slide his chair closer to observe Eungi. “A professor and you’re barely thirty.”

“I’m thirty-one, Professor.” She corrects him politely, “It’s really an honor to be able to work here, thank you for the opportunity.”

“The honor is ours.” He places his palm on his chest and smiles sincerely. “Let me introduce you around the office so you can go to your first class sooner.” He gets up and Eungi follow him to enter the dark and stuffy area she passed on earlier.

The grey haired man takes her into the middle point of the area and claps his hands to get everyone attention. Those people who are already in their own cubicles now lift their head one by one and arise.

“Dear all, today we have an honor to welcome a new professor in our department. Her name is Cha Eungi.” He points to Eungi with his hand.

Eungi bows, “Anyeonghaseyo. My name is Cha Eungi, please look after me and I’ll do my best in this university.”

“Her presence here will lift up our university rating in the design department since she’s the one that holds the patent to the eco-panel that won her the big title.” Professor Hwang continues his introduction, “Let’s all welcome her and create a friendly working environment.” He claps his hands as a cue to the rest of the lecturers to follow clapping their hands to welcome Eungi.

“Thank you.”

She runs her eyes along her new colleagues one by one and as she expected, she gets the same looks she always gets whenever she’s being introduced for her achievements. Some of them cringe their faces, some of the older woman looks at her from head to toe—with the judging look—and some of the man are actually smirking with annoying perverted look in their eyes.

Blessed with great posture and natural beauty has made it hard for her to find a real friend—the girls hate her for looking so perfect and most of the boys have other means when they’re close to her. As if she’s not already good enough, Cha Eungi also blessed the brightest brain among child her age.

During elementary school, her teacher suggested her guardian to skip one level up because she’s too far ahead from the other kids. This led on the rest of her education history, she finished high school by the time she was 16 and offered several scholarships from the prestigious universities in South Korea. After she finished her bachelor degree, her professor encourages her to continue her early research in green design further and sent her abroad to Netherlands to pursue the matter from the pro. She got offered a position as soon as she holds her master degree and she moved to Copenhagen to make green design her specification as her doctoral research. By the time she’s thirty, she’s given a PhD and a year later her research awarded her with the title professor.

She always says to herself that she’s not the smartest one—she’s tenacious one instead, and she’s the only one that knows the truth for this. Eungi found comfort from reading books to divert her attention from some of bad circumstances she has in her early life, the habit that started when she was young had brought her to where she is right now.

Professor Hwang notices the awkward atmosphere in the office so he tries to break the ice by showing Eungi her new workplace.

“By the way, that’s your cubicle right over there. Of course you can work anywhere in this campus or out—it doesn’t matter. Just think of this cubicle as a place for your student to place their works.” He points to the cubicle in further back that’s shadowed by a big pillar. “Have a great time.” He offers his hand for her to shake.

“I’ll do my best.” She takes his hand and bows one more time. “Now I think I need to get to my first class.”




In the campus parking lot, Cho Kyuhyun are busy leaving kiss marks on the girl he met last night, if he remembers it right, her name should be Gain or Gaeul—he doesn’t care, he’ll just call her “baby” and get his way out of it. College is something he despise the most, not because he’s stupid nor the wrong choice of major. He simply hated it because he feels that he can achieve more in his life without the title. But society sees it differently as they always pick people with degrees compare to those who aren’t as lucky. Another reason is he’s kinda obliged to because his family is the one that own the university.

“Oppa, I have to go to class.. arrghh..” She bites her lips for the sensation he gives her when he bites her ear.

“It’s not important.”

“Uhmm..” she lets herself lost in the fire they created in the back of his car earlier this morning. “Don’t leave too much marks.. arrrghh..” She can’t control herself once Kyuhyun quickly touches her in between her thighs.

“I will leave my mark if I want to, baby. You just have to close your eyes and enjoy the rest.” He continues as he smoothly lifts her one piece off of her curvy body.

She can’t resist his touch. Even she knows that she’s just one of the girls that spent the night with him and be used to fulfill his sexual needs, she’s can’t avoid his charm. His smile, his eagle eyes, his perfect wide shoulders that make him looks taller than he is, his sweet words and also the way he made her feel special—even just for one night. She knows by the time they both finished, they’ll go on their separate ways and she’ll be lucky if he remembers her name.

But that’s the story everyone in this campus knows. Cho Kyuhyun is the senior that always on the lookout for his new target. Even the person with such pride as Han Gain has gave up thoroughly to the man that’s now busy playing his fingers in her private parts.
Kyuhyun smirks once he hit the right spot that make the girl that’s now lying helplessly in the back of his BMW M5 shaken to her core.

“Hey baby, you said you’re late for class. So let’s just stop it here. I suddenly lost interest.” He gets himself back behind the wheel and throws the poor girl her one piece back.




Pict belongs to Park Seul

What’s going on the student’s mind once they know their class will be taught by an experienced professor is obviously a person in their mid-fifty that looks tired for doing too much research. So once Eungi steps into the class, they expect her to be one of those older student that failed to pass the class in the previous year so she needs to re-take it.

From the corner of her eyes, Eungi sees how the students nudge each other with their elbows once they’re aware that Eungi takes her place behind the lecture’s desk as she begins to prepare her slides for today’s lesson. Ah, this is also the scene she’s familiar with, the look of the students who secretly challenge her to show her skill as they silently judge whether she deserves to stand in front of the class or not. it’s not her first class in her whole life so she already knows how to tackle this down, it takes some time but she knows how to handle this.

“Good morning class.” She stands up from her chair and stands in the middle front of the room. “Let me introduce myself, my name is Cha Eungi and I will be your lecturer for the next semester.”

“Are you sure you’re not in the wrong class? Foundation class in in the other building.” A bearded student with buffed figure shouts from the back.

Eungi smiles bitterly, sighing before she continues. “This is the sustainable design studio, right?”

A kid that looks like the outcast in the class nods to her.

“Well, then I guess I’m in the right class.” She walks towards the desk to take the pointer she prepared and begins to play her slide show. “Since this is a studio with 6 academic credits, we’ll be seeing each other more often than the other class so I hope we can work together peacefully. I will begin this class by dividing you into ten groups of four, because for the next semester we’ll be having some projects that require team work.”

“There are forty-two people in this class.” The buffed student speaks again.

“Well if that’s the matter then those two last people will be the lucky ones to work with one another. Should I divide you, or you’d like to do it among yourselves?”

The class decided to pick their own team since they’re afraid if Eungi’s the one that pick them, they won’t end up with the friends they’re comfortable with. Ten minutes later Eungi holds the list of names and groups in the class. she calls their name one by one to make sure they’re present and won’t regret their decision with the group for the next semester.

“Okay, there’s only one name in this paper—Kim Junsu?” She scans the class to find the student that only wrote his name down in the paper and the outcast kid lifts his hand.

“Let me check my list for a second.” She takes a quick glance over the attendance file of her students and found out a name that hasn’t joined any group. “Cho Kyuhyun? Is he here?”

The class looks around and the one that owns the name doesn’t seem to be presence.

“So Cho Kyuhyun is not present today.”

The class attention diverted from Eungi to the loud sound from the door being opened. A man enters the class in his cool and confident manner as if he did nothing wrong for interrupting the ongoing class. he’s thirty minutes late and he shouldn’t dare to present himself if he’s that late, but this kid enters the class nonchalantly as he takes his steady steps towards Eungi.

He stops his steps two feet away from a woman he figures is his new lecturer and he gives her the underestimating look as he studies her. The woman glares at him with some kind of angry look in her eyes that demand explanation from him.

“Can I help you?” She tries to suppress her annoyance and acts professional.

“Yeah, tick that name on the attendance list.” He points the first name on the paper that Eungi still holds in her hand.

“Cho Kyuhyun-ssi?” She writes his name in the little paper that has Kim Junsu name in it and slightly feels sorry for Junsu for having this rebel as his partner for one whole semester. “You’ll be in the same group as Kim Junsu for the rest of our class.”
“I don’t care, just tick my name.”

“I won’t do that since you’re too late to be allowed to enter the class.”


“So.. no. You may take a seat though or we can see each other in the next class.”
Kyuhyun lifts one of the corner of his lips to make a degrading smirk towards her. He’s not a newbie in this class, it’s actually his third time taking the same class. his old professor was persistent on not letting him pass since he never did any of his assignments—and Cho Kyuhyun managed to get that person fired with a little influence from the boards of directors that he knows very well.

“Do you know who I am?” He begins to take notes on her appearance. His new lecture sure look much younger than the previous one he had—too young to be respected though. If he puts his annoyance aside, he can see how this woman that stands in front of him is actually a beautiful lady if she knows how to take care of herself. Judging from the way she pulled her hair into a bun and only wraps a scarf around her neck as her option of first day outfit, he really thinks she needs help with her appearance.

“I know who you are, you are my student that failed to obey the rules. It’s not my first time to encountered a problem with student like you.” She stares back at him. “So either take a seat or get out.”

“My father will hear about this.” He lowers himself so their faces are close to each other then he takes his steps outside of the class.

Eungi lips are pursed and not long after form a smile—an amused smile she hasn’t do in a while. She has to admit that this Cho Kyuhyun has just made her morning with his childish bratty attitude. She can’t believe she’ll be stuck to teach a Draco Malfoy persona in her class.

As Kyuhyun slams the door behind him, Eungi reads his name and his student enrollment numbers. Her morning got better once she notice he enrolls in class 2006, that makes him only four years younger than she is.

“Aish, I have to deal with one of those ‘veteran’ this semester.” She mumbles to herself and decided to continue on with her class.



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