(English Version) One Last Shot – Prologue



Pict belongs to Park Seul & Cho Kyuhyun


 Author: SSihobitt

Category: Romance, NC-21, Chaptered

Cast: Cha Eungi, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun



Being the youngest professor in her new university has brought a lot of attention to Cha Eungi. Her colleagues hate her for having the big tittle just being in her early thirties, her student challenge her patience every day since she looks too young to be their professor. But one student stands out the most, he’s only four years younger than she is, yet he’s struggling hard to graduate. The status of being the owner’s son has made Cho Kyuhyun thinks it’ll be easy to get his pass card easily. That might have applied for the rest of his professor, but not this one. This one determined to make the man out of the spoiled brat.

It was a clear late autumn evening when Cha Eungi and Choi Siwon link their hands as they walk along the beautiful Rue de la Charone in Paris. He just proposed to her in the past three hours as they enjoyed the afternoon sight of the Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars area that’s covered with brownish grass that has chilled a bit by the time the sun goes down. It was sunset when they opened up a bottle of wine they shared with some nuts, apricot and cheese. He was sneaking his way into talking nonchalantly about everyday matters, the economic, the architecture of their surrounding that he knew she really enjoyed. Just when she least expect it, he pulled out a ring then asked her to stay by his side for the rest of their life. She didn’t take another second to say ‘yes’.

Their love bloomed as soon as they met in a conference about a year ago. He was  the curator and she was the speaker in the international congress. She adores him for his good look and perfect posture at first, who could resist a charming man with a gentle attitude anyway. Depper into their confersations she felt like she finally met her match intellectually. It’s never easy for her to find someone who could talk to her to discuss anything starts from celebrity gossips to the newest Nasa ‘s project, from judging the outfit of people that pass by to the details of the engine in the sports car. He’s also amazed by her humble way to keep her vast knowledge deep inside, just in case she encountered a conversation with the shallow ones.

La Belle Equipe, it’s a small French restaurant at the end of the Rue de la Charone that’s nearby their hotel. They both had agreed earlier to have a simple dinner just around the corner because they’re too tired with their tour schedule today. He opens the door for her as the waitress kindly greets them. They were offered some seating arrangement and chose to seat by the windows instead to enjoy the food as well as the beautiful scene of Parisian night.

They both take their time to enjoy the surprisingly amazing diner, first come the wine and bread, later her Caesar salad comes and later they shared their enjoyment of the perfectly cook quail and fillet mignon. Eungi And Siwon took some time to prepare their stomach for the well knows French dessert they’ve been eyeing since the moment they spot the éclairs displayed next to the cashier earlier.

It’s a peaceful and quiet night to finish the overwhelming afternoon they had. They were busy guessing the ingredient on their éclairs once suddenly a black Seat screech off in front of the restaurant and successfully turn everyone attention to the street.

To Eungi, everything happens so fast she could barely keep the track of time.

Two men comes out of the black Seat dressing all black with their face covered with some kind of mask. They reach to their back, in the split second they take out fire arms from their back and begin to point it to the restaurant.

She can’t see what’s happening later on because Siwon throws himself in front of her the same time she hears loud and continuous gunshot. The big windows that were once intact now scattering into pieces next to them. People are screaming and she can feel the sharp edge of the broken glass piercing into her palm. Siwon position himself on top of her to shield her from more broken glass while she can only close her eyes praying this massacre to end.

The masked men continue on with their business blazing every single bullet they have in the magazine into each and every moving abject in the restaurant. Eungi sees with her own eyes how the family of for beside their table earlier is now covering in blood. She cries in panic and in pain as she looks up and sees her new fiancé now also covers in blood.

Three minutes later the gunshot stops and the man return to their car and drive off.

Siwon tries his best to keep shielding Eungi but he lost too much blood already and begins to lost his consciousness. Some people that managed to hide behind the bar and table now begin to lift themselves up and help the wounded around them. He figures it’s now safe for him to move to her side to stop sheltering her body.

“Oppa, you’re hurt!” She ignores the massive pain she has on her left shoulder that she got from the broken glass.

“I’ll be fine.” He lies on his back as he lost his strength altogether.

“Help!” She begins to scream once she really sees Siwon’s blood starts to pour out and her man starts to lose consciousness.

“Eungi-ya..” He lifts his bloody hand and place it on her right cheek, “Be safe.”

As he says his last words for her, Choi Siwon closes his eyes and let go of his last breath.

Everything happen so fast that Eungi doen’t get a chance to say anything. She keeps shouting for help and manually tries to do CPR that she once learned when she joined a swimming team back in high school. The paramedic arrived later on and the call on his time of death to confirm that Choi Siwon is now forever gone from her life.

It was November 13th 2015. They were just an innocent couple that enjoyed their newly engaged relationship with some simple dinner celebration, but they’re in the wrong place and in the wrong time.

A past is created for people to do better in their future. Her traumatic event in the past should make her a stronger woman in the future, right? Either that or she will forever busy herself to forget the tragedy that ruined her.


This story inspired from the tragedy happened during Paris massacre on November 2015. Maybe this is not a real story but I’m sure many people that were there are affected so much by the tragedy. My deep condolences to those who lost their life and love ones and I apologize in advance for making the traumatic event as a prologue to this story.


*The picture belongs to Cho Kyuhyun and an Ulzzang named Park Seul.


One thought on “(English Version) One Last Shot – Prologue

  1. Seo HaYeon says:

    I have my tears on my eyes… so is this the prologue then? I don’t know what to say more.. but the one thing I remember well if when the Author said that the plot has taken from Paris tragedy… I really respect it.. And it was really good background noted on this story.. #One Last Shot is the only one Fiction that can hipnotized me at the first time I read.. Thank You so much Author for making this awesome story… 😀


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